Is Voting Democrat an Evil Act in God’s Eyes?

Is voting Democrat an evil act in God’s eyes? That question rose from a recent Sunday-school lesson on 1 Kings 21, where King Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard, but Naboth would not sell. Then without the king’s participation, Queen Jezebel arranged a plot to kill Naboth. Then she took possession of his vineyard and gave it to the king who willingly accepted it. Though the murder and the initial taking of the land were done by the queen, God held Ahab as responsible as Jezebel for both.

The question raised is a most serious question, especially for those who seek to follow Jesus. Before getting into that, consider what this narrative teaches about the nature of God and His views toward humanity, both as individuals and as civilizations.

The God of the Bible is a God of justice. God values people as individuals, not simply as a collective. Godly order includes individual property ownership and even a king has no right to someone else’s property. While a person’s property includes material property, it also clearly includes earnings, creations, designs and even our conscience that guides how we live. Taking a human life is not only an act against the person, but it is an act against God, the creator and redeemer of all human life.

Like so often with teaching on Biblical narratives that relate to government, this lesson missed important applications for citizens in a nation where citizens are part of the government.

Nations are set up by God and are under God; America is no exception. American governing authority is derived from the people, not from a king. As such, those we elect are agents we empower to carry out the governing tasks.

As seen with Ahab, God does not give a pass for government to commit evil acts. Neither does He to those who empower government bad-actors. Yet every election, politicians who advocate for policies that embrace what God calls evil are elected to public offices by the votes, or lack of voting, of millions of Americans who claim to be God-followers.

The cost of this neglect is incomprehensible as adult Americans have thrown aside self-governance and sought self-indulgence. Among other evils, over 60 million defenseless pre-born Americans have been legally murdered while future generations have been shackled with staggering debt. Seduced by promises that government will make life easier, tens-of-millions of Americans willingly vote thieves and murderers into public offices throughout our nation.

How can we be surprised when so often it feels like a choice between evils? The road to better options requires that we study our candidate options, including the political party that winning will empower. A party is simply a vehicle; who controls the vehicle and where they a driving it is of utmost importance.

While human-rule will never deliver utopia, and candidates that embrace evil ideas can be found in any political party, it is the ideas presented in and through party platforms, conventions, and top candidates that make clear the acts that our vote will empower.

Today’s Democratic Party completely rejects Biblical teaching on morality and human nature – that man’s fallen nature cannot handle great power. Rather, it embraces pagan ideas, including the state being supreme. As such they work to shift power (responsibility and control) away from the smaller governing spheres of individual, family, church, community, etc. to higher and higher governing levels, including unaccountable international bodies.

The Democratic Party platforms and actions present an agenda that includes:

Abortion with no limits.

Doctor-assisted suicide for those deemed as not worthy of normal legal protections.

Rejecting of God’s design of marriage and creation of male and female, thus exploiting and
indeed creating sexual and gender confusion.

Destructive life-altering hormone and surgical procedures in children of all ages.

Creating destabilizing unrest and divisions among Americans, with current efforts dividing by
wealth, skin color, gender and sexuality.

Disenfranchising legal voters through weakening voting laws

Greater state control of individual healthcare decisions.

Suppressing the Christian-informed conscience.

Producing godless citizens through public schools where children are essentially drafted into the front lines of their war against God.

So while there are politicians of every party that we must stand against, how can voting to empower such evil not put one in a place very much like Ahab? It would be a grave mistake to pretend that the God who called Ahab to account for the evil he empowered would overlook evil we empower with our votes and other support.

Ahab repented and God relented. Indeed, God is a God of mercy, but God’s mercy was a response to Ahab’s repentant heart. While Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery, he did say: “go and sin no more.” A pathway for a new beginning is both unique and core to Christianity. Only those who do not have faith in the work of Jesus to completely cover their past are trapped in their past.

While some may claim that this column advocates for a theocracy, a theocracy goes much further than using a religious book as a guide for morality and good governing practices. A theocracy dictates religious beliefs and practices. The fact is it is the Democratic Party that is all too eager to force and coerce its pagan beliefs and practices on the entire population.


Mark Shepard is a former Vermont State Senator (2003-2006) who currently resides in Rustburg, VA.

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Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just a Press Release

Yes, we’ve heard all about Joe Biden’s alleged vaccine mandate for private companies employing 100 or more people. It was all over the news even before he announced it on September 9. His announcement has jeopardized the employment of millions of Americans and increased worker shortages in critical domains such as health care.

