Listen to Trump About Ukraine Before It’s Too Late

By Townhall. During an appearance on 77 WABC radio, former President Donald J. Trump was asked by host John Catsimatidis what things “keep you up at night.”

The former President quickly answered: “I think more than anything else, I think we could end up in World War III and it could be all of the horrible things that took place in Ukraine,”

A growing number of people believe Trump is correct in his chilling assessment. The question then becomes: How did we ever get to such an increasingly surreal and dangerous position?

A few weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, simply asking questions about alleged corruption in the country; off-shore bank accounts; fake news being disseminated by the Ukrainian leadership; flawed military strategies; billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars disappearing; if regime change in Russia was the ultimate goal with Ukraine being used as a proxy; and that increased likelihood of triggering a nuclear war became akin to daring to question the lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates.

Suddenly, asking logical and critically important questions made you a pariah to be shunned by those announcing themselves to be on the side of “Goodness and Light.” (Read more from “Listen to Trump About Ukraine Before It’s Too Late” HERE)


Biden Vows Russia Won’t ‘Get Away With’ Ukraine Annexation

By Associated Press. The United States and its allies hit back at Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions on Friday, slapping sanctions on more than 1,000 people and companies including arms supply networks as President Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin he can’t “get away with” seizing Ukrainian land.

The Russian annexation, though expected, escalated an already heated conflict that’s become fraught with potential nuclear implications.

Biden said his administration would support any effort by Ukraine to retake the annexed territories by force, setting the stage for further hostilities. And Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that his country would make an “accelerated” bid to join the NATO military alliance, a plan not endorsed by the U.S. or other allies that could add fuel to the fire. (Read more from “Biden Vows Russia Won’t ‘Get Away With’ Ukraine Annexation” HERE)

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North Korea Takes Action After VP Harris Makes MAJOR Gaffe During Overseas Trip

North Korea fired its fourth ballistic missile in one week, following Vice President Kamala Harris making a mistake during her prepared remarks at the Korean Peninsula’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

The missile was fired into the East Sea on Saturday, South Korea’s military told Yonhap. . .

The provocation comes after Harris said on Thursday that the United States has a “strong alliance” with “the Republic of North Korea.”

Harris intended to refer to the Republic of Korea, which is South Korea’s official name.

“I cannot state enough that the commitment of the United States to the defense of the Republic of Korea is iron-clad, and that we will do everything in our power to ensure that it has meaning in every way that the words suggest,” Harris said when visiting the DMZ. (Read more from “North Korea Takes Action After VP Harris Makes MAJOR Gaffe During Overseas Trip” HERE)

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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Queen Elizabeth II’s Cause of Death Revealed

Queen Elizabeth II died of old age more than three hours before the public were informed of her passing, official records show.

The 96-year-old monarch’s death certificate was released by National Records of Scotland and showed she was pronounced dead at 3.10 p.m., on September 8, 2022.

Elizabeth’s cause of death was recorded as “old age” while the place where she died was Balmoral Castle.

The NRS wrote online: “The Registrar General for Scotland, Paul Lowe, confirmed that Her Majesty The Queen’s death was registered in Aberdeenshire on 16th September 2022. (Read more from “Queen Elizabeth II’s Cause of Death Revealed” HERE)

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Truth or Bluff? Why Putin’s Nuclear Warnings Have the West Worried; Why Is Russia Urgently Buying Large Amounts of Potassium Iodide?

By Reuters. President Vladimir Putin’s latest warning that he is ready to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia amid the war in Ukraine has made a troubling question much more urgent: Is the former KGB spy bluffing?

Putin cautioned it was no bluff, and Western politicians, diplomats and nuclear weapons experts are divided. Some say he could use one or more smaller, tactical nuclear weapons to try to stave off military defeat, protect his presidency, scare off the West or intimidate Kyiv into capitulation.

Putin’s warning, which was followed by a more specific threat to use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine from an ally, might mean the Kremlin is considering an escalation after Russia annexes four Ukrainian regions which it only partly occupies.

Russia’s parliament is expected to declare the regions part of Russia on Oct. 4. Once that happens the way would be clear, from Moscow’s viewpoint, for a possible defensive strike if it felt the territory was under serious threat.

Breaking the nuclear taboo would be a sign of desperation, however, so whether or not Putin does go nuclear may ultimately depend on how cornered he feels in a conflict which has, thus far, humbled rather than defeated a former superpower. (Read more from “Truth or Bluff? Why Putin’s Nuclear Warnings Have the West Worried” HERE)


Russia Is Urgently Buying Large Amounts of Potassium Iodide, Compound That Protects From Nuclear Radiation

By International Business Times. The Russian Federation has urgently ordered a large batch of potassium iodide, a chemical compound used to block a type of radioactive material in case of nuclear accidents, according to a Russian government agency.

