Military Generation Z Recruiting Woes Worsened by TikTok Ban

The U.S. military is seeking to attract the youngest generation to enlist, but technology troubles have hampered the Department of Defense’s ability to recruit effectively.

A ban on TikTok from government and military devices has limited the department’s utilization of the growing platform popularized by Generation Z, with an estimated 64 million users between the ages of 16-34 in the United States. And lagging pay in the military can’t keep pace with the prospect of technology sector opportunities that younger people seek out.

Experts and recruiters note that Gen Z, people born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s, are much different from previous generations, including their lack of familiarity with the military, growing up in the social media era, and distinct life goals.

“Members of Gen Z are authenticity seekers,” Lt. Cmdr. Richard Parker from Navy Recruiting Command told the Washington Examiner. “They crave authentic travel and adventure. Many of our recruiting efforts focus on connecting with potential future sailors through memorable experiences, telling stories of the Navy adventure and pride in service. We also face the challenge of top talent in a strong economy.”

“We are competing not only against other services that offer unique opportunities but also with the private sector,” he added. “In addressing this challenge we offer strong incentives such as enlistment bonuses, free healthcare, support for college education and specialized training in more than 150 career fields that will help them be competitive in the job market after their Navy service.” (Read more from “Military Generation Z Recruiting Woes Worsened by TikTok Ban” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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