Is He Right? Elon Musk Weighs in on How to End the War in Ukraine; China Warns US Of Grave Consequences if Ukraine Joins NATO

By The New York Times. Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, waded into geopolitical waters on Monday with his own proposal for a peace deal to end Russia’s war in Ukraine, prompting a swift and dismissive response from President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine. . .

And while world leaders have largely refrained from voicing opinions on how Ukraine should fight the war, Mr. Musk, whose musings tend to garner widespread attention on social media, showed no timidity in weighing in. . .

Mr. Zelensky wasted little time responding with a Twitter survey of his own, mocking Mr. Musk’s. “Which @elonmusk do you like more?” he wrote, accompanied with a poll with two response options: “One who supports Ukraine” and “one who supports Russia.” At this writing, the poll had over one million responses, around 84 percent in support of Ukraine.

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China Warns US Of Grave Consequences if Ukraine Joins NATO

By Newsweek. China warned the United States it could face severe consequences—including the prospect of nuclear war—if it allows Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), drawing the 30-member alliance into the country’s conflict with Russia.

In a Sunday editorial in the state-owned Global Times, Beijing warned that allowing the country into the alliance—as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has requested—would lead to an inevitable escalation in the conflict, prompting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats to use nuclear arms against the West.

While unlikely—U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan stated in a White House press briefing last week that NATO should delay talks on allowing the country into the alliance—the newspaper warned “all European countries will tremble under the shadow of a possible nuclear war” should it take place, and called for the Western alliance to withdraw from its longstanding involvement in Eastern Europe.

“In that case, there will be no security for anyone, not for Ukraine, and not for the world,” the newspaper wrote. “Instead of pursuing resolutions to end the conflict, Washington has, over and over again, displayed that the US is charging toward the other direction—fanning the flames of war.” (Read more from “China Warns US Of Grave Consequences if Ukraine Joins NATO” HERE)

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‘Precipice of Collapse’: Putin Facing ‘Irreversible’ Defeat as Troops Abandon Ship

PREDICTION: PUTIN FACES ‘IRREVERSIBLE’ DEFEAT: Russia’s retreat from a key logistics hub in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region in the face of advancing Ukrainian forces is not only another embarrassing defeat for Russian President Vladimir Putin but may also mark a fundamental shift in momentum in favor of Ukraine, say former U.S. commanders.

“No amount of shambolic mobilization, which is the only way to describe it, no amount of annexation, no amount of even veiled nuclear threats can actually get [Putin] out of this particular situation,” said retired Army Gen. David Petraeus on ABC on Sunday. “He is losing, and the battlefield reality he faces is, I think, irreversible.” . . .

The liberation rail hub of Lyman (pron: lee-MON) came as Russian forces melted away without a fight, taking up what the Russian Defense Ministry called “more advantageous positions.”

“This is a tremendous victory for the Ukrainians. And it’s a victory that I think that they could turn into a cascading series of defeats of Russian forces,” said retired Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster on CBS. “What we might be at here is really at the precipice of really the collapse of the Russian army in Ukraine, a moral collapse.”

“They must really be at a breaking point, if you look at just the numbers of casualties, the vast area that they’re trying to defend,” said McMaster, former President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser. “I think it’s very important also to understand that these forces that are in full retreat now out of Lyman were really the first round of mobilization. … Those forces were hastily trained, thrown into that front, and these are the forces that are collapsing right now.” (Read more from “‘Precipice of Collapse’: Putin Facing ‘Irreversible’ Defeat as Troops Abandon Ship” HERE)

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As Russian Troops Fall Back, Nuclear Fears Advance

Ukraine recaptured more of its territory from Russian forces Monday amid reports from European media that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be mobilizing elements of his country’s massive nuclear arsenal for potential use on the battlefield.

Senior U.S. military officials would not directly address reports that a Russian Ministry of Defense train responsible for the transport of nuclear munitions is on the move toward the Ukrainian border. The Times of London, citing Polish defense analysts who track Russian nuclear movements, first reported the development.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that NATO nations are preparing for the possibility that Mr. Putin may soon order tests of Russia’s nuclear-armed Poseidon torpedoes.

