SMOKING GUN: GOP Establishment Strategy to Nominate Bush by Flooding Race With Candidates Exposed

102414251-RTR4O8YM.530x298The RNC is the Republican National Committee – or, put another way, the entire construct of the professional Republican Establishment and those who derive benefit/affiliation from the entity therein, the business end. (National, State and regional political entities; polling consultants, campaign consultants, committee employees, etc). The RNC gets the politician elected to Washington DC.

The GOP, or GOP(e), is the financial class or group of financiers who pay the RNC and derive benefit from the policy creation within Washington DC. Wall Street banks and banking interests, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, K-Street Lobbyists, etc. are all part of the machine that tells the politicians what to do.

In essence, the RNC is the Board of Directors, the GOP are the company officers, and the politicians are the employees. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are the managers. Put them all together and you have the RNC/GOPe.

In this example “We The People”, or “the electorate”, are the customers, forced to buy -through the monopoly- their product offerings, whatever they present, every 2 to 4 years.

Got it? Good. Now here we go:

The original question in 2013/2014 by the RNC/GOPe:

How Do We Elect Jeb Bush?

Everything that followed is simply execution of a strategic plan that stemmed from that very specific goal. We are not going to cover it again – YOU CAN READ HERE. The marketing strategy is too complex to outline in a single digestible article.

However, first the RNC/GOPe needed to construct the financing of the plan; AND they need to do so without too much attention. Hence, they did this two ways:

#1. In 2014 they changed the traditional campaign finance rules (hid them in the CRomnibus bill when no-one was paying attention) allowing them to take in more money. A lot more money. (link)

#2. Next, they created Super-PACs to allow them to fund behavior outside of the specific interests of the candidates the Super-PACs were assigned to. The behavior they need is loyalty to the GOPe plan, not the candidate. (link)

Next, the RNC/GOPe changed the rules of the 2016 primary election to benefit Jeb Bush. (Keeping in mind they already had polling data which suggested the electorate did not want to purchase Jeb Bush). They changed dates and delegate distributions to insure their guy could win with around 1/5th (20%) support.

It really is a masterful and entirely ingenious plan. And it was constructed so well it took months, even years, to figure out how -and why- each of the pieces fit their puzzle.

Lastly, the RNC/GOPe recruited back into the machine a crew of previously retired, but exceptionally loyal employees of the organization, to execute the strategy. Prestige and financial reward would be the compensation. After all, what’s a few billion among friends when trillions are at stake.

With the money, the rules, and the tools in hand – the rest became execution of the plan.

The specific road map they created had primary calendar dates and delegate distributions as the essential measure. Hence, internal polls were conducted in the key states that would be needed for the plan.

The internal polls had to measure Jeb Bush against the anticipated opponent. These measurements needed to be done on an almost district-by-district level in order to gauge the delegate distributions.

Trying to stay out of the wonky discussion, suffice to say that traditionally within each state each congressional district holds 3 primary delegates which can be won by a candidate or candidates. Subsequently if you are modeling a race you are polling the various options within each district to see who the district favors with your presented match-ups. The district polls are then rolled up, and create the state poll data.

Let’s take Florida as an example. This example is chosen because Florida is essentially the fulcrum point under pinning the road map. Florida is the tipping point for Bush, just like it was for Romney in ’12.

If Florida was a contest between Jeb Bush and Scott Walker a polled outcome might be:

Bush 45% – Walker 55%

Or, if Florida was a contest between Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz the outcome might be:

Bush 40% – Cruz 60%

[ It’s important to remember here that we are talking about PRIMARY VOTERS and PRIMARY ELECTIONS. Only about 1/4 of all Republicans will vote in a primary, and the number of GOPe (employees) within the population who show up to a primary represents a higher percentage than exist in the Republican general election. ]

So, in this example, Florida, if you want Bush to win you need to change the options.

