Trump Edges Out All Top 2020 Democratic Candidates Except Sanders; Bernie Sanders Surges To A 15-point Lead Over Biden, Bloomberg

By New York Post. Bernie Sanders is carrying a commanding double-digit lead over the other Democratic presidential contenders, according to a national poll released on Wednesday.

The Vermont senator garnered 32 percent of support from Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents — an increase of 8 percentage points from the same survey taken last month, the ABC News/Washington Post poll found.

His closest competition was former Vice President Joe Biden, whose support fell 11 points to 17 percent.

The disappointing results continue a nosedive for Biden, once the race’s overwhelming frontrunner.

In contrast to Biden, Mike Bloomberg’s good fortune continued as he gained 6 percentage points in the poll, coming in third place with 14 percent. (Read more from “Bernie Sanders Surges To A 15-point Lead Over Biden, Bloomberg” HERE)


Trump Edges Out All Top 2020 Democratic Candidates Except Sanders

By The Hill. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is the only Democratic presidential contender to beat President Trump in a head-to-head match-up, according to a new Emerson College poll released Wednesday.

Sanders edges out Trump by a 51 percent-49 percent margin in the poll. Meanwhile, Trump leads former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg by 2 points. All those margins are within the poll’s margin of error of 2.7 percentage points.

Trump also leads former Vice President Joe Biden 52 percent-48 percent, an advantage outside the poll’s margin of error.

Support in the head-to-heads is sharply split along gender lines. Trump leads all five Democratic contenders by double digits among men, while every Democrat leads the president by double digits among women, except Biden, who has an 8-point edge.

The poll shows Trump with an above-water approval rating, with 48 percent of registered voters approving of the job he’s doing and 44 percent disapproving. His disapproval rate is the lowest it’s ever been in the Emerson College poll. (Read more from “Trump Edges Out All Top 2020 Democratic Candidates Except Sanders” HERE)

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82nd Airborne Soldiers Who Rapidly Deployed To Middle East In January Return To Fort Bragg

Some 800 soldiers from an 82nd Airborne Division brigade that rapidly deployed into the Middle East early this year amid heightening tensions with Iran returned to Fort Bragg, N.C., on Thursday, Army officials said.

The soldiers were the first group of some 3,000 paratroopers with the 82nd’s 1st Brigade Combat Team rushed to Kuwait during the first week of January to bolster security for U.S. troops in the region after an American airstrike killed Iran’s most powerful general. Army officials described the deployment that required soldiers to leave within hours as the “most significant no notice deployment of combat forces” in three decades.

Fort Bragg officials said the 800 paratroopers welcomed home Thursday were greeted by family and friends at the Army post. Most of the returning soldiers were from the brigade’s 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, which was the first element to deploy.

That battalion deployed within 18 hours of receiving orders to the Middle East, Pentagon officials have said. The 82nd Airborne’s 1st Brigade Combat Team is now assigned as the U.S. military’s Immediate Response Force Brigade, a designation which makes the unit responsible for responding to any emergencies across the globe. Army officials have long stressed the rapid deployment capability is important to maintain, though rarely used. The last time was in 2010, when soldiers quickly deployed to Haiti following a devastating earthquake.

“As the centerpiece of the nation’s Immediate Response Force, it’s critical that 1st Brigade and the 82nd Airborne Division are able to project global force employment,” Col. Andrew Saslav, the commander of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, said in a prepared statement. “Working across combatant commands not only demonstrates the flexibility and expeditionary capability of our airborne forces, but also better prepares our paratroopers for the complexity of the modern global security environment.” (Read more from “82nd Airborne Soldiers Who Rapidly Deployed To Middle East In January Return To Fort Bragg” HERE)

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Trump’s Economy Is What Obama Always Wanted But Never Got

When Barack Obama secured the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, he famously declared, “We will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide … good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Looking back with 2020 hindsight (pun intended), Obama and everyone else in 2008 would be surprised to learn that significant improvements in the economy, inequality, and emissions would occur but that the public would credit them not to Obama’s eight-year tenure but to Donald Trump’s victory on Nov. 8, 2016.

On Monday, Obama took a not-so-subtle swipe at the Trump economy, crediting the 2009 Recovery Act for “paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.” In a timely coincidence, the White House Council of Economic Advisers released the annual Economic Report of the President on Thursday.

Acting CEA Chairman Tomas Philipson was not shy about rebuffing Obama’s claims about the economy. “Some claim that the historically strong economy is simply a continuation of the previous part of the expansion,” he told reporters. “However, and this is important, typically GDP and employment growth is much faster at the start of an economic expansion. … The current recovery differs from the past ones because growth was slow initially and has accelerated since the election in 2016, more than seven years into the recovery.”

