Watch: Dan Crenshaw Triggers Democrat Panel With Simple Question About Trump ‘Undermining Democracy’

Republican Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw (TX) ― the newly elected congressman mocked on SNL for the eye-patch he wears due to losing his eye in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan ― isn’t known as some die-hard defender of Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean he won’t call out the left when they’re being hyperbolic in their criticism of the president. In a panel discussion on “Face the Nation” this weekend, Crenshaw’s straightforward question in defense of Trump triggered a notable exchange among him and the Democrats on the panel.

In response to more vague allegations of Trump destroying democracy, Crenshaw asked a question he’s posed to Trump critics in the past: “What exactly are we talking about?”

“I think some of our democratic freedoms and the principles we live by have been under attack for the better part of two years,” said Democratic Rep.-elect Joe Neguse (CA).

Anchor Margaret Brennan turned to Crenshaw to ask if he wanted to respond to Neguse’s assertion, saying with suggestive emphasis, “since the president is the leader of your party.”

Crenshaw gladly accepted the invitation. “I always ask the question: Like what?” he said. “Like what is he undermining exactly? What democratic freedoms have been undermined? We just had an election where we switched power in the House. Democracy is at work. People are voting in record numbers. I always ask for examples. And then we can hit those examples one by one, and if it’s worth criticizing, it’s worth criticizing. But this broad brush criticism that the president is somehow undermining our democracy, I always wonder like, what exactly are we talking about?”

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Watch: Female Antifa Punches, Spits on Conservative Demonstrators. It Doesn’t End Well for Her.

On Saturday, a 19-year-old so-called “anti-fascist” protester was arrested after she punched and spat on demonstrators at a #HimToo rally in Portland.

The #HimToo rally was organized by conservative activist Haley Adams to draw awareness to the sexual victimization of men and the falsely accused. Left-wing counter-protesters showed up to disrupt the event. Demonstrators and at least one reporter on site were harassed and assaulted by the agitators. The rally ended with a total of six arrests.

In footage captured by independent journalist and Quillette Magazine editor Andy C. Ngo, a young Antifa counter-protester later identified as Hannah R. McClintock by the Portland Police Bureau confronts male demonstrators at the rally. Backed by a chant of “We believe survivors” by her fellow Antifa activists, McClintock gets herself into a fighting stance and waves on the demonstrators to apparently engage in a physical altercation with her. She also spits on them as she repeatedly yells the word “b****.” . . .

Apparently failing to elicit the reaction she wants, the aggressive Antifa female continues with her antics. McClintock repeatedly gets in the men’s faces and spits on them yet again. . .

At least one reporter was victimized by Antifa at the rally. “I was assaulted by a mob of masked individuals in black. They also targeted my equipment. They called me a fascist & Islamophobe. They said my parents & grandparents would be ashamed of me,” said Ngo. “It feels surreal to be treated this way by people who don’t even know me.”

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Watch: Mexican Protesters Side With Trump

Hundreds of Tijuana residents gathered on Sunday to protest the caravan migrants that are coming through Mexico to the United States, warning that “Donald Trump was right, this is an invasion!” and chanting, “Get out Hondurans, we do not want you here.”

“Tijuana residents waved Mexican flags, sang the Mexican national anthem and chanted ‘Out! Out!’ in front of a statue of the Aztec ruler Cuauhtemoc … they accused the migrants of being messy, ungrateful and a danger to Tijuana,” The Associated Press reported. “They also complained about how the caravan forced its way into Mexico, calling it an ‘invasion.’ And they voiced worries that their taxes might be spent to care for the group.”

. . .The news comes as hundreds of migrants reached the border fence that separates Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, California, early last week and “some of them began illegally entering the U.S. after climbing the fence,” The Daily Wire reported.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a report in early November that stated there are “hundreds of convicted criminals or known gang members traveling in the migrant caravan that is traveling through Mexico to the U.S. southern border.”

“In fact, over 270 individuals along the caravan route have criminal histories, including known gang membership,” DHS reported. “Those include a number of violent criminals – examples include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, sexual assault on a child, and assault on a female.”

