Biden Camp Responds to Staffer’s Bombshell, Brutal Rape Allegation by Asking Media to Go After Accuser (VIDEO)

By WND. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is strongly denying allegations he sexually assaulted a former female staffer — and is asking the media to “rigorously vet” his accuser.

This week, Tara Reade, a staff assistant for Biden when he was in the Senate, accused the presumptive Democratic nominee of sexually assaulting her while the two were alone in 1993. . .

“Women have a right to tell their story, and reporters have an obligation to rigorously vet those claims,” Biden campaign manager and communications director Kate Bedingfield told Fox News.

“We encourage them to do so, because these accusations are false,” Bedingfield said.

After the allegation went public this week, Twitter users unearthed a video of Biden explaining why women have a difficult time reporting cases of rape and sexual assault.

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“Joe Biden, Rapist”

By Donald Dixon. Joe Biden has been credibly accused of rape.

The allegation comes from Tara Reade, a former member of Biden’s Senate staff. Reade unveiled last year that she was a victim of Biden’s sexual harassment in the early 1990’s, however, she declined to provide further detail due to the attacks she sustained as a result of telling a part of her story. Conspiracy theorists were even conjuring up fake stories about Reade being a Russian asset.

More recently, Reade decided that it was time for her to tell the full story. She sought the assistance of Time’s Up, a #MeToo organization that provides support for sexual assault victims, however, they declined to represent her because her accusation was against a federal candidate for office, thus allegedly threatening their non-profit status. Of course, not only does this excuse hold no merit, but it seems like an obvious attempt to protect Biden. After all, Anita Dunn, one of Biden’s campaign advisers, is also involved with Time’s Up as the managing director of SKDKnickerbocker, the organization’s public relations firm.

Shortly after The Intercept unveiled these details, Reade appeared on Katie Halper’s podcast, and then, later, The Hill’s Rising with Krystal and Saagar, to describe, in scathing detail, the accusation that she was pressed against a wall and sexually penetrated by the politician. Biden went on to kiss her before asking to “go somewhere else”. After refusing his advances, Biden said, “Come on, man. I heard you liked me,” before telling her that she was “nothing” to him.

(Read more about the rape allegation that has hit the Biden camp HERE)

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Coronavirus Package Contains $11 Billion for Three International Development Organizations; Here Are the Pro-Life Protections in the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Relief Package

By Fox News. Among the many provisions in the $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief package that appear to have little to do with the immediate crisis at home is a nearly $11 billion pot of money for three international development groups.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) – which the House of Representatives is expected to vote on Friday – includes the funding for the African Development Fund (ADF), the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Development Association (IDA).

The ADF and the AfDB are two related organizations that help fund development and poverty eradication efforts in Africa, whereas the IDA is a subsidiary of the World Bank that gives to poor countries in general. Combined, they will receive more than $10.8 billion under the CARES Act.

This amount includes $7,286,587,008 for the AfDB, $513,900,000 for the ADF and $3,004,200,000 for the IDA.

As the costliest stimulus measure in U.S. history, the bill has generated a mixed and often-conflicted reaction even from those advocating for it. The package contains sorely needed relief for struggling workers facing layoffs as businesses are forced to temporarily shutter on an unprecedented scale in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus. But some have questioned the massive pot of money set aside for loans to big industries, while others have challenged the array of seemingly unrelated or tangential funding pipelines that made their way in. (Read more from “Coronavirus Package Contains $11 Billion for Three International Development Organizations” HERE)


Here Are the Pro-Life Protections in the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Relief Package

By Daily Caller. The House of Representatives passed a $2 trillion emergency relief package Friday that contained several pro-life protections.

The relief package, the CARES Act, passed the House on Friday afternoon after passing the Senate 96-0 on Wednesday night. President Donald Trump announced Friday afternoon that he had signed the bill — a bill that will “deliver urgently-needed relief for our nation’s families, workers, and businesses.”

Senate Republicans won several pro-life protections in the CARES Act that ensured federal funding will not be used to pay for abortions. These protections include disqualifying Planned Parenthood from receiving aid, ensuring that health care spending in the bill is covered by Hyde Amendment protections, and extending the Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program — a program that teaches abstinence until marriage.

“Republicans won critical pro-life protections in this relief package, despite a last-minute attempt by Democrats to make Planned Parenthood eligible for disaster-relief funding,” Sen. Tom Cotton told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Friday. (Read more from “Here Are the Pro-Life Protections in the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Relief Package” HERE)

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Grocery Store Throws out $35,000 Worth of Food It Says Woman Deliberately Coughed on; What Grocery Stores Are Doing to Protect Workers During Coronavirus Outbreak

By Washington Post. The past few weeks have been tough for Gerrity’s Supermarket, a small family-owned chain in northeastern Pennsylvania. Like grocers nationwide, it has been deluged with orders and has struggled to keep basics such as chicken breasts and toilet paper on the shelves. Employees have been working overtime, pausing only for five-second breaks to wipe everything down with disinfectant wipes.

