Watch: Amnesty International Makes Creep-Tastic Video Showing ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Being Sexually Assaulted

Amnesty International is jumping on the anti-Disney bandwagon — like celebrities Kristen Bell and Keira Knightley — calling out “fairy tales” for anti-feminist scenarios, where damsels in distress under an evil spell need the help of dashing princes to regain consciousness.

But the nongovernmental organization went way beyond merely criticizing Disney’s heroines. They created their own “fractured fairy tale” in which a prince sexually assaults a sleeping princess, first kissing her and then sliding his hand up her leg, molesting her as she sleeps — a sort-of parody of “Sleeping Beauty” or “Snow White” that comes off less instructive and more, well, creepy. . .

After sexually abusing the sleeping princess, “Prince Charming” is confronted by a handful of woodland creatures who explain to him that he has to get consent to kiss, touch, or fondle the princess, even though she’s definitely out cold.

The prince is, of course, the archetypal misogynistic male — cut straight, perhaps, from leftist fantasies about now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — who responds that he knows the princess wants “D from the P,” because they engaged in some heavy petting at a party, so he feels entitled to assault her now. He’s ultimately set straight by a talking owl. . .

It’s not clear who the video is intended to inform other than, perhaps, a handful of Twitter users who found it funny. It’s certainly not for kids, and it’s a little strange to think that someone in a pitch meeting brought up the idea of a prince visibly molesting a princess as a way of conveying the idea of consent to the Disney princess set (and it’s even creepier if you consider that both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are supposed to be in their early teens). (Read more from “Watch: Amnesty International Makes Creep-Tastic Video Showing ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Being Sexually Assaulted” HERE)

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