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Is Obama Organizing Chaos For This Election?

Are massive Leftist protests planned for Chicago’s G8-NATO summit this May, the RNC Convention in August and a rumored time line for Israel’s “Sweet Spot” early this fall to attack Iran all being orchestrated by the Obama campaign in an unparalleled get out the vote push that is an October surprise to sweep him back […]

CAP “Islamaphobia” Report Hijacked

The co-author of a provocative report on “Islamophobia” has ties to a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organization and is the host of a website known for trafficking in radical, anti-Israel propaganda. Wajahat Ali is a self described “playwright, essayist, and attorney.” He is also the co-author of “Fear Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America,” […]

A Transvaginal Sonogram Is Not ‘Rape’

I don’t understand how the liberal mind is wired. Sometimes it is truly alien to me. Take, for example, a proposed law in Virginia that would have required some women to undergo a little discomfort with transvaginal sonograms before brutally killing their children. In a transvaginal sonogram, a wand is inserted in the vagina to […]

Rick Santorum Dances With The Devil

In the Republican debate held on Washington’s Birthday the candidates were asked to describe themselves in one word. Santorum chose the word courage. If fits after a week of dancing with the national news media over the issue of Satan. Does he exist? Santorum says yes. The media says no. It all started Monday when […]

Geithner says hard times to continue for many

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says many Americans will face hard times for a long time to come. He says President Barack Obama rescued the United States from a second Great Depression and will keep working to strengthen the economy. But Geithner says will be some time before many people feel like the country is recovering. […]

Memorial Day Reflections

Dear Fellow Patriots, All of us recognize that our nation faces grave challenges.  Whether it’s the crushing national debt, unemployment, an upside down housing market, or the extreme crisis of leadership in D.C., it’s easy to despair of these formidable problems.  No elected official or candidate has the apparent courage and ability to lead us […]