Canceled Seattle Flight Costs Alaskan Chance at Heart Transplant

An Alaska man in need of a heart transplant had to give up his opportunity to receive the life-saving organ to another patient when travel chaos from the US winter storm over Christmas prevented him from flying to the procedure in time.

Patrick Holland, a 56-year-old father of seven battling congestive heart failure, received the potentially life-altering call from the University of Washington Medical Center on Dec. 22 that a heart was becoming available. . .

Holland, who is from Fairbanks, Alaska, was given an 8-hour window to fly to Seattle for the procedure so he immediately booked an overnight flight and rushed to the airport.

But when he got there, he learned it was canceled amid the ferocious storm last week that battered most of the country. . .

Soon after he got the call that the hospital was going to give the heart to somebody else. (Read more from “Canceled Seattle Flight Costs Alaskan Chance at Heart Transplant” HERE)

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