Franklin Graham: Muslims Who ‘Want to Practice Sharia Law’ Should ‘Go Back Where You Came From’

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

“We should be afraid of sharia law” in America, and Muslims here who want to practice sharia should go back to where they came from, “to those nations that recognize sharia law,” said Rev. Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

In a recent interview with the Charlotte Observer, Graham was asked, “Some say you demonize Islam, and Christians in this country have opposed building a mosque or are worried about Sharia law. Isn’t it –”

Graham, who oversees the international Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse, said, “We should be afraid of Sharia law. We should be absolutely afraid of it. No question about it, because there’s no tolerance in Sharia law. It persecutes those that do not believe in Islam.”

“And I would say to Muslims in this country, if they want to practice Sharia law, go back to where you came from, to those nations that recognize sharia law,” said Graham. “But we have our own laws here.”

Sharia law is the law of Islam, governing public life as well as private life. “Also meaning ‘path’ in Arabic, sharia guides all aspects of Muslim life, including daily routines, familial and religious obligations, and financial dealings,” states a backgrounder on sharia published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). “Marriage and divorce are the most significant aspects of sharia, but criminal law is the most controversial.”

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  • xltc5

    Of course the CFR would not want Sharia law…Muslims would behead those bastards right behind gays and the media. The biggest threat to America is the media and Congress.

    • James

      Are you saying that there is a few good points in the Muslims? I might agree with that.

    • Linda

      You left out one the greatest threat, obummer.

  • James

    In spite of the few good parts of Muslim Law, we have our
    own laws and culture and those wanting to live in this country have to abide by
    our laws and culture. If you want to change our ways to your old ways why did
    you leave your country? We do not want
    to be like you, and if you do not want to be like us get the hell out. Diversity is not a good thing regardless of
    what the liberals tell you.

    • Linda

      Well said!

  • Russ

    there is no good in muslim law. those who think there is are zero information voters. when did beheadings, mutilations, and car bombings become good by any means? for those that want it go where they have as Mr. Graham stated. all you have to do is watch even lame street tv news and see what these ass’s are all about. for those that might not like what I said here, well I don’t give a rat’s, well you know.

  • brabbie2002

    Damn Straight. Go back to the sandbox from whence you came and don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out! And you can practice your sharia law over there. But NOT in America!

    • Linda

      AMEN !!

    • pineapple

      Japan will not allow Muslims to immigrate there. I wonder why.

  • dharris23451

    I want to be tolerant of all religions, but religion is personal not public. Muslims who come to our (once) great nation must live by our laws or leave. If you want to practice Islam privately/personally then fine, but don’t impose that crap on America!

    • pineapple

      Look what’s happening in France, a Muslim takeover.

      • dharris23451

        yes – and it happened slowly … it’s how true bullies work, do a little bit at a time so no one really notices until it’s too late.

        • Toni Welnhofer

          yea, red flag im feeling is all these train derailments? Just seems like too many are happening, more so than ever.

  • Linda

    islam is a religion from hell. The founder muhammad was a demon possessed man. Have NO Doubt, allah IS NOT the same God that the Christians & Jews worship. Our God, Jehovah, is LOVE. allah is a god of hate.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    If you come to mric obey our laws not your laws.

  • bigdog137

    About time SOMEONE spoke the truth on this subject! This country is supposed to be a MELTING POT, where newcomers assimilate themselves into OUR culture. If they want to keep their customs, language, culture, then go where that’s prevalent, or GO HOME!

  • Stealth

    Those who are Muslims and practice Islam…are TOLD/TAUGHT to ‘lie’ to protect ‘the faith’… I remember when not long after 911 happened, A Muslim gas station/convenience mart owner ( try owning ANYthing in THEIR country! ) handed me a thick pamphlet denoting ‘how Islam and Christianity’ are ‘so close’…and how they belived in ‘JESUS the PROPHET’ etc.. He didn’t like it when I pointed out that Jesus did NOT say ( I am a ‘prophet’…but rather “I am the Son of God, made man”…
    I stopped doing business there..

  • 1LTLos

    Ah so Shariah means “path?” Stay here much longer and the only path these sand #)@@*!s will experience is the path of lead projectiles

  • liberty49

    I am glad to see that Franklin Graham gets it! We have our own laws and we should not be expected to change our laws to accommodate their perverse bigotry.

  • kelly

    In a televised christmas message on january 7 2008 Putin said: “The russian orthodox church contributes to the promotion of moral values in society. One should not completely draw a line between the culture and the church. Of course by law in our country the church is separate from the state. But in the soul and the history of our people it’s all together. It always has been and always will be.”-Here

    Russia is a debt free nation fused with strong christian ethics which is why they must now be demonized so you do not hear anything but what the money changers want you to hear.
    Start researching “The history of Money” and our central bank. Why does no president stand up and insist we know “Who Controlls The Central Bank”? Has that been made a crime? I did the search. I saw the anti christ in Jesus day. I saw where we are today. When I asked for help denying what I found, I was simply told “the answer is in the bible”. Simple. As for russia and the ukraine search for Bolshevik movement in russia and the “ukraine Holodomor” which is a form of Holocaust. Remember communist trotsky fled to the usa. You will gain a different perspective on the ukraine situation. It all comes back to- it is in the bible.
    Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, took to the pages of Decision magazine to extol the virtues of Vladimir Putin. No, not for his annexation of Crimea. The endorsement is for Putin’s crackdown on gay activists, which incited outrage among Western countries. Graham writes, “In my opinion, Putin is right on these issues. Obviously, he may be wrong about many things, but he has taken a stand to protect his nation’s children from the damaging effects of any gay and lesbian agenda.” In fact, Graham believes that as a result, the U.S. has ceded the moral high ground it held during the Cold War. He also writes that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, “have turned their backs on God and His standards.

  • Mindy Robinson

    Yes homosexuality is a grave sin , none will convince most Americans otherwise, here is the difference between a Christian and Islam, Christians don’t hang nor do they want to hang homosexuals. The interviewer attempts to compare evil to good. Ask Mariam , ask her why she has been sentenced to hang after being flogged 100 times, ask her husband, look upon the faces of a newborn and a 20 month old boy, then attempt compare God to the evil of Islam. To the interviewer, are you insane or just sub human?