Lebanon News: US Ambassador Was Raped Before He Was Killed

[Publisher’s Note: Lebanon News apparently misattributed the rape report to AFP. The Libyan Free Press also reported the rape, but its post is no longer available. The Examiner has recently published two related stories, “Did Hillary Clinton send a gay ambassador to Libya as intentional provocation?” and “Rep. Gohmert nauseated upon hearing reports of what they did to Ambassador Stevens.” Both provide additional information on the ambassador’s death.

Some reports are suggesting that the ambassador died of smoke inhalation in a safe room prior to his capture. However, if you look at the Ambassador’s picture HERE, it appears that the Ambassador could still be alive. Note his left hand being held, without assistance, near his head. His condition in this photo suggests that he has been abused.

Until the autopsy by US authorities is complete (and assuming it’s not scrubbed for political purposes), we may not know with any level of certainty what happened to the ambassador before his murder. Read about this HERE. What follows is the story we originally posted on the ambassador’s murder.]

This report just broke from an Arabic site called “Lebanon News.” The Arabic Lebanon News (Tayyar.org) is the number one Lebanese online news site (ranked number eight of all sites in the nation) and has significant coverage throughout the Arab world.

What follows is the rough Google Translation of the site’s report on the Ambassador’s gruesome murder:

Sources AFP that “the U.S. ambassador to Libya was raped sexually before killing by gunmen who stormed the embassy building in Benghazi last night to protest against the film is offensive to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),” The sources said that “Ambassador was killed and representation of his body in a manner similar to what happened with Gaddafi, such as murder. ” has reported: kill the U.S. ambassador in Libya Christopher Stevens and three Americans in an attack on Tuesday evening 09/11/2012 the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, also announced Wednesday a senior official at the Interior Ministry Libyan told AFP.

The deputy interior minister and Nice Sharef “kill the ambassador and three other staff members,” said Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abu Hakor killed the U.S. ambassador in its note on his Twitter page.

For his part, President of the Supreme Security Committee in Benghazi Fawzi and Nice that the U.S. ambassador was at the consulate when the attack occurred.

The demonstrators attacked by gunmen on Tuesday evening consulate and fired upon shells by security sources Libyan reported in a first stage for the fall of American lives and wounded during the attack. and condemned U.S. President Barack Obama Wednesday 09/12/2012 strongly “attack infamous” that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three Americans others in the U.S. consulate in the city of Benghazi and ordered to tighten security at diplomatic missions around the world.

Obama said in a statement after the murder of the U.S. ambassador and three employees in a rocket attack on their vehicle in Benghazi “I have asked my department to provide all the necessary resources to ensure our employees in Libya and tighten security at diplomatic missions around the world.”

Here is a related story regarding the Koran-burning pastor from Florida and the phone call he received from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff several days ago concerning the video trailer that allegedly sparked the Egyptian and Libyan violence.

  • GreatGrey

    That you would publish this makes me even happier that we defeated you in ’10.

    • It’s news, what don’t you approve of? He doesn’t write any inappropriate, he is simply reporting.

      • joewmiller

        Thanks, Mike. It’s interesting that GreatGrey gives no reason for why this information should be withheld from the public. People need to know about the type of barbarism that is being committed against Americans.

        • “Great Gray” also omits what is apparent and obvious to others, that by expressing his complete support for your opponent in that race, he is also expressing support for the “Franken-stein” electoral fraud that put Sen. Murkowski into that office over the expressed preferences of the voters of Alaska…

          Best regards from Manhattan, Joe! 🙂

    • annie1945

      Of course you would feel this way. He’s reporting the news. You prefer the lame stream media who reports only what they want to report.

    • Liberty or Death

      We need to stop filtering news so that these Islamists are shown in their true light, not as innocent victims whining about oppression. You don’t see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir attacking Broadway for the stupid play “Book of Mormon”?? Do you?? Do Islamists really need a reason to attack us? The media is so hell bent for leather to make sure it is spun to be our fault and not their subhuman viciousness.