The Russian government is planning to purchase at least five million rubles or $86,000 worth of potassium iodide. Russia only allocated four days for the procurement procedure. A copy of the order was published on the website of the State of Procurement of Russia, which stressed that Moscow purchases potassium iodide for the population every year.

The drug potassium iodide is used to protect a person’s thyroid gland from the effects of radioactive iodine, which can increase the risk of thyroid cancer in infants, children and young adults when absorbed at high levels. That being said, potassium iodide does not protect other body parts from the effects of other types of radiation.

Potassium iodide is commonly used in radiation emergencies, such as nuclear power plant accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (Read more from “Russia Is Urgently Buying Large Amounts of Potassium Iodide, Compound That Protects From Nuclear Radiation” HERE)

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Pro-Life Activist Pleads Not Guilty; Lawmakers Demand Merrick Garland Explain Alleged FBI SWAT Raid on Catholic Pro-life Activist Mark Houck

By Washington Times. A Pennsylvania anti-abortion activist arrested at his home pleaded not guilty Tuesday to federal charges stemming from an altercation at an abortion clinic, a case fueling Republican claims that the Biden administration is targeting its political foes.

Mark Houck, president of the Catholic nonprofit The King’s Men, entered the plea in Philadelphia federal court on two counts of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances [FACE] Act for allegedly pushing a volunteer patient escort last year outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Philadelphia.

Republicans and pro-life groups have decried the arrest, accusing the FBI of going overboard by descending on Mr. Houck at his home with his wife and seven children present, even though his attorneys say he previously offered to turn himself in voluntarily and that local authorities dropped the case.

Sen. Josh Hawley, Missouri Republican, fired off a letter Monday to Attorney General Merrick Garland saying that if “the shocking reports about the FBI arresting a man Friday in rural Pennsylvania are true, then you have a lot to answer for.”

“Not only did your office turn a local dispute into a national case, but the FBI reportedly executed the search warrant in as extreme a manner as one can imagine,” said Mr. Hawley. “Reports state that the FBI sent as many as 20 to 25 agents to conduct the arrest. And the FBI allegedly arrested Houck at gunpoint early in the morning in front of his seven children.” (Read more from “Pro-Life Activist Pleads Not Guilty Amid Rising GOP Outrage Over FBI Raid on Home” HERE)


Lawmakers Demand Merrick Garland Explain Alleged FBI SWAT Raid on Catholic Pro-life Activist Mark Houck

By Breitbart. As many as 22 lawmakers have called upon Attorney General Merrick Garland to provide an explanation as to why the FBI allegedly sent 25-30 fully-armed agents to arrest Catholic pro-life activist Mark Houck as his “screaming” children watched in horror.

Released Tuesday, the open letter spearheaded by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said that the FBI should have an “extraordinary reason” for arresting Houck the way they allegedly did. The letter said:

There is much to learn about the extent of the FBI’s operations in this case, apparently since state-level charges were apparently dismissed by local authorities in Philadelphia. Surely, the FBI must have an extraordinary reason for showing up at the home of an American family, allegedly with roughly 25 heavily armed federal agents, and arresting a father in front of his seven children.

“At the moment, it appears to be an extraordinary overreach for political ends,” the letter added.

The letter demanded that Merrick Garland respond by September 30. (Read more from “Lawmakers Demand Merrick Garland Explain Alleged FBI SWAT Raid on Catholic Pro-life Activist Mark Houck” HERE)

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Reason for Last Jan. 6 Panel Hearing Being Postponed Revealed

The House committee investigating the events that took place on Jan. 6 has reportedly postponed its hearing that was scheduled to take place on Wednesday afternoon, the committee announced Tuesday.

Wednesday’s hearing was set to be the committee’s ninth public hearing and possibly the last before lawmakers release their final report later this year. The postponement was made due to Hurricane Ian, which is expected to make landfall in Florida early Wednesday morning.

“In light of Hurricane Ian bearing down on parts of Florida, we have decided to postpone tomorrow’s proceedings,” Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and Vice Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) said in a statement. “We’re praying for the safety of all those in the storm’s path. The Select Committee’s investigation goes forward and we will soon announce a date for the postponed proceedings.”

One of the committee members, Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), represents a district that is in the path of the hurricane. Murphy represents Florida’s 7th Congressional District, which covers much of the north-central part of the state between Orlando and Daytona Beach. (Read more from “Reason for Last Jan. 6 Panel Hearing Being Postponed Revealed” HERE)

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State Law Banning Pornography in Public Schools Goes Into Effect

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey approved Republican Rep. Jake Hoffman’s proposed House Bill 2495 on July 6. It went into effect this past weekend, meaning public schools in the state can no longer subject students to pornography.

