ISIS Suicide Bombers Attack Shia Minority Group, Kill Over 80

An explosion rocked the capital of Afghanistan Saturday with ISIS now claiming responsibility.

The bomb went off during a peaceful demonstration by the Hazara minority group near Kabul University. Authorities report 80 people were killed and more than 200 were injured when the blast occurred.

ISIS is a Sunni Muslim group but targeted Shia Muslim demonstrators who were marching for more electricity to be put in their area of habitation and protested a planned power line route change. The Shia minority group is known as the Hazaras. The two Muslim groups, while they do share a common belief in Islam, often war with one another over theological differences.

According to CNN, Fatima Faizi, an Afghan freelance journalist said, “I saw tens of people laying down in blood around me and hundreds of people running away from the scene.”

Western Journalism obtained two videos of the scene. The first shows the relatively peaceful moments before the attack took place.

The second video reveals footage of the aftermath. (Warning: the video link below is extremely graphic) The scene shows the carnage the two suicide bombers were able to inflict with bodies lying all around. The initial death toll started out with about 20 murders being reported, but those numbers soon climbed to over 80.

The attack was the worst in recent months in Afghanistan and ISIS claimed responsibility in an online statement. The two murderers wore explosive suicide belts. (For more from the author of “ISIS Suicide Bombers Attack Shia Minority Group, Kill Over 80” please click HERE)

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Watch: Grinning Obama JOKES During Statement on Munich Massacre

By David Martosko. As news reports of a gun massacre in Munich crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, the President of the United States was cracking jokes.

Barack Obama delivered a brief update to reporters at the White House about the still-unfolding shooting rampage that left the German city on lockdown . . .

But as cameras rolled on the somber moment, Obama grinned and chuckled – and drew laughs from his audience – about his elder daughter Malia leaving the nest and heading for college . . .

‘Our way of life, our freedoms,’ he said, ‘our ability to go about our business every day, raising our kids’ – and suddenly the president’s mood shifted.

‘And seeing them grow up and graduate from high school, and now about to leave their dad,’ he continued, waving his hand and breaking the tension as the room erupted in laughter. (Read more from “Grinning Obama JOKES During Statement on Munich Massacre” HERE)


Obama Jokes During Comments on Munich Shooting

By RT. President Barack Obama made the White House press corps giggle while speaking about the deadly Munich attack, shifting the tragic topic to his personal feelings about his daughters. The shooting rampage in Germany saw nine people killed and 16 injured . . .

“We don’t know exactly what’s happening there, but obviously our hearts go out to those who may have been injured,” he told reporters.

However the president, in his final months in office, did not dwell on the tragedy for long. He quickly changed the topic, calling the Munich tragedy “a good reminder” of his recent words, that “our way of life, our freedoms,” are threatened.

That’s when Obama began to ramble about children growing and “leaving their dad,” obviously referring to his older daughter, Malia.

“I’m sorry. I’m getting a little too personal. Getting a little too personal there,” Obama cut himself short, drawing the audience’s laughter. (Read more from “Obama Jokes During Comments on Munich Shooting” HERE)

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Donald Trump Jr. Accuses Lewandowski of Trying to Sabotage Campaign

Donald Trump Jr. accused former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of trying to “sabotage” his father’s White House bid.

The younger Trump made the accusation to reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Wall Street Journal at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Wednesday.

According to Trump Jr., Lewandowski is bitter from being replaced as the campaign manager by Paul Manafort, the New York Times reported.

”[When] I see him go on TV knocking the guy that ultimately replaced him, I get it,” Trump Jr. said of Lewandowki’s attacks on Manafort.

“I understand. I’m human. I can understand why someone’s bitter about that, but that doesn’t help. You can’t claim to be an ally and then try to sabotage the guy that you’re upset with, who was brought in to work with you, and you couldn’t do that, couldn’t play with everyone, so we had to make a decision,” he added.

