Video: Parents of Fallen SEAL Say Obama Put Target on Son’s Back, Call Rules of Engagement “Criminal”

A new ad by Veterans for a Strong America hammers the Obama Administration. The ad features two parents who blame Obama for “putting a target” on their son’s back. The SEAL team member was killed when their helicopter was shot down over the Wardak Province in Afghanistan.

After showing the ad, Hannity then interviews the parents of the fallen SEAL. The father explains that Obama has virtually neutered our warriors’ ability to wage war in Afghanistan.

He goes on to detail how his son was killed, stating that, despite the presence of two Apache AH64 helicopters and a massive AC130 gunship, the SEALs were not permitted to prep the landing site prior to landing. This was despite an ongoing firefight on the ground. The father says that the landing was handled like a “landing at Walmart.”

Saying that the “President is directly responsible for the rules of engagement,” he calls them “criminal for our warriors.”