Constitution Party Scores Incredible Victory in North Carolina; Focused on Wisconsin, Next

In a historic first, the Constitution Party effort to gain ballot access in North Carolina exceeded the required number of registered voter signatures to qualify for ballot access in 2018 and 2020. News of the Constitution Party’s success was picked up by major media, including US News and World Report, a leading newspaper in Raleigh, other papers, and radio.

Before North Carolina, the Constitution Party also added Hawaii to the states it has ballot access in. These recent efforts have brought more publicity to the national party than any other activity undertaken in an off-year election. Why? The public is starting to understand that the Constitution Party is serious about building a viable political party.

What North Carolina’s Constitution Party accomplished is nothing short of amazing. In all, volunteers turned into the county clerks a total of over 16,300 signatures. Of that number, 15,938 have been processed to-date and 12,537 have been determined as valid. That’s validity rate of 78.6%, a remarkable accomplishment. With its submission, Constitution Party has a significant cushion – well-over 600 signatures – beyond what state law requires. And all of this was accomplished in less than five months.

This is the first time ever that the Constitution Party has qualified for ballot access in North Carolina. When the Constitution Party’s efforts began this past December, most observers thought qualification would be impossible. They were wrong.

The Constitution Party is next focusing on Wisconsin. Although the party already has ballot access in that state, it must run at least one statewide candidate this year who then acquires at least one percent of the vote. There are at least two potential candidates who wish to run under the Constitution Party banner but, in order for them to run, each candidate must first collect the signatures of 2,000 Wisconsin residents who are at least 18 years old. Importantly, state law does not require the signatories to be registered voters, they simply must be Wisconsin residents.

This is where you can help. If you are as disgusted as we are with the corrupt, fundamentally broken two party system, then help the two Wisconsin Constitution Party candidates get on the ballot. Andrew Zuelke is seeking the office of State Treasurer and Terry Larson is seeking the office of Attorney General. Each of them must submit their 2,000 signatures no later than June 1, less than two weeks away.

Consequently, if you live in Wisconsin or have like-minded family or friends in that state, please have them contact Mr. Zukelke at or call him at 920-748-7296, immediately.

Again, if you are sick and tired of the failed political system, do something to restore leadership to, and confidence in, the Republic. Establishing a viable third party with ballot access may be the only way to confront the Oligarchs who own most of the elected leaders of both major political parties. Wisconsin is key. But if 2,000 signatures are not turned in by the first of June, the Constitution Party will lose ballot access there. So please act immediately if you want to save this country; time is of the essence.