WATCH: Trump Brands Romney a ‘Democrat Secret Asset’

President Donald Trump slammed Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) as a “Democrat secret asset” who attempted to “infiltrate” his administration as secretary of state following the 2016 election in a video shared to Twitter Friday evening.

In the one-minute video, the narrator states Romney’s cover was “blown,” and he was “exposed by news reports as a Democrat secret asset.” The video then shows highlights of the Utah Republican’s 2012 presidential campaign defeat, following by clips of the president’s successful bid in 2016. President-Elect Trump briefly considered Romney for the role of secretary of state, but ultimatly selected Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson for the high-profile post.

The video’s release comes as Romney, a longtime Trump critic, has criticized the president’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria and his suggestion for China and Ukraine to investigate allegations of corruption against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. . .

Trump tweeted:

“I’m hearing that the Great People of Utah are considering their vote for their Pompous Senator, Mitt Romney, to be a big mistake. I agree! He is a fool who is playing right into the hands of the Do Nothing Democrats! #IMPEACHMITTROMNEY.

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CNN: I Hope Trump Dies Soon

Tim will have more on Project Veritas latest video where staffers of CNN are seen complaining about how the network has become and left-wing cesspool. Okay—maybe that’s a stretch, but they’re not happy with the liberal tilt the network has taken. It is one of the most prolific and visible anti-Trump networks out there. We all know this, but PV was able to get an insider to speak with CNN employees who confirmed our suspicions about the network. They’re liberal. They hate Trump. And President Jeff Zucker personally intervenes during interviews with members of the Trump administration in the hopes of catching them tripping up live on air. The Trump impeachment circus is front and center, and all of this just adds credence to the chant “CNN sucks.” And if that’s not indicative of how the liberal media has become in the Trump era, PV’s CNN insider, Cary Poarch, caught what they all probably feel about the president during his investigation. Gerald Sisnette, Field Production Supervisor at CNN, said he hoped Trump dies soon (via Project Veritas):

According to CNN insider Cary Poarch, “I want to chase the facts, like the motto that CNN put out earlier this year, ‘the facts first,’ that’s what I want the news to be. That’s what it should be. That’s what it used to be.” It appears a number of CNN staffers agree:

. . .Gerald Sisnette, Field Production Supervisor at CNN: “This is a story that’s not gonna go away…The only way this will go away is when he (Trump) dies. Hopefully soon.”

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WATCH: Trump Fires Back at Pelosi, Calls Her a ‘Very Sick Person’

President Donald Trump offered his own version of the events on Wednesday after Democratic leaders stormed out of a meeting about foreign policy and accused him of acting irrationally.

The president implied that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had mental issues, and referred to her as a “very sick person,” in a tweet issued from his official account. . .

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) told reporters that the president had been highly offensive to Pelosi by calling her a “third grade politician” and issuing a “nasty diatribe” against her. . .

Some Democrats stayed after the leaders left and continued the briefing with the president on his recent controversial acts in relation to Turkey’s invasion into northern Syria.

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Police Chief: Antifa Threw Urine, Bottles, and Rocks at Officers, Hit Horses with Sticks (VIDEO)

The police chief for Minneapolis released a statement explaining that while there were protesters who acted peacefully during President Trump’s visit, others acted violently towards officers and Trump supporters.

“While the vast majority of people that gathered were peaceful and respectful, officers did engage with some individuals and groups demonstrating aggressive or illegal behavior to address issues related to life, safety and property damage,” Chief Medaria Arradondo said in a statement.

“Officers further engaged when assaulted during their response. Objects containing liquid believed to be urine were hurled at some of my officers along with bottles and rocks. Police horses were also assaulted by protesters striking them with sticks,” he continued.

Arradondo explained because members of Antifa and other protesters were becoming “violent and aggressive” and “causing harm to others in attendance,” pepper spray was used against them.

The website that called for Antifa to come out to the “AMERICA IS CANCELED” counter-protest, published a report from someone that was present. In the post, they boasted how they set off fireworks and spray painted storefront windows “with slogans not just against the bogeyman of Trump or fascism but against the police most of all.”

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WATCH: Hunter Biden Admits He ‘Probably’ Wouldn’t Have Been on Burisma’s Board If Not for His Father

In a recent interview, Hunter Biden said that he probably wouldn’t have been asked to be on the board of a Ukrainian energy company if not for his vice presidential father.

