Busted! Leaked emails snag NASA’s global warming alarmists

Photo credit: Rob Shenk

While NASA climate alarmist James Hansen insists record summer heat and drought are caused by man-made global warming, leaked internal emails from just three summers ago reveal that he and his colleagues expressed alarm that the planet was inexplicably … cooling.

Hansen, often called the “godfather of global warming,” announced earlier this month that blistering heat across the United States is so rare that it can’t be anything but the man-made global warming he has been warning about for decades.

“This is not some scientific theory,” he told the Associated Press. “We are now experiencing scientific fact.”

But in 2009, as the thermometer hit record lows in America, he and other climate scientists panicked in a flurry of emails: “Skeptics will be all over us – the world is really cooling, the models are no good.”

They lamented that Mother Nature was not cooperating with their predictions that global temperatures would smash heat records last decade. They blamed their miscalculation on sulfate emission trajectories and revised their forecast to show a cooling trend lasting until 2020.

  • reggiec

    Warming, cooling, staying the same it does not matter; the ideologically driven invironmental lobby will blame any situation on man’s activities. If a large but not life ending asteroid hit the earth it would be mans activities that caused the event. It is about control of society and forcing us to comply with their beliefs.

  • donholmes1

    I seems to me that every regulation that has been put upon us sence the Carter days on fuel consumption and that the more corn we are forced to put in our gas tanks they still shout global warming. At the same time NASA has revealed 771,000 sq. miles of NEW ice formation at the south pole. Notice ,they never talk about the south pole.Maybe now that they are on Mars,they might discover a south pole.

  • Its a theory until there are substancial facts to prove it. Since almost all data used to justify the claim of man made warming have been manipulated ,fudged or biased by location of data sensors it is a long way from becoming a scientific fact. So far it has proven to be about ” the money” taking dollars away from proven conventional energy sources to fund unproven ones. Example… wind farms are very expensive for the watts they produce and mechanically unreliable. They also harm bird populations. Solar panels are etremely expensive per watt and don’t last. There is a nuclear source not even being looked at. The low yield elements in coal that could be havested and used to make no threat reactors.

    • pearl87

      It’s a theory. Period. It can never be more because, according to climate records, trends track over millennia, not centuries, so no possible endeavor by mankind can account for information to which we have no access. The “models” they have made up to now have all extrapolated past weather trends from extremely unreliable/unverifiable sources. The whole theory is based on the unknowable, hence the witchdoctors are able to claim arcane knowledge to elevate themselves as experts in a science which doesn’t exist. Climate change “science” is a superstition, elevated to a religion among the godless, misanthropic segment of the population.

  • S Rubicon

    And almost all of their solutions, are political. They seek global governance, of the socialist variety.