Is Hillary Too Big to Jail?

…Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “voluntarily” attended a meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to go over her use of a private email server while Secretary of State. She was accompanied by five lawyers according to The New York Times.

The interview with Clinton is reportedly the last step in the FBI’s investigation. On Friday Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that she would accept the FBI’s recommendations in the case.

Here is how the Times summarized the meeting:

The interview, which lasted about three and a half hours at F.B.I. Headquarters in Washington, largely focused on the Justice Department’s central question of whether Mrs. Clinton’s actions met the legal standard for handling classified information. Shortly after the meeting, two black S.U.V.s were seen returning to Mrs. Clinton’s house in the capital. The appointment had been weeks in the making as both law enforcement and Mrs. Clinton’s team coordinated their schedules.

Accompanying Mrs. Clinton were her lawyer David E. Kendall; Cheryl D. Mills and Heather Samuelson, longtime aides who are also lawyers; and two lawyers from Mr. Kendall’s firm, Williams & Connolly, Katherine Turner and Amy Saharia.

Eight officials from the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice conducted the interview, according to a person who was familiar with the substance of the session but who declined to be named because the meeting was private. This person characterized the meeting as “civil” and “businesslike.” Neither the campaign nor the F.B.I. would elaborate on it.

Earlier in the week Attorney General Lynch came under heavy scrutiny, and rightfully so, for meeting privately on her plane with former President Bill Clinton. This meeting was widely seen as being improper at the least and led many to ask if the fix was in. Is Hillary too big to jail?

Clinton herself, in a debate, said earlier this year that there should be “no individual too powerful to jail.” Was she also talking about herself?

Is Hillary too powerful or too big to jail? If ABC News reporting is correct, we’ll know before the Republican National Convention, as the FBI is planning on announcing their recommendations before it begins. (For more from the author of “Is Hillary Too Big to Jail?” please click HERE)

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