Neocon-Hack Ben Shapiro Attacks Tucker for Putting America First

As the conflict in Israel continues to escalate, establishment politicians and unelected bureaucrats are starting to beat the drums of war. After all, the situation in Ukraine didn’t unfold as they’d hoped, so perhaps this latest conflict will result in an unending global war. That’s exactly what people like Tucker Carlson are trying to prevent—another endless war that costs Americans their lives, their hopes, and their livelihoods.

Here’s what Tucker said in his scathing takedown of warmongers like Nikki Haley, Dan Crenshaw, and Lindsey Graham.

Collin Rugg:

JUST IN: Tucker Carlson blasts Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham and Dan Crenshaw for being warmongers with their responses to the Israel-Hamas war.

Carlson specifically blasted Graham for “not caring” about lost lives because he is nearly 70 years old with no kids.

“What exactly would happen to the United States if we declared war on Iran and started blowing up their infrastructure?”

“Lindsey Graham has no clue what would happen. He hasn’t thought it through. He’s almost 70 years old and he has no children. He doesn’t care.”

“But neither amazingly do most of his colleagues in Washington, they’re as reckless as he is.”

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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