Illinois: 6 Dead, 24 Wounded in July 4th Parade Shooting; Numerous Victims Children; Attack Happened Despite Stringent Gun Controls

By Breitbart. Multiple people have been killed after shots were fired along the Fourth of July parade route in Chicago’s Highland Park neighborhood. . .

A doctor who treated victims on scene says of the slain parade attendees: “Their bodies were blown up.”

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Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting Suspect Arrested After Brief Police Pursuit

By NBC Chicago. The 22-year-old person of interest connected to the Highland Park Independence Day parade mass shooting that left at least six people dead and approximately two dozen others “seriously injured” Monday morning has been arrested, police said.

Police said 22-year-old Robert “Bobby” E Crimo III was taken into custody following a brief police pursuit that ended in north suburban Lake Forest.

Authorities said Crimo’s vehicle was located in north Chicago and officers attempted to stop him before he fled the scene, leading police on a brief pursuit before coming to a stop.

He was taken into custody “without incident,” police said. and he was taken to the Highland Park Police Department for questioning. No charges had been filed as of late Monday night. . .

In separate social media videos, several gunshots could be heard, followed by a pause and another round of gunfire. In some videos, more than 50 shots are heard. (Read more from “Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting Suspect Arrested After Brief Police Pursuit” HERE)


Highland Park Attack Occurred Despite Red Flag Law, Other Stringent Gun Controls

By Breitbart. A red flag law, a waiting period for gun purchases, licensing requirements, and numerous other gun controls did not prevent the July 4, 2022, Highland Park attack.

Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety lists Illinois as the state with the sixth most stringent gun laws in the country.

Moreover, Gabby Giffords gun control group gives Illinois a grade of A- on gun control.

Illinois has a red flag law, a waiting period for gun purchases, gun owner licensing, domestic violence gun laws, “open carry regulations,” and numerous other gun controls. . .

Cook County has an “assault weapons” ban that also bans “high-capacity” magazines. In neighboring Lake County, the City of Highland Park has an “assault weapons” ban that also bans “large-capacity” magazines. (Read more from “Highland Park Parade Mass Shooting Suspect Arrested After Brief Police Pursuit” HERE)

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‘I Saw Her Die’: Witness Describes Traumatic Scene of July 4th Parade Shooting (VIDEO)

An eyewitness recounted the horrific scene at Monday’s Highland Park parade celebrating Independence Day, telling CNN that she had watched as a young girl was shot to death in the street.

The witness, who introduced herself to CNN’s Adrienne Broaduss as only “Zoe,” explained that she and her father had arrived early to watch the pet parade and the children’s parade first — and she said that when the shooting first started, a number of people had believed it was fireworks or some other part of the planned festivities.

“You know, a little after the band went through, we heard pew-pew-pew, probably heard 50 rounds in total, at least,” Zoe described the moment the chaos began. “Everyone thought it was fireworks. Everyone said, oh, fireworks and the military people had just gone through with the shotguns, and I was like, something is wrong. I grabbed my dad and started running.”

“All of a sudden everyone behind us started running. I looked back, probably 20 feet away from me, I saw a girl shot and killed. The girl I’ve heard on the news with — in blood — I saw her die. I’ve never seen anything like this,” she continued. (Read more from “‘I Saw Her Die’: Witness Describes Traumatic Scene of July 4TH Parade Shooting” HERE)

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Parade ‘Shooter’ Who Killed 6 Arrested, Had Posted Videos Before Massacre

. . .Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III was intercepted by cops in North Lake Forest, Chicago, after 7pm local time Monday evening when cops saw the silver Honda Fit he was last seen driving.

Dramatic photographs from the scene show the suspected mass-murderer – who posted creepy clips about shooting massacres online – being pinned to the ground face-down by police.

Crimo is from of the Highland Park area and posted rap videos online using the name Awake. In one song, the suspect wrote: ‘My actions will be valiant and my thought is unnecessary, I know what I have to do, I know what’s in it, not only for me, but for everyone else.’

The doom-laden words were set to drawings of a figure who looked like Crimo pointing a rifle while a person lies prone on the ground, and another holds their hands up in the air.

At one point, a grab of a newspaper clipping about JFK’s murderer Lee Harvey Oswald is visible.

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The COVID Plot Against Humanity

The great historian and literature scholar Dr. Naomi Wolf has written the most important book of our times. She really nails it. After you read The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19 and the War Against the Human, you will understand the truly diabolical conspiracy that threatens the world with destruction. In an article a few weeks ago, I reviewed Robert Kennedy’s essential book The Real Anthony Fauci. Kennedy showed that Fauci’s efforts to promote global catastrophe and to profit from it go back decades. But Dr. Wolf goes even further. She shows how evil the forces of destruction really are.

