US Taxpayers Spent an Enormous $1.4 billion on the Obama Family Last Year

By Alex Pappas. Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion dollars on everything from staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family last year, according to the author of a new book on taxpayer-funded presidential perks.

In comparison, British taxpayers spent just $57.8 million on the royal family.

Author Robert Keith Gray writes in “Presidential Perks Gone Royal” that Obama isn’t the only president to have taken advantage of the expensive trappings of his office. But the amount of money spent on the first family, he argues, has risen tremendously under the Obama administration and needs to be reined in.

Gray told The Daily Caller that the $1.4 billion spent on the Obama family last year is the “total cost of the presidency,” factoring the cost of the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever,” a 50 percent increase in the numbers of appointed czars and an Air Force One “running with the frequency of a scheduled air line.” Read more from this story HERE.

This makes Michelle Obama’s lie that Barack “has been struggling with us” all the more difficult to swallow, doesn’t it?

  • Oh Moocha so you say odumbo feels our pain. Yeah, right.

  • P – – O – – S

  • Glockmod23

    Maybe we can Trade OUR “Black-Jack for a White Queen” and give them both the “Royal-Flush” 😉

    • MadCow

      ust as I thought, this all comes down to pure racism…lol…Bush
      free-loaded off the surplus with his war that was based on lies and the
      who payed for it? You and I…Who do you blame? The black
      guy…lol…Meanwhile the white guys who run the military industrial
      complex are laughing to the bank…While the 47% who Romney does not
      care i.e. veterans, elderly, the white working class & white poor,
      who are voting for him are blaming the black guy…f*#king hilarious…

      • wandamurline

        Pleeeze stop drinking the kookaid, it is affecting your brain. Just a thought….a bunch of Muslims terrorists killed 3,000 people at the World Trade Center and Congress approve our going to war in the Middle East. What would you have done, apologized for the planes blowing up and killing the terrorists. Get off the racist card….I am sick of hearing it….no one has been blaming the “black” guy….I wouldn’t care if he was green, white, pink or purple…..Obama is an anticolonial and you had better do some investigating on your own and learn what he is all about….and it ain’t about helping this country do better…it is about our economic collasp into a third world country….if you cannot see beyond the pigmentation of someone’s skin, then you are the racist.

  • vaquerobob

    B.O. has free-loaded and mouched his entire adult life… this is his crowning achievement.

  • Aimee

    Many families are currently trying to find jobs and feed their families as the “king and queen” spend OUR MONEY isn’t that just SPECIAL!

  • Tomtom

    DISGRACEFUL and DISGUSTING !!!!!! Throw these low class FRAUDS out!

  • gracentruth

    And Barry is an illegal alien. Vaquerobob has it right. Peace, True the vote – he really did not win. Congress is afraid. Judicial dept is afraid. Country is bankrupt of both money and God. God is about to win. Peace,

  • Thats right America, let these educated crooks obama and his
    administration financially destroy our economy through all the
    conspiracies that obama has prevciously, presently and will
    continue in the future to bankrupt this country and cause it to fall
    from present government to some bull/sh– regime of a socialistic
    type of government where the people have absolutely no political
    or anyother voice in the government, but are toled and dictated as
    to what they can and can’t do and enforced throught the military and controled by a dictator. This is primarley the main goal in obama’s
    agenda and will continue toward that goal if realected, This is why
    we as the American people must not let this happen to us or we’ll
    most definitely lose our Government and Freedom.

  • Glockmod23

    After reading MADCow_Dropping Reply to me, I found the Cow don’t know All the Facts about Obama. Also madcows_dropping spelling, is “A little-Off” . Being that Cow don’t know faces or spelling so well, I’m going to give it a chance to redeem itself with a little Math-Test. Here Goes…I’m holding up one-hand, If I take the Thumb and the one-finger beside the Thumb and Lay them down; And then Lay Down the Little-Finger and the Finger beside it….HOW many Fingers Are standing-Up in the Air, And what do they Call that Finger??? I hope you Pass the Math-Test

  • johndillinger

    How about the vacation in October of 2010, to india, 800 rooms in the Taj and two other hotells, 30 aircraft, 34 cars, 8 armored, US fleet as well Indian navy guarding the coast. 200 million dollars a day vacation for him and his commie friends. The only news service to report it was the “British Mail”.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    I wish I had struggles so tough in life.