      • sonofliberty

        You also don’t see the Catholic Church attacking for the blasphemous movie “The DaVinci Code” or “The Last Temptation of Christ”. These are extremists in the true sense of the word extreme, and look for more problems in the future. Don’t set off the masses, or they’ll chop your heads off….as if all Americans are responsible for a filmmakers movie! Get real Muslims.

    • scot_belle

      The level of brutality against Americans and non-Islamists absolutely needs to be told to Americans, and this is for their own safety. Gullibility, will only get you dead.
      Now, if you think that you are safe and protected sitting here in the U.S. from this sort of brutality, just wait until that violence actually reaches our shore, because the liberals in this country will be the first targets this supposed jihaad will seek out. Having our gays publicly come out of the closet with formally recorded “marriages,” only makes them an all too easy target.
      Add in the 21 times the DNC bragged about the killing of Osama bin Laden at that convention, and you have better reason than a currently non-circulated movie. The Muslim Brotherhood was there as invited guests. Talk about waving a red flag in front of an already irrational and enraged bull!! THIS is the result of that!

    • GreaterGod

      I assume this means you would have withheld any information about the deaths in Hitler’s concentration camps. Or the millions killed by Stalin and Mao. Dictators depend on your kind of thinking. Evil only thrives in the dark.

    • Ann

      In otherwords you must be a Muslim, right?

    • thomacx

      Please elaborate on who defeated whom? If I remember correctly, liberals were removed from their positions of power, so, what exactly are you saying?

  • RLM357

    ISLAM has shown it’s UGLY HEAD again! Our homo-in-charge apologised!!!! “Death to ALL NON-INFIDELS” should be our Battle Cry reminescent of “Remember the Alamo!” They showed their homo deviant side by raping the Ambassador before they Murdered him. We should send them ALL on their way, with Pig guts shoved up where the sun doesn’t shime.! Spread Pig entrails on all sites they plan to build on. We must Protect OUR Second Amendment in order to protect ouselves from Enemies from without and inside of our Borders. Be they elected or immigrants. God Bless the USA and Protect us! ~Rick Magee, FL

    • wildlion1535

      Amen brother!

    • Right on Rick! Then a 20 meg’er for Mecca, and one for Medina! Wipe out this F*C*ing CULT

  • 1-Eddie-1

    And I thought that Islam didn’t accept homosexuals! Silly me, apparently Islam is full of homosexuals that take great joy in deviant sexual intercourse with someone they are about to kill.

    • I picked up on this in the movie”Lawrence of Arabia”

    • siteunseen

      I do believe they used an object to rape him, as they did to Gadaffi. It was tit for tat.

      • 1-Eddie-1

        Even if they did, I bet those homosexuals enjoyed it. Otherwise they would not have done it.

  • dbassd

    Dont forget Øbamas words. . .

    In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

  • God Help US!

    When are we going to stop FUNDING these kinds of atrocities?!?!? Muslim men are disgusting, foul and demented. I saw them in person when I served in both Desert Storm and Iraq. The fact that a civil (at least we claim to be) society would allow one of them (Obama!) to become OUR president is totally baffling. Either Americans are STUPID or we have truly lost our moral compass.

    • Truer words never spoken but tell it to the stupid idiots that got this fake there to start with. Now, the story emerging from Chicago about his questionable activities befor running for our highest office has really got me befuddled. Is that why he is o pro gay marriage. I just cannot beleive the bunch of idiotic supporters. Are they all Fag to?

      • Joe1938

        Preston,You must have googled “Mans Country” in Chicago!