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, a woman came in and deliberately coughed all over the produce section, meat case and bakery department, co-owner Joe Fasula said. The store had to throw away more than $35,000 worth of food. . .

With most other businesses shuttered in an attempt to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, grocery stores have found themselves on the front lines of the global pandemic. Numerous supermarket employees nationwide have already tested positive for covid-19, and fears about being exposed to the virus run rampant. Meanwhile, a disturbing trend has emerged: People deliberately coughing on workers, other shoppers or the food. (Read more from “Grocery Store Throws out $35,000 Worth of Food It Says Woman Deliberately Coughed on” HERE)


What Grocery Stores Are Doing to Protect Workers During Coronavirus Outbreak

By New York Post. Grocery stores like ShopRite have taken drastic measures to help and protect their customers and workers from the coronavirus pandemic — from $2 pay raises to installing plexiglass sneeze guards, and now allowing workers to wear protective masks and gloves.

Grocery stores have mentioned Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines in notices on whether they would allow workers to wear masks. The CDC has told the public not to buy masks as medical workers worldwide face a massive shortage. The agency also says the fitted N95 masks require training to be worn properly. . .

ShopRite posted a notice inside at least one of its stores Thursday, which was obtained by The Post, noting that employees would be allowed to wear masks. . .

The powerful United Food and Commercial Workers International Union said in a press release that store employees represented by the union would get a 10 percent increase in pay during the coronavirus outbreak. Workers will also receive two additional weeks of paid leave if they become sick.

Whole Foods says on its website that the company has adjusted its hours, is providing a $2 pay bump and unlimited call outs for sick workers, and all team members placed into quarantine or diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive up to an additional two weeks of paid time off, as announced by its parent company, Amazon. (Read more from “What Grocery Stores Are Doing to Protect Workers During Coronavirus Outbreak” HERE)

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Former Staffer Accuses Joe Biden of Sexual Assault

When it comes to #MeToo sexual misconduct issues, former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presumptive 2020 presidential nominee, has made it no secret where he stands: automatically believe women.

“For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to start off with the presumption that at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real,” said Biden during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who faced accusations that as a teenager he had assaulted a woman at a party. . .

Despite his public pronunciations on the subject of never touching women without their explicit verbal consent, Biden has previously faced accusations that he was too handsy with people. But now the former vice president is facing a much more serious accusation of sexual assault, from an alleged former staffer named Tara Reade.

It remains to be seen whether the mainstream media will assign Reade’s story as much credibility and importance as that of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Kavanaugh; they certainly have not done so yet. In any case, supporters of Biden—as well as the candidate himself—should take this opportunity to reflect on whether automatic belief is a useful or practical approach for handling decades’ old claims of misconduct.

Reade describes herself as a “California-based victim rights advocate and activist” in her interview with the journalist Katie Halper, who has helped bring this accusation to light. Reade says she worked for Biden in the early 1990s and asserts that she was unambiguously assaulted by him in 1993. According to Reade, he began kissing her without her permission, pushed her against a wall, reached under her skirt, and penetrated her with his fingers. (Read more from “Former Staffer Accuses Joe Biden of Sexual Assault” HERE)

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Anarchy Mixed With Tyranny: Jailbreaker Criminal Terrorizes Woman in Her Home

Who could have predicted this?

Utah, like nearly every state with Democrat or liberal Republican leadership, has released some criminals from prison, supposedly under the guise of avoiding spread of the virus in prison. What they are really doing is spreading the disease of crime into our communities.

Joshua Haskell, 42, of American Fork, Utah is someone deemed by the liberal politicians as a “nonviolent, low-level” offender. He was released on March 17 from a halfway house, pursuant to an incomprehensible order to release low-level offenders into the community during the coronavirus epidemic. Just two days later, he was arrested in the home of a woman after he allegedly attacked the homeowner with a knife in her bed.

According to the charging documents, as reported by the Deseret News, the woman awoke to find Haskell standing over her bed. When she screamed, he threatened to cut her with a knife and proceeded to tie her up in bed. He demanded her bank cards and PIN numbers and threatened to come back and kill her if she gave him the wrong information. According to the affidavit, police showed up after her son called 911 with Haskell still in her bedroom. He allegedly crawled into bed with her and told her to tell police he was her lover. She finally managed to make a quick escape downstairs to the officers.

Haskell was charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, and aggravated kidnapping, among other crimes.

