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SHOCK AND AWE: House Will Vote on Whether to Make Washington D.C. a State; Democrats Look to Grab Two Automatic Senators

By Breitbart. The House of Representatives will vote Tuesday on whether to make Washington, D.C., a State. The House Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), voted the bill, H.R. 51, out of committee by a vote of 25-19 to create D.C. statehood Wednesday. . . House moving to put D.C. statehood bill on […]

Biden Declares ‘WAR’ on Law-Abiding Gun Owners; Whoops: President Biden Repeatedly Refers To The ATF As The ‘AFT’; Biden Makes False Claims About Gun Shows (VIDEO)

By WND. Joe Biden announced Thursday he wants, during his presidency, administration rules against “ghost guns,” another to blend the definitions of pistol and rifles, a nationwide promotion of “red flag” laws that allows people to be banned from having guns on someone else’s feelings, and more. And it’s no more or less than a […]

Trump’s Response to the Article of Impeachment Leaves No Doubt the Senate Should Acquit; Takeaways From Trump Impeachment Trial Briefs

By The Federalist. Former President Donald Trump formally responded to his impeachment on Tuesday, arguing that the Senate has no constitutional grounds to try him and should, as a result, acquit him. In the 14-page response, Trump’s legal team, consisting of Bruce L. Castor Jr. and David Schoen, assert that the article of impeachment, which […]

Oh, for PETA’s Sake! Animal Advocacy Group Denounces Insults Like ‘Chicken’ or ‘Pig’

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals demanded this week that people stop using “speciesist” terms such as “chicken,” “pig” or “rat” as insults for humans — and promptly got ripped as dodos for the stunt. The PETA tweet was so widely mocked online that it soon boasted an embarrassing ratio of almost 11,000 comments […]