WIKILEAKS CHIEF: We Have a Little October Surprise for Miss Hillary

Last night Fox News aired part 1 of a 2-part interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Assange noted that they are currently reviewing “thousands of pages of material” related to the Hillary campaign which he described as “significant.” When asked whether the new material will be leaked before the November 8th election, Assange responded “yes, absolutely.”

“We have a lot of material, thousands of pages of material. There’s a variety of different types of documents and different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles that are, you know, quite interesting, some even entertaining.”

We now know that Assange planned the timing of the previous leaks to correspond with the Democratic National Convention which has since resulted in the dismissal of 5 DNC officials, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz. We assume this leak will also be timed to maximize it’s effectiveness with speculation swirling that it could be released before one of the scheduled debates in October.

When asked whether the next release could be a “game-changer” in the November Presidential election, Assange replied:

“I think it’s significant. You know, it depends on how it catches fire in the public and in the media.”

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WATCH: Four Iranian Vessels Harass U.S. Destroyer by Straits of Hormuz

Four patrol boats operated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps harassed an American destroyer on Tuesday near the Straits of Hormuz, a U.S. defense official told Reuters on Wednesday.

Two of the Iranian boats came within 300 yards of the USS Nitze in a manner that the unnamed official called “unsafe and unprofessional.” The IRGC boats harassed the Nitze by “conducting a high speed intercept and closing within a short distance of Nitze, despite repeated warnings,” the official added.

The Nitze attempted to communicate with the IRGC vessels 12 times and fired 10 warning flares in the direction of the two closest boats. “The Iranian high rate of closure… created a dangerous, harassing situation that could have led to further escalation, including additional defensive measures by Nitze,” the official said.

The incident is the latest Iranian challenge to American presence in the Persian Gulf and its commitment to keep the area open to international shipping. IRGC naval forces captured ten American sailors and two boats in January, an incident that Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter called “outrageous, unprofessional and inconsistent with international law” during a Senate hearing in March. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson echoed Carter’s assessment while announcing the result of the Navy’s investigation into the seizure in June. “Those boats and crewmembers had every right to be where they were that day,” Richardson said. “The investigation concluded that Iran violated international law by impeding the boats’ innocent passage transit, and they violated our sovereign immunity by boarding, searching, and seizing the boats, and by photographing and video recording the crew.”

The U.S. Navy reported last month that in 2015, there were close to 300 encounters or “interactions” between American and Iranian naval vessels in the Persian Gulf. While most of the encounters were not considered to be harassment, the behavior of the Iranian navy was found to be less disciplined than that of other navies. Lt. Forrest Griggs, the operations officer of the USS New Orleans, explained that risks arise from the unpredictable behavior and uncertain intent of the Iranian vessels. “It’s very common for them to come up to within 300, 500 yards of us, and then they’ll turn, or parallel us and stop,” he said. (Read more from “WATCH: Four Iranian Vessels Harass U.S. Destroyer by Straits of Hormuz” HERE)

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Confirmed: Obama Lied About Paying Ransom to Iran for Hostages!

Breaking news from the Associated Press indicates that the State Department has confirmed the $400 million cash payment to Iran was in-fact contingent on the release of American hostages.

The Obama administration had previously claimed that a $400 million cash payment made to Iran in January was unrelated to the release of American hostages in Iran.

President Obama held a press conference earlier this month in which he explicitly denied paying ransom for hostages.

But this new report raises the question, why did Obama lie? (For more from the author of “Confirmed: Obama Lied About Paying Ransom to Iran for Hostages!” please click HERE)

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Clinton’s Doctor Refutes Claims of Candidate’s Ill Health

Hillary Clinton’s doctor released a statement on Tuesday debunking the validity of documents purportedly leaked from her office, claiming the candidate has serious medical problems.

According to, fake documents represented to be from Dr. Lisa Bardack’s office appear to have originated from a since deleted Twitter account.

