Trump Admin Names Gun Makers, Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwide; Why Are Liquor Stores Essential Businesses?

By Breitbart. President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security released updated guidelines naming gun manufacturers and retailers as essential on Saturday, which means they are to stay open and operational nationwide during a Chinese coronavirus shutdown. . .

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb commented on the DHS declaration, saying, “Every freedom loving American owes President Trump and his administration a very big thank you for protecting our Second Amendment Rights. This is another Trump promise made and promise kept.”

The DHS declaration comes just days after Governor Phil Murphy (D) laughed in the face of a man who expressed concern that the statewide shutdown in New Jersey had put an end to gun sales, thereby eliminating the ability to get a firearm for self-defense. (Read more from “Trump Admin Names Gun Makers, Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwide” HERE)


Why Are Liquor Stores Essential Businesses?

By Psychology Today. With an increasing number of states issuing “stay at home” or “shelter in place” directives, businesses regarded as essential remain open. The lists of “essential businesses” have some variation across states and with the federal government, but there are large swaths of overlap.

Essential businesses or workers include those concerned with healthcare, telecommunications, information technology, defense, food and agriculture, transportation, energy, water and waste water, law enforcement, and public works. All of these types of work contribute to the common good. In every state with a “stay at home” directive, liquor stores are considered essential businesses. That’s quite interesting.

The most obvious explanation may be that liquor falls under the category of food and agriculture. This category includes groceries, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retailers that sell human food, animal or pet food, and beverage products. Restaurants with carryout or delivery service fall into this category as well. Liquor stores obviously sell beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They often also sell snack foods. Many states allow convenience stores to sell alcohol. Mystery solved.

There is more to the story, I suspect, than membership in the food and agriculture category. We might push the question further back to ask why alcoholic beverage products are included. The amount of money that excise alcohol taxes bring federal, state, and local governments is significant. The United States government levies taxes on alcohol in three categories of spirits (hard liquor), beer, and wine.

The unit of measurement is the gallon with the exception of beer, which is the barrel (31 gallons) The federal tax on a gallon of spirits is $13.50 and wine $1.07-3.40 depending on alcohol content. Beer is $18.00 per barrel. The federal government collects roughly $1 billion from alcohol taxes each month. States add their own taxes on top of the federal taxes. States’ taxes on alcohol vary tremendously; Washington state has the highest rate at $32.52 per gallon of spirits while Missouri has one of the lowest at $2.00 per gallon. Quite simply, there’s big money in alcohol sales. (Read more from “Why Are Liquor Stores Essential Businesses?” HERE)

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Confirmed Coronavirus Deaths in U.S. Hit 2,000, Doubling in Two Days; Fauci: U.S. Could Have 100k to 200k Deaths From Coronavirus

By The Hill. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S. passed 2,000 Saturday, reflecting a death toll that has doubled in the span of two days.

On Thursday, the death toll in the U.S. reached 1,000, though it took nearly a month for the number of coronavirus-related deaths in the country to reach that high. This means that another 1,000 people died in a two-day reporting period in the country.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. now stands at more than 120,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Though the U.S. has more confirmed cases of the virus than any other country, Italy has the most reported deaths from the virus at more than 10,000. China, where the virus originated, has more than 80,000 reported cases and more than 3,000 reported deaths from the virus. (Read more from “Confirmed Coronavirus Deaths in U.S. Hit 2,000, Doubling in Two Days” HERE)


Fauci: U.S. Could Have 100K to 200K Deaths From Coronavirus

By Breitbart. Sunday, during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the coronavirus pandemic could cause “between 100,000 and 200,000” deaths in the United States.

Fauci said, “You know, Jake, to be honest with you, we don’t really have any firm idea. There are things called models. When someone creates a model, they put in various assumptions. And the model is only as good or as accurate as your assumptions. Whenever the models come in, they give a worst-case scenario and a best-case scenario. Generally, the reality is somewhere in the middle. I’ve never seen a model of the diseases that I’ve dealt with where the worst case came out. They always overshoot. So when you use numbers like a million, million and a half, 2 million, that almost certainly is off the chart. It’s not impossible, but very, very unlikely.” (Read more from “Fauci: U.S. Could Have 100k to 200k Deaths From Coronavirus” HERE)

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New Clinton Scandal Memos Confirm FBI Stalled a Month to Search Weiner’s Laptop

The FBI waited a month between the time it discovered Hillary Clinton emails on disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop and obtaining a search warrant – as Clinton and Donald Trump were entering the closing weeks of their tight 2016 White House race, according to newly obtained records by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

The documents are communications between former FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page, who exchanged emails during the 2016 race that suggested they did not support Trump becoming president.

