Pfizer Auditor Blows Lid on Vaccine Maker, Reveals Why She Decided To Come Forward; NBA Player Reveals Reaction To COVID Vaccine Ended His Season

By Townhall. A Pfizer whistleblower said that she decided to expose her company after a decade of working for them because she feels that people are not making informed decisions about what goes into their body.

Melissa McAtee told The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens that she had damming information on Pfizer, which recently had their COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but did not elect to reveal it until another whistleblower for the company spoke on why they had come forward. . .

McAtee, who was a quality auditor at Pfizer, noticed that the vaccine was glowing under a certain light and, even after alerting the company, the issue was still ignored. She also noted that fellow employees who had worked at the company for upwards of 40 years had never seen what was going on with this vaccine.

She said in a Project Veritas interview made public last week that internal Pfizer emails from high-level employees instructed workers not to reveal to the public the role aborted fetal cells played in the development of its coronavirus vaccine. . .

She also noted that the company engaged in secrecy, such as shutting down hallways and certain processes, when they knew that the FDA would be coming to the plant. (Read more from “Pfizer Auditor Blows Lid on Vaccine Maker, Reveals Why She Decided To Come Forward” HERE)


NBA Player Reveals Adverse Reaction to COVID Vaccine Ended Season

By WND. Amid the controversy over basketball superstar Kyrie Irving’s refusal to take a COVID-19 vaccine, a former NBA player says his season ended early last year after he developed blood clots he attributes to a COVID shot.

Brandon Goodwin, who was a point guard for the Atlanta Hawks, recently told his side of the story on a Twitch stream, SB Nation reported. . .
“I got sick and I never quite recovered from it,” Goodwin said on the stream, as posted on YouTube. “I would always have back pain, I was just super tired in the games.”

“That’s when I found out I had blood clots. That all within the span of a month,” he said.

“I was fine until then,” Goodwin said. “I was fine up until I took the vaccine, I was fine.” (Read more from “NBA Player Reveals Adverse Reaction to COVID Vaccine Ended Season” HERE)

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Military Judge BLASTS Marine Corps’ Handling of Officer Who Criticized Afghanistan Withdrawal

A military judge on Friday blasted the Marine Corps’ handling of the case of an officer who criticized the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan via videos posted to social media.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller a day earlier had pleaded guilty to six charges stemming from videos he posted to Facebook and LinkedIn in which he demanded accountability from those in leadership over the messy evacuation.

But instead of taking the prosecution’s punishment request — where Scheller would have had to forfeit $5,000 of pay a month for six months and receive a letter of reprimand — Marine Corps judge Col. Glen Hines Hines only directed he forfeit $5,000 pay for one month, Military Times reported.

In explaining his decision, Hines said in Scheller’s videos showed a “confused” and “significantly frustrated” man instead of a potentially violent service member the military portrayed Scheller as in charge sheets, according to the outlet. . .

But the judge also called out the Marines for placing Scheller in the brig prior to the trial, a move that raised the “specter of unlawful command influence,” and created intense media scrutiny that doesn’t happen for “99 percent” of other courts-martial, Military Times reported. (Read more from “Military Judge BLASTS Marine Corps’ Handling of Officer Who Criticized Afghanistan Withdrawal” HERE)

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DISTURBING FOOTAGE: Man Breaks Into Home, Unzips Pants Prior To Entering Young Girl’s Room

A creep broke into a Florida home this week, apparently started to take off his shorts — and then traipsed into a young girl’s bedroom, according to disturbing new video and local police.

The intruder, described as between 40 and 60 years old, entered the home on Flora Avenue in Holiday between 12:50 and 1:07 a.m. Thursday, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

Security camera video released by the sheriff’s office shows the man walking into the young victim’s bedroom. Her age was not specified.

He then exits and appears to undo his shorts, cops said — though the bottom of the clip is cut off. A moment later, he wanders back into the room, the footage shows.

The homeowners woke up when their dog started barking, police said.

(Read more from “DISTURBING FOOTAGE: Man Breaks Into Home, Unzips Pants Prior To Entering Young Girl’s Room” HERE)

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Transhumanists Gather To Plan Global Transformation

Transhumanism is a futuristic religion that exalts technology as the highest power. The movement’s goal is to merge man with machine. Their wildest prophecies seem ridiculous at first, until you consider the dizzying advances in bionics, robotics, neuroprosthetics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and genetic engineering.

Prominent figures gathered at the TransVision 2021 conference in Madrid over the weekend. Listening to the proceedings online, I heard a broad range of totalizing schemes. There were no Luddites or Amish onstage, but of course, Spain is a long haul for a horse-and-buggy. Besides, no unvaccinated person can legally cross the Spanish border. . .

Their radical ideas are hardly marginal. Transhuman values have been implicitly embraced by the world’s wealthiest technologists. Consider Bill Gates pushing universal jabs, Jeff Bezos’s quest for “life extension,” Elon Musk’s proposed brain implants, Mark Zuckerberg’s forays into the Metaverse, and Eric Schmidt’s plans for an American technocracy racing against China. . .

As a broad ideology, transhumanism is as relevant for the 21st century as communism was for the 20th century. In the mid-1800s, Karl Marx and his crew were mere socialist intellectuals. By 1923, the Bolsheviks had taken over Russia. By 1949, Mao had taken over China. In our age of all-pervasive technology, entire societies are revolutionized before anyone can grasp the change.