If you test out Bush, Walker and Cruz. The outcome might be:

Bush 30% – Cruz 35% – Walker 35%

Your guy is still losing but the race is closer. So you put another factor into the equation:

Bush 25% – Rand Paul 10% – Cruz 35% – Walker 30%

Your guy still losing. So you put another factor into the polled equation:

Bush 25% – Rand Paul 10% – Cruz 25% – Walker 20% – Marco Rubio 20%

OK, better. Now your guy is tied. Marco Rubio is the guy who has “split” the opponent to provide you the benefit to run a possible Florida primary race, and achieve victory at 25%. So we call Marco Rubio “the splitter“.

The key now becomes growing your own popularity, and enhancing anyone who would take away from the biggest challenger within your opponent group. Again, remember this is a “Republican Primary” weighted, by the influence of the party apparatus, to support the “party guy” (in this case Jeb).

With the race successfully split, now you need to “fracture” the biggest challenger within the group:

Bush 25% – Paul 8% – Cruz 22% – Walker 19% – Rubio 20% – Rick Perry 6%

BINGO ! Bush wins.

Notice Bush didn’t win by gaining support, he won by fracturing his opponents support. This is the GOPe “splitter” strategy within the 2016 Road Map.

Also notice, the plan is not necessarily dependent on a “Rick Perry” to finish. There’s always: Fiorina (for women), Huckabee/Santorum (for evangelicals), or Christie, Carson etc.

THEN – If you changed the rules to make Florida a “Winner Take All” race (which the RNC/GOPe did in the road map/rule phase) well, your guy BUSH just won ALL 99 Delegates with only 25% of the electorate supporting him.

In Florida Marco Rubio plays the key role of the “splitter” to get Bush the victory.

Other primary states before Florida can be looked at the same way.

Now you understand why consummate RNC insiders: John Kasich (Ohio), Jim Gilmore (VA), George Pataki (NY), Lindsey Graham (SC), Rick Perry (TX), are all in the race.

Specific primary states, specific primary delegates, specific dates and specific “splitters” needed within those states on those dates.

Now, some people just have a really hard time believing the RNC/GOPe apparatus would actually scheme and plan to do this. Initially, back in the summer/fall of 2014, we did too. Hence we set up “trip wires”, or events which would prove if we were right or wrong.

Every one of those “trip wires” was triggered in the exact construct, at the exact time anticipated.

For those who still refuse to believe – Fortunately, public polling is now available which would, acting like a trip wire, disprove the plan if it wasn’t triggering exactly as it would need to in order to be successful.

We have been following the Key State Polling Data to see if the GOPe plan would succeed. Especially FLORIDA, TEXAS and OHIO. (Texas Poll) (Florida Poll) (Ohio Poll)



In every single poll, in every single key primary state where the RNC/GOPe changed the party rules, changed the primary calender and changed proportional or WTA assignments, if it were not for Donald Trump, you would see the GOPe road map achieving exactly the outcomes it needs to be successful.


Donald Trump has FUBAR’d their entire plan. This is why there is such vitriol targeted toward Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, this also means if they take out Donald Trump the GOPe road map gets back on course.

Worse yet, as we have just pointed out, highlighted and shown, if the GOPe plan gets back on course, voting for Walker, Cruz or (__fill_in_the_blank__) won’t make a bit of difference…..

…. because the entire road map was designed to deliver this:


Both are sides of the same Wall Street Big Gov coin. RNC or DNC same/same.

BUT THE PROBLEM GETS BIGGER – The Trump Conundrum is not only screwing up the RNC/GOPe plan, he is forcing the Wall Street, K-Street money people to rethink EVERYTHING. If they can’t control the RNC side of the equation (coin), they are only left with control over the DNC side of the equation (coin).

Within that consideration they simply cannot run the risk of having vulnerable Hillary Clinton face Donald Trump (who they don’t control).