Weiner, at the time the emails were discovered, was married to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The emails were purportedly from when Clinton was Secretary of State. The Justice Department was already investigating Clinton using a private server to send official State Department information.

“These new records show how Hillary Clinton was protected from investigation over the Weiner laptop by the FBI for a full month during the presidential campaign … No wonder the FBI is slow rolling the release of these documents,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch obtained the records through a January 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. (Read more from “New Clinton Scandal Memos Confirm FBI Stalled a Month to Search Weiner’s Laptop” HERE)

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Bill De Blasio Cements His Disgraceful Legacy With Wuhan Virus Response

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has finally found something that he is worse at than running for president. The mayor has not only been flat-footed in dealing with the Wuhan virus that is ravaging Gotham, he has also been remarkably tone deaf. Perhaps nothing made this more patently clear than his decision to hit the gym on March 16th, just a day after closing all of the schools, bars and restaurants in the city.

While de Blasio’s arch nemesis Gov. Andrew Cuomo has garnered praise for his handling of the Chinese virus, the mayor has stumbled time after time. Even the closing of the schools was a debacle. Over the weekend prior to Monday, March 16, it was obvious not just that New York City would be hit with the virus, but that it would be hit hard. And yet, Hizzoner decided to wait until late Sunday to announce that schools would be closed the following day.

By refusing to make the obvious decision to close schools earlier, de Blasio threw the city’s parents into a confused rush to try to figure out childcare. What has truly been bizarre from the outset of this crisis is that anyone who took ninth grade biology understood that the most densely populated city in the country was always bound to be slammed by the virus. How de Blasio managed not to see this is frankly remarkable.

I’m sure I’m not the only New Yorker who wistfully rues that if only Anthony Weiner had cooled it with sexting teenagers we might have some competence in the mayor’s office. De Blasio’s blasé approach to the virus as it began infecting New York City looks even worse now that he is begging the federal government for help he barely seemed to think was needed just a week ago.

(Read more from “Bill De Blasio Cements His Disgraceful Legacy With Wuhan Virus Response” HERE)

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Trump Eyes Massive Expulsion of Suspected Chinese Spies

Trump administration officials have intensified discussions over whether to expel employees of Chinese media outlets suspected of being spies, in retaliation for China’s planned expulsion of American journalists from major outlets, The New York Times reported.

Since the virus began spreading across the United States, Washington and Beijing have waged a global information war over the outbreak, the report said.

President Trump and his aides are trying to pin responsibility on China, where Communist Party officials initially covered up the dangers of the virus as it was first discovered. Trump, though, has been criticized for vast failures in the American response, the report said.

Some American intelligence officials have pushed for years to expel employees of Chinese media organizations who they say mainly file intelligence reports, the report said.

The officials now see an opening to make a strong case after Beijing abruptly announced this month that it would expel almost all American citizens who report from mainland China for The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. (Read more from “Trump Eyes Massive Expulsion of Suspected Chinese Spies” HERE)

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Biden Camp Responds to Staffer’s Bombshell, Brutal Rape Allegation by Asking Media to Go After Accuser (VIDEO)

By WND. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is strongly denying allegations he sexually assaulted a former female staffer — and is asking the media to “rigorously vet” his accuser.

This week, Tara Reade, a staff assistant for Biden when he was in the Senate, accused the presumptive Democratic nominee of sexually assaulting her while the two were alone in 1993. . .

“Women have a right to tell their story, and reporters have an obligation to rigorously vet those claims,” Biden campaign manager and communications director Kate Bedingfield told Fox News.

“We encourage them to do so, because these accusations are false,” Bedingfield said.

After the allegation went public this week, Twitter users unearthed a video of Biden explaining why women have a difficult time reporting cases of rape and sexual assault.

(Read more from “Biden Camp Responds to Bombshell Sex-Assault Allegation by Encouraging Media to ‘Rigorously Vet’ Accuser (VIDEO)” HERE)


“Joe Biden, Rapist”

By Donald Dixon. Joe Biden has been credibly accused of rape.

The allegation comes from Tara Reade, a former member of Biden’s Senate staff. Reade unveiled last year that she was a victim of Biden’s sexual harassment in the early 1990’s, however, she declined to provide further detail due to the attacks she sustained as a result of telling a part of her story. Conspiracy theorists were even conjuring up fake stories about Reade being a Russian asset.

More recently, Reade decided that it was time for her to tell the full story. She sought the assistance of Time’s Up, a #MeToo organization that provides support for sexual assault victims, however, they declined to represent her because her accusation was against a federal candidate for office, thus allegedly threatening their non-profit status. Of course, not only does this excuse hold no merit, but it seems like an obvious attempt to protect Biden. After all, Anita Dunn, one of Biden’s campaign advisers, is also involved with Time’s Up as the managing director of SKDKnickerbocker, the organization’s public relations firm.

