A Transvaginal Sonogram Is Not ‘Rape’

I don’t understand how the liberal mind is wired. Sometimes it is truly alien to me.

Take, for example, a proposed law in Virginia that would have required some women to undergo a little discomfort with transvaginal sonograms before brutally killing their children.

In a transvaginal sonogram, a wand is inserted in the vagina to yield an image of the fetus. The procedure differs from an abdominal sonogram, in which a wand is rubbed over the woman’s belly.

To the undisciplined liberal mind, this is, as one female lawmaker in Virginia put it, “state-mandated rape.”

Only liberals would take a common medical procedure and try to convince the public that it is the equivalent of rape. And not just a moral or figurative equivalent, but literal rape. And they do so as a way of defending the abhorrent practice of killing unborn children.

Dahlia Lithwick, an editor with “Slate” who also writes about legal issues, claimed, wrongly of course, that the law meets the federal definition of rape.

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