Wall Street will force the DNC/DEMe team to get a better quality of candidate than Hillary to face Donald Trump if Wall Street is to feel more comfortable amid the inherent risk. (For more from the author of “SMOKING GUN: GOP Establishment Strategy to Nominate Bush by Flooding Race With Candidates Exposed” please click HERE)

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  • wisdomcries

    Yeah these geniuses gave us Dole, McCain and Romney and protect McConnell and Boehner.
    They are like weathermen…never needing to be correct and they keep trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

    • wandamurline

      They are all the same….it is really bad when Wasserman Schultz cannot tell you the difference between a Democrat and a socialist. I guess that civil disobedience will become the only “vote” that we have….am so tired of the corruption.

    • AlterPforz

      That is why they are the ‘stupid party’.

      • diana harrell

        Republicans are not stupid, however the ones head of the GOP wants business as usual, they want a dam RINO in there to keep it all the same. That is stupid and we are sick to death of every sob that says he is a republican when he is really a RINO. I switched from democrat to republican when obama was “elected”the 2nd time. My husband is a life long democrat but this time he is voting for Ted I will also. Cruz is NOT a RINO…the rest of them is questionable.

        • KDC

          Carson is not either.

          • bluff bunny

            I feel Carson is an honest, well – intentioned man, but TOO NICE to go in and get the ugly jobs done.
            Maybe he would be a good candidate in 2020.

            Trump does not need THEIR money and they don’t control him.

          • salahudin

            CARSON had lovefest with Obama’s race czar renowned race baiter cop killer Sharpton up in Harlem. Dr.Wolf/Mr.Sheep.Y? VP pick. WHY else

        • TJohnson1020

          You really need to vote for Trump. If you are so sick of GOP doing business as “usual,” there is no one who can stop GOP’s dark underground scheme and plan, except Trump. It is no wonder why GOP are so vitriol targeted toward Donald Trump. They were not target Cruz or Carmen. They are easy to deal with, but no Trump because they are having hard time finding a way to control him. So again, if you want their scheme and plan stopped, vote for Trump.

          • Bob2002

            Because of Trump’s support for the Democrats in the past, it is scary to vote for him because he has many Democrat policies. Such as in healthcare, he wants a single payer; which really means big government. Plus, he has never declared himself a conservative, and this is what we need in order to get rid of RINOs. Do not get me wrong, Trump is better than any Democrat and most Republicans, but can we really throw all our support to Trump? I personally like Cruz, Walker, and Dr Carson, but they do not have the money backing that Trump and Jeb Bush have…

          • TJohnson1020

            If Cruz, Walker, and Dr. Carson have money, they don’t have what Trump has. Trump is able to turn media and Demo/Rep establishments upside down. And suddenly all the awful things coming out of them. The other candidates couldn’t do it. They may said strong words, but not enough to shake D/R core base. You should notice that and realize the leadership that we need to restore the country.

          • salahudin

            Yep, he drew the curtains wide open. The rats are scuttling. Lets scuttle the ship and stick it to GOP. Am already eating bread drinking water bring on the cancer communism

        • bluff bunny

          I would vote for a Trump/Cruz ticket…..
          with Trey Gowdy as Justice Dept head.

          Carson is just TOO NICE to get the ugly jobs done. Maybe next time……

          • Elaine Farrell

            I agree 100%…

          • Moss500

            Agreed! Plus, Trump has the business/financial skills to handle the economy that’s going right into the toilet and create jobs for American workers.

    • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

      Or do they expect a different result? Many would have argued that Obama’s election was a serious blow to Wall Street interests and the wealthy elite. But who have prospered under Obama, and who have suffered?

      For years I rejected the idea that the two party system was just a show to make the voters feel like they had a voice. But now, I’m not so sure. At least since Regan, no matter who is in power the globalist elites seem to keep gaining more power and influence, and the middle class keeps getting smaller, poorer, and weaker.