Shortly after The Intercept unveiled these details, Reade appeared on Katie Halper’s podcast, and then, later, The Hill’s Rising with Krystal and Saagar, to describe, in scathing detail, the accusation that she was pressed against a wall and sexually penetrated by the politician. Biden went on to kiss her before asking to “go somewhere else”. After refusing his advances, Biden said, “Come on, man. I heard you liked me,” before telling her that she was “nothing” to him.

(Read more about the rape allegation that has hit the Biden camp HERE)

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Fauci: You Have the Private Sector to Thank for Wuhan Coronavirus Tests, Not the Gov’t ‘System’; These Are the Biggest Misconceptions About Coronavirus; America Truly Doesn’t Need Gossips Trying to Gin up Trump-Fauci Split

By Townhall. The government “system” could not hold a candle to the private sector on coronavirus testing, Dr. Anthony Fauci explained Thursday during an Instagram story interview with NBA star Steph Curry, which is why the U.S. has seen a drastic uptick in accurate and widespread test kits available.

“We have hundreds of thousands of tests that are out there now, mostly because we got the private sector involved, of the companies who know how to make it well, make large amounts,” Fauci told the Golden State Warriors player.

Wanting to know what the holdup is to those tests being available “to the masses,” Fauci said there shouldn’t be anything now.

(Read more from “Fauci: You Have the Private Sector to Thank for Wuhan Coronavirus Tests, Not the Gov’t ‘System'” HERE)


White House Health Advisor Anthony Fauci: These Are the Biggest Misconceptions About Coronavirus

By CNBC. White House health advisor Anthony Fauci said the biggest misconceptions about the COVID-19 pandemic are the extremes — on the one hand there are people who think “the world is going to end” and on the other, people “who don’t even believe it [is real].”

Neither is true, said Fauci, who is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and an immunologist. “It’s somewhere in the middle,” he said.

Fauci, 79, talked to NBA star Steph Curry, 32, via Instagram Live on Thursday in an effort to help Curry’s young fans understand why social distancing is so crucial to “flatten the curve” or slow the rate of new coronavirus infections. Some young people have been slow to take social distancing seriously. . .

“I’d like to get the people in the country to realize that we are dealing with a serious problem. It’s something that we’ve modified our lives [for],” Fauci told Curry. And even if you don’t have symptoms, you can still carry the virus and pass it on to love ones, which is important for young people to know, he said. . .

“We’re going through a period of time now where we’ve got to, as a country, pull together. Don’t get frightened. Don’t get intimidated. Use [that] energy to be able to confront it and do the kinds of things that will put an end to it,” Fauci said.

(Read more from “White House Health Advisor Anthony Fauci: These Are the Biggest Misconceptions About Coronavirus” HERE)


America Truly Doesn’t Need Gossips Trying to Gin up Trump-Fauci Split

By New York Post. As if the world isn’t crazy enough, some extremists want more crazy — namely a falling out between President Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fauci is the country’s No. 1 immunologist and has advised six presidents in times of trouble.

So the anti-Trump obsessives are all but praying for the president to can him, and so justify their contempt for the chief executive. Meanwhile, the “we hate this quarantine” crew imagines life can go back to normal if the science dude just shuts up.

Fauci sees no split: “Even though we disagree on some things, [Trump] listens,” he told Science magazine. “He goes his own way. He has his own style. But on substantive issues, he does listen to what I say.”

On Tuesday, he said he wishes media bids to sow division “would stop, because we have a much bigger problem here.” Amen. (Read more from “America Truly Doesn’t Need Gossips Trying to Gin up Trump-Fauci Split” HERE)

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Trump Activates Armed Forces Reserves – up to 1,000,000 Individual Reservists (VIDEO)

By Daily Caller. President Donald Trump announced at Friday’s coronavirus task force briefing that he has granted the Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security the “authority to activate the ready reserve components of the Armed Forces” to help battle the pandemic.

“This will allow us to mobilize medical, disaster, and emergency response personnel to help wage our battle against the virus by activating thousands of experienced service members including retirees,” Trump told the reporters gathered in the White House Brady Briefing Room. “We have a lot of people, retirees, — great, great people — who have come back in who have offered to help the nation in this extraordinary time of need.”

The text of the executive order states that the reserves shall not be activated for more than 24 months or service, and the total active units shall not exceed 1,000,000. (Read more from “Trump Activates Armed Forces Reserves – up to 1,000,000 Individual Reservists (VIDEO)” HERE)


Trump Thanks Rachel Maddow for Highlighting Efforts of Army Crops of Engineers

By Townhall. President Trump thanked Rachel Maddow on Friday for her interview with Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, chief of engineers and commanding general of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In a tweet, Trump gave rare thanks to the MSNBC host for highlighting the important work being carried out by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services.

