Video: “If We Stay Together They Cannot Defeat Us”

Have conservatives failed because we have not been compassionate enough, we’ve been too hard core? On abortion and the traditional family, too uncompromising? On the fiscal side, too stingy? This is a growing theme among the RINO establishment.

Absolutely not! We didn’t fail because weren’t compassionate or soft enough. We failed because we offered no real choice to the US electorate.

So how do you motivate the base with a candidate who fails to fight and offer sufficient contrast to the electorate? Obviously, when there’s not enough difference, they stay home just as I predicted earlier this year during an interview with John King. Turn out is not just a function of GOTV, it’s a natural response to an inspiring, principled leader. And a leader who has solutions sufficiently different from the status quo.

So what kind of differences? How about getting back to the constitutional role of states:

This is not an easy fight; it will take extraordinary sacrifice and servant leadership. But if you love your country and wish a secure future for your children, you can’t give up.

And keep faith – there are millions of Americans whose first allegiance is to the Constitution. If we stay together, they cannot defeat us.

  • We as Coservative must hold strong to our core values and the Constitution and we can never be defeated. We need to become more aggresive and passionet

  • subee7

    Step number 1 GET JOHN BOEHNER OUT. HE IS going for all of Obama’s mess. HE is not holding to the Conservative core or the Republican core….put a fighter in and get him out, he is no better than Pelosi

  • sara

    I will never forget a speech MOOCHELLE gave after his first election.
    she said “Americans have to learn to change their history”
    How in the hell do you change history? How dumb is she????

    • George Orwell said the same thing in his novel 1984. Winston’s job was to rewrite history to conceal Big Brother’s mistakes. History never was, if it disagrees with Dear Leader.

  • m123s

    Great video J.M. Our Founders, and Fighters in the American Revolution did not have the #s on their side; They had Something else – which Conservitives must stand, and build on. I agree with you on the Rinos. While Repubs debate abortion, We have forgotten the parents = Two parents and the doctor, Vs. the state. State sponsored abortion financed by China should stop immediately.We can not compete with the Unfederal Reserves,I.R.S.,FDR/LBJ new deal system, and the old stream media = which is combined and morphed into one “System”. We the People must stand with the Word of God [YHVH], and with the U.S.Constitution; if it is Not there, reject it, period. The People that support Obama recognize His voice; they are in trouble – We can help.

  • JRC

    Our problem is we haven’t been conservative enough. If we would simply stick to our core values we would see much greater success. But we continue to capitulate and allow the left and those in the media to compromise our values. We compromise on core values, on candidates, on issues and it becomes obvious that we don’t even believe what we’re saying.

  • CSN

    Joe Miller for President…if Alaska secedes from the Union, I’ll move to Alaska and we’ll vote in Joe Miller for President.

  • gracentruth

    Alaska, secede from the current bankrupt country, form our own nation with God as our leader. Peace,

  • con_c_kwense

    With respect…the obamafools on display during AND after the voting…had/have NO idea what “policies” “positions” or whatever either Mitt Romney OR hussein had offered – to this day, 5 years hence, obama has never offered “policy”anyway, just empty platitudes – no, I contend that they voted for obama strictly because of their irrational, almost psychotic, hatred of anything Republican or American.
    Our country will never recover until these morons have to actually EXPERIENCE what it is they’ve unleashed on the world.
    I say let us “stand down” and let the cretins have at it, let them eat each other alive when “other peoples money” runs out, and then, as always, the real Americans will step in, pick up the pieces, put the country back together again and…..wait for the same thing to happen all over again…

    • ginger

      Most of the people who voted for obama know next to nothing ….and certainly nothing about our Constitution or our government…and those were just the college students. You can imagine the rest of the Idol them it it just one huge popularity contest and the one who most appeals to the “gimmes” wins.

      • Chuck

        Three million Republicans did not vote! Democrats picked up another three seats in the Senate assuring there long term control and no removal of our dictator.

        • ginger

          and they will be the first ones to complain about everything.

  • Trojan1980

    Sorry Joe. Fundamentally wrong. We can be Constituentalists but we must be inclusive. We HAVE a changing electorate. Look at the battleground states in play. 40 states were essentially decided before the election began. Since I am a moderate Republican who lives in CA, I must be a RINO to you. You do not want to exclude people like me. If you do, you will make Barry Goldwater look rich with electoral votes. You are patently wrong. We need to be more inclusive, have a better ground game and make ourselves more competitive nationally in 40 states. Get off the far right kick.

    • CSN

      What do you want us to include? Abortionists, Abortifacients, Freaks, Transsexuals, Transgenders and other mentally disabled people? We didn’t lose by that much, and no one is projecting how many write-ins for Ron Paul existed, and how many wouldn’t vote because they dissed the Delegates at the Republican Convention in Tampa….they literally cut off their noses to spite their own faces….I say start a Third Party….THE TEA PARTY….or forget it.

