Starbucks CEO: If You Have a Gun, We Don’t Want Your Business

dump starbucksThe day after the mass shooting at the Naval Yard in Washington, D.C., Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced that guns aren’t welcome at Starbucks. With Schultz’s unfortunate comment to a traditional marriage supporter just six months ago, many conservatives will undoubtedly regard this as yet another slap against them by the world’s largest coffee retailer.

In his “Open Letter,” the CEO acknowledged that Starbucks’ past approach to open-carry was to “follow local laws [and] permit it in states where allowed and we prohibit it in states where these laws don’t exist.” Then, without citing any specific instance, Schultz said the open-carry debate was becoming “increasingly uncivil” and “even threatening.”

Although Schultz suggests that the “presence of a weapon in our stores is unsettling and upsetting for many of our customers,” he doesn’t explain how a concealed weapon would bother anyone. Nor does he examine whether gun-free zones – like the Naval Yard in DC – actually encourage the type of violence and bad press he is trying to avoid.

Schultz concludes that he is proud of our nation and its first amendment heritage. With the likely fall-out from his announcement, Schultz may regret not giving more consideration to the very amendment that guarantees that heritage.

  • Vincent

    These schmucks better get out of politics, because this political thing is not going to end well for their bottom line.

  • mommeme

    On the other hand…if you love your “right to bear arms” amendment, well, I guess it’s: DON’T VISIT STARBUCKS! There are lots of mom and pop coffee shops and others to spend our money in….with GREAT coffee! So long Starbucks, seeya…from my family and circle of friends. Kiss my a$$.

    • Charles

      I have had their coffee in a couple of states and it wasn’t worth the price in either state !!!!!

    • Yes, there are some great choices for coffee, you can get a decent espresso maker, for less than $300 bucks, yes I know its a nice sized price tag but at 4 to 5 bucks and up for one drink you could pay for the thing in a couple of months.

      • LINDY LOU


        • Melissa

          Yes guess that’s what I will do because I do not support gay marriage.I best not say my feelings about it got in trouble already.

        • moneekwa

          McCafe tastes like crap. Dunkin Donuts has good coffee though.

    • Daddy Kickass

      So now as you lean back in your “gun free” coffee house, be aware that it is the perfect place for a mass shootem up. The deranged democrats love these kind of places.

  • farrightextreme

    I listened to the interview with Hannity and the Starbucks guy said they were asking people not to bring guns in. They were not confronting anyone. They were not “enforcing” the request. We do not need to over-react to this. However, it is better to spend our money in places that support us. I don’t understand how people don’t realize that “bad” guys with guns will carry them anyway.

    • Miasmo

      That Starbucks Coffee suck, not-withstanding, anyone who cares about the Second Amendment should not patronize any Starbucks. These clowns should stay out of politics and concientrate on their businesses.

    • mommeme

      While I totally agree with your comments, I firmly believe that the time has come to “over-react” on issues such as this. America is in distress because we’ve been so “laid back and passive” while our “American” way of life has been chipped away piece by piece. We’ve been much too passive about not standing up to those who would disregard the Constitution, and infringe upon our individual rights in the name of “fairness”, or “equality”. Life is not fair, nor equal… it is what we make of it, and this country supports our freedom to make the attempt (if we don’t continue our collective silence).

  • mike grunewald

    I will never set foot in one,you have NOTHING I want

  • Sometimes its better to let sleeping dogs lie, the whole thing was basically over, there were like a few people who were threatened to boycott starbucks, (none of them were actually starbucks customers) so it was easy to say lets boycott starbucks, there were not regulars, so in reality the CEO actually caused his company a lot more difficulties, So what I am wondering right now is how can the company justify his rather lavish salary? When a guy goes out and makes a statement about something that is not a problem and that they could not do anything about anyway, what kind of leader is this man? I mean if someone has a legal concealed permit, you cant stop them from coming into your store anyway. So why make a big statement, that was just stupid.

    • Joe1938

      Typical liberal phenomena.

  • Harold

    With idiots and anti-constitutionalists like this, who needs enemies? (Star buckies anyway.)

    • Joseph Williams

      They ARE the enemy.