While Obama hoped his presidency would change the plight of the jobless, it’s the Trump economy that has achieved what Obama dreamed of and never accomplished. One sign of this is that, during his term, forecasters did not expect or project continued expansion after he left office. In its last forecast before the 2016 election, the Congressional Budget Office projected that unemployment would rise between 2017 and 2019 and that labor force participation would continue its decline. The opposite happened. Unemployment fell to 50-year lows under Trump, and the great economy actually pulled people back into the labor force. (Read more from “Trump’s Economy Is What Obama Always Wanted But Never Got” HERE)

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Poll Shows The Electoral College Could Be A Nightmare For Democrats

Thanks to Democrats’ circular firing squad on the Nevada debate stage on Wednesday night, President Trump ought to have woken up feeling pretty good about his reelection odds, and a Quinnipiac poll just confirmed that the primary’s front-runners aren’t just weak generally but specifically in the “swing states” that gave Trump his Electoral College victory in 2016.

In Wisconsin, Trump blows out every single top Democrat in head-to-head matchups. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren lose to him by double digits, and supposed centrists Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg lose by 8 points. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden fare best against Trump, losing to him by 7 points, more than twice the poll’s margin of error. . .

On paper, Democrats enjoy their best odds in Pennsylvania, with Biden leading Trump by 8 points, Klobuchar leading by 7, and Bloomberg leading by 6. But front-runner Sanders leads by a mere 4 points, and that’s before Trump plasters the state with clips of Sanders declaring that he plans to use executive powers to ban all fracking, a technique that has both driven America’s world-leading decline in carbon emissions and created jobs for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians. . .

Quinnipiac corroborates what previous polling has long warned for Democrats. They could face another Electoral College loss, but perhaps even narrower.

Assuming Trump has Wisconsin on lock, that leaves Michigan and Pennsylvania open for speculation. Seeing as how Hillary Clinton apparently supported fracking and still lost Pennsylvania, there’s ample reason to believe that Sanders would get blown out, especially considering the distribution of Clinton’s loss, as shown below:

(Read more from “Poll Shows The Electoral College Could Be A Nightmare For Democrats” HERE)

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Donald Trump: ‘I’d Love To See Roger Exonerated’

President Donald Trump expressed hope on Thursday that political operative Roger Stone would be freed, but he stopped short of announcing a presidential pardon or commutation.

“I’m following this very closely and I want to see it play out to its fullest because Roger has a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion,” Trump said on Thursday.

The president spoke at a Hope for Prisoners Graduation Ceremony, where former inmates got their diplomas.

Trump said that he had known Stone and his family for many years and that the infamous political operative never had an official role in the Trump campaign but had done some consulting work for him over the years.

“Roger is definitely a character … he’s a smart guy, he’s a little different, but those are sometimes the most interesting,” he said. (Read more from “Donald Trump: ‘I’d Love To See Roger Exonerated’” HERE)

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WATCH: Brave Chinese Woman Risks Her Life To Denounce ‘Evil’ Regime’s Handling Of Coronavirus; 2 Passengers Die After Leaving ‘Chaotic’ Quarantined Cruise Ship

By Breitbart. An anonymous Chinese woman courageously posted a video message to her fellow citizens on Sunday in which she called for resistance to the Communist Party, accusing it of destroying countless lives by bungling its response to the Wuhan coronavirus and warning that even now, the Party is primarily interested in suppressing dissent and maintaining power than fighting the disease.

Taiwan News was impressed by the woman’s willingness to say just about everything that can get you arrested in China, at a moment when swarms of censors have been unleashed to quash public anger over the coronavirus:

In the opening of the video, the woman addresses her “fellow citizens,” saying that ordinary people are being sacrificed by the “schemes and plans of the government.” She complains the government does not care about the average person and that no amount of money can buy the necessary medicine and hospital beds needed to treat the deadly virus.

She then proceeds to break every major taboo in the CCP censors’ book by expressing her support for independence in Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. She condemns the “evil deeds of the Chinese Communist Party and the corrupt regime, and evil society,” which she says prevents people from speaking freely.

The woman points out that anyone who dares to speak about the reality on the ground in Wuhan is quickly rounded up by the police. She says the solution of the authorities is to take people “to drink tea,” a euphemism for police interrogation, followed by detention and adjudication.

(Read more from “WATCH: Brave Chinese Woman Risks Her Life To Denounce ‘Evil’ Regime’s Handling Of Coronavirus” HERE)


2 Passengers Die After Leaving ‘Chaotic’ Quarantined Cruise Ship

By NBC News. . .The mandatory federal quarantine for nearly all of the U.S. citizens and their families who were evacuated from Wuhan, China, earlier this month on State Department-chartered planes has ended.