    • con_c_kwense

      Sorry Trojan1980. Fundamentally wrong. First, this “election” might have been decided before it began, but not for the reasons you delude yourself with, but because it was fixed – from media propaganda, to “losing” military ballots, to repression of news (Benghazi, Petraeus, absolute incompetence in the after-math of Sandy etc. etc. etc.) to out-right felonious vote-tampering, it was fixed.
      How much more “inclusive” do you want us to be?
      Conservatives/Republicans/Americans have been supporting the “democrat dead-beats, deviants, derelicts, dopers and deserters” for over 60 years – if only I could get a refund on my own personal “inclusive” “donations” (confiscations!) taxes paid to “include” the poor, black, under privileged etc., I wouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck today – if you’ve been around long enough you should remember how we were ASSURED that “if the producers (the
      workers) would just support the lay-abouts for a few years the
      lay-abouts would realize (a) that the producers really do care (b) they would want to JOIN the producers and become worth-while participants in the American dream etc. blah, blah, blah.
      Well, how’s that working out for ya’?
      Most NORMAL people knew instinctively that this BS was NOT going to have the utopian effect that the wizards of social-engineering said it would…and today we can see that those very same affirmative-action, race quota, social-security-recipients are displaying THEIR contempt and disdain for OUR “inclusiveness” our “compassion” our “giving”.
      The “ground game” to which you refer, do you mean the “game” of being honest and truthful to the electorate, which is the “game ” that R&R decided to play., OR do we resort to the “successful” “ground game” of the democrats – lying about who we are, what our agenda is, what we truly believe and promising endless, unearned goodies – as obama has done for the past 5 years?
      We have had a “changing” electorate, as you say, since the founding of the country – but with each “change” there was one constant, the WHOLE electorate was motivated by LOVE OF
      COUNTRY and the rewarding of excellence…till LBJ…perhaps you know the rest, if not, you need to get up to speed.
      I don’t believe you’re a “moderate” Republican, you very well may be a RINO, but if you were honest with us and yourself, you would admit that you’re a dyed-in-the-wool democrat.
      At this point in time in this country, UNLESS the true AMERICAN patriots/conservatives – whatever you want to call them – throw off ALL socialist/progressive/democrat/COMMUNISTIC influences and run on our CORE beliefs – which by the way are not just “beliefs”, true conservatism is “the NATURAL way of the universe” – our country WILL cease to exist.

  • Mark W

    I agree that we can’t out pander the Democrats. Their key constituencies simply want stuff. However, I think the concepts of traditional American free enterprise, personal freedom and responsibility, honor and constitutional government are worth fighting for and will win in general elections. I favor states rights. However, we just lost two Senate seats because of over the top statements on abortion. In sports terms these were unforced errors. Why is it that, instead of effectively attacking the left for their grotesque positions on abortion, two experienced politicians managed to somehow have the Republican party (by inference) defined as the party of rape. Also, I’m sort of at a loss as to just what a RINO is. Would that be someone who wants to elect at least some Republicans in blue states. Joe, I live in Georgia and contributed to your campaign. You were well spoken and but failed to get elected in a place like Alaska. I was mystified. Imagine though, trying to get elected in CA or PA. People are simply not going to get worked up about, for instance, gay marriage; but they’ll still respond to the principles stated above.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    The Black Regiment ( Black Robed Pastors who signed the Declaration) come to mind-

    Peter Muhlenberg-Lutheran Pastor and then military officer at the behest of Gen. George Washington – is one great example of the mine-set- “Now is the time to fight!”

    Your take is Right ON! JM-

  • dunc

    self reliance ,personal responsibility,individualism vs collectivism inside the greater good long view ?? keep drugs sex and rock and roll out of the dialogue !! stick with fundamental principles of liberty!! you’ll obliterate these caustic counter intuitive progressives/collectivists/ P C. out every time.

  • Lizelot

    Hmmm, this is the easy way out, isn’t it: blame the prophet. Actually, WE failed, the ones who stayed home even though all the signs are there that this country is headed the wrong way. APATHY, that’s the real problem. Those who insisted “OUr way or get lost,” and we did lose, didn’t we? What triumph. Thanks guys, you’re so principled. Greed, envy, and selfishness are the problem, as well as an overwhelming flood of immigrants, legal and illegal, whose cultures have nothing in common with the original European Judo-Christian settlers, hard workers, and innovators. Why would these recent immigrants of wildly different background care about our Constitution, that they hardly understand because it’s in English, a language they no longer need to speak or read? Especially when “professors” declare it old-fashioned and out-dated? Still baffled? Still looking for solutions?

  • ginger

    Great comments and exactly what needs to happen….WE THE PEOPLE must step up and take our government back and make sure that those we send to Washington realize that they work FOR US. Same for the State and local governments.