General Semonite spoke about the Corps’ current work in assisting the federal government in its response to the coronavirus pandemic. The federal government is assisting state and local governments in preparing for the peak of coronavirus cases in their individual areas.

General Semonite said the Corps is helping to modify existing facilities — such as hotels, convention centers, college dorms, and sports arenas — to meet the needs of the medical community in treating patients with COVID-19. The general said the Corps is currently assessing 103 different places in 50 states and eight territories to meet the increased demand for hospital beds.

(Read more from “Trump Thanks Rachel Maddow for Highlighting Efforts of Army Crops of Engineers” HERE)

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Coronavirus Package Contains $11 Billion for Three International Development Organizations; Here Are the Pro-Life Protections in the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Relief Package

By Fox News. Among the many provisions in the $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package that appear to have little to do with the immediate crisis at home is a nearly $11 billion pot of money for three international development groups.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) – which the House of Representatives is expected to vote on Friday – includes the funding for the African Development Fund (ADF), the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Development Association (IDA).

The ADF and the AfDB are two related organizations that help fund development and poverty eradication efforts in Africa, whereas the IDA is a subsidiary of the World Bank that gives to poor countries in general. Combined, they will receive more than $10.8 billion under the CARES Act.

This amount includes $7,286,587,008 for the AfDB, $513,900,000 for the ADF and $3,004,200,000 for the IDA.

As the costliest stimulus measure in U.S. history, the bill has generated a mixed and often-conflicted reaction even from those advocating for it. The package contains sorely needed relief for struggling workers facing layoffs as businesses are forced to temporarily shutter on an unprecedented scale in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus. But some have questioned the massive pot of money set aside for loans to big industries, while others have challenged the array of seemingly unrelated or tangential funding pipelines that made their way in. (Read more from “Coronavirus Package Contains $11 Billion for Three International Development Organizations” HERE)


Here Are the Pro-Life Protections in the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Relief Package

By Daily Caller. The House of Representatives passed a $2 trillion emergency relief package Friday that contained several pro-life protections.

The relief package, the CARES Act, passed the House on Friday afternoon after passing the Senate 96-0 on Wednesday night. President Donald Trump announced Friday afternoon that he had signed the bill — a bill that will “deliver urgently-needed relief for our nation’s families, workers, and businesses.”

Senate Republicans won several pro-life protections in the CARES Act that ensured federal funding will not be used to pay for abortions. These protections include disqualifying Planned Parenthood from receiving aid, ensuring that health care spending in the bill is covered by Hyde Amendment protections, and extending the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program — a program that teaches abstinence until marriage.

“Republicans won critical pro-life protections in this relief package, despite a last-minute attempt by Democrats to make Planned Parenthood eligible for disaster-relief funding,” Sen. Tom Cotton told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Friday. (Read more from “Here Are the Pro-Life Protections in the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Relief Package” HERE)

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WATCH: Massive Protest Breaks out in China’s Hubei Province, Ground Zero for the Coronavirus

By Breitbart. A huge protest march swept out of China’s Hubei province on Friday, with thousands of angry residents pouring across a bridge into neighboring Jiangxi province and clashing with police. . .

The Hubei residents streaming across the bridge are clearly angry after weeks of the coronavirus lockdown, which in theory is being lifted as the Chinese government claims infections in Hubei have dropped to zero. Evidently the protesters are infuriated by how the government has treated them during the crisis – infuriated enough to flip over police cars and swarm past riot control barriers.

According to the “Things China Doesn’t Want You to Know” Twitter account quoted above, there are rumors the riot was kicked off by a fight between Hubei and Jiangxi police officers. The Hubei police were reportedly angered by Jiangxi police crossing into their jurisdiction. (Read more from “WATCH: Massive Protest Breaks out in China’s Hubei Province, Ground Zero for the Coronavirus” HERE)


China Reports 54 New Cases, Says All of Them Are ‘Imported’

By CNBC. China’s National Health Commission reported 54 new cases of infection, all of which were “imported” as residents returned from abroad. Three new deaths were announced and all of them occurred in Hubei, where the coronavirus was first reported. . .

Altogether, China says it has had 81,394 confirmed cases thus far; among them, close to 75,000 patients have recovered and 3,295 died. Data from Johns Hopkins University showed both the United States and Italy have overtaken China in terms of the number of reported cases. (Read more from “China Reports 54 New Cases, Says All of Them Are ‘Imported'” HERE)

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