      • salahudin

        100% Agreed. I gave fox news pundits and GOPERS benefit of doubt up until Trump. He’s us and the grenades being hurled at him are equal on both sides. We see the utter chaos from DEMS but the GOP manage the chaos masterfully

    • joepotato

      The GOPers… The party of betrayal…. but is it ***** really betrayal if no one notices…. Too many examples to list … all over the board…… >both parties>>>

  • CaptTurbo

    Jeb Bush wouldn’t get my vote if he was the only candidate. I’m done voting for statists.

    • Patty

      Don’t blame you for not wanting Bush; but I sure hope you would not vote for Hillary.

      • Crystalsinger

        It is not so black and white (Bush v Clinton). People can choose to stay home, or do a write-in vote. Or someone like Trump comes along and throws a wrench into the Establishment’s plans.

        • Patty

          I’m sure whoever you write in is not going to win. And by staying home you are giving the democrat nominee the advantage. Aside from voter fraud, Obama beat Romney because too many dependent and republican voters stayed home. The democrats found a way to get the young uninformed “puppets” to vote, and to vote democrat. Republicans can no longer rely on the young democrats to stay home. It’s the educated and informed republicans like yourself that allowed Obama to win. By November of 2016, it is what it is, and we can’t allow Hillary to win (or Sanders or Biden). I’m fed up with having to vote AGAINST someone instead of FOR someone. I think most republican’s feel the same. I love the fact that Trump is throwing in the wrench.

          • JBenat3006

            Very well said Patty! I agree with every word. Low info. politically ignorant voters got us in this mess with obozo while many Conservative voters stayed home pouting because their guy wasn’t nominated! Please don’t do it again! Think of the consequences!

          • Crystalsinger

            Patty, read my post again. I was speaking generally, not about myself. I have never stayed home. I have voted since I was old enough to vote. But I WILL exercise my right to do a write-in, if in my good conscience I cannot support any of the candidates for a particular office. Remember the Freeman’s (voter’s) Oath that you took? What did it say? We need to adhere to our Oath that we took regardlng voting. And it is not party first. It is the Constitution first. America first. Both parties are messing that up royally right now.

          • Nels

            Why would I prefer a republican communist to a democrat socialist? Surely by now no one believes that there is any meaningful difference between the two teams of the ruling class? Voting for another Bush would be the same as voting for another Clinton.
            If you elect a democrat or a republican, America loses.

      • wandamurline

        A no vote is a vote for Hiliary. Sorry, but it works that way….if you do not vote…then someone voting for Hiliary takes your vote. What we need is about 75% of conservatives voting in the primaries…..if you want change, turn out and vote….if 75% of the people voted, then their plan will not work.

        • CaptTurbo

          Don’t care. Her Thighness would be no worse then Jeb. The RINOs are the same animal as the communist democrats now, or haven’t you noticed?

          • JBenat3006

            I’ve noticed that Wandamurline is correct and CaptTurbo will play right in to the liberals evil plan to destroy America!

          • squareWave

            Voting for whatever crap candidate the GOP throws at you, based merely on the lesser evil calculation, has certainly worked a charm so far.

          • j0e cave

            rinos have the same plan

        • Nels

          A no vote is a vote for Clinton, and so is a yes vote, because another Bush is not going to be any different than another Clinton. Both are fundamentally anti-American; both will work hard to destroy what is left of our country. A vote for any RNC or DNC pick is a wasted vote … unless you are one of their fellow travelers.

          • Sarah Smile

            I agree 100%

        • Abby Sapp

          So very many don’t understand this. They think not voting is just not saying one way or the other, but in reality ….. it pours more cream in the other cup.

      • CaptTurbo

        Her Thighness, Cankles Clinton will never get my vote but I would kick in a few bucks to buy her an orange jump suit.

      • Daninfla6th

        The article is how the RNC controls the PRIMARY ELECTIONS. It is NOT about the General Election. Hillary (although she is as qualified as Bush or 13 out of the 17 other candidates) will not be on the Republican Ballot and therefore has no bearing on the outcome of the primaries. And paraphrasing what Capt Turbo said above, if it comes down to Hillary or Bush, flip a f….n coin and hope it lands on edge ’cause either way you have a Progressive!