Lewandowski, who has been hired as a commentator for CNN, stated on the network that whoever signed off on Melania Trump’s speech to the convention, including Manafort, should do “the right thing and resign,” over the plagiarism controversy.

Trump Jr. alleged that Lewandowski has been saying derogatory things about the campaign to reporters. The former campaign manager has signed a confidentiality agreement and is therefore is limited in what he can say about Donald Trump, the candidate’s family or the campaign without opening himself up to a potentially costly lawsuit.

“Enough’s enough,” the presidential candidate’s oldest son said. “I’m not going to allow nonsense to be perpetuated because someone’s looking to get on TV for a few minutes.”

On replacing Lewandowski in June, Trump Jr stated, “I think he did great things initially for the campaign, but I think the campaign did have to evolve, did have to mature. … It had to have people in there who have done this before,” he said.

“I couldn’t be happier with Paul and his team.”

Lewandowski represented his home state of New Hampshire during the delegate roll call on Tuesday at the convention and recounted that the Granite State started Trump’s string of 38 primary victories. He described the Republican nominee as “his friend and the next President of the United States.”

(For more from the author of “Donald Trump Jr. Accuses Lewandowski of Trying to Sabotage Campaign” please click HERE)

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New_Hampshire_Open_Carry_2009 (1)

The Mainstream Media Is OBSESSED With Open Carry in Cleveland

Despite the safety concerns that rabble-rousing leftists and anti-Trump protesters might start trouble at the Republican National Convention, the streets of Cleveland were crowded but calm Monday, except for the rabid media attention paid to anyone who dare carry a firearm in compliance with state law.

While a handful of protestors gathered at the designated protest stage in Cleveland’s public square for differing reasons, and an even larger contingent present at a “Dump Trump” rally just a few blocks away, reports and protestors were at a 1:1 ratio at points.

But, naturally, the one thing guaranteed to tip that ratio towards the media was the lawful presence of a firearm.

In an interview with Claire Hardwick, who was reporting for CR on the scene, Jesse Gonzales, a local Trump supporter carrying an American-made AK-47 said that he’d never had so much press attention in his life as he did when exercising his constitutional rights per state law.

Gonzlalez told CR that the media attention he received has been “really wild.”

“I’ve never been talked to [on] camera before and it’s been like 20 so far,” the 26-year-old told CR. “So far today, it’s been like 20 times.”

“We rode about 120 streets to get here, everyone just said hi and waved,” said a friend of Gonzalez’s remarking on the attention given to the rifle. “But once we got here, the media just surrounded us.”

But Gonzales isn’t alone. Just a day earlier reporters also swarmed another man in the same area for doing the exact same thing.

The photo is of Steve Thacker, a local Marine veteran who told reporters he was simply out open carrying his semiautomatic rifle to “demonstrate [his] Second Amendment rights” just hours after news broke of the slaying of three Baton Rouge police officers.

“This is a statement. I’m not going to be wandering like this except in a situation like this,” the 57-year-old said. “The police are putting their lives on the line every day to protect the people … When somebody targets officers like this it is the greatest show of cowardice I’ve ever seen.”

Open carry is legal throughout the state of Ohio. This fact was driven home Sunday by the fact that Governor and former Presidential Candidate John Kasich declined calls to suspend the practice following the Baton Rouge ambush.

“Ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested,” reads a statement emailed to Conservative Review from Kasich spokeswoman Emmalee Kalmbach. “The bonds between our communities and police must be reset and rebuilt–as we’re doing in Ohio–so our communities and officers can both be safe.”

This of course means that there will most likely be more citizens like Gonzalez and Thacker open carrying throughout the week.There will most likely also be a devoted media gaggle not far behind, ready to over-report the exercise of a Constitutional right in arguably the most secure city in America.