Like all “low-level” offenders, Haskell had a lengthy criminal history, including four drug convictions and parole violations. Police say he had drugs on him at the time of this offense. This is the big lie I’ve long exposed regarding the nature of drug offenders. Yes, there are some drug offenders who might not commit other crimes, but those are usually the ones sent to drug diversion court. If you are serving time for drug offenses nowadays, it means you are a career criminal. With Haskell, the proof is in the pudding. By definition, if someone is in prison or a halfway house, this is not his first time in the system.

Yet these are the sorts of criminals who are being released throughout the country at a time like this! Authorities are not checking their prior criminal records and parole violations. How many more of these people will commit crimes that we will never hear about in the national media, or often even in local media?

Now, many states are closing gun stores, so single women who live at home during this time of great peril and criminal release cannot purchase guns. L.A. police, after being forced to release criminals onto the streets, are now going store to store and shutting down gun dealers.

And they want us to know they mean business. “The time for warning is over,” threatened New Jersey’s Attorney General Gurbir Grewal. “There will be serious legal consequences.”

When have we ever heard these people talk that way about real criminals? In fact, they have been letting them go.

This is rapidly devolving into the worst mix of fascism on the one hand and anarchism on the other hand. Law-abiding citizens are being shut down, but criminals are being released. Don’t tell me that this perverse amalgamation of policy outcomes is somehow all about public safety.

Americans must rise up and demand no new rules against peaceful Americans until the criminals are put back in jail and we are given the right to defend ourselves. (For more from the author of “Anarchy Mixed With Tyranny: Jailbreaker Criminal Terrorizes Woman in Her Home” please click HERE)

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Country Legalizes Abortion Without Limits for Babies With Severe Mental or Physical Impairments

Northern Ireland will soon enforce laws stating that no limits will apply on abortions of babies with severe mental or physical impairments, though a consultation performed by the Northern Ireland Office found that 79% of respondents did not support the specific framework.

The framework, created by the Northern Ireland Office (NIO), will allow abortions to take place in Northern Ireland “without conditionality” up until 12 weeks, the BBC reported.

There will be no time limit in cases of “fatal foetal abnormality,” according to the BBC, or if the baby would suffer from a severe mental or physical impairment.

If the continuation of a pregnancy would potentially injure the mother’s physical or mental health, a limit of 24 weeks will apply, according to the BBC. The U.K. government did not add medication abortion to the framework. . .

“I fundamentally reject that Westminster has brought these forward today,” said former Northern Ireland minister Arlene Foster, the Irish Times report. “We have a devolved administration, it should have been a devolved administration that dealt with these issues … we will be looking at how we can deal with these issues going forward in the future.” (Read more from “Country Legalizes Abortion Without Limits for Babies With Severe Mental or Physical Impairments” HERE)

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Pastor Again Defies State Order Not to Hold Large Gatherings. He Says 1,000 People Came to His Church Sunday

By CNN. Remember the Louisiana pastor who defied the governor’s order not to hold gatherings larger than 50 people? . . .

On Sunday, Pastor Tony Spell said, his Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge drew about 1,000 people to its services, in part by busing people in from across five parishes.

“If they close every door in this city, then I will close my doors,” Spell told CNN on Tuesday. “But you can’t say the retailers are essential but the church is not. That is a persecution of the faith.” . . .

Chief Roger Corcoran of the Central Police Department in Baton Rouge told CNN that the “matter is under investigation.” (Read more from “Pastor Again Defies State Order Not to Hold Large Gatherings. He Says 1,000 People Came to His Church Sunday” HERE)


Hempfield Church Pastor Apologizes for Open Services on Sunday

By Trib Live. The pastor of a Hempfield church apologized Monday after roughly 200 people attended a Sunday service at Word of Life Church, against the advice of government and health officials.

“Please believe me when I say it was not out of arrogance or defiance, but solely for the purpose of praying for our churches, communities, and nation,” Pastor Tom Walters wrote in a post to Word of Life’s Facebook page.

In speaking with congregants on Sunday, Walters said that the national reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected around 43,000 Americans and killed nearly 460 as of Monday, “could possibly be, disguised in everything else, a direct attack on the church.’” The global death toll is nearly 16,500.

Walters cited much-higher U.S. numbers related to annual car-crash rates, flu deaths and abortions.

“The world doesn’t care about that,” he said in his sermon. “All they’re saying is, ‘Shut your doors to the church, lock your doors in fear, and shut your mouth about faith.” (Read more from “Hempfield Church Pastor Apologizes for Open Services on Sunday” HERE)

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Signs of Hope as Coronavirus Panic Sets In?; Chloroquine Is Being Touted as a Miracle Drug for Coronavirus, but There Are Reasons to Be Wary

By Life Site News. Crises have a way of sorting out the good people, ideas, and institutions from the bad, and as the Wuhan virus spreads throughout the world, the sorting process is made easier. The decision to close our borders to China, criticized by the WHO, the left, and media as “racist,” has proven to be essential, and the bien pensant governments around the world are now following suit, shutting down their borders to aid in containment. . .