Less than two weeks ago, Mr. Putin warned the West that Moscow is prepared to use “all of our available means” to defend Russian territory from Ukrainian attacks. The remark has raised alarm in Washington and across Europe as fears mount that a desperate Kremlin may take drastic action as it loses more ground to Ukrainian troops.

A senior military official was asked repeatedly Monday whether the U.S. has seen any indication that Russia may be moving nuclear assets. The official did not directly comment on Russia’s movements but said the U.S. is making no changes to its positioning. (Read more from “As Russian Troops Fall Back, Nuclear Fears Advance” HERE)

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Is China Secretly Operating Inside the Hawaiian Real Estate Market Under the Noses of the US Military?

The following article contains information from inside the Chinese Communist Party matched against publicly available sources.

A July 2022 article in The Federalist noted that buyers from the People’s Republic of China purchased $6.1 billion in real estate last year, many of those purchases have been of farmland or ranchland near U.S. military bases.

But the question here is, why would the Chinese Communist Party be interested in and gathering information about otherwise obscure people and their relatively minor real estate activities in the Hawaiian Islands?

Or is there something else going on?

The facts will be presented for readers to draw their own conclusions.

According to the information originating from inside the Chinese Communist Party, Tao Huang is the son of a People’s Liberation Army General, who received special training in its General Staff and the International Department of the Communist Party of China’s Central Committee. That is, a person of importance.

Tao Huang and his wife Yin Nog Tang, who were married in New York, first appear publicly around 2008 in an arguably pro-China section of Flushing, New York, which sponsors events featuring the Consul General from the People’s Republic of China’s Consulate in New York.

Tao Huang seems to have been a real estate manager at Chinese-owned and operated Apple Wealth Realty in Flushing, while his wife, a nurse, founded a New York-registered home healthcare company called HT&T Corporation.

At the same time, Yin Nog Tang established home healthcare and real estate companies in Miami Beach, Florida called Savior Home Healthcare and Sun Holiday Rental, both of which were apparently abandoned.

It appears that Yin Nog Tang provides a public face for the more deeply hidden Tao Huang.

According to County of Hawaii records, on August 8, 2017, Yin Nog Tang, as Grantee, purchased 15-2055 Government Beach Road in Pahoa, Hawaii, a 14-acre property designated as “agricultural” on the easternmost coastline of the Big Island of Hawaii for $750,000, although Tao Huang is now listed as Owner.

Again, according to County of Hawaii records, a Quitclaim Deed was executed on February 2, 2021 “selling” the 15-2055 Government Beach Road property for zero dollars, apparently to Tao Huang.

Quitclaim Deeds can be used to hide the true nature of property transactions.

Two photographs allegedly taken on the grounds of 15-2055 Government Beach Road, which originated in China, show Tao Huang and a building which matches a photo taken of the 15-2055 Government Beach Road property found on the internet.

Why would the Chinese Communist Party be interested in photos allegedly taken at 15-2055 Government Beach Road or the following photograph of a house at 16-2077 Macadamia Drive, Pahoa, Hawaii?

If one enlarges the “Photo of 16-2077 Macadamia Drive, Pahoa, Hawaii that originated in China but not found on the internet” and the “Photo allegedly taken at 15-2055 Government Beach Road, Pahoa, Hawaii,” the vehicles resemble each other, suggesting that whoever took the photo at 15-2055 Government Beach Road also took the photo at 16-2077 Macadamia Drive.

Since arriving in Hawaii, Tao Huang’s wife, Yin Nog Tang, started a real estate company called Big Island New Horizon LLC, which was involved in the development of the property at 16-2077 Macadamia Drive, Pahoa, Hawaii.

According to County of Hawaii records, the land parcel, 16-2077 Macadamia Drive, Pahoa, Hawaii, was purchased by a yet unidentified Li Wang for $20,000 on June 18, 2019, which was “sold” to Big Island New Horizon LLC for $1,001 on March 25, 2021 using a Quitclaim Deed.