  • It seems only Lt.Col. Allen West has the moxie to open the can of worms no Republican wants to recognize exists. The electronic voting machine is a delicious plum for anyone who wants to program it. Is space-age technology good enough to program and ‘tweek’ voting machines electronically from, say, a satelite operation controlled as far away as Spain? Obama did not win this presidency. It was rigged, like Palm Beach county that put the “duh” in Florida. God help us all in 18 months when the next divine prophesy plays out.

  • As conservatives we must continue to fight for our country, If our fellow Americans can;t get the truth from the liberal lying media, Then it is up to us to educate them about Obama and his plans for America. We can do this by talking to anyone who will listen, Give them information about the different Tea Party groups and their Web addresses and invite them to research these things for themselves. We must develop more support for our efforts, we must defeat Obama’s lies with the truth, and we need to start right now.

  • All too many have their priorities our of order….FIRST get back to God as in 2 Chronicles 7:14. If we are sincere enough to meet His standards He will help us in healing this nation. Maybe the people have just gone to far..maybe not. Heed the message in the scripture noted above

  • Toschano

    Forget moderation…we are these crossroads because we “moderated ” ourselves into it. Why is it that “moderation” and “compromise always has to be to the left? The left can stand for their principles but we, as conservatives, can’t? Maybe it is time the Constitutionalists,and Tea Partyiers to come together to form a 3rd party. Supposedly, we are a nation of laws, but it seems that this administration only uses the laws for its own ends and doesn’t enforce the laws that protect people, the law abiders.
    Immigration…the term itself is a laugh. Invasion is more like it. American immigrants, Asian, Hispanic, Europeans, and others have all come to this country under immigration LAWS…and are welcomed. ILLEGAl border crossers are law breakers and there are laws to deal with them, WHEN the politicians feel it is advantageous to do so…both Democrat and Republican. Same animal, different saddle. The illegals have developed foundations here because government and business ignored the problem. On a national scale, these intruders have, figuratively speaking, entered your house without being invited or the door opened for them; have seated themselves at your table; have gotten themselves on your medical plan and now want the keys to the house!! It is the house and the senate who should be criminally charged for conspiring to obstuct enforcing the laws. When it comes to the families of the illegals I’ve been of the mind that the parents were responsible for their children. They were aware of the dangers when they decided to inflict their law breaking actions on their children. Look at it this way…if the parents were bank robbers, didn’t get caught for years and finally when they were and convicted; did their children get to keep the loot? LOL! Essentially that is what we are doing.
    There is a legal precedent to this also…if a profit was generated with funds, or action, which was initally illegal then all profit from that initiation, directly and indirectly, is illegal. Their first action of illegality was breaking our immigration laws. Everything beyond that which was generated, cash, property, status is illegal gains and can be confiscated.
    This country hasn’t seen the “right” for decades! We are on a downhill slide to a very dark future unless we wake up and become the “owners ” of our country instead of the subjects of our politicians. They were supposed to serve us, remember? Not the other way around.

  • Vincent

    Good word, Joe. It’s time to unite under our founding principles, and take this thing back. Ronald Reagan proved that conservatism is the path to order, economic prosperity, and a secure future. But it all starts with our motto: “In God we trust!”
    It’s truly baffling that unalienable Rights are so hard for our contemporaries to understand. What good is the Right to Liberty, or the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness, if the Right to Life itself isn’t sacrosanct? The divisive “I’m a fiscal conservative, not a social conservative” charade needs to end. First off, I’ve met scores of people who makes such claims, maybe one or two were actually fiscally conservative. And second, what’s wrong with being inclusive – “I’m an all of the above conservative?”

  • Harold

    Caving to the rino’s and Obama is the stupidist thing I have ever heard.

  • Chuck

    Too late, the socialists are now the majority.

  • Lizelot

    Granted, an inspiring candidate should help. But in what way exactly did Obama’s satellites found him inspiring? Class envy? Race baiting? Scaremongering? Offering more hand-outs? Cutting down any uppity ones, s.a. successful entrepeneurs? If so, how to counter those inspiring ideas?

    It was simply a hopelessly muddled election for conservatives: 1st. too many candidates cutting each other to shreds, eagerly assisted by openly biased “moderators.” 2d. ill-considered comments by Romney “mouths,” that he failed to blast away (maybe bec. they were women & off limits?). 3d. Inexplicable last minute “taming” of a red-hot Romney, again assisted by sm misnamed moderators. 4th Christie fullsomely praising Obama for finally doing what he is paid to do, openly stabbing his teammate in the back. 5th. “principled” non-Romney’s staying home & feeling smug.

    And, of course all those vile, distorting ads never questioned by the media didn’t help either–red herrings that worked as intended.

    The main problems are our voting system that favors ignorance & gullibility over reasoned decision making, and those who make it their business to exploit that loophole. How to address that, pray?