Obama ‘Threatening Fox News Reporter’s Career’

Photo Credit: WND

Photo Credit: WND

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren charges that the Obama administration tried to press her to shut down a colleague’s reporting on the jihadist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that cost the lives of a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.

Van Susteren asserted recently on her blog that the administration made an extensive effort to conceal what happened in Benghazi. She cited U.S. officials’ refusal to include the Fox News Channel in several Benghazi briefings along with a warning that her colleague’s career would be ruined if she persisted in her reporting on the attack.

The Fox News host recalled a “disturbing phone call from a good friend in the Obama administration” shortly after the Sept. 11, 2012, attack, which the administration initially blamed on a protest of an anti-Islam video.

“In this call, my friend told me that my colleague Jennifer Griffin, who was aggressively reporting on Benghazi, was wrong and that, as a favor to me, my friend in the administration was telling me so that I could tell Jennifer so that she did not ruin her career,” Van Susteren wrote.

Van Susteren said that in her 20-plus years in the business, she had never received a call to try to shut down a colleague.

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  • c69101

    My God, why can`t we impeach this Marxist in the white house?

  • Daninfla

    Because he has (at least) 55 allies in the Senate and another couple of hundred in the House of Representatives, not all of whom are members of the Democrat Party!

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    Fascism, the Single Party State, Self Policing State, Collectivism, Ministry of Propaganda, no more media, corrected financial numbers, fraudulent approval numbers, weapons to the enemy, purging of the military, intimidation of journalists, failed economy, persecution of religion, marginalized opposing parties, I.R.S.,D.H.S., E.P.A., Secret Police State, Totalitarian State, is this what they mean by Obama Care, or is this just a bad dream, or just another experiment to fundamentally transform the nation? Miriam Carey, does anyone remember her, just another victim of the gradual evolution of a Martial Law no one speaks of, you could be next, but don’t worry it is another form of Eugenics, if you disagree then it must be some psychological defect, and dead is better anyway.

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    Still waiting for Fox Entertainment to actually report some facts…

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    What a load of S**t and Fascist Propaganda.