The 16-2077 Macadamia Drive house shown in the photos may have been built by Big Island New Horizon LLC and was officially sold to the present owners for $263,000 on April 6, 2021, just twelve days after the Quitclaim Deed was executed.

The mysterious Li Wang appears as the intermediate buyer or Grantee in at least two other land parcels owned by Big Island New Horizon LLC, 16-2076 and 16-2078 Lilikoi Drive, Ainaloa, Hawaii, both purchased for $48,000 each on July 11, 2019.

Another piece of land owned by Tao Huang since 2019, 1391 Kalanianaole Street, Hilo, Hawaii, also went through two intermediate buyers between 2019 and 2021, as documented in the County of Hawaii records.

Strangely, the address of Yin Nog Tang’s Big Island New Horizon LLC is a private residence, 1647 Oneawa Place, Hilo, Hawaii, owned by the Zhang Trust, which is linked to Yu “Maggie’ Zhang, a prominent real estate agent in the Hawaiian Islands, who is originally from Shanghai.

Maggie Zhang was the listing agent for the 16-2077 Macadamia Drive property connected to Big Island New Horizon LLC headed by Yin Nog Tang.

Maggie Zhang is also an associate of Jonathan Remund, who was the selling agent for the property 15-2055 Government Beach Road now owned by Tao Huang and Yin Nog Tang.

Since the arrival of Tao Huang and Yin Nog Tang in the Hawaiian Islands, Maggie Zhang has bought a large parcel of “agricultural” land near the property of Tao Huang and Yin Nog Tang and close to the eastern coast of the Big Island. It was brought via a company called Xing Long Produce, which, like Big Island New Horizon LLC, is also registered at 1647 Oneawa Place, Hilo, Hawaii.

Perhaps nothing treacherous is underway and maybe there is no network in operation, but there is sufficient evidence to warrant additional investigation.

Yet Biden’s military is asleep at the wheel concerning the threat posed by China, just as the U.S. military was in regard to Japanese espionage in the Hawaiian Islands prior to December 7, 1941.


Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He had a civilian career in international business and medical research. Dr. Sellin is the author of Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution. His email address is

Photo credit: Flickr

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African Military Government Overthrown Amid Instability

A group of officers overthrew the military government led by Lt. Col. Paul-Henri Damiba in Burkina Faso on Friday.

The new leader of Burkina Faso is army Captain Ibrahim Traore, who announced the overthrow of his predecessor in a televised statement, according to Reuters. In the statement, Traore also announced the suspension of the constitution and the “all political and civil society activities.”

The coup follows a period of instability in Burkina Faso as Islamist attacks continued to spread with increased frequency, according to the BBC. A July attack in the north of the country left 55 dead while a roadside bombing in early September killed at least 35 and left dozens more injured. The latest attack hit a supply convoy aiming to assist residents in areas besieged by Islamist groups on Monday, leaving 11 soldiers dead and 50 civilians missing.

Traore cited Damiba’s ineffectiveness in combatting the attacks as the primary reason for his removal. Damiba took power in a January 2022 coup citing his predecessor’s inability to address the same problem, the BBC reported.

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Listen to Trump About Ukraine Before It’s Too Late

By Townhall. During an appearance on 77 WABC radio, former President Donald J. Trump was asked by host John Catsimatidis what things “keep you up at night.”

The former President quickly answered: “I think more than anything else, I think we could end up in World War III and it could be all of the horrible things that took place in Ukraine,”

A growing number of people believe Trump is correct in his chilling assessment. The question then becomes: How did we ever get to such an increasingly surreal and dangerous position?

A few weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, simply asking questions about alleged corruption in the country; off-shore bank accounts; fake news being disseminated by the Ukrainian leadership; flawed military strategies; billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars disappearing; if regime change in Russia was the ultimate goal with Ukraine being used as a proxy; and that increased likelihood of triggering a nuclear war became akin to daring to question the lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates.