The documents contained information claiming Clinton continued to suffer from the effects of a 2012 concussion that she suffered after fainting. The symptoms included “blacking out,” “uncontrollable twitching” and “memory loss.”

The documents further claimed that Clinton suffers from “complex partial seizures” and “early-onset subcortical vascular dementia.”

In a statement released on Tuesday, Bardack said, “As Secretary Clinton’s long time physician, I released a medical statement during the campaign indicating that she is in excellent health.”

“I have recently been made aware of allegedly ‘leaked’ medical documents regarding Secretary Clinton with my name on them. These documents are false, were not written by me and are not based on any medical facts,” she continued. “To reiterate what I said in my previous statement, Secretary Clinton is in excellent health and fit to serve as President of the United States.”

Bardack released a letter about Clinton’s health in July 2015, which describes the candidate as “a healthy 67-year-old female whose current medical conditions include hypothyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies.”

The letter also addresses Clinton’s concussion noting that she experienced double-vision after the fall for a period of months and was placed on an anticoagulant medication to dissolve a clot in her brain.

According to the doctor, follow up testing in 2013 “revealed a complete resolution of the effects of the concussion” and a “dissolution” of the clot. Clinton remains on anticoagulant medication as a precaution.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity reported extensively on Clinton’s potential health issues on his program last week. He aired photo showing Clinton being helped up stairs by a Secret Service agents last February.

“You see from our picture up there that it looks like she can barely get up stairs without two people carrying her,” Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox medical expert said of the photo. “I want to know what her neurologist says. I’ve reached out to her neurologist at Columbia after she had that fall. No comment. I want to know what her neurological records show.”

The Clinton campaign has dismissed the reporting by Hannity and others as “deranged conspiracy theories,” CNN reported. (For more from the author of “Clinton’s Doctor Refutes Claims of Candidate’s Ill Health” please click HERE)

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Classic Donald Trump Shuts Down Protester With ‘Mother’ of All Comebacks

One group of protesters were demanding that Trump release his tax returns — something he claims is not possible because of an ongoing audit — and held up signs that read “TAX FORMS.”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton released hers on Friday, so now pressure is mounting for Trump to do the same.

Later in his speech, a man from the audience shouted “Black Lives Matter!”

In a return to classic Trump style, the businessman pointed out the protester in the crowd and said, “Go home to mom! Go home to mom! And your mother is voting for Trump! She’s voting for Trump! It’s true, it’s true.”

The crowd cheered as the man was escorted out of the building.

Trump then used the end of his speech to convey how important winning the Keystone State was.

“We have to win Pennsylvania, so important,” he said. “We win Pennsylvania, we’re gonna win it.”

The Republican party is currently conflicted on its chosen candidate, with an open letter that was drafted this week urging Priebus to stop funding Trump’s campaign and to allocate resources to House and Senate members.

Priebus came to the rally to dismiss the doubt and pledged that the GOP will do all it can to support its presidential nominee. (For more from the author of “Classic Donald Trump Shuts Down Protester With ‘Mother’ of All Comebacks” please click HERE)

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Hillary Slips After ‘Creepy’ Hug From Biden

Vice President Joe Biden, who is notorious for his inability to keep his hands to himself in public, just shared a ridiculously long hug with none other than Hillary Clinton . . .

Biden grabbed Mrs. Clinton around the waist and held on for nearly 20 seconds, while Clinton squirmed and patted his arm several times . . .

As luck would have it, Biden got another opportunity later in the day to cozy up to Clinton when she briefly lost her footing while stepping down from the podium following her campaign speech.

Clinton has a history of falling. After fainting and falling in 2013 while U.S. secretary of state, she was treated for a blood clot in a vein in her head at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia hospital . . .

