Send DC a Message

As we saw on Tuesday, the Republican establishment is doubling down to defeat conservative candidates across the country. This is not idle conjecture. Here’s what the liberal Washington Post had to say about Ken Cuccinelli’s defeat in Virginia:

“McAuliffe’s victory comes after a strange political season in which the sitting governor stayed on the sidelines, the lieutenant governor refused to endorse his own party’s candidate, and Dwight Schar, once the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, held a fundraiser at his McLean mansion for the Democratic candidate for governor, with Bill Clinton as his guest . . .

The Republican got no contributions from most of the major donors to McDonnell’s 2009 campaign. Some major GOP politicians also abandoned their party’s flagbearer, either sitting out the race or crossing the aisle to back McAuliffe.”

Further, it was reported that the Republican National Committee spent a mere $3 million in this vital swing state race versus the $9 million it invested in their favored establishment candidate in 2009. McAuliffe outspent Cuccinelli by $15 million to eek out his two percent victory on Tuesday.

Virginia will have massive implications in the 2016 presidential race, yet the establishment would rather see the Democrat win than support a true constitutional conservative.

Here in Alaska, my establishment opponents are raising big bucks with the backing of the permanent political class. “We the People” cannot let them squander yet another opportunity to save the country we love.

As 2014 approaches, the desperation of the establishment becomes more and more pronounced. The Washington pundits, and the crony capitalists who prop them up, know the jig is up.

That is exactly why they have stepped up their efforts to demonize ordinary Americans who seek to take ownership of their own government, and any politician who has the temerity to represent the interests of the individual citizen.

And never was there a more willing accomplice to the subversion of America than the institutionalized establishment media!

From Washington DC to Juneau, from the White House to Wall Street, from the halls of Congress to the K Street special interest lobbies that pay-to-play – America is broken!

Despite the fact that the country is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the institutions of civil society are being systematically dismantled, the economy is in disarray, and America’s standing in the world is greatly diminished, the permanent political class that got us into this mess continues to insist that we just trust them.

Well, common sense tells us that we simply cannot. Not if we would save our country. Not if we would preserve our liberty. Not if we would restore prosperity.

When the President of the United States compares us to suicide bombers and hostage takers, when the Senate Majority Leader and his minions call us “anarchists” and “knuckleheads,” when those in our own party refer to us as “wacko birds,” “extremists,” “absolutists,” and yes, “freaking retards” – there is little doubt that they are desperate.

And why all the incendiary rhetoric? We believe that the Constitution should be taken seriously, that the size and scope of government should be limited, that we should balance the budget and live within our means, that the Bill of Rights actually means that we have a reasonable expectation of free speech, the right to keep and bear arms, privacy, protection against unlawful search and seizure, habeas corpus, and the freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience.

There is nothing the establishment fears more than ordinary Americans taking ownership of their own government.

If you are ready to take back your government, help me take your message of reform to Washington. I cannot do it without you.

The Obama Administration’s fears have become so pronounced that it now seeks to turn our military men and women on the people.

Why else would military officials describe veterans and Christians and common folks who pledge allegiance to the Constitution as a threat to national security?

Further, why would the Department of Homeland Security stockpile weapons and ammunition while identifying patriotic and peaceful American citizens as the objects of their fear?

All this has created an environment of fear and suspicion and mistrust. That is not what America is about. Something is profoundly wrong when American citizens have reason to fear their government.

Thomas Jefferson was right: “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

If the Washington establishment were acting in good faith, there would be no reason for these extraordinary moves. And if the politicians who have gone along were acting on our behalf, there would be no reason for them to loathe the people to whom they are accountable.

It’s time to send new leadership to Washington who will represent the people of Alaska, not the K Street lobbyists, crony capitalists, and permanent political class. We need Alaskan leadership who will join reformers like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul to effect real change.

That’s why I have filed for US Senate. But I need your help today.

Washington DC isn’t listening to the people, but together we can make them listen!

Thanks for your friendship and support.

In Liberty,