    • Both….America’s moral compass was thrown overboard along with its brains by the likes of Nosepicker Rahm Emanuel and Buttface Bernanke a long time ago —and I have never once seen their ilk in burkhas, have you? Were the “brave” pilots who shot up the USS Liberty and killed 34 American sailors wearing burkhas? Did Jonathan Pollard request the Q’uran before he was committed to a federal pen for life? Oh, I forget….that stuff’s very old hat, isn’t it? Anything over 24 hours is “old hat” in this country to be immediately forgotten and ignored. They chucked this country’s moral compass overboard at least as long ago as 1913 and the Ship of State has been quietly resting on the bottom of the Red Sea ever since.

      • No, Louis, this is ONE American who hasn’t forgotten, nor have I ever accepted the lame excuses coming out of Tel Aviv!
        Trouble is, though, Israel is the ONLY country we can ALMOST trust in the Middle East—we certainly cannot trust any others!
        So, what do we do? Trust those we KNOW will stab us in the back, or someone we KNOW has done so, but also knows we are watching them?

    • ginger

      Today.call your Senator, Reps. the White House. the Speaker of the House. the State Dept and demand (politely) that we stop ALL aid to Egypt, Libya, Pakistan and all others and withdraw from the UN, and kick them out of our country…you will notice that the UN has not issued any statement against the cowardly , viscious attacks and murders.

    • Joe1938

      The American voter is broken. If that were not the case, we would not have the retarded puppet in the Whitehouse dancing to the strings of the huge national/international socialist/communist/marxist/islamofascist machine that put him there via the broken American voter.

      • What actually happened was that the American people were sucker-punched into believing the “candidate” was a real person, when all he can be is a puppet for George Soros and the muslims!

    • Why complain now? The Zionist put him there. No one saw him coming until he showed up at the White house doors. A cover for the criminals 1% and a deception for the rest the majority.

    • halla

      YES –They are STUPID

  • 1-Eddie-1

    What the Muslims think of as sexual humiliation against infidels is really a testament of the fact that the Muslims that do this are in fact homosexuals and lead a deviant lifestyle.
    Muslim men engaged in non consensual homosexual sex with infidel men is ok in Islam. It is acceptable and encouraged. However, consensual homosexual sex between anyone is death sentence. They really are a religion of peace, aren’t they.

    • I wouldn’t glorify it by calling it a religion. I call therir actions reprehensible to any true religion and an excuse to perform their natural twisted desires.

    • 1-Eddie-1

      I see that I offend an individual that did not like this post. I guess the truth hurts.

  • indyjim44


  • OBAMA to the Muslim Brotherhood: “All is going as planned, Allah be praised”.

  • dalebriggs

    if that is what their religion alowes and is so much about their way of life why are we so waklking on egg shells tell like it is a spade is a spade if we offind them tough s…….t i will not give up my freedom of speach or my opinions to such people or any other they offend me all of the time but you do not see me go out and kill and destroy property because im offended

    • Block all attempts by the UN to get their Constitution-killing, freedom-denying ideals ratified by OUR SENATE!
      Contact your state representatives, and DEMAND they vote against any and all attempts and demands by Obama, Hillary and the UN to deny our Constitutional rights!
      Any senator, especially Harry Reid, who might vote for ratification for the UN takeover of the US should be dragged out of office immediately, and DEFINTELY NOT sent back to Washington!
      For that matter, they should ALL be replaced, with REAL AMERICANS!

  • Ann

    No wonder Esau lost his birthright to Jacob… Islam is made up of nothing but a bunch of scumbags. And, Hellery says, “How could this happen?” We have 3 goof balls running this great nation — Obama, Holder and Hellery. No wonder we have been downgraded.

    • Don’t forget Biden

      • LFRD

        Biden couldn’t run anything besides his mouth, and then it is running like dia–reah.

    • siteunseen

      Must be descendents of Esau in the Middle East.

      • homer1057

        Edom and Moab and Ismael are all decendants of Esau! see Isa 19 and 20 as well as Jeremiah 9 for the end of these nations as well as Egypt! There is trouble coming for them from God Almighty and Allah is powerless to do a darn thing!! Ain;t it the TRUTH!!

