Obama Admin Orchestrated The Arab Spring? (+video)

photo credit: ak rockefellerBy most accounts, the Arab Spring went horribly wrong. The democratic elections that swept away dictators—for the most part friendly to the United States—have produced Islamic totalitarian government.

Mohammed Morsi, president of Egypt, is probably the example par excellence. He quickly nullified the constitution, neutered the judiciary, shut down any media that was critical of his government—branded as critical of Allah—and set up a macabre torture chamber.

Barack Obama, who championed this Arab Spring and even helped the Arab Spring along by arming and supporting the Libyan “rebels” (who were for the most part linked to Al Qaeda), apparently didn’t see this coming.

But Barack Obama is only human. He didn’t envision, like many others, that the people throughout the Middle East and North Africa would elect totalitarian Islamists that would become the Unites States’ enemy, right?

Although it is odd that Obama has embraced Mohammed Morsi with open arms. Mohammed Morsi is part of an organization—the Muslim Brotherhood—that has vowed to destroy the United States.

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  • C-CS

    bho is a totalitarian islamist- who hates America–and is America’s enemy– so –

    of course he “envisioned” the same for the middle east and north africa!


  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Not O, but the PTB above him absolutely DID do exactly that, and USED O to orchestrate it, to hide behind!

  • knowsit

    Of course the developments in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria and yes Mali as well, were what Obama saw as great progress of his favorite religion, Islam.

    Just look at his great hesitation to intervene in Iran during the unrest after he came to power, which already was a radical Islamist society, but his initiation of revolutions wherever governments were not radically Islamist

    There can be no doubt, in an objective trial / Impeachment, Obama wouldbe found “Guilty of Treason against America”, and sentenced to death.

  • Marine68

    Obama was selected for the Job by People that needed to bridge the divide between Whites and Minorities for the advancement of a Totalitarian Agenda to succeed. The Bush family are in my mind part of that group, which might explain his silence and scarcity on the political and social scene in Washington; after all, his father signed us on to the Agenda 21 UN agreement that G.H.W. Bush called the New World Order, and was then enacted by Bill Clinton in 1993 renamed Sustainable development. Obama is indeed a Muslim, but he and all the Muslims are being manipulated by the Globalist Banksters of Europe, as those Europeans cannot convince the Islamics to abandon their Caliphate goals. They have made an alliance of enemies against their common enemy, the U.S.


    Crisis, chaos, confusion, control……Mao Tse Tung..

  • monti

    How could Americans be so nieve????? Obama is the enemy already insconced in the White House. One does not have to a rocket scientist to figure this out???? Come on America, this man may be the ladies Jock, but he its the epitamy of all evil. Don’t Americans get it? We do not know who this man is? He appeals to all our most young kids who want life handed to them on a platter….free!!!!! And that’s how he gets you to vote for him. Empty promises, that’s how dictators in Africa become dictators!!!! Get it….promise them the world and when you’ve voted for him…..you can get lost. Look at the Sandy victims…..Benghazi ? He wanted to have a good nights sleep so he could go and play in Vegas the next day. Come on America get with the program, impeach this bastard!!!!!

  • CSN

    I thought this from the beginning….Mr. Towel on the Head Hussein Obama….also has anyone heard of Janet Mefferd? She has a Radio Show. Look her up on the internet, she’s got some hair standing on end information about the number of Muslims which are entering the US in droves right now….think they’re going to take away our guns? Better get loaded and ready.

  • Dempseycoleman

    Obama was Awol because he wanted to wake up to a
    Hostage Situtation so he could save the Day by offering
    the Blind Sheik to save Stevens Life but when the
    Security Team acted aganst orders to Stand Down
    the Muslim’s thought they had been Double Crossed
    and Killed them All. That was supposed to be the October
    Supprise. Then they Conspired to do another Kidnapping
    that went wrong because instead of Consulting with Obama
    they took matters in their hand and Rescued who they could
    and Killed those who chose to fight dissrupting another chance
    for Obama to Appease the Muslim Brotherhood in getting the
    Blind Sheik back. This will continue till Obama succeds or gets

  • bychoice

    Oh yes, Obama did envision the Arab Spring and its consequences, because he started it with his speech in Cairo. Remember their well greased Social Network machine? That probably came into play, too. This take-over by the Muslim Brotherhood was well planned and swiftly executed. Now, if we could only start a similar “ouster” here in favor of our Constitution and our Values!