  • Don Merriam

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Starbucks coffee has always been crap, just like the politics of their founders. Buy Folgers. You know it tastes better and your money will go farther. Be honest with yourself people. How many of you out there really like the taste of those overpriced microbrewery beers? Starbucks is no different. I should have thought this bad economy would have sent them the way of Blockbuster Video by now.

    • Daddy Kickass

      It’s not about prices and qualities you bonehead, it’s about gun free and open targets while enjoying a cup of coffee.

  • aimee

    As a businessman it was not a very smart statement as it has offended a lot of the people in this Country, as a consumer I have the right to spend my money in any establishment. I believe in freedom of speech and the second amendant!
    I get offended with older parents who do not teach their children manners and they think their kids are just wonderful does this give me the right to make statements in public establishments on how they raise their children….nope!

    • duz 2600

      Estimates are: 100 million Americans are Conservative Christians, and quiet about our faith. We do vote with our wallets…

      Only 12 million of us actually care to watch A&E Duck Dynasty, but, you saw the fall out from only a tiny minority of Christians, vs. the two GLAAD members, who can’t stop their

      We brought more money to the purchase of DD brand products…
      Few, if any, queers and lesbos purchase any Duck Dynasty or Duck Commander products!

      A&E got smart, and followed the $1 Billion per year in PROFITS! (Christian Conservatives = BIG $$$!)

  • Janice Dyer White

    From the day we were introduced to Starbucks on a flight to CA and were given free coffee, I was wondering what’s the big deal. We have gone to Starbuck’s for coffee, etc when we shop at the Navy Exchange, and still today wonder what is so wonderful about their coffee. We do this just to take a break before we start shopping. We have great coffee here in VT (Green Mountain brew) and New England coffee. After reading this I would never step inside of their ugly décor. The CEO kind of “jumped the gun,” but I guess he wants to support Obama. Hopefully,
    this will be a bad winter and a bad year 2014 for the CEO.

  • Janice Dyer White

    On military complexes where Starbuck has shoved out Small Business, people should consider drinking their coffee elsewhere. Call your base if you are military, and let them know how you feel.

    • duz 2600

      The Post and Base exchanges are owned by private corporations, NAFE, AAFES, etc., who are definitely FOR-PROFIT! Who ya gonna call?

  • ginger

    Can buy better iced coffee other places and for less money…no more Starbucks …ever.

  • pk

    Boycott Starbucks…period….its time to stand for the 2nd amendment and marriage between Man and a Woman

    • duz 2600

      Shultz just nailed it, and “Jumped the Shark”, started when he violated God’s law, that Marriage is between a man and a woman, now shultz is firmly defined as crazy, scum nuts…

      How could he possibly know if someone is carrying concealed?

      So, he just did all this because he is really certifiable insane!

  • pk

    We need an army of 50,000,000 to join together and boycott all these things rhat are coming against Christians,conservatives,traditional marriage,killing the unborn….violence……Boycott their sponsors….we can make a difference to the crap that is happening in our country….God BLESS you….and America Bless GOD once again

    • moneekwa

      So in the Jim Crow days, we had this Green Book that said places you could go and be welcomed for black people. Christians and supporters of the Constitution need to put together a thing like that. And it is important to not just say where you WON’T go spend money, but where you WILL be able to go instead. Preferably not just neutral but businesses that are openly for your values.

  • Engineer313

    No more Starbucks for me. I have carried for years. I have a promise to myself, I will not spend one dime in a store that will not allow weapons to be carried.

    • MuthaFugga

      yeh …right. You’ve been back

    • duz 2600

      If I carry, how could they possibly know?
      BUT, I won’t support the scumbags who violate the U.S. Constitution, which I swore and oath to “Protect and Defend, from all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Starbucks appears to be a Domestic Enemy of the Constitution!

    • Janice Dyer White

      We feel the same. Have you read the latest on Starbucks CEO?

  • jdelaney3

    Starbucks is free to do what they wish. As for me, I won’t be patronizing any Starbucks Free Fire Zone in the future. Too dangerous. Remember the McDonald’s massacres?