Suddenly, asking logical and critically important questions made you a pariah to be shunned by those announcing themselves to be on the side of “Goodness and Light.” (Read more from “Listen to Trump About Ukraine Before It’s Too Late” HERE)


Biden Vows Russia Won’t ‘Get Away With’ Ukraine Annexation

By Associated Press. The United States and its allies hit back at Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions on Friday, slapping sanctions on more than 1,000 people and companies including arms supply networks as President Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin he can’t “get away with” seizing Ukrainian land.

The Russian annexation, though expected, escalated an already heated conflict that’s become fraught with potential nuclear implications.

Biden said his administration would support any effort by Ukraine to retake the annexed territories by force, setting the stage for further hostilities. And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that his country would make an “accelerated” bid to join the NATO military alliance, a plan not endorsed by the U.S. or other allies that could add fuel to the fire. (Read more from “Biden Vows Russia Won’t ‘Get Away With’ Ukraine Annexation” HERE)

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‘Outright Satanism’: Putin Goes on Lengthy Rant Condemning the West Over ‘Apartheid’, Child Sex Changes

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the West had fallen for a “reverse religion of real Satanism” in forcing sex changes on children and committing “apartheid” against “savage” populations in a speech on Friday.

He called transgender ideology a “denial of humanity” and “overthrow of traditional values,” marketing Russia’s war in Ukraine as a necessary correction to Western deviance in a lengthy speech after signing decrees to annex parts of Ukraine, Defense One reported. The “racist” West has instrumentalized the war in Ukraine to accomplish “totalitarianism, despotism and apartheid,” he added.

Putin commemorated the “heroes” who died for their right “to preserve their culture, traditions and religion” in what he called a “Nazi coup d’etat” in Ukraine in 2014, also known as the 2014 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He accused the West of fueling the war in Ukraine to achieve a “dream” of weakening Russia and pitting its people, whom the Kremlin envisions as including Ukrainian citizens, against one another “to condemn them to poverty and extinction.”

Western countries’ “insatiability and determination to preserve their unfettered dominance are the real causes of the hybrid war that the collective West is waging against Russia,” Putin said, construing his invasion of Ukraine as a concerted Western campaign to dominate Russia. (Read more from “‘Outright Satanism’: Putin Goes on Lengthy Rant Condemning the West Over ‘Apartheid’, Child Sex Changes” HERE)

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Why Putin Will Soon Have to Choose Between Losing in Ukraine or Using Nuclear Weapons; Vladimir Putin Set to Claim Wide Swaths of Ukraine After ‘Sham’ Referenda

By Washington Examiner. Ukraine has both the political and popular resolve to liberate its territory. Thanks to the United States, Britain, Poland, and the Baltic states , Kyiv also has the economic and military means to believe it can achieve its ambition. In contrast, it is increasingly clear that Russia lacks the popular resolve to endure a bloody war. Equally important, Russia lacks the economic and military means to conduct a drawn-out war.

In the coming months, Vladimir Putin will thus be forced into one of two choices. He can end the war by ceding back those areas of Ukraine that his forces occupy. (Ukraine might allow Putin to keep at least some of Crimea under any ceasefire agreement.) Alternatively, Putin can escalate by using nuclear weapons in an attempt to end continued Western support for Kyiv and pressure President Volodymyr Zelensky into a Russian-favorable ceasefire.

What Putin cannot do, however, is continue to wage war in a conventional fashion.

Top line: Putin’s draft of at least 300,000 conscripts — possibly to rise to more than 1 million — cannot reverse his recent record of battlefield losses. That’s because those losses are not the result of manpower shortages per se, though that is a factor. Rather, Putin’s central problem is that his military lacks credible leadership and professionalism and is beset by low morale and terrible logistics . The scale of this challenge is underlined by the inability of Russian forces to conduct even orderly ground retreats, let alone combined arms offensives. As in eastern Ukraine, this has opened Russian lines to high-mobility Ukrainian flanking attacks, which enable Ukraine to retake vast areas of territory while forcing rolling Russian surrenders and abandonment of priceless equipment.