During the exclusive interview with ABC News, aired on Tuesday morning, Biden was asked about his involvement with the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma, which is the driving factor behind House Democrats’ ongoing efforts to impeach President Trump.

“If your last name wasn’t Biden,” ABC anchor Amy Robach asked, “do you think you would’ve been asked to be on the board of Burisma?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know. Probably not,” Biden responded. “I don’t think that there’s a lot of things that would have happened in my life if my last name wasn’t Biden.”

The younger Biden has faced criticism that he was asked to be on the board despite a notable lack of experience in the energy industry. Biden responded to those claims elsewhere in the interview, where he pointed to his experience as a board member at Amtrak, the quasi-public American train company, among other ventures.

“I was vice chairman of the board of Amtrak for five years,” Biden said when Robach asked about his qualifications. “I was the chairman of the board of the U.N. World Food Program. I was a lawyer for Boies Schiller Flexner, one of the most prestigious law firms in the world.”

The former vice president’s son also took issue with the amount of public scrutiny aimed at his business endeavors when Robach brought up the $50,000 he made per month while working for Burisma.

“Look, I’m a private citizen; one thing that I don’t have to do is sit here and open my kimono as it relates to how much money I make or make or did or didn’t,” Biden said. “But it’s all been reported.”

Robach also asked the younger Biden whether or not he ever thought that taking the position at Burisma was a bad idea, given his father’s position.

“I’m a human, and you know what? Did I make a mistake? Well, maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah,” he said. “But did I make a mistake based upon some ethical lapse? Absolutely not.” (For more from the author of “Hunter Biden Admits He ‘Probably’ Wouldn’t Have Been on Burisma’s Board If Not for His Father” please click HERE)

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WATCH: Project Veritas Exposes CNN’s ‘Personal Vendetta’ Against Trump

CNN is one of the most visible and prolific anti-Trump networks out there. Over the weekend, James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas team announced that they were working on a series based on information brought to them by an insider at the network. It’s what you’d expect from staff and management that has become infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Most of the top hosts hate Trump. CNN president Jeffrey Zucker hates him as well. So, it’s not shocking that the animus leeches into the programming. Zucker is heard on calls, giving marching orders to focus on impeachment and ignore other stories. He rips Fox News for peddling conspiracy theories and pretty much being fake news, which is just rich coming from this network that’s perpetually in third place. Fox is king. They will never beat them. So, chalk up the trash talk as one coming from an executive that will never reach an audience like that at Fox News.

Other tidbits come from CNN’s floor manager, who described the aura of death that was in the air when Trump won the 2016 election while admitting that the network is partially to blame for Hillary’s loss with the non-stop coverage. Trump got around $2 billion in free media during the 2016 cycle. Floor Director Hiram Gonzalez is caught telling PV’s insider, “Between you and I, we created this monster and now we’re eating him full plate every single day. Media created the Trump monster.”

Meanwhile, CNN’s media coordinator admits that top hosts at the network, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and Chris Cuomo, either hate or strongly dislike the president. Again, no shocker there (via PV):

Cary Poarch, who works at CNN’s Washington D.C. Bureau, tells Project Veritas “I decided to wear a hidden camera…to expose the bias running rampant” at the network. Poarch documented CNN’s bias for months; recording undercover footage of numerous long-term employees, some of which talk about Jeff Zucker’s anti-Trump agenda. In the video are Nick Neville, Christian Sierra, Hiram Gonzalez, David Chalian, and Mike Brevna. These employee’s positions range from media coordinator to high-ranking executives. I decided to secretly record the 9:00am rundown call meetings with senior management and executives, says Poarch.

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WATCH: Female Trump Supporter Punched by Left-Wing Protester

On Friday, anti-Trump protesters became violent outside the rally venue for President Donald Trump in Minneapolis, assaulting at least one female Trump supporter walking out of the event.

In video captured by Alpha News MN, a young woman walking hand-in-hand with a young man in a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” hoodie was sucker-punched by a female anti-Trump protester.

“After the [Donald Trump] rally in Minneapolis, his supporters were attacked by left-wing extremists. An unprovoked assault on a woman was caught on camera by [Alpha News MN],” reported journalist Andy Ngo. “Mayor [Jacob Frey] defends charging Trump campaign $530k for public safety.” . . .