  • James

    Well I will never buy Starbuck’s coffee because of their support for gay marriage and their anti traditional marriage; however what is reported here is not the same thing that I heard him say on the TV. He said, if it is legal to carry a canceled weapon, then yes you can carry it in our shop, but we would prefer that you did not. Now there is nothing wrong with that statement. He not only has a right to ban guns, but he has an obligation to protect his customers and his employees.
    Given the number of incidents in a fast food restaurant over an order, he has reason to think that it could occur in his store. The concept here is to weigh the chance of an
    armed individual stopping a robbery or a shooting within Starbucks against the
    concept of an irate customer pulling a gun on someone for cutting in line, or getting the wrong coffee. This is a decision that only he can make.

    • MacIndy

      Any business owner should be smart enough to keep quiet about gay marriage, the gun issue, etc. Simply because there are more opposed to gay marriage and too many gun owners. Unless of course he’s be’s one of them gays or the pressure from a family/board member? When they lose business they should wise up unless they plan on liquidating. Who knows???

      • moneekwa

        The fact that he says “we don’t want your business” is pretty stupid. Starbucks is all about profits profits profits. I should think they want everybody and anybody’s business.

        It would be great if they were shown just how many people’s business they would lose for telling us to take our business elsewhere. I hope it’s a very unpleasant surprise.

  • swed

    Don’t buy overpriced, burnt coffee from a mentally defective clown like Schultz. There are far better choices, better beans, better roasting, cheaper. Starbucks is a joke on stupid yuppies. Support the Second Amendment, Boycott Starbucks crappy, expensive coffee.

  • pk


  • a_browning

    There is a little local coffee shop up the road that beats Starbucks, handsdown. That’s who gets my business. When I have gone into a Starbucks before, it smelled like bitter coffee. It was not appealing and the coffee didn’t taste good. I didn’t go back.

  • elks

    Hey, their choice. My choice is to take my money elsewhere. It’s the American way, don’t knock it.

  • Amy Walker

    Just not long ago, Starbucks said “if you support traditional marriage we don’t want your business.” Now they don’t want gunowners. Sounds like they don’t want any business!

  • con_c_kwense

    I’ve never, ever spent one dime at starbucks (outrageous prices) but I wish I was a regular customer…so that I could tell it’s owner to shove his coffee …you know where!
    This schultz character hates normal heterosexual married people and gun owners, so it isn’t a stretch to surmise that he despises Christians too…
    Why would ANY real American hand over their hard-earned cash to this mongreloid?

  • gracentruth

    WAS the world’s largest coffee retailer. After the stand for sodomy I stopped frequenting the coffee shop. I am sure that many others did likewise. Peace,

  • Me

    Stopped going to Starbucks because of this guy along time ago. I like the mom & pop outfits or Pete’s much better.

  • Hey, if Schultz wants his own business locations to be the same sort of open invitation to easy gun violence that other gun-free zones have been in recent news, that’s his business. Maybe, in doing so, he’ll perform a needed public service by demonstrating how that works out for him (although the previous clear examples of schoolyards and the DC Naval Yard don’t seem to be sinking in so far).

    IAC, at the same, some current and potential customers might not like that idea, and take their business elsewhere, and that’s their choice — as long as Starbucks is clear to its customers on their policy, the customers can make their informed choices.

    (Won’t matter to me, as Starbucks doesn’t sell anything I’m interested in, and I don’t spend time in their locations.)

    In the end, as long as it’s the interaction between a business owner and the market of customers (i.e., the government doesn’t stick its clumsy hand in), it’ll work itself out one way or another.

    • MacIndy

      Ever notice that even during the so called riots about the Martyn/Zimmerman issue. The only issues in the news were in states with weak CCW carry laws. Never heard of problems in big cities like Indy where we have a strong concealed carry law here. Wake up America. You too Shultzy.

  • Nellie CA

    I don’t like S/B coffee! They are franchise, I think! The people who own the franchies will be hurting because of this CO. I went out to dinner with my family, 4 out of 6 have carry permits, with training! Everyone is aware of what is going on with crazy people. I live close to the Mexican borders and have been advised by police “not” to go out at night in certain areas. If we are not allowed to carry, how can we protect ourselves from illegal criminals? I like the idea of what Israel is doing, every man and woman has to be in the army for one year and weekends for training with guns. Every person in Israel is ready to defend their country. Obama is cutting our guns, trying to put us under the UN, giving guns and money to the enemy, bringing in more refugees and cutting our Military.

