South African Man Given U.S. Citizenship After Allegedly Murdering Alaskan Women

A South African man was able to become a naturalized American citizen weeks after allegedly murdering two native Alaskan women, Breitbart News has learned.

Brian Smith, a 48-year-old native of South Africa, was indicted in October for the murders of 30-year-old Kathleen Henry and 52-year-old Veronica Abouchuk in Anchorage, Alaska, in separate incidents. Henry was allegedly strangled to death, while Abouchuk was allegedly shot and killed. . .

Smith, the law enforcement official confirmed, was able to become a naturalized American citizen weeks after he had already allegedly murdered Henry in a hotel room and potentially months to a year after allegedly murdering Abouchuk. At the time of his naturalization in September, Smith had not been identified by police as a murder suspect.

In the case of Henry’s murder, which has become known as the “Memory Card Killing,” Smith allegedly recorded the torture and murder of the native Alaskan woman on September 4. In early October, a woman found the SD memory card on a street with the title “homicide at midtown Marriott,” which allegedly depicts Smith strangling and murdering Henry. (Read more from “South African Man Given U.S. Citizenship After Allegedly Murdering Alaskan Women” HERE)

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Deserted Alaska Child, 5, Carries Toddler Half a Mile in Below-Freezing Temps in Socks, Light Clothes

A 5-year-old child in a remote Alaska village carried a toddler half a mile to a neighbor’s house in the bitter cold after he was left home alone, police said Friday.

The young child was frightened after the power went out at the home, so wearing only socks and light clothing, he picked up the baby and carried it through temperatures that dipped 31 degrees below zero in the village of Venetie, Alaska, according to state troopers.

Both children suffered cold-weather injuries, according to an Alaska Department of Safety release.

Julie Peter, 37, left the 5-year-old and 18-month-old home alone and has been arrested on suspicion of endangering a minor. Her relationship to the children is not yet known. (Read more from “Deserted Alaska Child, 5, Carries Toddler Half a Mile in Below-Freezing Temps in Socks, Light Clothes” HERE)

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Accused Serial Rapist Released on $10k Bond in Alaska, Then Arraigned for 9th Rape

We’re accustomed to seeing violent criminals released on little or no bond in New York, Chicago, and California, but evidently, this jailbreak is occurring even in Alaska. The cases seem to get worse as time goes on, as political momentum among the judges and politicians tilts even further to the criminals. Such is the case of Kayshawn Dyett.

In May 2018, Dyett was arrested for first-degree rape after two women independently accused him of rape on the same day in April. In what has become a growing jailbreak epidemic in all 50 states, Dyett was released on just $5,000 bond in July of that year, even though police believed there were more victims. He was placed under house arrest with an ankle monitor, but these monitors have been proven unreliable in deterring violent criminals.

Shortly after his release, six more women came forward with similar rape accusations, and Dyett was indicted on a total of 12 rape charges against eight women. According to KTVA, “Some of Dyett’s accusers testified at a bail hearing, imploring the court to keep Dyett in custody, fearing for their safety and the safety of others.” Under normal circumstances, a man like this would be held without bail or on over $1 million cash bail, yet prosecutors only asked for $100,000. The defense attorney accused the women of being part of the #MeToo exploitation and implored the judge to keep the bail at $5,000. Anchorage Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby set Dyett free on just $10,000 bail. He even allowed Dyett to stay out of jail for two additional weeks so he could come up with the paltry sum, ultimately enabling him to remain out on the streets for an entire additional year, despite the indictments for eight separate rapes.

As KTVA reports, according to court documents, Dyett violated the terms of his bail twice in recent months, including the second time last month when he met the ninth alleged victim.

A different judge, Michael Wolverton, responded in September by increasing his bail … by $1,000. Dyett easily paid the sum. 15 days later, on October 10, 2019, Dyett is accused of raping and strangling a ninth victim in a manner consistent with the other cases.

At last Thursday’s arraignment, Judge Patrick McKay set the new cash bail at $500,000, which is still historically low for one accused of such heinous crimes.

As I chronicled in my profile of New York’s abolish-bail policies, the problem with releasing dangerous criminals pretrial, often for years, is not just the fact that it provides them with more opportunities to victimize and commit more crimes. It makes it hard to convict them for the first crime(s), because a successful conviction hinges upon testimony from victims and witnesses. They are scared enough to come forward even with the criminal locked up. Imagine this man out on the streets with the rape victims knowing that they are targets with no protection. Sadly, this is done by design – it’s a feature, not a bug, of the “bail reform” agenda – for the purpose of reducing the prison population at all costs.