She begins from the onset of the so-called “pandemic” early in 2020. That’s only a little more than two years ago, but the world before then was vastly different from what it is now. We have entered a new Dark Age. In Dr. Wolf’s career as a reporter and journalist, she knew for a while Chrystia Freeland, who became the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Dr. Wolf writes, “’Ms. Freeland was part of a small cadre of ‘influentials’ connected to the World Economic Forum. . .She and her peers, along with allied elites in other fields, eventually masterminded a crime against humanity unprecedented in our times—-a crime that involves the theft of assets and the destruction of cultures, as well as untold deaths.” “This book,” she says, “is about how we came to this harrowing civilizational crossroads—-engaged in a war against vast impersonal forces with limitless control over our lives for the freedoms we have taken for granted; how these forces seized upon two years of COVID-19 panic in sinister new ways; and how, yet, against overwhelming odds, we might still win.”

The argument Dr. Wolf makes for this far-reaching conclusion is simple and devastating. Human culture depends on contact between people. But our high and mighty masters want to keep us apart through lockdowns, government control of all our activities, and injecting harmful substances into us. “In these two years, the COVID-19 pandemic, which began unfolding with unprecedented global ‘lockdown’ in March 2020, has fundamentally remade human relations, capitalism, and culture in the West. No matter that in the past we had lived through far graver medical crises without passing thought of stopping all congregation, suspending the production of all culture, or compelling all healthy people to cover their faces, close their businesses and keep apart—-this time, the elites used the ‘crisis’ to shut down Western norms of liberty, the human-centered world, and civilization itself.

But what is our culture, which we once thought durable, to be replaced by? A world managed by machines and mediated by digital interfaces; a world predicated on cruelty, without human empathy as an organizing principle; a world in which national boundaries, cultures, and languages are drained of meaning, in which cultures embody only the goals of meta-national oligarchs, a world organized for the benefit of massive pharmaceutical companies, a few global tech giants, and technocrats. . .”

You might at first be inclined to wonder, “Is Dr. Wolf exaggerating? Didn’t the world face a real threat that required drastic action to combat? One way to answer this is to say that the “drastic” measures didn’t take enough account of the costs, both economic and psychic, that they imposed on the world’s population. But Dr. Wolf, with exemplary insight and courage, offers us a better answer that strikes to the heart of the danger that confronts us. The whole “threat’ was manufactured by the enemies of civilization in order to control us. “None of this is accidental. Nor does it have anything to do with ‘science.’ The data were soon widely available, and even in 2020 studies showed the ‘lockdowns’ and restrictions did not stop disease and often made health outcomes far worse. But the draconian measures did not stop.”

Dr. Wolf spells out in detail how lockdowns and masks destroy civilization. “How do you destroy civilization? One way a machine program could target human beings is by attacking and undoing the magical power of touch. One of the strongest diktats from the start of the pandemic was the demand for ‘distancing,’ that inorganic, awkward verb that was introduced in a new context, and redefined, early in the pandemic. The implications of the war on touch, more than two years on, are beyond tragic. Physical closeness is not an ‘extra’ for human beings. Without it we suffer from mental illnesses ranging from depression to anxiety and are even vulnerable to hallucinations and other forms of psychosis, as many studies have demonstrated. . .From a hug to a high-five, positive moments of human touch can calm the nervous system, boost mood and release endorphins, strengthen the immune system, and boost healing.”

Dr. Wolf issues a dire warning that she supports with irrefutable evidence. “The end goal is something much darker than a dark-enough world in which everyone is coercively vaccinated, whether they are at risk or not, whether they have immunity or not, a world in which ‘boosters’ for seven billion people annually are guaranteed forever. The end-goal, rather, is to ensure that our pre-March 2020 world disappears forever, irretrievable. To be replaced with a world in which all human endeavor is behind a digital paywall, and in which all of us ask the permission of technology to gain access to the physical world, access to culture and access to other human beings. . .The real goal has nothing to do with public health. The real goal is to destroy Western and human culture, and to replace it with a techno-fascistic culture—-a culture in which we have forgotten what human beings can do. The crime that was perpetrated during the pandemic years of 2020-22 was perhaps the greatest ever committed against humanity. And it is being perpetrated still.”

When Governor Andrew Cuomo put New York “on pause” in March 2020, Dr. Wolf and her husband reacted with astonishment. “Since we had both lived in combat zones and war areas, we knew that commerce was never closed, even in the worst crises. People needed to keep making their livings in order to survive the crisis, and the economy needed to be sustained in order for the community to survive the crisis. We both knew from the history of warfare that when people are forbidden to buy and sell, they can’t fight back. It is the death of their economy that kills them off or leads to their eventual enslavement or occupation.”

