Video: Rick Santelli Says ‘We’ve Become Europe’

Rick Santelli made a stunning observation Wednesday about the shocking report that the economy actually shrunk in the fourth quarter last year.

“We are now Europe,” he declared on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

“Hey Joe,” Santelli said, “when you act like Europe, you get growth rates like Europe, and our discussions with economists sounds like we’re in Europe. They have the same discussions constantly.”

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  • whisperatnight

    It’s funny to see Liberals bashing and shouting at one another now that they see that the Obama ##it is not working.

  • simpletony1

    No Rick, we are not Europe. Real Americans are sticking by their guns….LITERALLY

  • I have come to a realization today. The movie, Pretty Woman. The character Richard Gere played and what he did for a living – scrapping corporations and selling pieces – a shark. I think this is what Obama is appointed for – to scrap the US Corporation. Obama is a shark.

  • Europeans have long lived as subjects to royalty or to government. Americans have not. Americans have known more luxury, more freedom, more joy than any other country. When teens can no longer afford to drive at age 16 or 18, when people find themselves limited to purchasing only certain products [shelves will be otherwise empty] and when gov’mint folks start pushing too hard via IRS and other agencies, the American instincts will kick in. In fact, the gun thing already has many stirring.