Putin’s logistics problem is only set to grow. Russia, after all, is rapidly depleting its stocks of artillery, missiles, bombs, and other weapons. This is to say nothing of the thousands of Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers, electronic warfare vehicles, air defense systems, and aircraft that Ukraine has captured or destroyed. The Kremlin is desperately attempting to hide this military supply chain crisis, but Western intelligence services are convinced that it is critical. Indeed, one need only look at leaked videos on social media that show Russian conscripts issued archaic rifles being told to bring their own sleeping bags to war. One need only look at the increasingly desperate calls by top Kremlin officials to bolster military production. One need only look at the increasingly ludicrous, if escalatory, rhetoric on Russian state media. (Read more from “Why Putin Will Soon Have to Choose Between Losing in Ukraine or Using Nuclear Weapons” HERE)


Vladimir Putin Set to Claim Wide Swaths of Ukraine After ‘Sham’ Referenda

By Daily Wire. Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to annex parts of eastern and southern Ukraine on Friday, claiming that forced referenda across four occupied regions support Russia’s claim.

Western leaders are scrambling to respond to what many have condemned as a “land grab,” according to Politico. Putin’s move has raised concerns that Russia is committing itself to long-term conflict with Ukraine, and that a resolution to the war may be much farther off than European and North American leaders were hoping.

Russian state media reported Tuesday that Ukraine’s Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia regions voted overwhelmingly to break with Ukraine and join Russia. The referendum, which local Ukrainian officials said was coerced by Russian soldiers, took place on September 23-27. The results in each region were strikingly lopsided in favor of Russia: 99% in Donetsk, 98% in Luhansk, 87% in Kherson, and 93% in Zaporizhzhia.

Putin said in a television appearance on Thursday that “the formation of a more just world order is taking place,” according to The New York Times. He did not directly address the expected annexation, which covers an area of roughly 40,000 square miles.

“Unipolar hegemony is inexorably collapsing,” he said. “This is an objective reality that the West categorically refuses to accept.” (Read more from “Vladimir Putin Set to Claim Wide Swaths of Ukraine After ‘Sham’ Referenda” HERE)

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Is NATO Closer to War With Russia After Nord Stream Sabotage?

Russia may have bombed the Nord Stream pipelines earlier this week, but the North Atlantic organization created for collective defense against Moscow will not likely mount a military response, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has pledged a forceful response to “deliberate, reckless, and irresponsible acts of sabotage” that blasted holes in the twin Nord Stream pipelines carrying gas from Russia to Germany. While the organization is bound by Article V of the treaty to go to war if any member nation suffers a direct attack and has all but explicitly accused Russia of orchestrating the attacks, it will likely avoid invoking a military response to Russia, according to experts on NATO and defense.

“First, the pipeline wasn’t working any more, so [the leak] doesn’t change things that much,” Lawrence Korb, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and former assistant secretary of defense, told the DCNF.

In addition, member states may find it impossible to determine whether Russia conducted the attack or ordered one of its proxy militias to do so. “Even if you get 70% that it’s Russia, you’re not going to get 100%,” Korb added.

NATO allies vowed to “deter and defend against the coercive use of energy” and other aggressive acts that fall short of overt acts of war in a statement immediately after the attacks. The organization asserted a “united and determined” response to any deliberate attack on critical infrastructure, including gas installations. (Read more from “Is NATO Closer to War With Russia After Nord Stream Sabotage?” HERE)

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Queen Elizabeth II’s Cause of Death Revealed

Queen Elizabeth II died of old age more than three hours before the public were informed of her passing, official records show.

The 96-year-old monarch’s death certificate was released by National Records of Scotland and showed she was pronounced dead at 3.10 p.m., on September 8, 2022.

Elizabeth’s cause of death was recorded as “old age” while the place where she died was Balmoral Castle.

The NRS wrote online: “The Registrar General for Scotland, Paul Lowe, confirmed that Her Majesty The Queen’s death was registered in Aberdeenshire on 16th September 2022. (Read more from “Queen Elizabeth II’s Cause of Death Revealed” HERE)

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