Hospital Suggests Assisted Suicide to Woman in Mental Crisis

A woman suffering a mental health crisis, fearing for her own safety because of suicidal inclinations, has been counseled to consider a government “Medical Assistance in Dying” program, according to a report from the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom.

“That day my goal was to keep myself safe. I was thinking of maybe trying to get myself admitted to hospital because I was in crisis,” Kathrin Mentler recalled about her visit to Vancouver General Hospital, in search of psychiatric help, in the report.

“I live with chronic suicidal thoughts but that doesn’t mean I never feel joy in my life,” she explained.

But she was told by a “clinician” no beds were available and she should expect a long wait to see someone as an outpatient.

Then she was asked, “Have you considered MAiD,” by the clinician, who spoke of her “relief” when another patient struggling with mental issues died.

“That made me feel like my life was worthless or a problem that could be solved if I chose MAiD,” Mentler explained in the report. (Read more from “Hospital Suggests Assisted Suicide to Woman in Mental Crisis” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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