Seal Team 6 Press Conference: Obama at Fault, Muslim Cleric Prayed at Funeral, Damned Them to Hell (+videos)

The SEAL Team 6 families held an extraordinary press conference today, laying blame directly at the feet of the Obama administration for the service members’ deaths in 2011.

Larry Klayman, the attorney representing the Seal Team 6 families, stated that the dead SEALs were “victims of our political establishment who would rather protect radical Islamists than our own people.”

By way of background, the identity of Osama bin Laden’s killers, Seal Team 6, was classified but Obama and Biden publicized who they were, effectively painting a target on their backs.

They then went into battle with an inadequate helicopter, an inadequate pilot, and pathetic rules of engagement that generally required the soldiers to be fired on before firing back.

To add insult to injury, at their funeral, the Department of Defense had a Muslim cleric offer a prayer that apparently damned the heroic soldiers to hell as infidels, desecrating their memory.

What follows is a full, thirty minute video of the press conference. Included in it is an interview with General Jerry Boykin as well as an interview with Representative Gohmert.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video (not professionally edited, but worth the time to watch it), please take the time to review the short news clip below it.

Here’s the news clip of the press conference:

According to the Washington Times, a Pentagon spokesman responded to the press conference with this statement:

“First, I want to say that we share in the grief of all of the families who lost their loved ones. The loss of 38 U.S. and Afghan military personnel was a tragic loss during a difficult campaign. The 30 U.S. casualties represent the diversity and talent of America and its military; these warriors served in three services (Army, Navy, and Air Force), in special operations and conventional units, and represented Reserve and active-duty units from 20 states.”

  • Can there be anything more reprehensible, dispicable, and unAmerican? This is absolutely inexcusable to be done against American Patriots who gave their lives in service to our nation.

  • ThunderThor

    Dig Deeper on the do not fire unless fired upon. You shall find out that the definition of fired upon does not extend to human life in specific locations – only to military flight equipment.

    • falling321

      Do not fire does NOT extend only to those on flights! If an Afghan fires on you and drops his weapon and walks away, our guys can do nothing! If three Afghan men stand in the open with several women and children in front of them and fire on our men then drop their weapons and walk away, our men can do nothing. They cannot even return fire if they are in a residential neighborhood and can SEE the person firing on them if there is not a “safe” backstop for their bullets and there is ANY possibility that a stray bullet might enter a home! They are to avoid engaging in a firefight if at all possible if they are close to a residential area and that village might be engaging in sleep or a normal resting time!
      My son enlisted 72 hours after 9/11 and served almost 8 years and two deployments under Bush and if Bush called for him to deploy again, he would go in an instant. He has served four years and one deployment under Obama and it has been total chaos from almost day one! His deployment was a nightmare! It was the last year of Obama’s first term and was total chaos from the day he got his deployment papers to the day he left the base after his debriefing after returning home from Afghanistan! It is apparent that not only does Obama not understand the military, he has put people in high places that do not understand or even like our military men and women! Things are in absolute chaos and getting worse by the month! Quite frankly…America is in trouble! If jobs were any more plentiful, our military would be seeing desertions and resignations by the truckload! The ONLY thing keeping our military intact right now is the fact that many fear they will not be able to feed their family if they left their service! They are committing suicide and leaving their wife and children with those benefits, rather than leaving, being unable to find a job and letting their children go hungry…it is really that difficult for many of them to see the distruction being done to their beloved military right now!

  • CSN

    Impeachment proceedings should be underway much sooner than later.

    • falling321

      Do NOT call for his impeachment, call for his resignation! The House could Impeach him tomorrow, but it would require 60 votes in the Senate to remove him from office and that will NEVER happen. We do not need him impeached by the House and then left in office by the Senate to only come back strong and embraced as another left wing hero like Bill Clinton! He must be forced to resign and then slink away into the shadows, exposed for the corrupt man he is!

  • This Muslim cleric better have eyes behind his head.Does any body know his name?

  • James

    Well, hell would most likely be better than where the
    Muslims go. They are living now in places worst than hell.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    Do we have Rsss with enough spine to call this one out!!
    Don’t think so–
    As to the ‘brass’–they are just watching their A_ _ es!