    • MacIndy

      Obama needs to go through basic and AIT training at least!!!

  • sreynolds

    Everyday on the way to work I stop and buy 2 of the larger bottles of vanilla frappacino, about 6 dollars a day 6 days week, times 52 weeks , looks like I am going to start saving myself 1872.00 per year by NOT supporting this left wing anti consitutional dingbat.

    • MacIndy

      I wouldn’t want to take my grandkids in there. Unprotected!!!

  • Samurai_Sam

    Not a problem for me! Now the criminals know just where it’s safe to commit crimes. I won’t be there,so what’s the problem. The place is a hangout for left wingers who enjoy overpaying for some of the worst coffee on the planet. So if some gunman decides to shoot the place up I don’t see any loss to society. You go Starbucks! Good call!

    Attention all gangbangers—-Starbucks is a gun free zone!


    Do you suppose Schultz has the audacity to carp about law enforcement people patronizing his expensive coffee shops? The man is losing friends at this point in time…

  • Stealth

    Starbucks sucks anyway….and TOO expensive.

  • Delores109

    I don’t like your coffee anyway. Excuse me, I need to lock and load. NRA gave me a beautiful bag for my ammo.
    Delores Smith
    [email protected]

  • Wallie

    I don’t drink the slop it isn’t worth the price.

  • BikerNanny

    Outback Steakhouse is another that won’t let you have your 2nd amendment rights — we were going to eat there last night until we read the little sign — off we went to another business we KNOW will allow us our 2nd Amendment Rights and are proud of that fact!!!

    • Janice Dyer White

      I haven’t been to Outback lately. What did their sign say so I can share it with my husband and we can pass on the word. Thanks


    It’s the left coast speaking. There are so many other places to get great coffee, why bother with them.

  • Imfrzn

    So honor his request! I did six months ago over the homosexual marriage issue. If you’re not not to take a stand where the core issue aims to take away your constitutional rights because it’s going to cost you something ridicuously simple like where you buy your coffee, well, what the hell does it take to light a fire under your ass? Last thing, if this is you, turn in your weapons, buy those pink pumps that have been catching your eye and stop by Starbucks for a “smartzy” espresso. Most of all, QUIT CALLING YOURSELF A CONSERVATIVE!

  • jeannyR

    Starbucks CEO, your mentality is as bad as your coffee. And that is BAD.

  • Joy Hollifield

    Hardly ever went there, didn’t like their coffee anyway, McDonald’s has a great iced coffee or frappe for way less that tastes way better.

  • Julius

    Guess cops can’t get coffee anymore… ho hum

    • Msmaestro

      Nope and neither can cops wives. Huuuuuuh

  • MacIndy

    He could have said, please keep your weapons concealed as to not frighten other customers. That would have been a better approach. But his true agenda, like is was about 10 plus years ago was against guns. I boycotted him then and never changed. I will just continue on. Can I afford it? Yes! But there are others who are true Americans. Shultz is NOT!!!

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      Sure he is, A true American. He’s just not one of your type of “True American”. He couldn’t possibly be since his political, and probably religious, views aren’t just exactly like your perfect ones.
      He has said that if you attempt to bring a weapon into HIS property, that you are not welcome in HIS property. That is his right as a property owner. His rights, on HIS property, trump your rights to carry your weapon, on HIS property. Now, once you are out of HIS property and are once again on public property, or your own, your Second Amendment rights are once again supreme. That’s the Law. In addition, that restriction applies to all privately owned property, all Hospitals, all Federal, State and Municipal Buildings and Property. Understand?

      It’s your prerogative to not frequent HIS property in accordance to YOUR own personal beliefs. I personally haven’t been in a Starbucks Shop since I bought my Kuerig coffee maker, .30 – .40 cents for a “Venti” as opposed to $2.65, or so. Not because his politics don’t dovetail with my own. And that’s my choice. Isn’t free will, and democracy, a wonderful thing?

