Caught on Camera: CNN Forced to Make Huge Admission About Mueller Investigation

By Townhall. Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report has landed on Attorney General William Barr’s desk, and it has been revealed that no collusion took place between Russia and the Trump campaign, CNN panelists are forced to say the news “vindicates” the president.

“So if, if as Jeffrey [Toobin] is saying, they [Trump administration] get great news, the great news is, first of all, there’s no more indictments,” CNN political analyst Gloria Borger said on Friday. “But if suddenly the president has to say those angry Democrats who were working with Bob Mueller were actually just part of a Justice Department doing its job after he has criticized the Justice Department, then he’s now vindicated.”

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin agreed with Borger.

“Let’s be specific. This is really good news for a lot of people around Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr. Jared Kushner. Jerome Corsi. The writer who had a draft indictment presented to him by Mueller’s office and they decided not to go forward with this,” Toobin explained. “Let’s be fair here. There has been a lot of suspicion around certain people. And a lot of negative things have been said and imputation of criminal activity. Mueller has said, ‘I am not proceeding.’ There is no better news to receive than you are not being indicted by the United States government.”

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Mueller’s Investigation is Finally Complete

By Politico. In a one-page letter sent to congressional leaders, Barr said he may be able to advise lawmakers of Mueller’s “principal conclusions” as soon as this weekend, which DOJ expects to release to the public. Barr also noted that he would determine “what other information from the report can be released to Congress and the public consistent with the law.”

One thing is for sure, though. Mueller was never told, “no.” Barr is required to tell Congress if DOJ leaders ever refused a Mueller request on a major step. The attorney general headed off such speculation Friday, telling Congress “there were not such instances during the Special Counsel’s investigation.”

And a senior Justice Department official put to rest rampant speculation about any forthcoming indictments from Mueller: “The special counsel is not recommending any further indictments.”

Essentially, DOJ’s message was: Mueller is done, and he was allowed to follow every lead. (Read more from “Mueller’s Investigation is Finally Complete” HERE)

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Disturbing Footage: Priest Stabbed During Televised Mass

By Fox News. A Catholic priest was stabbed several times while leading mass on Friday morning in Montreal.

Rev. Claude Grou, the rector at St. Joseph’s Oratory, had just finished a reading around 8:40 am when a man rushed towards him with a knife and stabbed him in his upper body.

The attack at the landmark church was captured on a livestream and television, as the mass was being broadcast to the Catholic channel Salt + Light. . .

Footage from the incident shows a tall man wearing a white baseball cap approach the altar and stab Grou as he falls to the ground. Security and what appears to be other members of the parrish then step forward, encircling the attacker, who stands with his hands at his sides. Grou quickly stood up and didn’t appear in pain.

Grou suffered only superficial wounds and is expected to make a full recovery. The diocese of Montreal tweeted that he was in stable condition, and that “all of our prayers are with him.” (Read more from “Disturbing Footage: Priest Stabbed During Televised Mass” HERE)


Priest Stabbed During Morning Mass at Montreal’s Saint Joseph’s Oratory

By CBC. A priest at Montreal’s renowned Saint Joseph’s Oratory was stabbed in the chest Friday while delivering morning mass, shocking parishioners and those watching a live stream of the service from home.

The suspect was quickly wrestled to the floor by security guards after stabbing Father Claude Grou, rector of the oratory. The priest was taken away by ambulance with minor injuries to his upper body.

“I saw this man coming quickly and taking his knife out and going straight for Père Grou,” recounted Adèle Plamondon, who was just finishing the day’s reading when the man rose from the pew.

“It was obvious what his intentions were. So, I left screaming to alert the security.” (Read more from “Priest Stabbed During Morning Mass at Montreal’s Saint Joseph’s Oratory” HERE)

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Students Ruthlessly Harass Border Patrol Agents Visiting University. Video of the Incident Is Appalling.

Students harassed two Border Patrol agents at the University of Arizona on Tuesday during an event for criminal justice majors. . .

The agents were visiting the school’s Criminal Justice Association at the time of the incident, the Daily Wire reported. The association previously hosted both members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosives as well as employees of the Homeland Securities Investigations wing.

In videos posted on social media, students can be seen haranguing the officers, interrupting their presentations, and in some cases, following the agents around campus.

One student, who appears to be filming one of the videos in question, can be heard saying, “I don’t know who allowed the murder patrol. They allow murderers to be on campus where I pay to be here. Murderers! On campus. Murderers on campus!”