There’s only one problem. It’s all a mirage. Biden’s so-called vaccine mandate doesn’t exist — at least, not yet. So far, all we have is his press conference and other such made-for-media huff-puffing. No such rule even claiming to be legally binding has been issued yet.

That’s why nearly two dozen Republican attorneys general who have publicly voiced their opposition to the clearly unconstitutional and illegal mandate haven’t yet filed suit against it, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General confirmed for me. There is no mandate to haul into court. And that may be part of the plan.

According to several sources, so far it appears no such mandate has been sent to the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs yet for approval. The White House, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Department of Labor haven’t released any official guidance for the alleged mandate. There is no executive order. There’s nothing but press statements.

Despite what you may have been falsely led to believe by the media fantasy projection machine, press statements have exactly zero legal authority. (Read more from “Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just a Press Release” HERE)

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The Necessity for Political Insurgency

The United States is no longer a constitutional republic governed by the rule of law.

To paraphrase Founding Father and second President of the United States, John Adams, we do not have a government of laws, but a government of dangerous totalitarian men like Joe Biden and the people around him, who are formulating his unconstitutional edicts.

The time has come to heed the words of John Adams:

“Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.”

The lawless Biden regime and the Democrat-controlled Congress, having usurped power via a fraudulent election, wield that power without the consent of the governed.

The U.S. federal government, quite literally, has seceded from the American people.

It has become an entity unto itself operating outside of constitutional constraints and unaccountable to the citizens it claims to represent.

The Democrat Party has permanent control of the federal bureaucracy, which is composed of unelected officials, who have the power to comprehensively regulate our lives and punish us when we don’t comply.

Republicans play the role of court eunuchs.

The Republican Party has seceded from its voters and should be abandoned as a political vehicle capable of providing effective opposition to the Biden regime, the Democrats or the mainstream media. It too is a party of the oligarchy and the Deep State and has become unresponsive to its constituency.

In parallel, the mainstream media, now purely a propaganda machine, censors or manipulates the news in order to promote a partisan political agenda at the expense of both journalistic integrity and the well-being of the country.

Ordinary Americans need to recognize that we are without representative government.

Once elected, members of Congress serve only their own interests, and that of their party and its wealthy donors. Petitioning members of Congress for the redress of grievances is an exercise in futility.

Now that our elections have proven to be a sham and our political system has been shown to be hopelessly corrupt, Americans who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law must choose either to resist or to submit to a one-party totalitarian state.

Any country ruled by a small group without broad, popular participation by its citizens provides a basis for a political insurgency.

The objective of a political insurgency is to restore the Constitution as the basis of our government, in particular the 10th Amendment, which states:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

That is, ordinary Americans must band together locally outside of the Democrat and Republican Party apparatus to restore the rule of law and establish alternate forms of governance accountable to the people.

Fundamental to that effort are the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment. Each locality should establish an organized and disciplined militia with sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain independence and individual liberty from any outside entity that might attempt to abuse them.

Nations are lands defined by borders containing people with a common history, culture and language.

If the United States is to remain a sovereign nation with a restored constitutional republic, local governments need to preserve the critical elements of nationhood, now being systematically dismantled by the usurpers in Washington, D.C. Such measures include:

Securing our national borders,
Detaining and expelling all illegal aliens,
Declaring English the only official language,
Strictly enforcing Equal Opportunity, outlawing the teaching or promotion of critical race theory and multiculturalism,
Eliminating all discriminatory diversity and equity policies,
Establishing a simplified flat tax system for individuals and businesses to limit both the Internal Revenue Service and the impact of lobbyists,
Begin moving federal departments out of Washington D.C. to other locations in the country and hiring local employees,
Rebuilding from the ground up, the Department of Justice, the FBI and all intelligence agencies,
Restoring energy self-sufficiency,
Maintaining a strict constructionist interpretation of the Constitution,
Limiting Congressional terms to a total of 12 years either in the House of Representatives or the Senate or a combination thereof,
All current members of Congress who have exceeded the 12-year limit cannot run for reelection,
Removing all special benefits for members of Congress and government officials beyond those available to ordinary citizens,
With the exception of funds necessary for the defense of the nation, establish a yearly across-the-board 5% reduction in federal government funding with the immediate elimination of the Departments of Homeland Security, Energy, Education and the Environmental Protection Agency.
A yearly 10% reduction in foreign aid to be reinvested in the nation.

Ordinary Americans must band together and act now to restore the Constitution and the rule of law, to establish political and fiscal sanity and to return the government to the people.

Otherwise, our constitutional republic will be lost forever.


Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He had a civilian career in international business and medical research. His email address is

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Science and Medicine Are Now Political Weapons Used Against Americans

The illnesses and deaths, the devastation to the American economy, and the loss of livelihoods caused by COVID-19 can be rightly blamed on China.

However, the political contamination of science and medicine by our so-called leaders and their use of science and medicine as political weapons against the American people are no less criminal.

Today, the Biden regime is selectively distributing life-saving monoclonal antibodies based on political criteria. In essence, they are saying “obey us or we will kill you.”

Because of their lies and the selected use of scientific and medical data for political purposes, the American people have rightly lost confidence in the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control, and the National Institutes of Health.

As a scientist, I can state categorically, the scientific and medical literature are now equally politically contaminated.

Once prestigious medical journals, like the British Lancet, are now useless political propaganda machines.

I have easily read over 1,000 scientific and medical articles about COVID-19.

It used to be that I would read the results and compare them to the results of other studies to draw conclusions. That is the scientific method.

Today, the first thing I do is look at the authors to ascertain if they are driven by political motives. Then I look at the results to determine if those results show signs of political biases before I compare them to the results from other studies that I have also screened for political contamination.

Political interference with the scientific method severely inhibits medical progress, transporting us back to the Dark Ages of witchcraft and alchemy.

Failed government policies for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic are the direct consequence of the political contamination of science and medicine.

From the beginning, there has been an over-emphasis on vaccines and a deliberate suppression of early intervention therapeutics.

I blame the over-emphasis on vaccines primarily on Anthony Fauci, who after two failed attempts at creating vaccines for HIV-AIDS and Ebola, he has tried to salvage his bankrupt career with a COVID-19 vaccine to the exclusion of all other potential treatments.

Early therapeutic intervention with combination therapies has been shown to reduce hospitalization and deaths. They include hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, azithromycin, zinc, vitamin C and D, acetaminophen for fever, and aspirin for blood clots.

Unlike the U.S. government, the government of El Salvador has supplied such home treatment kits to its citizens.

For the majority of the pandemic, U.S. officials recommended no treatment until one was so sick that hospitalization was required, which by then was often too late.

We were all told to wait for the vaccine.

It is a scientific fact that the mass administration of vaccines during a pandemic is a risky medical strategy.

Highly contagious viruses will naturally and rapidly mutate away from susceptibility to vaccines, spawning new variants.

Furthermore, vaccines must be both safe and effective, both of which are now in doubt.

Giving booster shots of vaccines that may be neither safe nor effective is medical malpractice.

It defies common sense and contradicts the medical ethic to “first do no harm” to mandate vaccination with a still experimental vaccine for people fully immunized from COVID-19 infection and vaccinate young children, who are more in danger from vaccine side effects than COVID-19 infection.

The latter, in my opinion, is Dr. Mengele-like behavior. That is, similar to the medical experimentation in Nazi death camps.

There needs to be a complete reevaluation of national policy for addressing COVID-19, including a proper balance of therapeutics and vaccines.

It is indeed ironic, perhaps tragic, that vaccine-maker Pfizer is now testing a daily pill as a preventative treatment for COVID-19. The Pfizer drug aims to block a key enzyme that the virus needs to replicate.

Ivermectin does the same thing.

It is not an exaggeration to say that those who have been and still are directing national health policy, quite literally, have blood on their hands.


Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He had a civilian career in international business and medical research. His email address is

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What’s Happening in Australia Will Happen in the U.S. If We, Too, Lose the Plot on COVID

To watch what is happening in Australia right now is to watch a once-liberally democratic nation devolve into outright tyranny. Citizens in New South Wales and Victoria are being locked inside their homes and monitored by police, and anyone who dares protest the states’ strict coronavirus lockdown measures faces imprisonment, hefty fines, and even brutal physical attacks by law enforcement — all in response to a relatively minor outbreak of new cases among a population that is largely vaccinated.

This is going to be the new normal for eastern Australia if health officials such as New South Wales’s Dr. Kerry Chant get their way. Chant, who is the state’s chief health officer, recently admitted that pre-pandemic normalcy won’t ever be possible again because COVID-19 will always be around in some shape or form.

“We will not … ever be going back to pre-COVID levels,” she said, according to a video posted to Twitter. “We’re always going to have to be mindful that COVID exists. We’re going to have to engage in booster shots. We’re going to have to engage with advice from time to time when we see outbreaks. We’re going to have to respond. So it’s not going to go back to normal. We can’t deny that we’re going to have to live with COVID.” . . .