    • Dennis Davis

      Don’t forget the worse-George Soros. Why we allow him to remain in our country is beyond me. We need to stop all ISLAMIC Muslims from entering our country and send those Islamic students back where they come from and those Islamic muslim US Citizens need to be watched and if out of line or cause trouble need to be deported. Any one who hates us needs not be in our great nation.

      • We took in Soros and his family during WWII when Soros, Sr. stole from the Nazis. We gave them help, succor and Soros, Jr. made millions off OUR work–now, he’s trying to take us down! He has already proved how trustworthy he really is by helping his dad steal from their own people and turning all those assets over to the Nazis!
        We should have allowed the Nazis to have them–would have saved us some trouble—for that matter, shouldn’t Soros be tried for the war crimes he helped commit? Why hasn’t Mossad gone after him, or at least the Nazi Hunters?
        All of them must have been paid off, too!

    • homer1057

      Right on that my Brother..now, when you get a chance read Isaiah ch’s 19-20 and Jeremiah 9…It will tell you what is in store for Esua and Moab and Ammnon and Muslims etc Also for your edificatioon, see Sura 6:50 It says Muhammed knew not the things of Allah, and hence forth is claiming he was not a prophet! Also 2 see 2 Chronicles 19:2 There is a reason to hate anyone/Muslims who hate God!! How is that for God is love!!

  • daveveselenak

    … but they are a non-violent religion… my arse; and if they are such a minority that is responsible for all the violence, why is it that the many, many many majority deal with these savages, I guess they are condoning their savage behavior or they’d try to stop the violence or at least apologize to America for the savagery of the so-called iota of extremists! The new Hitler should have seen to it that the embassy was well fortified for such an obvious attack to celebrate 9/11, but you have to realize that our Muslim-Marxist and that old commie hag, H. Clinton are behind the empowering of the Muslim Brotherood as that is where their allegiance lies. Unless the paralyzed opposition begins to commuicate the obvious to our nation, you will see prayer rugs and Sharia law in a theater soon!

    • ginger

      The latest invention for muslims…land mines that look like prayer rugs…they would get a blast out of them.

  • Mark Brickey

    The religion of “peace”. Ironic, isn’t it, that these guys are SO religious, but RAPE anything they can catch? they don’t care if female, male or animal!

    • Well, the muslims claim women are for procreation, men are for pleasure!

  • Richard Brophy

    Too late the hero, Obama. Shouldn’t you have thought of beefing up security in all our embassies BEFORE 9/11, one of the most infamous dates in U.S. history? No, of course not, you were too busy campaigning for reelection.


    the Messiah and Billary fomented , planned and conducted the overthrow of these governments. They were created by this WH and the marxist vermin in the administration. America is a war and Dear Leader plays golf and Hillary drinks and dances the night away.

  • AZ BOB

    I am having another Senior moment on this story. It starts out that the embassy was stormed with no remarks about our U S Marine Corp Security team. Then at the bottom of the story about a rocket attack on a car. Now just what the F happened???

    • Barry_Suxx

      Hi Bob, Near as I can make of it, the Embassy Staff was heading to the Consulate (not the Embassy), when/where they were attacked. If there was a Marine Contingent, they would have been at the Embassy, but not at the Consulate. Details about this are sketchy, because our Lame-Stream Media (neo Pravda) would rather Down-Play how tragic this really is to save Oblamo’s face. Anyway, the Consulate was all but ruined, and 4 American Staffers were raped, murdered and paraded in the streets. Meanwhile our Embassies all across the M/E are under attack by similar, but less deadly situations currently; these include Iraq, Egypt, LibYa, Yemen, and perhaps others.