It’s a demonstratable lie that the move to reduce jail time pretrial and prison time post-conviction is only for “first-time, non-violent, low-level” criminals. This “reform” is applied to the worst criminals and repeat offenders imaginable, including accused serial rapists like Dyett. And no, ankle monitors are not the answer, especially as local police departments have an increasing caseload of so many violent prisoners to monitor – both pretrial bond offenders and post-conviction offenders who get placed on probation instead of serving more time. In Chicago, for example, there are only 100 cops to watch over the parole of 2,000 mainly violent felons.

Just last week, in Washington County, Oregon, a man charged with 18 brutal child sex offenses who was let out on bail cut off his ankle monitor and remains at large. Josiah Rosales, 29, was arrested on numerous rape charges against children in July, but was only required to post 10 percent of his $1.25 million bail in September, after which he was released with a GPS-tracking ankle monitor.

Yet leftist Democrats and Republicans in almost every state think not enough criminals are let out. Harris County, Texas, is in the process of getting rid of cash bail for most people arrested, including for violating protective orders and assault.

At a hearing this Monday in Harris County on the issue of abolishing bail for all misdemeanors, Houston Police Officers’ Union attorney Mary Nan Huffman used the example of a woman who found a man who was stalking her outside her home window holding a knife in one hand and his genitals in the other while starring at her. That sounds pretty scary, but under the plan to abolish bail, this man would be released after being booked. Huffman said, “Without a bond hearing, no one would know his criminal history, how he’s committed rapes and been in and out of prison.”

There is further concern from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that such policies will lead to the release of criminal aliens before ICE is able to apprehend them. This is already happening in the blue states, in one of the many ways that jailbreak merges with sanctuary policies to create one massive public safety nightmare.

This movement to dismantle criminal justice with no regard for public safety and victims of crime is sickening, but it’s quietly gaining steam without the public even being aware of it. President Trump is the only one who has the megaphone to stop it in its tracks. He’s already given the “abolish prison” crowd a victory with the ridiculous First Step Act. Now it’s time for him to fulfill his promise to be tough on crime and actually begin fighting back against the jailbreak movement. (For more from the author of “Accused Serial Rapist Released on $10k Bond In Alaska, Then Arraigned for 9th Rape” please click HERE)

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Mike Dunleavy on Leftist Special Interests Pushing Recall: ‘The Fight’s On’

The fight is on in the northernmost American state as its newly-elected GOP Gov. Mike Dunleavy faces an effort pushed by leftist special interests to recall him after he delivered on his promises to reduce the size and scope of government and reignite the state’s economy.

Dunleavy, an ally of President Donald Trump, faces an effort in his state to recall him because he has cut the state budget significantly and got the economy booming again—a very similar fight to the national impeachment battle that Trump faces.

Dunleavy, just like Trump, is fighting through it. He has launched a website to rally voters to his side amid the recall push and appeared on Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel this weekend to make his case for why he believes the leftist special interests are targeting both him and Trump.

“The bottom line is this, just like the president—he wasn’t supposed to win. He was not within the establishment. He was not part of the swamp. What people fail to realize, President Trump and what we’re trying to do up here is to work on behalf of the average American and average Alaskan—not the special interests,” Dunleavy said. “It’s those special interests who are trying to redo the election here in Alaska and trying to impeach the president now nationally.”

“So, we made the fatal error I guess of doing things for our people—the average American, the average Alaskan—and not kowtowing to the establishment and the special interests,” he continued. “So, I guess this is what you get when you fight on behalf of the average American and average Alaskan. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I think if you asked President Trump he wouldn’t change a thing. So, the fight’s on. They want to try and do a recall or redo the election, but we’re up to the task because we think we’re doing the right thing for Alaska just like the president does for the nation.” (Read more from “Mike Dunleavy on Leftist Special Interests Pushing Recall: ‘the Fight’s on’” HERE)

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Senate Votes Again to End Trump’s Emergency Border Declaration

For the second time, the United States Senate has voted to end President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration regarding the southern border with a 54-vote majority.

While 11 Republicans joined with the chamber’s Democrats in voting to terminate the state of emergency, the measure failed to gain the two-thirds majority necessary to be veto proof.

One of the Republicans who voted to end the declaration, Mike Lee (Utah) later was quoted as saying, “Congress is supposed to be the first among the federal government’s three co-equal branches. For decades, Congress has been giving far too much legislative power to the executive branch.”

The Senate also voted to end the emergency declaration in March, but that effort failed to overcome the president’s veto. Then, 12 Republicans voted against the declaration. That dozen included Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who didn’t vote on Wednesday.

President Trump’s national emergency declaration, which he issued in February at the conclusion of a government shutdown, has allowed the administration to redirect Pentagon funds in order to construct physical security along the U.S.-Mexico border. The Supreme Court undid a lower court injunction blocking the administration from doing so in July.