Photos, published by the Reuters and Getty news agencies, show Clinton, 68, receiving help as she tries to ascend a staircase in front of a home. The images were actually taken in February when the former first lady was campaigning for president in South Carolina, as WND reported. (Read more from “Hillary Slips After ‘Creepy’ Hug From Biden” HERE)

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Wasserman Schultz Can’t Guarantee Iran Nuclear Deal Money Won’t Go to Attacking Israel

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) couldn’t guarantee money Iran got through President Obama’s landmark nuclear deal wouldn’t go to financing terror attacks against Israel during her debate Sunday against primary challenger Tim Canova . . .

Debate moderator Jim DeFede brought up the $1.7 billion Iran got in January as part of a failed arms deal settlement, which included a $400 million cash payment on an unmarked cargo plane that critics charged was effectively a ransom and tied to the nuclear agreement. Iran freed four hostages on the same day it got the cash.

DeFede misspoke about the amounts of money allocated to Iran through the nuclear deal, which is more than $100 billion in sanctions relief, but the crux of his question was whether Wasserman Schultz could guarantee that none of it would be used by Iran to finance terrorist attacks against the Jewish state.

“Can you guarantee that that money, that $1.8 billion that’s part of the Iran deal, won’t be used to finance terror against Israel?” DeFede asked. “Can you guarantee it?”

“You can never guarantee anything, Jim,” she said. (Read more from “Wasserman Schultz Can’t Guarantee Iran Nuclear Deal Money Won’t Go to Attacking Israel” HERE)

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Obama Claimed It’s Easier in Some Neighborhoods to Get a Gun Than a Book. Here Are the Facts.

President Barack Obama said it is easier in some neighborhoods to get a gun than a book. Is that true? The fact checkers weighed in and we have their verdict: it’s false. Here’s why: To buy a gun in most states, you need to be 18 and pass a background check. To get a book, all you need is a library card. And when it comes to price, there is no evidence that books are more expensive than guns. So why does Obama keep making this false claim?

(For more from the author of “Obama Claimed It’s Easier in Some Neighborhoods to Get a Gun Than a Book. Here Are the Facts.” please click HERE)

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A Tale of Redemption: Recovering Alcoholic Priest Says ‘Hold onto Jesus’ in Video Released After His Death

“Hold onto Jesus.”

Those were some of the last words that Fr. Ed Thompson, a priest and recovering alcoholic, said to a friend who documented his 92-year life story on video. It was a heartwarming tale of the Prodigal Son who came home, told just before his real home-going. Fr. Ed wasn’t the typical pious priest. He’d struggled with addiction for most of his adult life. But he knew one thing: Jesus Christ was the answer.

Fr. Ed was born eight minutes before his identical twin brother David. Before the boys were born, a doctor told their mother to abort them, because she would contract rheumatoid arthritis if she carried them to term. She refused. Fr. Ed said that when he and his brother were born, his mother took each of their tiny hands and made the sign of the cross over her newborn babies. He and his brother later looked back on that event as one that set their lives in motion.

A Testing and a Calling

Both boys entered the priesthood, David one year before Ed. Although he received his calling at age 11, he wasn’t “pious,” and continued to live a normal life — he dated girls, played sports and worked at Westinghouse. When he finally told his mother and father he wanted to be a Catholic priest, they discouraged him. His father accused him of trying to be like his brother. His mother said he needed to work to help support the family. Even the local priest agreed with his parents.

Later, though, he said, he realized they were testing him. “They wanted to make as sure as they could that I was doing it for the right reason,” he said.

After entering the seminary and then working as a Vocation Director for 12 years, in 1974 Fr. Ed was made a pastor in a Philadelphia church. “But I had a problem,” he said sadly. “It was a drinking problem. I was a real, live alcoholic.” He only lasted a year as a pastor there. “I was so sick and so ashamed that after a year I just left the parish.”

He went to Florida and got a job selling graves for a cemetery. Even though his mother urged his brother David to “bring him back,” David told her he would wait until Fr. Ed was ready. “Thanks be to God, my dear brother David never tried to call me, never tried to rescue me.” After about six months, he called his brother, who told him he’d immediately come to Florida.