We’re starting to see hints of this here in the United States. In Washington, D.C., for example, residents are still required to wear masks while indoors even though 70% of the city’s population has been vaccinated and fewer than 10 coronavirus deaths have occurred over the past few months. The numbers speak for themselves: COVID-19 is no longer a public health emergency in Washington, yet the city’s officials are forcing the city to act as though it is.

This is the same logic that’s behind Australia’s draconian response. At what metric do we agree that restrictions are no longer necessary? Is there a specific vaccination rate U.S. officials have in mind? Are death rates more important, or are they still basing public health policies on positive cases? (Read more from “What’s Happening in Australia Will Happen in the U.S. If We, Too, Lose the Plot on COVID” HERE)

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Vaccine Mandates Are Their Dumbest Move Yet, but They Keep Doubling-Down

Nothing about our overlords’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic has made any sense, so why should we expect any more in their approach to vaccines? Ever true to form, they have bungled and stumbled their way into not just failing to end the pandemic, but creating historic mistrust of the medical establishment in an ever-growing segment of the population. These geniuses have also succeeded in turning what was once a tiny faction of anti-vaxxers into what could very well be becoming a burgeoning political movement. Nice job, pinheads.

How did something that most of the world thought would be a shining bright spot in a sea of darkness over the past year and a half turn into – like masking – yet another highly charged political issue? It wasn’t supposed to be this way, obviously, and it wouldn’t have been this way had the vaccines worked as advertised to us in the Spring, when people were lining up to get the jab and Covid rates were so low the CDC was even forced to temporarily do away with masking recommendations (but only for the vaccinated, wink wink). Sure, there were rumblings from former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson about disturbing data from Israel, but the rest of us were all but certain the worst was behind us and normal life was just around the corner.

Then, the freight train hit. Turns out, Berenson was right, yet again, as he has been virtually the entirety of this pandemic. (These days Twitter doesn’t censor and ban people for being WRONG, but rather for being TOO RIGHT about the WRONG THING.) The vaccines were leaky as a sieve, and reinfections and transmissions among the vaccinated were increasing at an alarming rate. Almost overnight, the messaging went from vaccines preventing contraction and transmission to keeping people out of the hospital and the morgue. And even then, only for a few months until you get your booster.

Remember those long car lines and your Branch Covidian Facebook friends posting about how they couldn’t wait until their age group was called, then later posting disturbing pictures of their ‘Fauci ouchie’ band-aids right beside their even more disturbing Dr. Fauci bobblehead dolls? In a period of weeks, we saw a medical intervention go from being in peak demand to President Puddinhead’s patience with a third of the population “wearing thin.” The carrot hasn’t worked, so now they’re moving to the stick.

But why? Why does the entire population need to be jabbed with a shot that only protects them, especially one with such a high side effect profile? It might be one thing if the vaccines actually did prevent contraction and especially transmission of a virus deadly enough to warrant such measures. If these were sterile vaccines and the disease were more dangerous than the relatively mild (for the vast majority) Covid-19, there *could* be a case for mandates. We could debate it and I might disagree, but there would at least be a case. For example, it would have been difficult to argue against a vaccine mandate for smallpox, which killed 30% of those who contracted it and was stopped dead in its tracks by the vax. (Read more from “Vaccine Mandates Are Their Dumbest Move Yet, but They Keep Doubling-Down” HERE)

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At Least Four Mid-Level Officers Have Publicly Revolted Against Military Leaders. What’s Going On?

There must be something in the water that mid-level military officers are drinking because four of them have publicly thrown down with their chain of command since spring and the acts of open defiance show no signs of slowing down.

Since May, a Space Force lieutenant colonel has claimed that the military’s diversity and anti-extremism training are rooted in Marxism; a Marine lieutenant colonel became a lightning rod for openly critiquing military leadership over the Afghanistan withdrawal while in uniform; an Army lieutenant colonel has tried to resign just short of retirement because he believes that requiring troops to be vaccinated for COVID-19 is an “unlawful, unethical, immoral, and tyrannical order”; and a Navy commander has gone on Fox News to promote conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines. . .

But for reasons that are still unknown, the four officers who have decided it’s better to flame out than to fade away have all been the same paygrade. Three of them are lieutenant colonels and one is a Navy commander. All those ranks are the fifth officer paygrade in the military, commonly referred to as O-5s. . .

Furman is the second mid-level officer who has recently attacked the Defense Department’s policy of making novel coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations mandatory for all troops. Army Lt. Col. Paul Hague described the mandatory vaccines as “an ideologically Marxist takeover of the military and the United States government at their upper echelons” in his resignation letter, which his wife posted on Twitter on Sept. 9.

