Video: What the RNC Would Prefer that You Not See from the Tampa Convention

This video gives an insider’s perspective, from the Ron Paul camp, of some of the shenanigans that went on at the GOP Tampa Convention. It’s a fairly long video, but you should stay with it until about the eight minute mark:

Here’s what Ron Paul said about the convention and Romney’s speech:

  • RLM357

    Damn the Establishment GOP!

    • frawgeyz

      I second that motion!

  • CSN

    I heard they had barbed wire and Security with AK-47’s! That was from a man who has a Radio Talk show on Saturday Mornings. I’m sure they needed to keep out the Ron Paul supporters, but that was going too far. God Bless Ron Paul and God Bless America, and I won’t ask God to Bless the GOP.

  • Carol-Christian Soldier

    the R elites ‘gave’ us Feinstein—why-
    because a man of honor-Congressman Dannemeyer (R) was doing well – and we volunteers (I was young and naive) were encouraged that he would win –then- all of a sudden the RNC (and -my guess the NRSC) introduced (at a major CA convention) a man named M. Huffington —many of the older volunteers threw up their hands and stated-
    “We’re voting for Feinstein!”
    Why-because they told me that Huffington would be worse than Feinstein …
    So – there you have it-
    No Thing Has Changed—
    Thank you for the two videos- I did not watched much of the convention-

  • GOP = Gay Old Perverts. A deadly and fatal pox on BOTH houses.

    • JeromefromLayton

      There is a difference. Who is cutting over $700 Billion from Social Security while at the same time wiping out HSA and alternative insurance? Who said he would repeal that monstrosity just as soon as it hits his desk? This is just one issue.

  • No, you slant eyed media anchor twit…Bernanke is NOT the only show in town: ever hear of barter and the underground economy?….Hoovervilles? You probably never heard of them—that is why you are a media whore anchor snatch asking smart people dumb questions.

  • Rick

    So, Joe, what are YOU going to do about this? You have been a victim of this sort of thing, but you aren’t at the end of your career like Ron Paul. I would hope that somehow you and others like yourself would fight on against this sort of Tyranny. If you don’t, we have no hope on an earthly level for a decent chance at true liberty. Thanks.

    • reggiec

      By posting this video on this site Joe has done more than any other site I subscribe to. The people have the power to change things. See my post above.

  • Dave

    I am heart sick about this. This is a party that purports to abhor union thuggery, and here we have them practicing union thuggery. I have been less than pleased with the RNC ever since Steele was the chairman. I was just starting to warm to the idea of the RNC again until I saw this. This has put me off that bunch for a long time, perhaps permanently.

  • At a time when the GOP needs to have one voice and work hard to rid us of the liberals in Washington, the establishment pulls this crap? No wonder we are such a screwed-up party

    • RLM357

      The Communist NWO creep George Soros, was asked if he was worried about the outcome and he replied No “They’re both the same.” I rest my case. Does anyone else believe that all this was not well planned? Even Commie trianed FDR said, “Nothing happens in DC that isn’t planned”. ~Rick Magee, FL

  • Judy

    Ron Paul people are plain weird and they deliberately tried to disrupt the convention.

    • thejerkstore

      Judy is an intellectual lightweight too flaky to think for herself. Two can play that game.

    • republican122

      i totally agree the point is , to get rid of obama and ron paul had a snow balls chance in hell to win the presidents even if he did get nominated people on the whole do not like te old man, he needs to give uphis delgates and do the right thing and help the country and all of us not his selfish self. he and his family have plently of money but what abut the lower middle class ron paul asshole. you embrassed us in front of the dnc and I am not a happy camper due to your behavior shame on you.!!!! you should of never been at the RNC you did just what ross perot did and we lot that election then and it seems like due to your ego that will might happen again just because of your ego!!!1

  • wayne

    The establishment GOP is the only one that stands a chance to beat the
    Democrats. Ron Paul has some good ideas, but a small group you will help elect Obama. Anyone can see this, but you keep on with the BS to get Obama back in office. So, go ahead with your BS and create talking points for the other side. You and I both know that Ron Paul could not be elected. He is a good man, but too far in left field to attract enough people to his cause. I don’t like some of the things that happened, however I would support Dr. Paul if he were the nominee. In fact I would vote for a potted plant before a Democrat.

    • All American

      Good post.
      Potted plants before Obama.