While protests and demonstrations so far in Cleveland by-and-large may be nothing that any person used to attending political events hasn’t already seen (just in case you haven’t, leftists and anti-Trumpers gathered and said leftist and anti-Trump things into microphones), one thing is exceedingly clear: is the media love to freak out they see someone exercising their Second Amendment rights. (For more from the author of “The Mainstream Media Is OBSESSED With Open Carry in Cleveland” please click HERE)

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Newt Gingrich Makes Unusual Pitch for Spot on Ticket With Trump

There has been a lot of speculation as to whom presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will pick as his running mate. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has been the most widely talked about candidate, with many reports Thursday that he indeed is Trump’s choice, over former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich posted a video to Facebook on Thursday in which he discussed his strengths and seemed to subtly play down Pence’s.

“I think my appeal is probably more national. I have some appeal in virtually every state,” he said. “I think Mike Pence would have a huge Midwest appeal. So, if you’re trying to compete for western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, there’s a certain value to an Indiana candidate, I think.”

Gingrich has reported that the Trump campaign has vetted him thoroughly, detailing an exhaustive process. The former House speaker referred to the other potential running mates as “pirates,” and credited himself as a more stable alternative.

Both Gingrich and Pence have the ability to unite the Republicans, especially conservatives, who are still somewhat iffy about Trump, but Gingrich sees it as a decision that ultimately must be framed through the real estate mogul’s point of view.

“Whether I could do that better or Mike Pence could do that better, that’s something Trump has to personally sort through as he sees it from his perspective,” Gingrich said.

During the video, one person asked the former speaker what he thought Trump’s most impressive characteristic was.

“I think he has courage,” Gingrich replied. (For more from the author of “Newt Gingrich Makes Unusual Pitch for Spot on Ticket With Trump” please click HERE)

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WATCH: Dallas Police Chief Has a POWERFUL Message for Young Black Men

When asked what advice he had for young black men, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said, “we’re hiring.”

He then called on young men to “get off the protest line and put in an application.” Adding that they should “become a part of the solution, and serve their communities.”

“We’ll put you in your neighborhood and we’ll help you resolve some of the problems you are protesting about,” concluded Brown.

Chief Brown greatly emphasized community policing during the press conference Monday morning, arguing it is the best way to better our communities and conduct policing in modern America.

Strong voices such as this one pierce through the fear and division, and offer real solutions for a safer America. Chief Brown has shown himself an incredible leader and an honorable man. (For more from the author of “WATCH: Dallas Police Chief Has a POWERFUL Message for Young Black Men” please click HERE)

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Newt Gingrich Makes Announcement That Many Have Been Awaiting

After months of speculation, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has just confirmed he is being vetted to be Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s vice president.

The news may be a welcome sign for many who respect the conservative icon and see Trump as needing a Washington veteran to help navigate through the world of politics.

Gingrich, who is best known for writing the “Contract with America,” a conservative congressional agenda put forward in 1994, confirmed the reports while a guest on The Sean Hannity Show. According to Hannity, Trump and Gingrich will be hitting the campaign trail in the next few days.

Hannity led with a brief discussion of a Drudge Report poll indicating the American people most wanted Gingrich to be selected as the vice president.

“Do you know if there’s any vetting going on?” Hannity asked. Gingrich responded, “Well, I certainly hope so!” which drew laughs from the talk show host.

Hannity then directed a more pointed question at the former House speaker: “Are you being vetted?”

“I think they’ve been very clear all along that I’m one of the four or five people that they’re vetting,” Gingrich said.

Hannity pressed Gingrich to reveal when Trump will announce his running mate.

“When do you think that decision will be made?” he asked. “Will it be made at the convention? Will he hold the suspense?”

Gingrich indicated he was speculating when he said, “First of all I have no idea. … My guess is that they’ll do it either Thursday or Friday [before the GOP convention] so that it dominates the weekend news going into the convention.” (For more from the author of “Newt Gingrich Makes Announcement That Many Have Been Awaiting” please click HERE)

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WATCH: A Police Officer Saved This Man’s Life During Dallas Ambush

While details are still unfolding regarding Thursday night’s horrific attack on Dallas law enforcement, Lynn Mays explains how a heroic officer saved his life while his own life was under attack.