      • MacIndy

        I have to agree, well stated. I stand corrected. 🙂

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    Well then, mr Howard Schultz, notice that I didn’t capitalize the mr, Mr. is a term of respect, and respect is earned, or in your case, lost. There are many millions of us “Neanderthal” gun owners out here. How many of the total population drink your swill? Maybe 10 – 15%? There are a lot more of us than of your customers. I hope that you enjoy the repercussions of your stance.

  • Jordan Olling

    What will Starbucks say if a crime in one of their stores is averted because another (good) customer had a gun to stop the bad customer, who was trying to use a gun to steal money or something?

  • Retired Marine MSgt

    An addendum to another of my comments here. Please note that Mr. Schultz said “If you HAVE a gun”, NOT “if you own a gun”. See my comment below concerning his rights. Thanks.

  • Ohio Chief

    Too bad for Starbucks. I used to spend a lot of money there. Turns out they’re not the only game in town anymore. I should be supporting locally ownd shops anyway. Thanks for the redirection starf**ks!

  • Joe1938

    McDonalds and many of the other fast food places have better coffee starbucks.

  • An NRA Member, Vet, An America

    I woud go to McDonald’s for a buck cup. Better coffee and more American! Starbuck can rob you now even if you have a gun. Does anyone think “Gun Free Zones” protect anybody? It is a great way to set up defenseless people for an easy kill! Wake up the dumbies that think “Gun Free Zones” protected the people killed at the Navy Yard, Fort Hood, or Sandy Hook, all “Gun Free Zones”!

  • TyreByter

    It seems that Starbucks are easy targets for holdups. I Googed “Starbucks robbery” and was surprised by what I read. I don’t think that an “open letter” saying no gun s is going to stop them from getting robbed at gun point. Have to run off now and buy coffee from a local competitor…

  • zeelphaggin

    Nobody goes to Starbucks except unwed mothers, gays, and girly-men anyway.

  • NellieCA

    Starbucks just lost me as a customer! I will do business where I know people carry and can protect me against the criminals.

  • Ron Gilbert

    So they don’t want you if you support traditional marriage and they don’t want you if you believe in being able to defend yourself and your family. They choose to allow their establishments to be targets for mass shootings through this logic (every single mass shooting in the last 20 years in this country has been in gun free zones – coincidence? Not a chance.). Their coffee and their prices do not cause me to even consider going into their stores let alone their bs political stances on things. They are a business and should stay out of the political arena.

  • Shelley Londry

    I never liked their coffee anyways, so this just makes up my mind to NEVER purchase their crap again!

    • John Gillis

      I used to like it, but in recent years, it felt like acid in my stomach. Plus knowing its politics, I decided not to frequent them anymore.

  • SAL2177

    Well guess what? Just to piss him off I think I’m going to grab my gun and go my neighborhood Starbucks and hang out for a while. In my state, if I get caught all they can ask me to do is leave. This ought to be fun!

  • charlie brown

    I always liked Starbucks coffee and also use it in my Keurig machine. No more. Bye Starbucks, from a Christian!

  • Niles

    Starbucks does have one thing going for me: free coffee grounds for my vermicomposting, my worms love the yuppy caffeine, I suppose they rank it up there with dirt!

    • moneekwa

      You can get free grounds without buying a coffee though.

  • Azznerak

    Dear Mr.Howard Schultz…
    I wouldn’t give a dogs fart for a cup of your mud water.
    Your friend,

  • rodulfo-tardo

    9-11-01, the Starbucks store on Chambers street, demanded money for bottled water, E.M.S. technicians needed to wash people’s eyes, after the Tower’s Collapse. This forced the medics to use their credit cards and pocket cash, since that day, the story was told, by one who charged hundreds that day, on bottled water overpriced like everything this ‘Progressive’ outfit sells, to this day I refuse to give these profiteers, the time of day.


    Well,for real why would anyone want or need to take a GUN into a STABBACKS, unless they are planning on doing a robbery? That’s just stupid to begin with! But on the other hand Why are we continuing to patronize STARSUCKS?? The coffee tastes like it was made last week in the toilet!! Honestly, if I have a choice between STARSUCKS or nothing, I will GLADLY TAKE NOTHING!!