        • Patty

          Well in my opinion Hillary is far worse than Bush! If it comes down to Bush against Hillary, Bush is by far the lesser of 2 evils. Like I said, this is my opinion only. I hate abortion – Bush is more likely to defund planned parenthood. If you’re pro-abortion, then you may not view Hillary as a worst threat like I do.

          • Nels

            Patty, the republicans are proving right now that they will never defund Planned Barrenhood. There is no difference between the Rs and the Ds. National politics is like professional wrestling: everyone sticks to the script, and only the most ignorant and gullible believe the “conflict” is real.

          • diana harrell

            If Ted Cruz is president, on his first day he will put a stop to tax $$ going to PP, and people will be prosecuted. He is the only one I’m going to vote for. I refuse to vote for any RINO or demoncrat.

          • john robel

            Damn Right!!! There isn’t a nickles difference between establishment RNC/DNC.

          • kteissere

            Tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. I question that Hillary will be the Democrat nominee the way things are being uncovered.

          • bluff bunny

            What I haven’t figured out yet….is that 78% of abortions kill BLACK babies….that’s 8 million or so future Democrats. WHY DO THEY FAVOR IT???

      • diana harrell

        When the debates start you will find out why so many, even Trump likes Ted Cruz.

    • bluff bunny

      They have already screwed things up enough!

  • axethecouncil

    And that would be why the gope has their panties in a wad over Trump. Cuz he may siphon off enough votes to kill their master plan.

    • wandamurline

      Let’s certainly hope so….we need to confront the RNC dead on and tell them we are tired of their schemes. Jeb Bush or Hiliary Clinton? There is no difference…both are open borders and one world schemers….maybe Bush hasn’t murdered anyone yet, but Hiliary certainly has.

      • Daninfla6th

        If you confront the GOP’s RNC head on you will find that it is not only the dims (sic) who have people committing suicide with five shots to the chest with a bolt action .22 rifle.

    • diana harrell

      I think Trump will be helping Ted since they are very good friends and have been for a long time. I’m a fan of Cruz too. He is the only one I’ll vote for. We can’t have another demoncrat or RINO President.

      • bluff bunny

        Would you vote for Trump if he said he would get Cruz for VP?

  • gracentruth

    Remember 2012. In honest primaries, Ron Paul would have been GOP nominee. I believe that he would have won the white house – again, an honest election. But then Isaiah 9:10 might have been averted. Who knows? USA slaughtering over 55 million babies – calls for God’s vengeance? Peace,

  • Lockstein13

    THANK YOU for spreading the word.
    The ENTIRE SERIES is worth the read.

  • Bill Meeker

    Not buying it. I truly believe all these guys want to be the next President and about five or six could do a good job.

    • bullet2354

      Then why do they ‘speak’ words against what the GOP Polling clearly states the ‘voters’ want?

  • liberty49

    It’s time for the patriots to stand up to the ‘elitists’ and send them packing. We MUST have a conservative leader who loves our nation and abides by our Constitution! And PC be damned.

    • bullet2354

      I am with you – but this person will not get any big dollar donations and will be attacked by ‘cultural marxist media types’ relentlessly.

      • bluff bunny

        That’s why we NEED to get Trump in….he is not influenced by THEIR $$$$.

    • Joanne Kemmerer

      We conservatives need to get behind ONE person. My pick is Cruz.

      • liberty49

        I love Ted Cruz. I also love the pairing of Trump and Ted Cruz to fight the Iran deal. Our Republican leaders have once again betrayed us.

        • Daninfla6th

          Speaking to your betrayal comment: They have not stopped betraying us since the 1988 election.