  • reggiec

    ,” said Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abu Hakor killed the U.S. ambassador in its note on his Twitter page.”
    So now we have a report that it was not just some radical spontaenous mob but the deputy prime minister of Lybia who killed our ambassador.
    So far this is the only site where I have seen this reported. The Obama admin. has stated they will work with the Lybian govt. to bring those responsible to justice. Just how far will that go if the Lybian Dep. Prime Minister was the one commiting murder. The Obama administration lives in a fantasy world surrounded by a force field of ignorance and ineptitude.

    • ginger

      Anything obama says is .a…………..lie.

    • Ridge

      That was a Google rough translation of what the Libyan Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister was only reporting “from information that he had,” what had happened. He was not the one who killed the Ambassador.

      • He says—-
        By his own presence, he denies innocence~

  • All I can say is I hope the “rape” thing isn’t true. The rest is bad enough. America would like for everyone in Washington to stop catering to these animals. Get our people in these hot zones out, button up our country and STOP apologizing for freedom of speech and the fact that we are not muslims and we don’t do sharia. SUPPORT ISRAEL

  • Placing Hilarity Clinton in the State Department is like hiring Richard Alan Davis as a private sex education tutor for your twelve year old daughter

  • Newspuppy

    Officials in Libya have taken credit for it being a two-prong attack and pre-planned for 9-11, so the video trailer was not the cause but was used as cover for something they were planning to do anyway. These people are sick and the abuse of the Ambassador and perhaps the others as well before they were killed proves that the American people have a right to believe that this is something that needs to be purged from our country while we still can.

    • Hank

      Imagine the reaction if our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan had been accused of doing such a thing to one of the prisoners they held! There would have been chaos over there AND here. We hold their hands and play pattycake with them while they murder, rape and mutilate any of ours that they capture. What a bunch of wusses we have become in the name of political correctness.

  • Benjamin Marcoux


    • Barry_Suxx

      I kindov get the idea that any/all Representatives of the U.S. cannot leave these Sewer Pits yet. Oblamo isn’t finished giving-away Millions of Tax-Payers’ $$$ to them, and spending several more millions rebuilding their broken-toilet mosques as gestures of appeasement. And besides, he’s not finished apologizing yet!!!

    • onceproudamerican

      You almost got it. Congress hates American and the American way as is proven by the derisive way they react to the TEA Party an the call for fiscal responsibility, free markets, and constitutional governance. They have been totally bought-off and co-opted.

    • cotton123

      I hear we can’t cut the money off because of some good their doing over there,didn’t say what was good just keep the money coming or else.

  • Stealth

    There will be a world-wide war with these sons of bitches…. And they will ALL go down…

    • onceproudamerican

      If that happens many people you know personally will suffer or die. How about we use our military for it’s lawful purpose – defending our borders – and quit sticking our nose in the business of other sovereign nations. Imagine how Americans would react if China was actively disrupting our political self-determination.

  • siteunseen

    Sounds like these men were getting even because of the murder of Gadaffi, who had the same thing happen to him. Most brutal and our hearts go out to our Ambassadors family and may God have mercy on his soul, and may he rest in peace. Amen. Why do we deal with these animals? US should make a firm statement and make it clear, but with Obama at the helm, expect nothing to be done.

  • siteunseen

    As Ron Paul said: “We take money from poor Americans and give it to rich dictators.” Stop funding the Middle Eastern Jihadists.

  • Barry-Suxx

    In a twisted sort of way: We Asked For It, In All Of These Sleeze-Bag Nations. Just look at our present Administration & Cabinet (a bunch of World-Class Losers), including Oblamo, Biden, Billery, Scary Reid, Nasty Pelosi, withHolder etc., etc.. Here we are AGAIN under a demonRat regime, and Just like before we get a Repeat of Slick Willy’s failed Mogadishu Somalia plan where they Murdered Our People and Drug Their Bodies Through The Streets, all because we came to Help them.
    (inept clinton had us crawling away with our tails between our legs).
    The difference is, with Libya, Oblamo ignored Our Constitution, and sent Our Military to help these thugs without Congressional Approval.
    (and now oblamo gets back on his ‘Apology Pulpit’).