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Trump Tweets a Photo of What the Border Fence With Tijuana Looks Like Now

President Trump, apparently frustrated with footage of the U.S. border fence in Tijuana, Mexico, tweeted a photo Monday afternoon of a new and improved version.

Meanwhile, thousands of illegal migrants traveling in a caravan from Central America have made their way to Tijuana. They are on the Mexican side of the border waiting to make asylum claims in the U.S. The Trump administration recently implemented a new policy that allows migrants to claim asylum only at official ports of entry. Approximately 100 cases per day are completed and wait times can be as long as six months.

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Obama Campaigned for Four Democrats in Close 2018 Races. They All Lost.

. . .(1) Florida Senate – Obama went all-in for Bill Nelson over the home stretch, enthusiastically endorsing the longtime incumbent and urging Floridians to reject Rick Scott. Here he is at a Miami rally warning voters that if they are victorious, Republicans would seek to steal people’s healthcare:

(2) Florida Governor – Along with his efforts to re-elect Sen. Nelson, Obama pushed hard for the up-and-coming, left-wing Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, the Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee. Gillum faced ethical headwinds in the final weeks of the campaign, to which he responded by playing the race card. Obama went all-in for Gillum, who led in 16 of the final 17 polls of the state, amassing an apparent edge of close to four percentage points. He lost to Republican Ron DeSantis.

(3) Indiana Senate – Publicly-available surveys showed incumbent Sen. Joe Donnelly — one of the red state Democrats who voted against Justice Kavanaugh — in a tough dogfight. Leading up to election day, polls showed a close contest, so when the Donnelly campaign announced that Obama was going to come to the Hoosier State for a rally, many observers concluded that the Senator’s campaign’s data indicated a need to boost support and turnout within certain elements of the electorate. Here’s Obama telling Indianans that the 2018 election was the most important of their lifetimes, and that they needed to send Donnelly back to Washington for six more years:

(4) Georgia Governor – This race is finally over, even though defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams pointedly declined to concede, amid a swirl of conspiratorial delegitimization from prominent Democrats. Obama and Oprah Winfrey were among Abrams’ prominent backers — but as was the case with their support for Chicago’s olympic bid, they fell short. Incidentally, because the “Kemp voter suppression” line has taken deep root on the Left, some facts are worth reiterating. Read this piece and this column, then consider these points:

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Pastor Asks Man Dressed as a ‘Drag Queen’ to Leave Church

A pastor asked a young male who showed up for a religious service in drag to go home and put on “man clothes.”

“I hold a standard in here,” Chicago Pastor Antonio Rocquemore said to the man dressed in women’s clothing. “Whatever you do on the outside is your business, but I would not let drag queens come in here.”

“When you come into this house, if you’re a man, dress as a man; if you’re a woman, dress as a woman,” added the pastor.

As Rocquemore continued to explain his request to the man, using the incident as a teachable moment, shouts of “amen” and applause from the congregation grew to a crescendo. . .

The brief drama which took place at Powerhouse International Ministries was captured in a cell phone video and posted along with a profanity-laden paragraph on Facebook by Christian James Lhuillier. Since it was first uploaded four days ago, the video has been viewed nearly a half million times. (Read more from “Pastor Asks Man Dressed as a ‘Drag Queen’ to Leave Church” HERE)

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Chipotle Fires ‘Racist’ Manager Because He Requested a Dine-And-Dasher to Pay

Chipotle fired a manger for refusing to serve a black man she suspected had previously stolen food, despite the company knowing that he admitted on Twitter to repeatedly dining-and-dashing.

A company spokeswoman said it had “no choice” but to take the word of the 21-year-old, who was convicted of theft in January and previously pleaded guilty to another theft charge, despite having no evidence that the manager wrongly accused him.

St. Paul, Minnesota, resident Masud Ali posted a video on Twitter of Chipotle employees refusing to serve him and a group of black men after asking for proof that they would pay, saying that Ali had left without paying previously. . .

The manager was fired after she was unable to say with “100 percent certainty” that Ali was the same person who stole food earlier in the week and after Ali denied being at the restaurant on the day in question, according to Chipotle. . .

