Obama’s Ambassador Tells LGBT in Czech Republic that US is their Ally

The “Photo of the Week” currently featured on the State Department’s official “Dip Note” blog shows U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Norman Eisen and staff members taking part in a ‘gay pride’ parade in Prague on August 18.

Speaking at the opening of the event, Eisen told LGBT activists in the Czech Republic that the United States was their ally.

The parade was part of the second annual “Prague Pride” festival, which featured activities such as a “Rainbow Karaoke Party,” “Children’s Day with Picnic,” and “Gay Speed Dating.”

“The theme of this year festival is ‘Bringing our colours together’ with the aim to introduce the general public to the LGBT communities that are usually hidden from the public eye, such as LGBT Roma (gypsies), disabled or transgender persons,” according to the Prague Pride website.

Alongside Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda, Eisen delivered remarks at the event’s opening reception on August 13: “I am truly honored to be here today, representing the United States and President Obama in the effort to ensure the rights of the global LGBT community,” said Eisen.

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