China Hosts ‘Unity’ Talks Between Palestinian Fatah and Hamas Terrorists

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lin Jian said on Tuesday that representatives from the two main Palestinian factions, the terrorist organization Hamas and Fatah, made progress at recent “unity talks” held in Beijing.

Lin said Hamas and Fatah sent representatives to Beijing at China’s invitation for “in-depth and candid dialogue on promoting Palestinian reconciliation.”

“The two sides fully expressed their political will of realizing reconciliation through dialogue and consultation, had discussions on many specific issues, and made encouraging progress,” he said.

No announcements have been made and the talks were held without much fanfare. Lin did not indicate exactly when this “dialogue” occurred and the question that allowed him to broach the subject was clearly planted with Chinese state media, so Lin’s press conference on Tuesday looked like the Chinese Communist regime trying to squeeze a little good press out of meetings that did not accomplish much.

Lin said the Palestinian factions “agreed to continue this dialogue process so as to achieve Palestinian solidarity and unity at an early date.” (Read more from “China Hosts ‘Unity’ Talks Between Palestinian Fatah and Hamas Terrorists” HERE)