Images Show North Korea Destroying Missile Facility

By AP. Satellite imagery shows North Korea razed some facilities used for testing ballistic missiles last month after declaring it was suspending nuclear explosions and missile launches, a U.S. website reported Wednesday.

A stand used for missile ejection tests was demolished near Kusong in the country’s northwest, according to North Korea expert Joseph Bermudez. Ejection tests are to evaluate the initial launch of a missile from a canister and fire up its first-stage engine rather than a full-blown launch. . .

In April, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced he was suspending ballistic missile and nuclear testing, paving the way for negotiations on its nuclear weapons program with the United States. This will culminate in a historic summit next week in Singapore with President Donald Trump. (Read more from “Images Show North Korea Destroying Missile Facility” HERE)


North Korea Razes Missile Test Facility Ahead of Meeting With Trump

By The New York Times. . .A “key missile test stand” that was used for testing missile ejections from canisters was demolished at a test site near Kusong in North Korea’s northwest, Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., an expert on the country’s weapons systems, said in a report published Wednesday on the website 38 North.

The Kusong test site was being closely monitored by missile experts because North Korea launched its first solid-fuel midrange ballistic missile, known as Pukguksong-2, from there in February last year.

Besides its intercontinental ballistic missiles, solid-fuel missiles have been among the most worrisome additions to North Korea’s growing arsenal of ballistic missiles. They can be launched faster and are easier to transport and hide, making them more suitable for surprise attacks. (Read more from “North Korea Razes Missile Test Facility Ahead of Meeting With Trump” HERE)

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