The redirection of those federal monies, however, has come under renewed scrutiny in recent weeks after the Pentagon announced that $3.6 billion in funds would be cut from various D0D construction projects and used instead for border security.

“A vote for the president today is a vote in favor of cutting money for our military and slashing support for critical military projects in red states as well as blue,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who pledged to force the vote earlier this week, said Wednesday.

Under the National Emergencies Act, Democrats are able to force votes to end the emergency declaration every six months.

During his remarks Wednesday from the Senate floor, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., dismissed the effort as a “show vote” forced by chamber Democrats.

“Unwilling to work with the president and Senate Republicans on a long-term bipartisan solution for border security, Senate Democrats are making us repeat the same show vote again,” McConnell said, urging his fellow Republicans to vote against the resolution.

“It is shameful that our lawmakers have refused to act to fix the [border] crisis,” Heritage Action executive director Tim Chapman told Blaze Media after the vote, “and today’s Senate vote to overturn the President’s declaration has endangered our nation and prevented our law enforcement from doing its job.” (For more from the author of “Senate Votes Again to End Trump’s Emergency Border Declaration” please click HERE)

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Alaska Cancels 2020 Republican Primary

The Alaska Republican Party has canceled holding a presidential primary in 2020.

In a statement Saturday, the party’s State Central Committee passed a rule saying a primary “would serve no useful purpose” because Republican Donald Trump is president.

Earlier this month, Republican leaders in Nevada, South Carolina and Kansas voted to scrap their presidential nominating contests in 2020, erecting more hurdles for the long-shot candidates challenging President Donald Trump. (Read more from “Alaska Cancels 2020 Republican Primary” HERE)

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Sarah Palin’s Husband Files for Divorce

Todd Palin has filed for divorce from Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and GOP vice presidential candidate, citing “incompatibility of temperament” and that “they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife.”

Todd Palin, 55, asked to dissolve the couple’s 31-year marriage in a filing submitted Friday in Anchorage Superior Court. The paperwork was submitted on Aug. 29, eight days after the couple’s anniversary.

The filing, first reported by the Anchorage Daily News, only uses initials but details the couple’s marriage date and the birth date of their 11-year-old son, Trig, and asks for an equal separation of assets and debts.

The two have been married since 1988 and have five children: Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow and Piper. Todd Palin’s filing asks for shared custody of Trig, who has Down Syndrome.

Sarah Palin, also 55, was elected governor of Alaska in 2006 and resigned in 2009, before the end of her four-year term. She also served as the late Sen. John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election, ultimately losing the election to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. (Read more from “Sarah Palin’s Husband Files for Divorce” HERE)

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Walmart Announces That It Will No Longer Sell Ammunition for ‘Military-Style’ Rifles or Allow Open Carry in Its Stores

One of the nation’s largest retailers is making some drastic changes to its policies on guns and ammunition following high-profile shootings over the summer, one of which occurred at its stores.

In a memo circulated to employees on Tuesday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced that the company would no longer sell handgun ammunition or “short-barrel rifle ammunition” like .223 and 5.56 NATO caliber “that, while commonly used in some hunting rifles, can also be used in large capacity clips on military-style weapons.”

Now the Arkansas-based company will focus on long-barrel hunting rifles and their corresponding ammunition, its CEO added.

“We have a long heritage as a company of serving responsible hunters and sportsmen and women, and we’re going to continue doing so,” McMillon said.

“We’ve also been listening to a lot of people inside and outside our company as we think about the role we can play in helping to make the country safer,” McMillon added. “It’s clear to us that the status quo is unacceptable.”

In addition to the inventory changes, the company will also ask that customers no longer openly carry their guns in its stores unless they are members of law enforcement.

“We believe the opportunity for someone to misinterpret a situation, even in open carry states, could lead to tragic results,” CEO Doug McMillon said in a memo distributed to employees on Tuesday. “We hope that everyone will understand the circumstances that led to this new policy and will respect the concerns of their fellow shoppers and our associates.”

However, the executive explained, “As it relates to concealed carry by customers with permits, there is no change to our policy or approach.”

The company will also stop selling handguns in Alaska, the only state where it still does so, “marking our complete exit from handguns.”

Walmart has previously said that its share of the national ammunition sales market was around 20 percent. Tuesday’s memo estimated that the change will bring the company’s share to somewhere between 6 and 9 percent.

As the reason for the changes, the memo cites the early August shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, as well as another incident at a Walmart store in Southaven, Mississippi, where authorities say one employee fatally shot two coworkers. It also mentions shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and this past weekend’s attack in Midland and Odessa, Texas.

“We know these decisions will inconvenience some of our customers, and we hope they will understand,” McMillon wrote. “As a company, we experienced two horrific events in one week, and we will never be the same.”