Chipotle said in a statement quoted by the Star Tribune: “Regarding what happened at the St. Paul restaurant, the manager thought these gentlemen were the same customers from Tuesday night who weren’t able to pay for their meal. Regardless, this is not how we treat our customers and as a result, the manager has been terminated and the restaurant [staff] has been retrained to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.” (Read more from “Chipotle Fires ‘Racist’ Manager Because He Requested a Dine-And-Dasher to Pay” HERE)

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Trump Campaign Zeroes in on Nickname for Joe Biden

By Daily Wire. President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign team is reportedly coming up with nicknames for opponents he may face in the presidential race and they appear to have settled on one for former Vice President Joe Biden.

The New York Post reports that “the current favorite for the former veep is ‘Creepy Joe’ — a reference to Biden’s supposed habit of touching and kissing strangers and staffers alike.”

Trump has often used nicknames to brand political opponents — a tactic that has proven to be successful in the past, most notably with “Crooked” Hillary Clinton.

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Trump Already Cooking up New Nicknames for 2020 Rivals

By New York Post. President Trump’s campaign team is hard at work on a new crop of nicknames with which to torment his 2020 rivals, we’re told.

While 2016’s “Lyin’ Ted,” “Lil Marco” and “Crooked Hillary” — the names he bestowed on rival presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton — appeared to be off-the-cuff feats of casual bullying, we’re told campaign operatives are busily workshopping punchy names for potential front-runners for the next White House race. . .

We’re told Team Trump settled on that title a couple of months ago — and, sure enough, Trump tried out the name at a Nevada rally in October.

He told the crowd that he called Biden “1 Percent,” referring to what Trump claimed was Biden’s lack of support in previous presidential bids. (Read more from “Trump Already Cooking up New Nicknames for 2020 Rivals” HERE)

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White Women Who Support Trump Are White Supremacists, According to CNN

God bless the work that the good people at Newsbusters do on a daily basis – watching liberal crap on TV and calling out leftist nonsense so that the rest of America does not have to. This time, Newsbusters’ Brad Wilmouth snagged a clip from Friday night of CNN’s Don Lemon’s panel of liberal hacks (except one) accusing white, pro-Trump women of being racist fools who support white supremacy. . .

Liberal contributor Kirsten Powers argued that such women must be “racist” because they voted for Trump, while UC Berkeley Professor Stephanie Jones-Rogers argued that women have long benefited from “white supremacy” even while being “oppressed” by white men. Alice Stewart was the exception to the liberal rule.

Kirsten Powers admonished white women for bad behavior. Despite also being “oppressed” under white patriarchy, Powers asserted that white women vote in ways that harm other disadvantaged groups because their “fathers…husbands…and brothers” are benefiting from systemic racism and thus they are as well. . .

I think we have to recognize that white men are doing it as well, but sometimes I think that we would hope that we would get better behavior from white women because white women are themselves are oppressed and that they would be able to align themselves with other oppressed people.

I think we have to remember that the white patriarchal system actually benefits white women in a lot of ways, and they are attached to white men who are benefiting from the system that was created by them, for them. And their fathers and their husbands and their brothers are benefiting from the system, and so they are also benefiting.

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Watch: Trump Reveals What He’s Going to Do Next Time Acosta Misbehaves

President Donald Trump revealed in an exclusive interview with “FOX News Sunday,” which is set to air on Sunday, that the next time CNN’s Jim Acosta misbehaves during a news conference that he will be thrown out or the news conference will immediately end.

“A federal judge who you appointed has just ruled that you must give CNN reporter Jim Acosta his press pass back,” Fox News Chris Wallace said. “Your reaction to the ruling, sir.” . . .

“We’re doing that, were going to write them up right now,” Trump continued. “It’s not a big deal and if he misbehaves we’ll throw him out or we’ll stop the news conference.” . . .

“We’re writing them now. We’ll have rules of decorum you know you can’t keep asking questions,” Trump replied. “We had a lot of reporters in that room, many many reporters in that room and they were unable to ask questions because this guy gets up and starts you know doing what he’s supposed to be doing for him and for CNN and you know just shouting out questions and making statements too.”

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