Two other lieutenant colonels have also publicly torched their careers this year by challenging senior military leadership. Space Force Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier was relieved in May as commander of 11th Space Warning Squadron after making comments on a podcast about his book, in which he claims that Marxist ideology is seeping into the military. The Air Force Inspector General’s Office is currently investigating him. (Read more from “At Least Four Mid-Level Officers Have Publicly Revolted Against Military Leaders. What’s Going On?” HERE)

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California Voters Get What They Deserve

The nation’s largest state has just voted in an election triggered by one of the nation’s weirdest recall processes — and the results have come out just about where they’ve been before.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom was elected governor in 2018 by 62% to 38%, a result that was, unsurprisingly in an era of straight-ticket voting and strong partisan allegiance, almost identical to Joe Biden’s 64% to 34% over Donald Trump in 2020.

As of this writing — and it has taken California weeks to count its votes in recent general elections — incomplete returns show 64% of Californians against recalling Newsom and only 36% in favor of removing him from office.

That result makes the second question on the ballot, who shall replace the governor, irrelevant. But it did enable Democrats to spend enormous sums characterizing Larry Elder, the conservative radio talk host who led in polls on the replacement question, as a clone of Trump. . .

Newsom’s success is good news for Democrats. Polls over the summer showed as many as 47% of voters supporting recall. When voters focused on facts, such as the growing homeless encampments and the rapidly rising numbers of homicides and carjackings, they found reason to repudiate the liberal policies that Newsom has pursued or supported. (Read more from “California Voters Get What They Deserve” HERE)

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Is Big Business Finally Realizing Not Everyone in America Is Liberal?

. . .In the last few years, a solid pattern has emerged around successful conservative legislation that becomes law: Big businesses speak out, perhaps even threatening boycotts or to not do business in the state, and are roundly applauded on social media and by media.

Yet in Texas, where a law protecting the lives of young unborn children is now in effect, big business isn’t diving right in.

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post seem baffled, running articles respectively headlined “Companies Stay Quiet on Texas’ New Abortion Law” and “Corporate America, critical of restrictive voting bills, remains largely silent on Texas abortion ban”.

That’s not for lack of trying on the traditional media’s front. The New York Times reports it tried very hard to get comments on the abortion law, contacting “two dozen major companies.” Those that opted to ignore the Times’ request for comment included McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, PwC, AT&T, Oracle, Levi’s, and Patagonia. Likewise, the Washington Post noted that those companies that remained silent included American Airlines, Dell Technologies, Southwest Airlines, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Amazon, Apple and Google. . .

Now while it’s possible these business are just scrambling and conducting polls and focus groups during the holiday weekend, I’m hopeful it indicates they’ve realized plenty of Americans are pro-life—and coming out against the Texas law would only hurt their bottom line. (Read more from “Is Big Business Finally Realizing Not Everyone in America Is Liberal?” HERE)

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You Don’t Need To Go to Kabul To See the End of American Order. It’s Right Here Among Us

The nation’s attention these past two weeks has focused nearly exclusively on Kabul, and rightly so given that the city has become the scene of the largest hostage situation in American history and a vivid image of the decline of Pax Americana abroad.

But Americans don’t need to travel 7,500 miles to get a first-hand glimpse of the end of American order. In many of our own country’s major cities, gangs of masked thugs and criminals do what they please — and our far-better-armed police aren’t allowed to stop them and protect the rest of us.

Take one August Sunday in Portland, Oregon, where two days ago political gangs roamed freely, beating people, including women, and even opening fire downtown. Meanwhile the police, who have been threatened with government action if they intervene, were nowhere to be seen.

The breakdown of law and order was crafted in the offices of politicians, and its results are as immediate as they are sickening: A beautiful port city is now a frequent host to pitched battles between masked and helmeted left- and right-wing mobs spanning across city blocks; paintballs, pepper spray, fireworks, and beatings in broad daylight; and while innocent civilians flee the violence under a cloudy gray sky, the only sounds audible are of rioting — with nary a police siren in the distance.

It’s long not been safe to be a reporter in Portland: Just Sunday, Antifa targeted independent journalist and photographer Maranie Staab. “You f-cking endangered people by flying to f-cking Colombia and endangering everyone by opening them up to COVID, you little slut,” one masked and armored man screamed at Staab, referring to her June reporting on violence in South America.

(Read more from “You Don’t Need To Go to Kabul To See the End of American Order. It’s Right Here Among Us” HERE)

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