Before the same rally, a far-left protester spit on an older gentleman wearing a MAGA hat. The moment was caught on video by Vice News; the Trump supporter was mid-interview with the outlet when he was victimized.

“Dave Carlson, a salesman in Minnesota, was sharing why he donates to President Trump’s campaign when a protestor openly spat in his face and kept walking by,” reported Vice’s Elizabeth Landers. (Read more from “Watch: Female Trump Supporter Punched by Left-Wing Protester” HERE)

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FLASHBACK: Biden Previously Defended Another Instance Where His Son Benefited from His Political Career

For the last few weeks we have continually heard about Hunter Biden profiting off of his father, former Vice President Joe Biden’s, political connections. Hunter was being paid $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian gas company, despite having no natural energy experience, all while his dad was handling international relations with Ukraine on behalf of the Obama administration. . .

Back in 2008, Tom Brokaw grilled Joe Biden about Hunter being hired by MBNA, a credit card company based in Delaware, right out of law school. Biden had received campaign contributions from the company before and was even working on a bill MBNA backed.

“That’s a reference to your son being hired right out of law school by a big company here in Delaware that is in the credit card business, MBNA. He got about $100,000 a year, as I recall. You received $214,000 in campaign contributions from the company and from its employees,” Brokaw said. “At the same time, you were fighting for a bankruptcy bill that MBNA really wanted to get passed through the Senate, making it much tougher for everyone to file bankruptcy.”

“Senator Obama was opposed to the bill. Among other things you couldn’t, in fact, claim that you had a problem because of big medical bills. You voted against an amendment that would call for a warning on predatory lending. You also called for — you opposed efforts to strengthen the protection of people in bankruptcy,” Brokaw explained. “This has been an issue that you’ve heard about before. Your son was working for the company at the same time.” . . .

“Absolutely not. My son graduated from Yale Law School. The starting salary in Wall Street is $140,000 a year if you want to lawyer. Options he had,” Biden replied. “He came home to work for a bank. Surprise, surprise, number one.”

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WATCH: Some 2020 Democrats Think It Should Be Legal to Knowingly Give Someone HIV

Should it be a crime to knowingly expose someone to HIV without disclosing it?

Most sane people would say yes. But a widely panned Vox article published this week said that state laws making it a crime to not disclose your HIV status “have only increased stigma and abuse.” And apparently, many 2020 Democrats agree with this ludicrous, insane point of view.

This was a common theme at Thursday night’s CNN town hall focused on gay and transgender issues, sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign. Host Anderson Cooper, for example, called laws criminalizing HIV nondisclosure “antiquated” and based on “old science.” Presidential contender Pete Buttigieg agreed, saying, “It’s not fair and it needs to change.” And both on the CNN stage and in her new LGBT issues platform, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has endorsed decriminalizing HIV transmission as well.

Sen. Cory Booker has also signed on to this radicalism, explicitly agreeing that laws requiring disclosure of HIV status to sexual partners are “archaic” and have “no scientific basis,” calling for their complete repeal.

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WATCH: Gen. Mattis WARNS ISIS ‘Will Resurge’

On Sunday, ABC’s “This Week” played a Saturday-taped interview with former Secretary of Defense General James Mattis.

During the interview, host Chuck Todd asked Mattis about the ongoing situation with Turkey and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. Mattis asserted that “if we don’t keep the pressure on,” a reemergence of ISIS is “a given.”

MATTIS: Well, what we see is the continued reliance that we have on allies. The fight against ISIS was fought largely by the Syrian Democratic Forces. We have lost, during several years of fighting in Syria, for example, less than a dozen troops, each one a tragedy, but the Syrian Democratic Forces, primarily the Kurds, have lost well over 11,000 killed, over 23,000 wounded. So, you see how we are fighting this enemy, doing it in a way by, with, and through allies that spreads the load, so it’s not just the American people, the American taxpayer, the American troops carrying the full load.

TODD: Do you feel as if, are we still doing this fight now? Or have we just pulled back, and it’s now up to the Kurds on their own?

MATTIS: Well, it’s in a situation of disarray right now. Obviously, the Kurds are adapting to the Turkish attacks. And we’ll have to see if they’re able to maintain the fight against ISIS. It’s going to have an impact. The question is, how much?

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