The futurists who gathered in Madrid last weekend — along with those preaching technocracy at the World Economic Forum — are laying the intellectual groundwork for a fully digitized social order. Today, it’s the Fourth Industrial Revolution — a global paradigm of total transformation — embraced by Microsoft, Alibaba, Sony, General Motors, Mozilla, and Salesforce, among many others. Tomorrow, the faithful proclaim, it will be artificial superintelligence, brain implants, and unstoppable killer drones. (Read more from “Transhumanists Gather To Plan Global Transformation” HERE)

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Biden Flip-Flops, Now Reinstating Trump’s ‘Remain-in-Mexico’ Policy

President Biden used some of his important first hours in office last winter to try to undo President Trump’s largely successful efforts at shutting off the flow of illegal aliens coming into the U.S. across its southern border.

Besides halting plans to continue building physical barriers on the border, Biden dropped President Trump’s “remain-in-Mexico” policy through which those seeking asylum remained in Mexico until hearings before a U.S. immigration court.

The U.S. Supreme Court earlier ruled that was a decision Biden mishandled, and now the president is admitting defeat and plans to reinstate it.

The Daily Mail reports the actual result now will depend on approval from the Mexican government, which has raised some issues U.S. officials say they are trying to address.

“Mexico wants cases to generally conclude within six months and ensure that asylum-seekers have timely and accurate information about hearing dates and times and better access to legal counsel,” the report explained. (Read more from “Biden Flip-Flops, Now Reinstating Trump’s ‘Remain-in-Mexico’ Policy” HERE)

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Meteorite Crashes Through Roof, Lands on Woman’s Bed While She Sleeps

A 2.8-pound meteorite crashed through a woman’s roof in British Columbia and landed on her bed while she was asleep on Oct. 3, the New York Times (NYT) reported.

Ruth Hamilton, 66, woke up to her dog barking and a sound resembling “an explosion”. She turned on the light and found a hole in her ceiling, the NYT reported.

While Hamilton was dialing 911, she noticed a large gray object between her pillows, the NYT reported. “Oh, my gosh,” she said to the operator, “there’s a rock in my bed.”

The rock barely missed Hamilton’s head and left drywall debris all over her face, according to the NYT.

(Read more from “Meteorite Crashes Through Roof, Lands on Woman’s Bed While She Sleeps” HERE)

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U.S. To Drop COVID International Travel Ban – Here’s the Catch

The US will drop its international travel ban for fully vaccinated foreigners from Nov. 8, a White House official said.

The Biden administration, which is expected to make an official announcement on Friday, is lifting travel restrictions for those arriving in the US at land borders and via air, an official told Reuters.

Non-US citizens from 33 countries, including China, India, Brazil and most of Europe, have been banned from entering the US for much of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The White House revealed last month that restrictions would be lifted for air travelers, but they did not disclose an exact date at the time.

International travelers will need to show proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test before boarding a flight. Those arriving at land borders, however, won’t need to show proof of a negative test. (Read more from “U.S. To Drop COVID International Travel Ban – Here’s the Catch” HERE)

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Large Majority of TSA Workers Unvaccinated as Deadline Looms

President Biden’s announced vaccine mandate for private employers is being blamed for flight disruptions, and now his mandate for federal workers is posing the threat of further travel chaos with the TSA admitting that 40% of its agents remain unvaccinated six weeks before the deadline.

“We have about 60 percent of our workforce has been vaccinated, that that number needs to go quite a bit higher over the next few weeks,” Transportation Security Administration Administrator David Pekoske told CNN.

The Nov. 22 deadline is only two days prior to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which usually is the nation’s busiest travel day of the year.

“We are building contingency plans, for if we do have some staffing shortages as a result of this, but I hope to avoid that,” Pekoske said.

Meanwhile, the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union, known as SMART, announced on behalf of its 203,000 members that it is standing against forced vaccination. (Read more from “Large Majority of TSA Workers Unvaccinated as Deadline Looms” HERE)

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U.S. Soldiers, Including Navy SEALS, Suing Biden

Liberty Counsel on Friday announced a class action lawsuit on behalf of members of all five branches of the U.S. military – the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard – against President Joe Biden over his orders they take the experimental COVID shots or face dishonorable discharge.

“The Biden administration has no authority to require the COVID shots for the military or for federal employees or civilian contractors,” explained Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel chairman.

“Nor can the Biden administration pretend that the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the First Amendment do not apply to its unlawful mandates. The commander-in-chief must end this shameful treatment and abuse of our brave military heroes. Forcing the COVID shots without consent or consideration for their sincere religious beliefs is illegal.”

The action in U.S. District Court in Florida is on behalf of two Navy SEALs, a Navy EOD Officer, a Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer, a Navy Chaplain, two Marine Lt. Colonels, two Marine Lance Corporals, an Air Force Major, an Air Force Technical Sergeant, an Army National Guardsman, an Army Colonel, and a Coast Guard Lieutenant.

It seeks a temporary restraining order preventing Biden and his appointees from “enforcing, threatening to enforce, attempting to enforce, or otherwise requiring compliance with the Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate…” (Read more from “U.S. Soldiers, Including Navy Seals, Suing Biden” HERE)

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Biden Wants To Prosecute Trump Loyalists Defying Congressional Subpoenas

President Joe Biden said Friday he believed the Justice Department should prosecute individuals defying Congressional subpoenas to testify to the January 6th select committee.

Biden was questioned by reporters about individuals such as Steve Bannon who defied the subpoena, citing former President Donald Trump’s executive privilege.

Biden said he wanted to see Trump loyalists prosecuted if they refused to appear before the committee to investigate Trump supporters who stormed Capitol Hill on January 6th.

“I hope that the committee goes after them and holds them accountable,” Biden said. (Read more from “Biden Wants To Prosecute Trump Loyalists Defying Congressional Subpoenas” HERE)

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