The student behind the camera continued ranting, “This is supposed to be a safe space for students, but they allow an extension of the KKK into campus. There are students that pay to be here … that need this to be a safe space for them and we have the KKK and their supporters right here at the U of A.”

[Videos contain explicit language.]

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WATCH: Suspect Ends Chase by Breakdancing With Police Guns Drawn

By The Daily Caller. It is truly unclear what exactly was going through a car chase suspect’s mind when police finally caught up with him and in response he began breakdancing.

It all went down in San Fernando Valley when CHP officers were involved in a slow speed car chase—yes, you read that correctly—from Calabasas through southern California to catch an alleged reckless driver who failed to stop when asked to do so by authority, per ABC 7 Chicago on Wednesday. . .

During the pursuit, which never reached faster than 60 mph, the suspect lead cops from the 101 freeway to the 118 East. At one point, he slowed his car down to 20 mph. While he reportedly never made any evasive maneuvers, he refused to pull over as well.

The police chase finally came to an end after officers were able to spin out his car using a PIT maneuver (Pursuit Intervention Technique). (Read more from “Suspect Ends Chase by Breakdancing With Police Guns Drawn” HERE)


Suspect Breakdances at End of California Police Chase

By ABC News. The chase began in Calabasas when California Highway Patrol officers said a reckless driver failed to yield to commands to stop.

The driver led officers on a chase over the 101 Freeway through the San Fernando Valley, north on the 405 Freeway and east onto the 118 Freeway. . .

He got out of the car and complied with officers’ orders, but then at one point began breakdancing.

After the brief show, officers were able to take the man into custody without further incident. (Read more from “Suspect Breakdances at End of California Police Chase” HERE)

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Disturbing Video of TSA Agent Patting Down Boy With Disability Flagged by Trump

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump flagged a disturbing video of a TSA agent aggressively and excessively patting down a young boy with a disability at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

The video first surfaced online in 2017. The boy’s mother, Jennifer Williamson, explained on public radio that her family was traveling from Texas to San Diego on a family vacation when her 13-year-old son Aaron, who suffers from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), was pulled aside for the invasive search by TSA.

According to radio station WIBX 950, Williamson posted the disturbing video to Facebook, where it quickly went viral, garnering tens of thousands of messages from social media users upset over the “creepy” interaction.

“We were told in no uncertain terms that either we comply immediately without question or we be escorted from the airport,” Williamson explained during an appearance on “First News with Keeler in the Morning” in the wake of the ordeal.

The mother agreed with the host that her son was “groped” by the agent. “There was no question it was excessive and way beyond what needs to be necessary,” she said. (Read more from “Disturbing Video of TSA Agent Patting Down Boy With Disability Flagged by Trump” HERE)

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Beto 0’Rourke Attacks Israeli Prime Minister

Speaking at Keene State College in New Hampshire on Wednesday, former Congressman Beto O’Rourke slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he “openly sided with racists,” while characterizing Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, whose organization pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to Palestinian terrorists who murder Israelis, as “ineffectual.”

Questioned about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, O’Rourke stated, “right now we don’t have the best negotiating partners on either side: we have a prime minister in Israel who has openly sided with racists — who, in a previous election, warned that the Arabs were coming to the polls — and on the Palestinian side, you have an ineffectual leader, in Mahmoud Abbas, who has not been very effective in bringing his side to the table either.”

When he was queried about accepting money from pro-Israeli lobbyists in his failed campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2018, O’Rourke stated, “If you’re asking if the contributions I accept connect to the policies I support, the answer is no. He asserted, “I believe in peace and dignity and full human rights for the Palestinian people and the Israeli people. The only way to achieve that … is a two-state solution.”

O’Rourke, while in Congress strongly supported the Iran nuclear deal that posed a existential threat to the state of Israel tweeting, “Although the Iran Deal is not perfection, it is a critical international effort to ensure Iran doesn’t acquire nuclear weapons. The United States of America should not be giving up on diplomacy.”

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Trump Explains Why He’s Still Criticizing McCain

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) passed away in August, but President Trump is still sharing his opinion of his old adversary. Here’s what he tweeted on Sunday.

Meghan McCain sounded off on Trump’s tweet on “The View” on Monday, telling the president he’ll never measure up to her dad. She also suggested he’s “obsessed” with her dad. . .