      • JeromefromLayton

        Look up Pineapple Party. Based on the proposition that a piece of vegetable would do a better job (not doing anything except attract fruit flies) than the current occupant.

  • B. Wilderman

    As with all things ‘Politic’, you have to look just a little deeper. In the case of the Nevada delegates, who, by state rules they agreed to, were obliged to vote for Gov. Romney on the first vote. But, in an effort to push Ron Paul, they changed their votes! I am sure we Nevadans will take care of this at home!

  • Romeny2012

    good work there Joe lets split the vote so OB wins….what an idiot.

  • What I see is happening is the Republican old dogs are acting in such a manner that leads me to believe that they are in the process of throwing this election to Obama. They want to join this New World Order baloney, and turn our sovereignty over to the UN.
    I think that when you go to the polls and vote you vote out all of the old decrepate politicians who have made a career out of politics, and have no concern about the national debt.

  • cawizewoman

    Joe, this is one time I disagree with you. This is the time when we need to get behind the one person who is most likely to win against Obama, and work with all our might to accomplish this. Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance in h— of doing that. This is not a popularity contest, not about selecting a Prom King. It’s about the Country — Stupid.

  • reggiec

    Remember the rule changes falsely passed can be changed again in four years. In order to do that we must elect and promote to positions of power in the GOP, Individuals that will be true Conservatives that will represent the people and not special interests in order to retain power. What we need is presently taking place. It is a gradual but sometimes not so peaceful hostile take over of the elit, establishment GOP. A perfect example was the GOP primary in Kansas this year. 17 out of 22 races were won by Conservatives over moderate or left of center Republican candadates. The establishment GOP understands what is occurring and are whistling past the graveyard.

  • It’s disgraceful! This is not good for the GOP or Boehner. The Yays and Nays were just as powerful…how they could tell (they couldn’t) what the head count was would have been impossible. They can’t change the rules in the middle of a Convention! This should have been worked out…way before! Disgusting! Shame on you GOP!

  • Roberta Filzmaier

    This is the exactly the reason my husband and I gave up our seats as our district commitemen. The back-room Republican Party choses the leader. The people have nothing to do with it. They chose McCain just so Obama would win.

  • marymack

    Disgusting what the Repugs did to Ron Paul’s delegates
    Who cares if Obumya wins, they are both the same, leading us to the NWO slaughter, keeping the Phony war on terror and the Phony war on some drugs liquidating our wealth, while they get richer and richer, chemtrailing the water, air and land until it is no longer able to grow, without their friend MONSANTO so i say PRINT MORE WORTHLESS MONEY BENNIE BOY

  • marymack

    IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO WINS (previous typo)

    • JeromefromLayton

      Let’s compare: On the one hand, we have a fellow who has been hard core anti-second amendment since he was a college instructor, according to John Lott who had a first hand experience. On the other hand, Mitt Romney selected Congressman Ryan for the VP spot who has an A++ record with Gun Owners of America. Remember, the Vice President is the “Tie Breaker” vote in the Senate. Yes, Mary, it does make a difference.

  • This just self flagilation. Ron Paul is a quirky old uncle that has no chance of winning anything. We must be victorious in November. Ron Paul would be a certain and devastating defeat. Sorry.

  • Marlen from Aguilar

    I think it was Mark Twain who said “Polititians and Diapers need to be changed often for the same reasons

    • JeromefromLayton

      When I heard the same proposition from an Aussie, the term was “knappies”. It took me about a second to get it. Whoever said it first, he was dead right.

  • Thanks for the video Joe. I saw the one where Boehner reads the agreement off a prescripted teleprompter. In my opinion the GOP has been committing suicide all this year in concern to Ron Paul. This doesnt surprise me anymore. Boehner has been litterally protecting the real problem with Obama…..Hes hidden all his records ….and not one of them is bringing this out. They are protecting him.

  • I will never trust either party again.

  • They cheated Americans and they know it.

  • Dawn

    After Dr. Paul said that Bin Laden would be alive if he was POTUS and the people who died in 9/11 would be too…HOW could you EVER think that this man could win election in November? While alot of his ideas may not be wrong, his presentation and some of his “truther” ideas are.

  • Ralph Kermit Winterrowd 2nd

    Listen in tonight – 7PM a conference call Alaska Time (10PM CST) – 559-726-1200 with code of 811476 – on Ron Paul’s possible moves before the election.