Speed of containment is of the essence, and the good news is that while the development of any vaccine against it requires more time, there are existing pharmaceuticals, some of which are readily available and not terribly expensive, that seem to be efficacious.

Among these are hydroxychloroquine (brand name Plaquinel) and chloroquine. Jeffrey Satinover reports that a “French clinical study with 24 patients and excellent 5 day elimination of the virus used” the more readily available Plaquinel. It must be taken under medical oversight because of the risk of interactions and the long-term “effects on the retina.” Plaquinel is produced by Teva, an Israeli company which will donate six million tablets through wholesalers to hospitals around the country by the end of the month and more than 10 million tablets within a month. Resochin has shown some potential in treating the virus as well, and Bayer just donated three million tablets.

In Italy, remdesivir, a broad-spectrum antiviral drug produced by Gilead, proved effective. That drug, however, is in limited supply, though Gilead is working “to increase its stock a rapidly as possible.” Favipiravir, a Japanese-produced drug, reportedly has proven effective in China. There is certainly reason for optimism that with closed borders, self-isolation, and available drug treatments, we can stem the spread of this virus. (Read more from “Signs of Hope as Coronavirus Panic Sets In: Effective Drugs, Less Bureaucracy” HERE)


Chloroquine Is Being Touted as a Miracle Drug for Coronavirus, but There Are Reasons to Be Wary

By Buzzfeed News. The start of a clinical trial to test the drug chloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus pandemic, announced over the weekend by President Donald Trump, provoked a clamor for the unproven drug, amid reports of shortages.

“There is a significant surge in demand of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine and we are doing everything possible to work with manufacturers to increase production,” the FDA’s Michael Felberbaum told BuzzFeed News on Monday. “We are working with manufacturers to assess their supplies and are actively evaluating market demand for patients dependent on it for treatment of malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. But please know this is a fluctuating and dynamic situation we are actively engaged on.” . . .

Despite the excitement, medical experts including National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Chief Anthony Fauci raised a host of cautions about widespread prescription of an unproved medication for a brand-new disease. Here are just a few. . .

Chloroquine was added to China’s formulary for treating COVID-19 in February, leading to its widespread use there and in South Korea. But Chinese data touting its efficacy is scant, resting on a study of monkey cells in test tubes and a consensus report from doctors in Guangdong province. . .

But they do have side effects like most drugs, some severe. The Mayo Clinic lists 14 drugs that shouldn’t be taken with chloroquine, whose side effects can include blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, cramps, headache, and diarrhea. Similar side effects are associated with hydroxychloroquine, another form of the drug, which is also linked to convulsions and “mental changes” by the US National Library of Medicine.

(Read more from “Chloroquine Is Being Touted as a Miracle Drug for Coronavirus, but There Are Reasons to Be Wary” HERE)

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Groups Representing 30,000 Physicians Sign Letter Demanding Abortions Be Suspended to Conserve Medical Resources During Pandemic (VIDEO)

Groups representing 30,000 physicians signed a letter called for the suspension of abortions in order to preserve medical resources critical to fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

The letter was published on Monday as officials reported greater numbers of those infected and the stock market continued to tank.

The letter objected to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists classifying elective abortions as “essential healthcare,” and made the case to suspend abortions.

“In such an uncertain and tumultuous time, the entire healthcare profession is being called upon to conserve resources and healthcare professionals to an extent never seen before,” the letter read. “And yet, in the midst of this call, while hospitals are postponing elective procedures and many outpatient clinics are rescheduling non-essential office visits, the abortion industry continues with business as usual.”

(Read more from “Groups Representing 30,000 Physicians Sign Letter Demanding Abortions Be Suspended to Conserve Medical Resources During Pandemic” HERE)

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A Message of Hope: Rio’s Christ the Redeemer Lit Up with Flags of Countries Hit by Coronavirus (VIDEO)

There’s a bright light looking over Rio de Janeiro in a dark time.

The Brazilian city’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue, which stands 125 feet tall atop the mountain known as Corcovado, has been lit up with a projection of the flags of every country affected by the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The landmark was also lit up with the message “pray together” in many different languages to emphasize the importance of communities across the world coming together amid the pandemic.

Orani João Tempesta, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, also held a mass atop the mountain, which is 2,329 feet tall and overlooks the famous Copacabana Beach.

A message posted to the Cardinal’s official Instagram account two days ago stated that the public should not gather in large groups for religious services in order to combat the spread of the virus. (Read more from “A Message of Hope: Rio’s Christ the Redeemer Lit Up with Flags of Countries Hit by Coronavirus” HERE)

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