      • Joey Smith

        Yes. We need to get behind one person. It is obvious, without having to read an article, that Bush wants many opponents in order to split the vote. It happened in the last 2 primaries with McCain and Romney.

        We need to put our heads together and find a way to consolidate the conservatives in order to defeat Bush.

        • facebook is Dero

          McCain – Romney – Dole…what a bunch of uncharismatic losers.

          • bluff bunny

            Weasels, wimps, spineless slugs, corrupt traitors, scumbags, worthless liars.
            Had enough- of ALL those!

          • maggie9876

            Don’t forget Jeb Bush.

    • diana harrell

      I agree with your post. The only one I’m voting for is Ted Cruz. The GOP doesn’t want him because he is the only one that stands up and calls them out. He is a true conservative. He reminds me of Regan. My husband has been a democrat his whole life of 86 years and this time he is voting for Ted Cruz. He is a smart man too!

      • liberty49

        Yes, Cruz is not afraid to call them out when they lie and he is the only one defending our Constitution!

      • kteissere

        Just finishing Cruz’s book and am totally impressed with this man. Very accomplished and smart as a whip. For small government and a true patriot. Recommend his book.

      • bluff bunny

        If Trump said he was thinking of Cruz for VP….his approval numbers would take a HUGE leap. Again!

    • salahudin

      In our dreams..we’re sheep all of us. But some sheep are more equal

  • Dan Greenie

    I have been asking for months why this field is so bloated. You are the first person to provide a coherent answer. You are thin on sources and long on outside analysis but I can see the craftiness to make Jeb Bush the “winner.”

    • bullet2354

      There won’t be many ‘sources’ on this type of political maneuvering.

      All you will see in evidence, are the after-effects. Unless you can detect the ‘anti-American’ ‘pro-crony capitalism’ motives the eGOP field is throwing out into the media.

      Just keep asking ‘why’ so-and-so said what he said on the Trail and how similar it is to what the other candidates are saying. Much of it contrary to what ‘they know’ the GOP VOTERS WANT.

  • con_c_kwense

    So apparently, the “outsiders” have more than enough support to start a “third party” ? Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Walker and Dr. Carson could get together and put the gop out of it’s misery?

  • theGOONIES

    In consideration of voters who won’t vote for Bush and refuse to participate I at this point fully believe dems want to lose this next election. The sh!t storm is coming and the dems will be completely destroyed as a party if it happens under their watch. I garuntee a Republican will win this next election because strategically that is the smartest move for dems . Tactical retreat let’s them place all the blame on the reps, will destroy the party, and put dems in position to finish collecting all points of power.

    The reps are greedy enough to go along because they think as long as they are at the table it all good. They both want what the dems want….a stronger all powerful government mechanism. Politicians only represent the government behemoth, not us peons so they collude together.

    Don’t fall for it

  • Elton Yancey

    If it is between Bush and Clinton, I can only hope Trump goes 3rd. party or I will not vote for the first time in my life.

  • diana harrell

    We will NEVER vote for Jeb Bush. If the GOP is stupid enough to think we will vote in a RINO they are going to loose another election and the demoncrats will win again. We, me and my whole family is voting for Ted Cruz………PERIOD.

  • Diana Erbio

    Sounds like a divide and conquer strategy….we need a limited government constitutionalist candidate for our republic to survive.

  • Bobtrhn

    These people are pushing us to vote for someone that we do not want. Let the voters decide who they want. Isn’t that the way it should be?

  • ricknick59

    If the GOP manages to get Trump out of the picture and Jeb Bush wins then Hillary or whomever the democratic candidate is will win once again. REAL conservatives will never, ever vote for Jeb Bush! So basically no matter what the GOP says, either they have to be in league with the democrats or so far out of touch from being professional politicians that they bristle as the mere thought of the peasants having any say determining who gets into office!

  • Bob Jordan

    The story is missing the biggest part of the equation: (TRUMP)

  • Joanne Kemmerer

    We must campaign non stop for Ted Cruz. I bet each of us knows a couple of people who are not even registered to vote! Get forms and pass them out!