After rapid fire shots went off, Mays recalls, “One police officer that was standing there pushed me out of the way because it was coming our direction … next thing you know we hear ‘officer down.'”

The ambush left five Dallas police officers dead and seven injured, becoming the deadliest single incident for U.S. law enforcement since September 11, 2001, according to CNN.

A suspect who died after a shootout with police also reportedly said he wanted to kill white people — especially white police officers — in response to the recent police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Two of the attackers were snipers who fired “ambush-style” from high up in a building, according to local authorities . . .

The ambush happened as peaceful protests were taking place in Dallas and was likely planned in advance to some degree. (For more from the author of “WATCH: A Police Officer Saved This Man’s Life During Dallas Ambush” please click HERE)

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Family of Disabled 19-Year-Old Girl Suing TSA for Mistreatment

Hannah Cohen, 19, and her family are suing the TSA after a head injury suffered as the result of a TSA officer tackling her onto the floor. Hannah is a St. Jude’s cancer patient, who is partially deaf and blind in one eye. She is a patient at St. Jude’s, in treatment for a brain tumor discovered 17 years ago.

The horrible incident occurred as she was on a trip home to Chattanooga with her mom Sarah Cohen, after a series of treatments for the tumor at St. Jude’s Hospital.

The family has made the trip for 17 years since the tumor was discovered, and have never experienced any troubles at the airport. This time however, as Hannah and her mom were progressing through a TSA checkpoint at Memphis International Airport, she set off the metal detector.

Hannah, young and in a disabled state, was understandably confused by the TSA agents who suddenly approached her. She tried to avoid them, and moved away confused by the sudden approach of the officers.

Prior to approaching Hannah, the TSA agents told her mother they wanted to do additional screening after the alarms went off.

What was originally intended to be “additional screening” turned into a physical and bloody scuffle.

As Hannah tried to escape what she perceived to be a threat, one of the agents tackled her to the ground, ramming her head into the floor in the process.

“She’s trying to get away from them but in the next instant, one of them had her down on the ground and hit her head on the floor. There was blood everywhere,” recalled her mother.

During the incident, her mother tried to tell the officers multiple times that Hannah had various medical issues and that she was just confused, but was forced back as the agents took her daughter away in handcuffs.

After the misunderstanding-turned-spectacle subsided, Hannah was arrested and booked in the airport’s jail, apart from her mother.

The Cohen family unexpectedly spent the night in the airport, with Hannah isolated, and no access to their luggage.

“Here we were with nowhere to go, not even a toothbrush, our bags had gone to Chattanooga,” Hannah’s mom recounted.

The charges were later thrown out by authorities and Hannah was finally released.

“She’s 19 but she’ll always be my baby. We’ve been through so much.”

The TSA would not comment directly to the incident, but released a statement in the aftermath saying, “Passengers can call ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation.”

Upset with how things were handled, the Cohen family is planning to bring a lawsuit against the Memphis Airport, Airport Police and the TSA for negligent conduct and injuries suffered by Hannah. (For more from the author of “Family of Disabled 19-Year-Old Girl Suing TSA for Mistreatment” please click HERE)

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Benghazi Widow Rebukes Clinton for Telling Country to ‘Move On’

The wife of one of the men killed during the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, rebuked Hillary Clinton on Thursday for encouraging the country to “move on” four years after the violence.

Dorothy Woods, the widow of Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, told CNN’s Erin Burnett in her first interview since the attacks that she found Clinton’s comments to be in sync with other “dismissive” remarks from critics of the Benghazi investigation. The probe has been slammed by Democrats as partisan and more focused on harming Clinton than on finding out the truth about the September 11, 2012, attack.

“Nobody in government can tell me how I feel, what I should feel about it,” Woods said. “She has no right — nor does anyone in government have the right — to tell me it’s time to move on. They’re not in my shoes.” (Read more from “Benghazi Widow Rebukes Clinton for Telling Country to ‘Move On'” please click HERE)

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