    • falling321

      If you watch the whole thing, you will find that these brave parents went to everyone they could and got no help from either party. They are NOT partisan people…they are PARENTS who’s sons were murdered! The only ones in Congress who offered them aid were Allen West, Michelle Bachmann and one other, who’s name I forget. Marco Rubio only offered to speak to his buddy McCain, but the father said he did had already seen McCain and saw him as untrustworthy. Not one Democrat and no other Republican’s would touch it. They have the paper trail. They are not accusing this administration of setting their sons up for murder, but it is pretty obvious that someone high up within this administration is leaking information to the enemy. And that this has to be known all the way at the top and has not been stopped as it continues to happen.

  • For Impeachment

    The United State Muslim president should be IMPEACHED. He is a liar, traitor, despicable and should be in prison for high crimes and treason.

    • adcjr007

      Him and his whole scumbag administration need to be placed against the wall and given an overdose of the 2nd Amendment for the crimes against the People of The United States

    • falling321

      Demand his resignation instead. The House has the votes to impeach him, but it will take 60 votes in the Senate to remove him for office once he is impeached and that will NEVER happen. We do NOT need him impeached by the House and then allowed to remain in office by the Senate as he will just grow stronger and become another leftist hero like Bill Clinton! Expose his corruption, demand his resignation and let him slink off in shame and be forgotten! (or charged and jailed!!!!!)

      • CSN

        Nixon resigned before he was impeached….that would be the decent thing to do, but Clinton and Obama are from the same ilk and yes, they need to resign, but if they don’t resign during impeachment, they won’t resign any other way…just throw him in jail where he belongs.

  • gracentruth

    We Christians must repent and turn this nation back to God – only God can save us now. Peace,

  • Things like this are what definitely settle it in my mind that to be liberal and support Barack Obama and his administration is to be deaf, dumb and blind and to be consciously and deliberately on the side of evil. Yes, liberalism is not only a mental disorder but a failure of the human spirit. I have read bible prophecy since I was a very young man, but until recent years I have never so deeply understood what is meant by “strong delusion” and “made to believe a lie”. Now I know.

  • KrazyOldMan

    Spray the creep with pigs blood. He will never get to Paradise!

  • lizelot

    Can’t imagine why a Muslim cleric was invited to this funeral–it should logically have been off limits to Muslims. Why did this man accept, or was it exactly to denounce the dead? Did we ever invite Nazi’s or Japanese to our soldiers’ funerals in WW2? Why this incredibly insensitive “innovation”? Really, our society gets more bizarre by the day.

  • TexRancher

    Who is the individual who invited (ordered) this raghead to the seal team’s funeral? And WHY?
    The public should know this!

  • falling321

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LISTEN TO THESE PARENTS AND CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND DEMAND THEY GET ANSWERS!!!! These coffins were leaving Afghanistan and this is not the funeral. It is their hero’s send off in front of their home base in Afghanistan. Supposedly their bodies were all burned beyond recognition, so the 8 Afghans who were on the helicopter with them were returned to the US with them for DNA identification. But notice that the coffins are draped with both US and Afghan flags! Did eight of our brave hero’s leave Afghanistan draped in their enemies flag? If those bodies could not be identified, how did they decide who’s flag to put on who’s coffin? Why was only an Imam allowed to curse them and the base pastor was refused permission to offer a prayer when the families requested it? And since this incident, these parents have discovered that some of their sons DID survive the crash and there is video of them fighting. There is also messages saying that the Taliban were getting in place for WEEKS, from two day after Bin Laden’s death, waiting for this helicopter to come, ready to shoot it down…prepared to skin alive anyone who survived the crash! Were some of these men skinned alive? Is THIS why their parents were not allowed to see their remains? And why was the black box not recovered…the parents were told it was washed away in a flood…in Afghanistan? Please, this is a LONG tape, but PLEASE listen to it…this is important. These hero’s do so much for us. And now their parents, who have fought until they have no where else to turn, are turning to us. It is something so small we can finally do for them!