Why are the global elites doing these terrible things to us? In one of the most insightful passages of this always insightful book, Dr. Wolf explains that the elites think differently from the rest of us. “For others do always not think as we do. To understand such an immense crime, it is essential to grasp the thought processes of many political elites, of financial oligarchs, and of tech elites. . .To understand what is going on in the current lockstep of tyranny, we must understand that certain subcultures, certain leaders, and certain ideologies simply don’t have our core values at heart; and we must face the fact that these monsters are not just Nazis long dead or members of the CCP far away. Some monsters are very near to us. . .To understand 2020-22, it is essential to grasp that great evil need not arrive in the guise of a goose-stepping soldier, or an official knocking at your door wearing jackboots. To understand how COVID-19 policy can be so coordinated and so cruel and so neo-fascistic, we need to understand that human evil can come in the form of a well-dressed man or woman far removed from any traditional human or national loyalties or decencies but pleasantly passing the sherry.”

Let’s return to a question we asked before. Even if you don’t like masks and isolation, aren’t these needed to cope with a pandemic? Dr. Wolf not only knows the medical science we need to answer this question. She is also a scholar of English literature who has studied epidemics in history and literature. She says, “Tubercular people in the past were at times quarantined or sent to sanatoria, but never before in the history of dealing with serious airborne illness had the human race ‘distanced’ the healthy from one another in order to deal with the risk from this kind of pathogen. If ‘distancing’ and ‘masking’ had ‘worked’ with regard to serious airborne respiratory illnesses, why was this presumably tremendously important discovery now news only coincidentally with the onset of a brand-new illness in 2020? The question naturally arises: how did we deal with similar medical crises in the past? The answer: for all the devastation these crises brought, civilization and commerce were not brought to a standstill.”

Dr. Wolf tells us something about masks that clarifies and articulates the repulsion we feel for them. “In all cultures and at all times, masks have represented de-individuation and dehumanization. Thieves wear masks. Executioners wear black masks so their victims cannot see them. Torturers are masked. . .On the other side of the equation, masks allow for people to be more easily punished and victimized.”

But what about the “pandemic” itself? She is an expert on digital dashboards, and she argues that we cannot rely on data reported on them. “’Cases’ tabulated on a digital dashboard are not necessarily generated from actual tests that are generated from real human biological samples. ‘Deaths’ tabulated on a digital dashboard do not necessarily derive from any actual dead bodies recorded by real coroners in real hospital morgues or from funeral directors retrieving bodies from homes. A digital dashboard is simply a product of codes that counts data inputs in a certain way. It counts what the developer told it to count.”

As if all of this were not enough, “vaccine passports” pose an even greater danger to liberty. The global elite can use them to control all our movements. “This mechanism can also directly manage dissent. With a tweak of the backend, those who control the mechanism can be sure never to grant you a ‘rejoin society’ or ‘I don’t have COVID’ checkmark. You would be at the mercy of what the ‘passport’ says about your status. So if you’re a dissident, you can always be positive for COVID without much recourse to challenge it. And you’d be in a second-class category in society for the rest of your life. Your family would too.”

Dr. Wolf notes that many people have had enough. They resist masks, lockdowns, and medically unsafe and coerced “vaccines.” She mentions a number of heroes in the campaign against tyranny, including Steve Berger, a Board Member of the Mises Institute, who supplied her with “important research links, impactful analyses of his own, and read the manuscript”; but she has left one out. She herself is one of the most heroic battlers for liberty today. Her book is must reading a renders a great public service. Three cheers for Dr. Naomi Wolf! (For more from the author of “The COVID Plot Against Humanity” please click HERE)

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Viewers Noticed Something off About This Recent VP Harris Interview (VIDEO)

Vice President Kamala Harris was interviewed by Keke Palmer in New Orleans, Louisana over the weekend as part of Essence Festival, but the bright lights and official backdrop behind the two women couldn’t distract from one problem: Louisiana was misspelled on the official signage.

Yep, whether it was Essence Fest or the West Wing that had final approval over the backdrop, the typo went unnoticed by everyone…until it was too late. There, as Harris and Palmer talked about the state of the country (more on that later), was LOUSIANA in giant letters over the vice president like the midterms loom over her party.

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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Here’s How Confident Americans Are in SCOTUS

Days before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) overturned landmark abortion rulings Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, a poll showed Americans’ confidence in the Supreme Court was at a historic low.

The Gallup poll showed that 25 percent of Americans had confidence in the Supreme Court, down from 36 percent in 2021. The lowest previously recorded was 30 percent in 2014.