Yet, the president continued to criticize McCain Tuesday at the White House. When asked by a reporter why he still attacks McCain months after his death, Trump explained that it has to do, in part, with his vote on Obamacare.

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Watch: Muslim Doctor STUNS CNN With Trump, GOP Revelation

On Saturday, a Muslim doctor who has been highly critical of radical Islam appeared on CNN and must have given that network heart palpitations as she insisted that in many parts of the Muslim world, not only is President Trump beloved, but so is former President George W. Bush, and that the Trump administration is not Islamophobic.

Dr. Qanta Ahmed, who hails from Great Britain, stated, “One thing the viewers should know, this president and this administration is often castigated as Islamophobic, but I move in the Muslim word, in Egypt, in Oman, in Jordan, in Iraqi Kurdistan, where this president is beloved. This president and the Republican Party going back to George Bush is very dearly held. Today is the anniversary of Halabja, the massacre of 180,000 Kurds at the hands of Saddam Hussein. That only change would [be] because of a Republican president. So it is very important not to lose so much perspective that we start believing our entire government is Islamophobic. That is not the case.” . . .

The conversation between Ahmed and CNN host Fredericka Whitfield featured Ahmed trying to delineate a distinction between anti-Muslim sentiment and Islamophobia. She said:

Islamophobia actually means the refusal to scrutinize or examine Islam or Islamism, Islamist institutions. Muslims and Christians in Pakistan when they challenged Islamism, when they defended Asia Bibi, the Christian woman that was on death row were killed, assassinated for their purported Islamophobia.

So we must distinguish lethal, diabolical, anti-Muslim xenophobia as is happening in Christchurch from a Islamophobia. Why should we do that? Because, if we do not, we empower Islamists who wish to propagate the myth, the same myth that the white supremacists gunman wants us to believe that we are under siege in the secular world, that we are victims in the West. And it’s not just those that have animus toward Muslims. We already see in Turkey — the president of Turkey, Erdogan, Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Godfather, exploiting this attack, taking advantage of this attack, telling his supporters on an election campaign yesterday to watch the live feed of the gunman.

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Beto Reveals Support for 3rd Trimester Abortions

By Breitbart. Appearing Monday at a campaign stop in Cleveland, Ohio, 2020 Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke said he believes it’s a woman’s right to decide whether she should undergo a third-trimester abortion, signaling he would not support government intervening to prevent the procedure.

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Beto’s Rocky Rollout: O’Rourke Drawing Crowds and Cash, but Stumbles out of the Gate

By Fox News. Beto O’Rourke raised a whopping $6.1 million in his first 24 hours as a presidential candidate, while drawing big crowds — and a herd of reporters — as he campaigned across Iowa and Wisconsin after launching his 2020 bid.

But despite riding a wave of media fanfare, the former three-term congressman from Texas has stumbled out of the gate with a string of apologies and clarifications.

While the fundraising and large crowds show the charismatic contender is a force to be reckoned with in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, the series of missteps amount to signs that O’Rourke’s nascent campaign may need some fine-tuning — and fast.

In one widely covered gaffe, O’Rourke apologized for joking at several events on Thursday and Friday that his wife Amy had been raising the couple’s three children “sometimes with my help.”

Discussing the comments – amid concern they spotlighted gender stereotypes – O’Rourke promised, “not only will I not say that again, but I’ll be more thoughtful going forward in the way that I talk about our marriage.” (Read more from “Beto’s Rocky Rollout: O’Rourke Drawing Crowds and Cash, but Stumbles out of the Gate” HERE)

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Passenger Filmed With Face Full of Blood After Shocking Mid-Flight Brawl

Two Ryanair passengers were detained after starting a chaotic brawl that left one passenger bloody on board a flight to Spain’s Tenerife South Airport from Glasgow Prestwick in Scotland.

The shocking footage was shared on Twitter, showing two men striking each other while other passengers scream.

During the 36-second clip, taken by Twitter user Ben Wardrop, Ryanair flight crew can be seen trying to break the men up as they continue to hit one another and yell threats.

In a statement to Fox News from Ryanair, the airline said they requested police to meet the flight upon landing.

“The crew of this flight from Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife (16 Mar) requested police assistance upon arrival after two passengers became disruptive in-flight. The aircraft landed normally and police removed and detained two individuals. We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority. This is now a matter for local police,” the statement read. (Read more from “Passenger Filmed With Face Full of Blood After Shocking Mid-Flight Brawl” HERE)

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