  • Anti-Obama-Reid

    I will never again dirty my feet by doing business with Star Sucks. It’s not like their coffee is the only coffee around.


    But wait. Aren’t ‘you guys’ all about the free market and capitalism? Are you saying that a business owner should not be allowed to run his business how he or she sees fit?

    I’ll need to go back and see your stance on the cake maker who refused to service the same sex wedding. Wait…I don’t have to. I have a pretty good idea.

    • moneekwa

      Well there’s a difference, friend.

      Starbucks says “we don’t want your business” and most everyone here says, “fine, we’ll spend our money elsewhere”.

      Baker says “we’ll make you a cake, just not a wedding cake” and the gaystapo say “oh yes you WILL take our money, and you WILL bake our wedding cake, or else you won’t have a business and as icing on the cake (no pun intended) the state will seize your bank accounts”.

      See, decent folk don’t shop where they aren’t wanted. They’d prefer to get goods and services from those who are like-minded, not someone forced to cater to them under duress.

      Both the baker and Howie Schulz can run their business as they see fit. We here are smart enough to understand that if Schulz doesn’t want our money, then we are not going to cram our money down his throat.

      • TEEJAYZ

        Because one is done out of religious and sexual discrimination and one isn’t.
        By the way, the brave writer of this story left out a little bit from Schulz’s announcement.
        “Pro-gun activists have used our stores as a political stage for media
        events misleadingly called ‘Starbucks Appreciation Days’ that
        disingenuously portray Starbucks as a champion of ‘open carry.’ ”
        Seems to me that if some fear driven fools hadn’t have tried to make a point then there probably wouldn’t be an issue.
        But regardless, not allowing guns in stores is based on customer comfort and safety. Starbucks can’t refuse to serve a Christian or a gay person but they are well within their legal rights to disallow guns. “No shoes-no shirt-no service” right?
        But if you believe they are wrong then you absolutely shouldn’t shop there. I boycott a lot of companies. Don’t go to Target too, ok? They don’t allow guns either.

  • duz 2600

    I bought a Starbucks coffee scoop, and a very nice red Starbucks cup
    with lid, at Good Will but, that is about as close as I want to get to that store. Too many shoot-outs BY GANGSTAS, in news reports, at Star Bucks! NOT ENOUGH GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS!?

    Celebrities who spout off with their far leftist politics need to be reminded by huge loss of audience (=money! Hello!)…

  • Stan Stein

    Hey Schultz….you can kiss my a.s…..arrogant know it all….I can out roast you with any coffee bean on the planet….you suck, punk

  • Aaron

    In Florida he doesn’t have a choice. “No firearms allowed” signs don’t have the force of law when the firearm is being carried concealed by a Florida CWFL holder, or a permit holder from a state with reciprocity..

  • He can keep his coffee–last time I went about a month ago–& it WILL be the last time I go–I had to request not 1 but 2 additional coffee shots to bring my “double shot” latte up to Starbucks’ pre-“no guns” & “no traditional marriage” & “race talk” bogus campaigns. I’ll bet his parents were married according to some tradition, & he’d be surprised to know just how many Americans still do respect the good old traditional way of things. He may be a smart businessman, but his forays into politics are hypocritical, dismal failures.

  • karyell54

    Hmmmmm, might be time to drop Starbucks.

  • Robert Grim

    Don’t do Starbucks bc I put my money where my mouth is. I won’t support these communist companies taking my American money. If the right would boycott regularly, these types of statements and policies would not be taking place.

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  • moneekwa

    Ah, well. Their coffee is all over-roasted and burnt anyway. Their Latin American coffees in particular are sour-tasting swill.

    I have used their free wi-fi, but I don’t buy anything normally. Now I for sure will not.

    Still, if someone in the Starbuck in Jakarta had a gun, maybe they could have helped stop the terrorist.

  • Bill Meeker

    I’m with mommeme. I support the Constitution and own guns, but even if I’m not carrying a gun I got the message and with not ever step into a Starbuck’s owned facility again.