  • homer1057

    I can BET this one thing: had Ronald Reagan been in Office there would have been a couple carriers off the coast of Of Tripoli and that place would be on fire right mow! The man in the W/H did NOTHING!!! He shut the barn door after the cows are gone!!

  • What curse has been placed upon these people that seem to delight themselves with all manner of perversity. Chopping Off heads, hands, arms, legs, gouging out Eyeys, defiling dead Bodies, Stoning women and Children for minor infractions of Muslim Sharia Law. How long has it been since Mohammud showed up with all these grizzly laws. Some say the 5th Century AD. Perhaps it is time for a Reformation similar to those changes made by the Christian Teachings.

  • dee47

    they are pissed off because they put God and Jerusalem back into the DNC platform ” There is no god just the Prophet Mohammad” that is what they stated 9/11. That is what this is all about did we not see the boo’s Nays and outrage at the DNC

  • if these mutts have sex with 12 yr olds what do u expect

  • Ready for a revolution

    Worthless dirt bag scum muslim in the whitehouse needs to go. May be the so called peaceful muslims will take him out and do us all a favor!

  • Patriot

    Imagine the world without islam

    • Carol-Christian Soldier

      a world w/o islam-
      ( – :

  • Tinkertom

    So that is what Obama was referring to when he said “and the treatment of his body” when he spoke about it. Makes sense now. They want to show their own admirers how far they can insult us and we will do nothing, proving we are like ” a goat, who watches his wife and daughter raped and won’t fight for them” as a Mexican person once told me an insult in spanish implied. They are trying to show the caliphate how weak we are.

    • Barry_Suxx

      Uuh Yep,,, I think you’ve pretty-much hit the nail on the head there.
      The barbarians did this to U.S. Citizens during Dummy Carter’s Admin, and again during Weakling Willey’s Admin, and Now Again under Oblamo’s Admin.
      SO, The Million Dollar Question IS: What Do ALL These have In-Common ?,,,,, anyone?


  • Our Prophet [PBUH] said ( Whoever kills a person protected by a treaty will never smell the fragrance of Paradise, and indeed its fragrance can be found a distance of forty years of travel).

    [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 83, Number 49]
    I am a muslim and I am against terrorism … Please read about my religion first before you make an opinion 🙂

  • Dennis Davis

    We need to have a “5 million” man and woman march on to Capital Hill in DC and make it known to the world and to the mainstream media we are real and that Congress best listen. Yep, 5 million should get the point across for sure. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is our supreme law of the land of the USA. My opinion for what ever it is worth we should be impeaching our fake President and his lawless regime. Are we cowards or what. Yes the Obama is Black and half White so what he and his evil administration is “WRONG” and we should demand their removal from office.

  • CaptTurbo

    But this wasn’t a terrorist act … right?

  • homer1057

    Obama doesn’t know the meaning of a BIG STICK…all he knows is a bow at the waist in subservaince! IF People don’t know their enemy…muslims: they better get a Koran and read the thing!! READ IT!!!!

  • slingnpoo

    This was not worth Tyrone Woods (ex Navy Seal) life. He would of thought differently because he loved what he did and it showed. He was a true American who played in the background of world events with one of the most elite units in the world at a very young age. Stuff you and I only dreamed of doing and I looked up to him for that.

  • cajunblood

    I have heard many stories about Oboma being part of a homo- club in Chicago. I do not have a proplem with anyone who chooses this live style, but don’t pretend and con me, that pisses me off

  • cajunblood

    I believe that we have surely lost our Moral Compass

  • cindyg

    Yet we keep sending our men and women into their territory anyway under the guise of protecting our freedom. We will never be able to change their ways or protect our country from their evil! It’s a slaughter…they rape their own young boys to because they aren’t allowed to touch a woman unless they are married. And even then it’s legal to stone your wife to death if they’re even suspected of infidelity! Sick and evil culture! Kick em out and lock the door behind them! Bring our boys back and protect ourselves on our own soil! I think our leader has kissed way to much ass for me!!