On Thursday, the 57 evacuees at Camp Ashland near Omaha, Nebraska took their final health checks. All were determined to be healthy.

“These people pose no health threat to their communities,” Dr. Eric Kasowski, CDC team leader for the quarantine in Omaha, said in a statement. “These Americans have done their duty — 14 days — and they’re getting to go back to their families.” . . .

Another group of 63 people who were under quarantine at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego has also been released. One of those evacuees was also diagnosed with COVID-19, and is hospitalized. The CDC said a close contact of that patient will remain under quarantine.

“Two passengers’ journeys have been delayed, but we are confident in the care they are receiving from local health officials and health care providers,” Dr. Erin Staples, CDC team leader for the quarantine in San Diego, said. (Read more from “2 Passengers Die After Leaving ‘Chaotic’ Quarantined Cruise Ship” HERE)

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WATCH: Should Transgender Athletes Be Allowed In Women’s Sports?

People on the street in Washington, D.C., said what they think about transgender athletes playing in women’s sports.

(Read more from “WATCH: Should Transgender Athletes Be Allowed In Women’s Sports?” HERE)

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Chris Pratt Reveals That Frozen Bodies Were Found At Icelandic Filming Site. The Details Might Shock You

Actor Chris Pratt claimed the frozen bodies of a couple who disappeared decades ago while hiking were found at a film site.

The bodies were discovered at the filming location of “The Tomorrow War,” Pratt told Ellen DeGeneres during Wednesday’s episode of “The Ellen Show.” The “fully preserved” couple was discovered weeks before the film crew trekked to the summit, the actor admitted.

“They had been there for over 80 years, and sadly, they didn’t make it,” Pratt said on the show. “They were fully preserved in their glacier hiking clothes from 1930 or 1940. They had their supplies and rations. They were lovers and they fell down in a hole and just went missing and just recently were found.”

“Isn’t that wild?” he added. “Thankfully, we got out and nobody fell in any holes … that we’re reporting.”

Local police could not confirm Pratt’s story, according to Icelandic reporter Ingunn Lára Kristjánsdóttir, Insider reported. (Read more from “Chris Pratt Reveals That Frozen Bodies Were Found At Icelandic Filming Site. The Details Might Shock You” HERE)

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Trump Lashes Out At Fox News Coverage

President Trump on Thursday lashed out after a segment on Fox News’s “Your World with Cavuto,” in which RealClearPolitics associate editor A.B. Stoddard compared former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s debate performance to “cringe-worthy” moments Trump has had on the debate stage.

“There were many bombs,” Stoddard, a former associate editor at The Hill, said on Fox News, while analyzing Bloomberg’s debate performance.

“I think he’s uncoachable. I think that Donald Trump had disastrous debate performances, many answers were so cringe-worthy you just couldn’t believe he was still standing on the stage, and he’s president so I don’t think debates kill off normal candidates who do not have a billionaire juggernaut machine,” Stoddard added.

Trump promptly took to Twitter to attack the commentator, as well as host Neil Cavuto, while taking a swipe at former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who is now on the board of Fox News.

“Could somebody at @foxnews please explain to Trump hater A.B. Stoddard (zero talent!) and @TeamCavuto, that I won every one of my debates, from beginning to end. Check the polls taken immediately after the debates. The debates got me elected. Must be Fox Board Member Paul Ryan!” Trump tweeted.

(Read more from “Trump Lashes Out At Fox News Coverage” HERE)

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Study: Taxpayers In Low-migration States Pay $454M A Year For Illegal Aliens, Anchor Babies

Taxpayers in the ten states with the smallest foreign-born populations are still burdened by a cost of about $454 million every year to pay for various social services for illegal aliens and their United States-born children.

A study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) analyzes the cost of illegal immigration and the anchor baby population to American taxpayers who live in the ten least immigrant-populated states, including New Hampshire, Mississippi, Alaska, Maine, North Dakota, West Virginia, South Dakota, Vermont, Montana, and Wyoming.

The research reveals that even in low-migration states, the cost to American taxpayers is still significant. Of the total 415,000 foreign-born residents living in these ten states, about 88,000 are illegal aliens — indicating that illegal aliens represent more than 20 percent of foreign-born residents.

Those 88,000 illegal aliens across these ten states, along with about 35,000 of their U.S.-born children, are costing American taxpayers about $454 million every year, with each illegal alien costing anywhere between $4,000 and $6,000.

“To put that figure into context, that $454 million expenditure is more than 200 times what the state of Montana budgets for its entire Veterans Affairs program and it is 2.5 times the total sum that West Virginia invests in its state university,” the FAIR study notes. (Read more from “Study: Taxpayers In Low-migration States Pay $454M A Year For Illegal Aliens, Anchor Babies” HERE)

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