Constitution Party Makes Major Advances in West Virginia, Wisconsin, North Carolina; Needs Help in New Mexico

The Constitution Party has continued to make significant gains in ballot access efforts over the past several weeks. On June 6, the North Carolina Board of Elections voted unanimously to certify the Party’s ballot status. This marks the first time the Constitution Party will be on the ballot in that state.

Big gains are also being made in West Virginia. Ex-Republican Don Blankenship – who attacked RINO Senator McConnell as “Cocaine Mitch” during the recent West Virginia primary – is now seeking election to the U S Senate seat under the Constitution Party banner. Supporters there are aggressively moving forward to get the required signatures for Mr. Blankenship to be on the ballot. Their deadline is August 1.

Additionally, the Constitution Party has now qualified two statewide candidates in Wisconsin to be on the ballot in November. As the Constitution Party candidates will be facing off against only Democrats and Republicans, it is almost certain that they will receive enough votes for Wisconsin to have ballot access in 2020.

The Constitution Party is now on target to have ballot access in 20 states by year end. New Mexico is the Constitution Party’s next apparent target. To qualify there, New Mexico activists reportedly must get a minimum of 500 more signatures by June 28. However, given the Constitution Party’s problem with corruption in the qualification processes nationwide, the Party – according to National Chairman Frank Fluckiger – would like a margin of at least 1500 signatures. That means another 2000 signatures are needed there within the next three weeks.

Chairman Fluckiger encourages any New Mexicans sick of the two-party controlled system to assist in gathering signatures. To help out, he suggests you call JW Fakes at 505-435-4635 or Kent Miller at 520-820-8393; or visit for more information and, of course, donate to the Party’s ballot access efforts while you’re there.