Walmart has made decisions to scale back its gun and ammunition offerings before. The company began its exit from the handgun business in 1993 and stopped selling AR-style modern sporting rifles in 2015. (For more from the author of “Walmart Announces That It Will No Longer Sell Ammunition for ‘Military-Style’ Rifles or Allow Open Carry in Its Stores” please click HERE)

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Israel Conducts Successful Missile Test Over Alaska

The United States and Israel successfully carried out “a high altitude hit-to-kill engagement” with a co-developed anti-ballistic missile interceptor system in Alaska, officials announced Sunday.

The Arrow-3 Interceptor missile achieved a “major milestone” in its development during a successful flight test where the system effectively intercepted a missile target outside the atmosphere, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) said in a statement.

“This unique success in Alaska provides confidence in future Israeli capabilities to defeat the developing threats in the region,” MDA Director Vice Adm. Jon Hill said in the statement. “We are committed to assisting the Government of Israel in upgrading its national missile defense capability to defend the State of Israel from emerging threats.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a Cabinet meeting Sunday that the Arrow 3 gives his country the “ability to act against ballistic missiles fired against us from Iran and from any other location.”

Arrow 3, along with the Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and the Arrow 2 systems, is part of the multi-layered shield Israel is developing to defend against rockets fired from Gaza and Lebanon, as well as Iran’s long-range missiles. (Read more from “Israel Conducts Successful Missile Test Over Alaska” HERE)

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Twelve Years: Where Does the Current Path Lead?

Just when you think you’ve seen the worst year of government in Alaska, you find out you were wrong. The past four years were awful. We had a fiscal crisis but nothing was being done about it. There were attempts to raise revenue, but even if they had succeeded, it wouldn’t have come close to solving the problem.

Examine the attached graph, the most important one for the year, and you’ll see what every legislator knows. If you use the PFD to fund government, you lose it in two years. If you use the Earnings Reserve balance then you get about 10 more. If you then implement taxes you won’t get more than a few years (Walker’s attempt would have only raised $700 million). The natural increase of government (a conservative 4% in this graph) will outpace the increase in revenue. This is what Governor Dunleavy realized when he was looking at the budget issue. It’s impossible to fix our budget based on revenues alone. If you try, you’ll just bankrupt the State in about a dozen years. You’ll then lose the University, all the retirement plans and all of those other programs you might love.

This explains why more cuts have to be made because, to get to a sustainable budget, you have to make a lot of cuts over the next few years. Now the governor is making the hard decisions on how to get there and is taking a lot of heat for being laser-focused on his campaign promise to fix this fiscal situation. It may be enough to cost him a second term, but that shows the courage he has to face the problem.

Now comes the irony. The Legislature is split in two factions. There is the anti-governor faction who want to repeal all of the cuts and not pay anything close to the statutorily mandated PFD, and they are fighting the governor every step in a way that mirrors the national level politics. An example of this is their push for an unconstitutional forward funding of education, which left no real funding in the budget for education. Then there are those who want some to none of the vetoes repealed and want to work with the governor to solve the problem. They had tried to amend in funding for education but it was rejected by the other side.

The governor called the special session to deal with the undone PFD issue, and to give them a chance to repeal the line-item vetoes. The irony is because the anti-governor group has decided to break the law and meet somewhere else than the governor chose, they don’t have enough legislators in attendance to overturn the vetoes. After the cuts came out they should put their heads together and come up with a compromise to restore a bunch of the cuts and fund a full PFD. The governor made such large cuts that it made for an obvious compromise. What the anti-governor group has done is to “cut off their nose to spite their face”. Sometimes in politics you just have to compromise to get important stuff done.

So now we have all the vetoes in place, a capital budget that has no funding and no PFD. Legislators are talking about amending something into the capital budget, but that can also still be line-item vetoed, so they have to get ¾ of themselves to agree. Since a few members have been thrown out of the caucus because they stood for rule of law, it’s going to be pretty hard to get that agreement now.

One of the biggest mistakes of the last administration was cutting the PFD for 3 years. That took over $2 billion out of the economy in a recession, so this governor is pushing hard not to replicate that mistake. A deal will have to be made so when you’re writing all those emails and letters to the legislators, you might want to ask them to act more maturely and make some kind of deal that will work for everybody. Email the House Minority thanking them for standing for rule of law and letting them know that you are OK with some veto or partial-veto overrides, as long as they make the trade for a full PFD. We finally have a governor intent on solving the problem. We just need a legislature that acknowledges the issue and will rise above childish nose-thumbing to solve it.


Lance Roberts is an engineer, born and raised in Fairbanks. He is a former member of the FNSB Assembly.

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