Jeb’s Revenge? Rush Outlines Establishment’s Anti-Trump Plot

Radio host Rush Limbaugh warned his millions of listeners on Tuesday that members of the Republican establishment have a blueprint for foisting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on the American people despite his disastrous campaign.

Donald Trump is well on his way to winning the 1,237 delegates needed to becoming the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, but Limbaugh said a liberal reading of the convention committee rules may allow GOP insiders to deny the billionaire his due. He cited a Daily Caller article published Sunday that said first-ballot delegates are not bound to vote for the candidate that won their state’s primaries.

“I’m just telling you, if they succeed in this, if they deny Trump or Ted Cruz 1,237 delegates by the end of the primary process, I’m here to tell you Jeb Bush is gonna be the nominee. That’s what they’re gonna do. That’s what they’ve always wanted,” said Limbaugh. “Jeb himself said back on Dec. 14, 2014, when this whole process started, Jeb said that his strategy was to lose the primaries and win the nomination. And everybody said, ‘What? How you gonna do that?’”

The conservative icon said Ohio Gov. John Kasich will falsely believe he will be picked to sideline Trump if he can win his home state.

“If not Jeb, they’ll go Romney.” said Limbaugh.”The GOP is throwing every egg in its basket in Ohio today. They’re saying that the future of the party is in Ohio today. The future of the GOP hangs in Ohio. What that means is Kasich’s gotta win Ohio. If Kasich wins Ohio, the establishment is still alive, and that way they can engineer a contested convention where they run, that they can then install whoever they want.” (Read more from “Jeb’s Revenge? Rush Outlines Establishment’s Anti-Trump Plot” HERE)

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  • Greg Stoddard