Gallup’s write-up claimed that last September, a poll showed the Supreme Court’s job approval rating at a new low after it declined to block a Texas abortion law. It noted that the Dobbs draft opinion leak may have caused the number to tank to a new low. (Read more from “Here’s How Confident Americans Are in SCOTUS” HERE)

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Joe Biden Trashes America on Independence Day

President Joe Biden celebrated Independence Day on Monday, but expressed disappointment about ongoing gun violence and the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Liberty is under assault, both here and abroad,” he said, alluding to the Supreme Court. “In recent days, there’s been reason to think this country is moving backward, that freedom is being reduced, that rights we assumed were protected are no longer.”

The president delivered a speech to the American people from the White House as part of a barbecue with military service members.

He revisited his presidential campaign slogan, noting the country is still in an “ongoing battle for the soul of America.”

“I know it can be exhausting and unsettling, but tonight, I want you to know we’re going to get through all of this,” he said, referring to the political divisions in the country. (Read more from “Joe Biden Trashes America on Independence Day” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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Ob-Gyn: No, The Dobbs Decision Does Not Put Women’s Lives In Danger

. . .As a board-certified ob-gyn, I’ve delivered more than 5,000 babies and walked alongside thousands of women experiencing difficult pregnancies, including women facing life-threatening complications. Modern medical advances mean we don’t have to choose between the mother and her baby, even in dangerous pregnancies. . .

The use of abortion in the case of a life-threatening pregnancy complication typically involves a dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedure, more commonly referred to as a “dismemberment” abortion. In contrast, true medical care seeks to save both the unborn baby and the mother.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to deliver a baby preterm, and sadly the baby doesn’t always survive. But my goal is always to save both the young unborn child and the mother. If the baby is not able to survive, the compassionate and best thing to do is to deliver the baby in a medically standard way (such as induction or C-section), so the mother is able to hold her child and grieve her loss. That’s the compassion and dignity that the medically unnecessary act of abortion robs a mother.

The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists affirms: “Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous condition that requires that the pregnancy end.” As soon as it’s diagnosed, physicians will treat an ectopic pregnancy because the mother’s life is at risk, a routine obstetric procedure that is not jeopardized by Dobbs.

This is lifesaving medical care. It is not an elective abortion. (Read more from “Ob-Gyn: No, the Dobbs Decision Does Not Put Women’s Lives in Danger” HERE)

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Supreme Court Poised to End Leftwing Election Shenanigans

Blue state judges and liberal bureaucrats caught flak for littering their states with drop-boxes and accepting mail-in ballots during the 2020 election without permission from lawmakers. The Supreme Court is poised to stop them from doing it again in 2024.

The justices announced Thursday that they will hear a case later this year involving the “independent state legislature theory,” which holds that state lawmakers alone control election procedures and redistricting. The news invigorated conservative groups who say bureaucratic tinkering with district lines and election laws is destroying public confidence in the political process.

“Dark money-fueled left-wing lawyers have misused the courts to manipulate election laws and undermine commonsense voting safeguards for political gain,” the Honest Election Project’s Jason Snead said. “The Supreme Court now has the chance to uphold the Constitution and ensure that future elections have safeguards that make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”

The justices stepped into a heated debate by taking the case. Late-breaking changes to election procedures helped fuel former president Donald Trump’s narrative that Democrats stole the 2020 election. For their part, Democrats see the case as yet another attack on voting rights, and a bid to insulate pro-gerrymandering lawmakers from judicial scrutiny.

The Constitution provides that the “time, place, and manner” of elections shall be “prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof.” A second rule with similar language governs selection of presidential electors. On that basis, Republican lawyers say each state legislature has the final say on election rules, such as voter ID laws or absentee balloting, as well as the decennial redistricting process. Neither state courts nor state agencies can interfere. (Read more from “Supreme Court Poised to End Leftwing Election Shenanigans” HERE)

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The Crybaby Leftist Mind

Modern progressives assume moral and intellectual authority.

Consequently, their supposedly superior ends naturally justify almost any means necessary to achieve them.

Among the elite, the Democrats’ “blue wall” states were once considered a testament to the wisdom of the Electoral College. When that wall crumbled in 2016 to Donald Trump, the Electoral College suddenly was blasted as a relic of our anti-democratic Founders.

The nine-person Supreme Court was once beloved. On issues like abortion, school prayer, same-sex marriage, pornography, and Miranda rights, the left cheered the court as it made the law and ignored legislatures and presidents. . .

Suddenly a narrow constructionist majority has returned matters of abortion to the states. And the once-beloved court is being slandered by leftist insurrectionists as illegitimate. (Read more from “The Crybaby Leftist Mind” HERE)

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