While some opponents of the bill suggested that by preventing children from engaging with works depicting sodomy, masturbation, oral sex, and other sex acts, Arizona Republicans have effectively censored “LGBTQ+ stories,” Hoffman underlined that his objective, now realized, was the protection of “kids from sexually explicit material.” . . .

The law prohibits children’s use of or referral to textual, visual, or audio materials that contain graphic depictions — literal or simulated — of sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sexual acts (e.g., normal sex, sodomy, and masturbation).

Notwithstanding suggestions from early critics of the bill that kids would be precluded from reading books like “The Canterbury Tales,” the bill states that materials may be exempted if they possess serious educational value for minors or possess serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. Exempted material can be used and referenced on the condition that the school obtains parental consent in advance.

In the event that exempted material is the subject of an assignment or curricular learning and parental consent is not secured, an alternative assignment not containing explicit material must be provided. (Read more from “State Law Banning Pornography in Public Schools Goes Into Effect” HERE)

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Judge Set to Decide Whether Rep. Eastman Can Appear on Nov. 8 Ballot


. . .Anchorage Superior Court Judge Jack McKenna will decide whether conservative State Rep. David Eastman (R-Wasilla) will be allowed to appear on the Nov. 8 ballot.

In a Sept. 20 hearing, Eastman’s attorney – former U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller – argued that attempts to remove Eastman from the ballot amount to an unsubstantiated and politically motivated hit job against a conservative politician.

The case involves former Mat-Su Borough Assemblyman Randall Kowalke, who is being assisted by the hard-left legal group Norther Justice Project. Kowalke asserts voters shouldn’t even have the option of voting for Eastman because of his membership with the national Oath Keepers group, an organization that Kowalke claims advocates for the overthrow of the federal government.

Kowalke says Eastman’s membership violates the Alaska Constitution’s loyalty clause and he wants Judge McKenna to order the Division of Elections to disqualify Eastman from the ballot.

The loyalty clause states: “No person who advocates, or who aids or belongs to any party or organization or association which advocates, the overthrow by force or violence of the United States or of the State shall be qualified to hold any public office of trust or profit under this constitution.”

Earlier this summer, the Division of Elections reviewed a complaint by Kowalke in which he asked for Eastman to be nixed from the ballot. The state agency, however, determined that Eastman was a candidate in good standing, regardless of his membership with Oath Keepers.

Kowalke doesn’t think the Division of Elections faithfully carried out its mission to vet candidates. Since his case against Eastman doesn’t officially begin until mid-December, he wants a judge to step in with a preliminary injunction that removes Eastman from the Nov. 8 ballot.

Kowalke’s main argument revolves around the fact that some Oath Keepers have been charged – but not convicted – in the events that unfolded on Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol. Two members of the 38,000-member national organization have pleaded guilty of seditious conspiracy to try and stop the certification of the presidential election.

Despite the actions of a small percentage of its members, Oath Keepers bylaws do not call for the overthrow of the government, and neither has Eastman.

On Sept. 20, Judge McKenna asked Kowalke’s attorney Savanna Venetis Fletcher how Eastman’s Oath Keepers membership, alone, made him ineligible to run for public office.

Fletcher tried to lump Eastman in with the few bad actors from Jan. 6, and argued that allowing him to stay on the ballot would cause “irreparable harm” to voters in State House District 27 because Eastman might later be deemed ineligible to hold public office after the main December trial regarding his Oath Keepers membership plays out.

“If we start saying that somebody who has an association with a disfavored group can’t run for office, what have we become?” Miller asked the judge.

Miller countered by saying that none of the allegations against Eastman have been proven, and that the entire case shows a “reckless disregard” for evidence – resting on mainstream press reports and complaints by Eastman’s political opponents.

Miller said the entire Oath Keepers organization has been “drug through the media” as an insurrectionist group, despite the fact that there has only been a few dozen of them indicted out of tens of thousands of law-abiding members.

He pointed out that every Oath Keeper takes an oath of allegiance to uphold the federal constitution. Mere association with a group that may have some bad actors should not be sufficient to bar a candidate from running for office, Miller maintained.

“If we start saying that somebody who has an association with a disfavored group can’t run for office, what have we become?” Miller asked the judge.

Furthermore, he noted that Alaska’s disloyalty clause mandates public office holders to take an oath to the state and federal constitutions at the time they are sworn in – something which Eastman has done repeatedly.

“The oath is the means by which you determine whether or not somebody is in compliance,” Miller argued.