“You know what he told me?” Fr. Ed said. “’Edward, you’re an alcoholic. And you’re a liar.’ Alcoholics when they’re drinking cannot tell the truth. They can’t survive telling the truth.” That’s when he joined Alcoholics Anonymous, and his brother arranged for him to stay in a rehabilitation house, where he lived for over a year. His job at the house was slopping the pigs. “So the Prodigal Son story was very much alive in my life,” Fr. Ed said wryly.

Fr. Ed was once again given the opportunity to practice as a priest when the bishop of Reno, Nevada, took him in. But once again he fell victim to his addiction. He celebrated the event by drinking scotch. It caught up with him about a year later, he said, and over his fifteen years as a priest in Nevada, Fr. Ed said he was sent to 3 six-month treatment centers for his alcoholism, after which he said the money ran out and the diocese told him, “We’re saying goodbye to you. You’ll have to make it on your own.”

At the Point of Desperation

Just at the point of desperation as he was kicked out of the parish and the treatment center, Fr. Ed had an experience that turned his life around. A woman was trying to reach him, and he decided to call the phone number even though he didn’t recognize the name.

It turned out to be someone he had helped 30 years prior. Jesus told her that he was in trouble and she was to help him, she said. He admitted he needed help and had nowhere to go and she invited him into her home in Florida, where he had four cats as roommates. “I was really afraid of cats,” he said. He worked for his room and board, cleaning up after the cats, cutting the grass and going to the grocery store. He was thankful for a place to stay.

Then ‘a miracle happened,’ Fr. Ed said.

He was given yet another opportunity to serve in a church, there in Florida. At first he was given only simple jobs like training altar servers or reading the Scriptures during worship. But then his bishop in Florida convinced the bishop of Reno to let him work as a priest once again.

“For the last 23 years, I’ve had the joy of being a parish priest here at St. Mary Magdalene parish,” he said. “It has been 23 years of the happiest times in my whole priesthood, my whole life. … I offer holy mass, hear confessions, teach the Scriptures, visit the sick, bury the dead. If I do those things, and do them well, I’ve had a wonderful priesthood.”

Fr. Ed’s last words on the video were intended to reach others, offer encouragement and hope and perhaps reveal the secret of what kept him going during the years he struggled.

“Whatever you do,” he said as he looked into the camera, “hold onto Jesus Christ … in the holy Communion. … He is there. He is our religion, He is our Church. … Hold onto Him. Believe in Him. Never let Him slip out of your life.” (For more from the author of “A Tale of Redemption: Recovering Alcoholic Priest Says ‘Hold onto Jesus’ in Video Released After His Death” please click HERE)

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Julian Assange Says “1,700 Emails in Hillary Clinton’s Collection” Proves She Sold Weapons to ISIS in Syria

Here is the transcript and the revelation by Assange…

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Julian, I want to mention something else. In March, you launched a searchable archive for over 30,000 emails and email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was secretary of state. The 50,547 pages of documents span the time from June 2010 to August 2014; 7,500 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton herself. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the U.S. State Department as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request. Why did you do this, and what’s the importance, from your perspective, of being able to create a searchable base?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, WikiLeaks has become the rebel library of Alexandria. It is the single most significant collection of information that doesn’t exist elsewhere, in a searchable, accessible, citable form, about how modern institutions actually behave. And it’s gone on to set people free from prison, where documents have been used in their court cases; hold the CIA accountable for renditions programs; feed into election cycles, which have resulted in the termination of, in some case—or contributed to the termination of governments, in some cases, taken the heads of intelligence agencies, ministers of defense and so on. So, you know, our civilizations can only be as good as our knowledge of what our civilisation is. We can’t possibly hope to reform that which we do not understand.

So, those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates. So, for example, the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails. There’s more than 1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection, that we have released, just about Libya alone.

(Read more from “Julian Assange Says “1,700 Emails in Hillary Clinton’s Collection” Proves She Sold Weapons to ISIS in Syria” HERE)

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