Al Gore Calls Global Warming Skeptics “Immoral, Unethical And Despicable”

Photo Credit: WND

Photo Credit: WND

Al Gore, known for wild rants about global warming, including one where his foul language earned him the description “mentally unstable,” is at it again.

Only this time he’s complaining about those who put up “barriers” to his agenda that critics say includes cracking down on carbon emissions, buying and selling credits for that activity and putting the American coal industry out of business.

“The ‘barriers’ to doing something about climate change are business and political interests that profit off of fossil fuels – ‘dirty energy that causes dirty weather,’” he said, according to an online report about a recent speech he made.

“He compared fake science from polluters stating that humans are not to blame for the climate to tobacco companies that used to hire actors to play doctors who denied cigarettes were dangerous,” the report said.

“That’s immoral, unethical and despicable,” he said of both.

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