  • Mathematical certainty

    Problem: The majority of the American electorate are ignorant of History, and Current events. Most are incapable of individual thought and following their crowd is the easy way i.e., avoid the issues, avoid discussions, and debating the issues. They can tell you who is on “dancing with the stars”, “what the current Hollywood elite are doing”, but ask most to identify their state Senators and Congressmen and you typically receive an incorrect response. They receive their political knowledge from the MSM and the TV pseudo-journalists. Too many have the entitlement and victimization mentality. They believe the government owes them i.e., welfare, food stamps, free medical, free breakfasts, lunches for their children, etc. They vote not for the policies and actions of a candidate but for his/her physical characteristics and what the candidate can do for them as opposed to what the candidate can do for the country. The upcoming election on November 6, 2012, Obama will be re-elected by the following percentage of voters: 70% Hispanic, 74% Jewish, 94% Black, 100% guilt-ridden Caucasians. Couple those percentages with the voter fraud (the dead, illegal immigrants, names of animals, etc.) that will be at an all-time high for this election, intimidation at the polls by the new black panthers, and you have a sure-fire win. For those who think my post is in favor of Romney, you are hallucinating. I would vote for Sylvester-the-Cat to unseat the one who is in the process of and is currently on-track to destroying the US economy, the US quality of life, the Freedoms and Liberties that we have enjoyed for decades. Contact me in four years and tell me what it’s like living in a cardboard box eating noodles.

  • Lizelot

    I find this very hard to believe since Muslims despise homosexuals. Homosexual acts are taboo, and punishable by death.
    Which is exactly why it amazed me that Obama and our spineless Generals conspired to tell Muslims that our armed forces are rife with homosexuals. They may as well have put a bull’s eye on their back since even a Muslim cannot tell a homosexual from a non-homosexual. You thought they already hate Americans? Now they despise them and find them “haram,” abominable. Just what we need, more fire in their belly.

  • Frankly, I don’t believe any of the tall tales coming out of Washington about the attacks, and after some of the treatment given to other dead Americans by muslims around the world, it is high time our “government” stepped up to the plate—which won’t happen because of all the muslims in key spots within the administration, and they approve of the vile treatment given to our Ambassador and others!

  • Sorry, but Obama’s original wording WAS heard around the world during a speech he gave in Indonesia, I think–at any rate, I heard him utter them on a video, and he DID mean he would back the muslims no matter what the cost to this country!
    Don’t you get it? He doesn’t care about America, Americans, and definitely not YOU!

    • Learn to read

      Those are some hard facts you’re sharing. I’m so glad you’re around to show actual data and facts to prove your point to the masses.

  • ginger

    Investigate in the obama administration= Cover up

  • keepersleeper

    After reading this account, doesn’t this make you DESPISE Obama that much more? Dear God, Please help America DEFEAT this awful man in the White House.

  • SmithWinston6478

    The Trojan Horse saboteur and wannabe dictator sent a gay ambassador to a moslem country, then left him and the others relatively unprotected. Sounds to me like dangerous stupidity.

  • SmithWinston6478

    The next Administration will appoint no less than 5 Supreme Court Justices. Imagine a Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder, Van Jones,
    Bill Ayers, Nancy Pelosi, or Valerie Jarrod. They would facilitate a
    socialist police state. The U.S. Constitution would be ignored or dissolved as ‘out-of-date’. Free speech (that’s THIS), the resistance (that’s US), and the Second Amendment (which insures it all) will be over-ruled. The most free, secure, opportune, prosperous, tolerant, and charitable nation in the history of man will have been wasted by fools who thought they could vote to get something for nothing.

  • dodo

    What I haven’t heard is were the other 3 who were murdered also raped? There is rape and deviant sexual imagery connected with much of islamic terrorism