“Kill Those F***ing Yankees” Rapper to Perform For Obama’s Christmas Bash; WhiteHouse.gov Scrubs Petition to Rescind Invite

In yet another apparent White House misstep, a popular but virulently anti-American South Korean rapper is slated to perform for Obama’s “Christmas in Washington” special on December 21.

The worldwide phenomena Psy, whose “Gangman Style” YouTube video has generated almost one billion views – possibly the most popular YouTube video of all time – sung these lyrics at a concert in 2004:

Kill those f***ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
Kill those f***ing Yankees who ordered them to torture
Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers
Kill them all slowly and painfully

A couple of years before singing these outrageous lyrics, Psy (whose real name is Park Jae-sang), destroyed a model of a US Bradley Fighting Vehicle on stage during a performance. This was purportedly in reaction to the deaths of two teenagers who were accidentally struck by an American armored vehicle while maneuvering in South Korea.

Of course eight years ago, Psy was virtually unknown internationally. Even since his “Gangman Style” video exploded across the globe a few months ago, there was little media focus on his virulent anti-American past. That is, until the media became aware that he was slated to perform for Obama’s Christmas in Washington event later this month.

Given his international stardom and growing wealth from his increasingly American following, Psy went into damage control yesterday, issuing a belated apology through MTV.

The White House seems to be following suit, going as far as to remove the White House.gov petition that called on Obama to disinvite Psy. That petition (“Rescind Invite of Gangnam Style Rapper Psy to Perform for Pres. Obama Christmas Party Over Troop Killing Song”), was taken off the White House site earlier today with no explanation other than it was “removed from the site under our Moderation Policy because it is in violation of our Terms of Participation”:

Although Obama has debased the Office of the Presidency at least as much as the philanderer and perjurer-in-chief Bill Clinton, he has a historic opportunity, almost two weeks before his Christmas in Washington special, to demonstrate his loyalty to the American combat soldier and patriotism by boycotting the event.

But I’m not holding my breath over this one. If Obama’s and his generals‘ willingness to sacrifice US soldiers’ lives over political correctness is any guide, you can pretty much guarantee the President won’t skip a beat over a Christmas performance of a rapper who wants to “Kill those f***ing Yankees.”

  • mrbp

    Now this would have been an abortion I would have approved of. Rap is substitute for no-talent singers.

    • hummingharpman

      I believe CRAP, not Rap would be a more appropriate description of this sh– that some dare to call music, though it is anything but music!!

  • noodles5

    Does this surprise you that this Idiot would have Rap Music at the White House on Christmas? This is how low brow our leadership has become in this country. And we elected this joke as our President.

    • hummingharpman

      I’m not at all surprised that the Arselifter-in-Chief who invites members of the Muzzy Bro-hood to the White House on a regular basis but cancels the National Day of Prayer that has been observed by nearly every REAL President before that puke slithered into the White House would invite ANOTHER anti-American POS to the White House Christmas Party!!

    • I never voted for this loser.He isn’t my president!

      • hummingharpman

        Amen Valerie!! I NEVER voted for the POS-in-Chief either, NOT the first time and certainly not the last time………..

      • frawgeyz

        Amen Valerie and I have no respect at all for those who did! They are as much losers as he is! Perhaps even more!

    • frawgeyz

      I didn’t elect the man!

    • Barry_Suxx

      I think you’re being overly generous referencing him to a ‘joke’. Personally I think he’s a LOT lower than that. I feel he’s even beneath that of Gutter Slime; after all, at least IT still has Culture.

    • Glockmod23

      We (Me) didn’t put this Turd back in office…some other Turd-voters did! / Have a Great Day !

  • CaptTurbo

    I’m sure the pResident and his commie Czars searched long and hard to find the most anti-American in the world to perform at the White Camel Tent.

  • Samurai_Sam

    What can one expect from classless ghetto monkeys!

    • I expect they’ll be flinging their own excrement against the walls by the end of the night.

  • Jim

    Obama picked this classless act to perform at the White House Christmas Party the same way he picked his czars and cabinet and Supreme Court justices…find the absolute worst person in the world for the job. The prime requirement is that they have no talent, no morals, and no ethics, or if they are about to be arrested for some crime.

    • Amen!

      • Samurai_Sam

        Apparently someone in the Obama administration didn’t appreciate our comments as they were deleted. But regarding your reply to my comment. Nothing would surprise me coming from these lowlifes

    • Bob Uda

      He picks people with the same qualifications as himself, i.e., no talent, no morals, and no ethics. The only thing is: This criminal will never be arrested and tried–because he is Black.

      • hummingharpman

        Actually the Bastard-in-Chief is NOT black at all, his mama was a lily white hoe, a well documented fact that the bi-racial POS cannot cover, BUT you can damn well bet he would try to hide if he could!

    • Barbaree

      It’s like he’s giving us the finger.

    • There are no “czars” in the Obama regime…they are referred to as commissars. Czar Alexander II of Russia loved the United States and the Constitution—that is why he protected our seaboards from foreign invasion during the Civil War—and was later assassinated by jewish bolscheviks who staged the communist revolution and installed commissars like ovomit is doing

  • Even viewing the rapper’s sentiments, compared to Obama, he looks very pro-American.

  • Bob Uda

    It is a crying shame that the White House must glorify this anti-American idiot. Of course, the current occupants are also anti-American. So, birds of a feather flock together. I hope they all have a swinging swell time together putting down our dear United States of America. “If
    we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone
    under.” ~ Ronald Reagan. We are a nation that has gone under.

  • cat-lover

    As a Korean-American, I say this pig doesn’t deserve all the attention and money he made from the Americans. I read his apology. It’s not good enough. He’s all emotions and no logic which he will flip-flop again when it’s expedient. I say boycott him and his music. He’s an anti-American performing for an anti-American president.

  • IF B.O. were Christian, but – moving right along. He is a puppet whose job it is to distract Americans until the Dirtiest Deed in History is done by power brokers who hate America. Either become frantic and annoyed, or pray.

  • idagney

    America is under enemy occupation. How long will Americans allow this outrage to continue?

    • Kent2012

      as long as the clowns in the media keep promoting communists and gushing lies about real Americans.

  • rmwayne

    Nothing this Kenyan communist pile of sh*t does surprises me. That he would have a piece of garbage rapper making noise pollution at the camel tent on Christmas shows how much this country has gone down the sewer.

  • Funny you should mention the Clintons….they reportedly hung condoms and empty booze bottles from their Xmas tree among other assorted and kindred ornaments…