He added that Eastman’s decision to attend former President Donald Trump’s speech on Jan. 6 is not evidence that he supports insurrection. In fact, there were tens of thousands of peaceful, law-abiding citizens who turned out to listen to their sitting U.S. president give a speech that day.

If the court removes Eastman from the ballot based of his membership with Oath Keepers, it would not only disenfranchise voters, but cause irreparable harm, Miller said.

Miller also suggested that Eastman’s Oath Keepers membership is tenuous, at best. He signed up on an email list 13 years ago, made a one-time donation and then received a “lifetime membership” certificate in the mail. Since then, he has never attended an Oath Keepers meeting or rally, nor has he once advocated for the violent overthrow of the government.

“There is no way the plaintiffs can contest those facts, and they haven’t,” Miller said.

Arguing on behalf of the Division of Elections, Assistant Attorney General Lael Harrison said Judge McKenna should reject the plaintiff’s request against Eastman.

She said the Division of Elections was fully aware of Eastman’s attendance at the Jan. 6 rally and his Oath Keepers membership – neither of which was found to be sufficient grounds to remove him from the ballot.

Furthermore, Harrison noted that the Division of Election’s primary job is to ensure public confidence in elections, and that anything which disrupts that process has the “potential to cause an actual problem or a perception concern in the eye of the public.”

Photo credit: Flickr

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Report: FBI Raided Catholic Activist Even After He Agreed to Surrender Peacefully (VIDEO)

By Breitbart. The FBI reportedly sent 25-30 armed agents to apprehend pro-life Catholic activist Mark Houck at his rural Pennsylvania home in the early morning last week even after he had agreed to surrender peacefully.

According to attorney Peter Breen, Thomas More Society Vice President and Senior Counsel, Houck agreed to turn himself over to authorities voluntarily three months ago.

“Rather than accepting Mark Houck’s offer to appear voluntarily, the Biden Department of Justice chose to make an unnecessary show of potentially deadly force, sending twenty heavily armed federal agents to the Houck residence at dawn this past Friday,” Breen told Breitbart News. “In threatening form, after nearly breaking down the family’s front door, at least five agents pointed guns at Mark’s head and arrested him in front of his wife and seven young children, who were terrified that their husband and father would be shot dead before their eyes.”

“This case is being brought solely to intimidate people of faith and pro-life Americans,” he added. “Mark Houck is innocent of these lawless charges, and we intend to prove that in court.”

Mark Houck, the founder and president of The King’s Men — a group dedicated to helping men become better husbands, fathers, and leaders — was arrested at his rural Pennsylvania home last Friday for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act during his regular sidewalk counseling outside of an abortion clinic in 2021. Speaking with LifeSiteNews, Houck’s wife, Ryan-Marie, said that around 25 to 30 fully armored FBI agents stormed their property early Friday morning, aiming their rifles as the children screamed in horror.

(Read more from “Report: FBI Raided Catholic Activist Mark Houck Even After He Agreed to Surrender Peacefully” HERE)


Biden’s Position on Abortion Is So Extreme, the White House Won’t Even Say It Out Loud

By The Federalist. The vast majority of Americans support restricting abortion but Democrats, including those running the Biden administration, are unwilling to support any protections for unborn life.

That became especially apparent on Friday when the White House, after being repeatedly pressed by Fox News, refused to answer whether President Joe Biden supported limits on abortion.

The White House isn’t just dodging questions about abortion restrictions in private, it’s also refusing to answer them in public.

When Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre a similar question during a press briefing that same day, she evaded it with a long-winded regurgitation of the Biden administration’s disdain for pro-life Republicans.

“Republicans are saying ‘we don’t want abortion after 15 weeks.’ Why can’t you say how many weeks?” Doocy asked again.

(Read more from “Biden’s Position on Abortion Is So Extreme, the White House Won’t Even Say It Out Loud” HERE)

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Top Vaccine Expert With FDA and NIH Warns Healthy Young People Not to Get COVID-19 Booster

A top vaccine expert is advising that healthy young people should not get the latest COVID-19 booster shot because “there’s not clear evidence of benefit.”

Paul Offit is the director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), professor of pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, a member of National Institutes of Health (NIH) working group on vaccines, and a member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC). Previously, Offit was a member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Offit is also one of the few vaccine experts voicing caution regarding the new COVID boosters.

On Aug. 31, the FDA granted emergency use authorizations (EUAs) of COVID-19 boosters from Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech. The bivalent version of the previous vaccines are for use as a single booster dose at least two months following primary or booster vaccination. Moderna’s mRNA booster shots are approved by the FDA for individuals 18 years of age or older, and the Pfizer-BioNTech version is authorized for those 12 or older. (Read more from “Top Vaccine Expert With FDA and NIH Warns Healthy Young People Not to Get COVID-19 Booster” HERE)

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