FBI Counterterror Agent Just Exposed a Disturbing Truth About ‘Vast Majority’ of US Mosques

John Guandolo, former FBI counter-terrorism special agent, author of Raising a Jihadi Generation, and site administrator of UnderstandingTheThreat, is making some shocking claims about who is actually advising the White House and senior leaders in the federal government on matters of national security.

Brietbart News Daily interviewed Guandolo on Friday. Guandolo reportedly told Breitbart that the “Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)—the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization here— is a Hamas funding entity.”

He said that the ISNA collaborates with the secretary of state and the National Security Administration, and briefs the FBI and CIA. ISNA’s former president, Mohamed Magid, works “very closely with the White House and sits on the Homeland Security Advisory Committee with a secret clearance.”

While he was an agent, Guandolo “came to understand very deeply the massive jihadi network we have in the United States” and learned that “the leaders of the Islamic organizations… were actually interfacing with government leaders and advising them with how to proceed in the war on terror, as it was called.”

In addition to advising senior members of the WH, the CIA, and the NSA, according to Guandolo, the Muslim Brotherhood maintains a financial institution here in the U.S. called the North American Islamic Trust. Guandolo states that of the over 2200 Islamic centers and mosques in the U.S., property records show that the North American Islamic Trust owns or holds the deeds to 75 percent of them.

He reported that the San Bernardino terrorists attended the Islamic Center of Riverside, a Muslim Brotherhood location. He said that other terrorists were linked to radical Islamic centers that are operated by the Muslim Brotherhood as well. (Read more from “FBI Counterterror Agent Just Exposed a Disturbing Truth About ‘Vast Majority’ of US Mosques” HERE)

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