FBI Investigates Threats on Akin’s Life while Karl Rove Jokes about his Murder

Photo credit: Todd Akin US Senate

Political operative Karl Rove apologized Friday for a joke he purportedly made about murdering U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported Friday morning that Rove made a joke that alluded to killing Akin as he briefed about 70 influential Republican donors on the last day of the GOP convention in Florida.

“We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts,” Rove reportedly told the Tampa Club as he explained how his super PAC, Crossroads GPS, planned to beat President Barack Obama this fall.

Rove apologized for the remark after it drew a sharp reaction from Steve Taylor, Akin’s district director, who was upset that the comment came as authorities are investigating threats against the St. Louis area congressman’s life.

Akin campaign spokesman Ryan Hite said Rove personally phoned the Senate candidate late Friday afternoon to apologize.

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