  • Tricia Brewer

    They are supporting Hillary. .

  • southern patriot

    Here’s just a thought what if the elites who are running everything used their power and influence to make things right for a change. Instead of always plotting to do this and that go after this candidate or that candidate. It appears that even if the majority of voters rejected Bush,Hillary or whoever will be there “Yes” person as their candidate,they would still win the election. Interesting idea. You get 1 million dead people to vote and a truck load of hanging chads and your elected president. God help us all. Indeed these are the times that try men’s souls. SP

  • Vicki Bruno

    That is why I think The Donald might should get out of the GOP and go Independent. He can show all the people this plan to get Jeb elected and show people it is all a scam and just maybe he would win as an Independent!!!

  • Beverly Evans

    IF they put jeb bush in there we will no longer vote republican. Ben Carson is the only one who can straighten this world out. The only honest one in there. If you love America do not vote for bush. Carson all the way. You Republicans have gone to hell/ we need to start an other one. no dems and no repubs. we need a brand new race.

  • Benjamin Marcoux

    Lets put TRUMP and CRUZ- ticket on the Ballot and watch the “Elitits” squirm and turn red in their “money troughs”!
    Go get em’ Trump and Cruz!!!

  • mikecnj

    Sickening : Marvelously Sickening

  • mikecnj

    RNC-DNC GOPe-DEMe same same same same
    Trump NOW

  • carolisme

    Amazing! I knew there would be something that would bring this all about, but with limited knowledge of the diabolical workings within the party, this is a revelation of deceit to the American people of the scope only the truly professional is capable of…
    I had been asked to serve as a Republican Central Committee member several years ago, but declined simply because I knew that I would be called on to campaign for Jeb Bush…and I couldn’t and wouldn’t put myself in a situation where I didn’t have the freedom to do as I pleased. Even then, anyone who had been paying any attention at all to the workings of political party maneuvers, could see that the writing was already on the wall, Bush was to be the chosen one…But… not with my help!

    • Sarah Smile

      Good for you!

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well I see someone has picked up on my posts. I have said this from the first time that the GOP tried to stop Trump. All of a sudden Bush is in top part of the people’s choice. That is BS and nothing more than the GOP trying to get Bush as the candidate just as they did with McCain. The feel they owe Bush a political debt and this is how they pay it.

  • Andylit

    The only problem with this nefarious scheme is the lack of mechanism to convince the various potential spoiler candidates to participate.

    The RNC must either co-opt men like Rubio, Walker, Cruz and Paul, or it must somehow cook the polls to cause these men to believe they have a valid shot at the nomination.

    Miller would have me believe that the RNC has somehow induced Cruz to play along, or that Cruz is too stupid to understand he is being duped. That the RNC somehow caused Walker to poll in the top spot for months via some artificial means.

    Miller’s theory smacks of paranoid conspiracy theory. Alex Jonesian.

    • Sarah Smile

      THAT was my first thought when I read this article! He wrote another one titled “Does Cruz Know that STATISTICALLY, He Cannot Win.” (I may not have that exactly right).

      Knowing what I know of Ted Cruz, I, like you, find it difficult to believe that Cruz would be running if the outcome is already decided against him. He is no fool.

  • Abby Sapp

    Americans (and Floridians, particularly) have too much information on Bush. If he keeps pushing, he could end up in prison and we know it.

    • bluff bunny

      So could Hillary!
      Can either of them serve from PRISON?

  • This explains a lot, but there’s one little detail that you’re missing – the GOPe in several states are running Kasich, not Bush, nor Walker, nor Christie.

  • KDC

    We need to get rid of Boehner & McConnell…they clearly are a hinderance. The GOP will have to do something sleazy to get Bush in because no one wants him in; the “customers” as this article states. This should be interesting. In my opinion they are going to shoot themselves in the foot.

  • Anita

    I will vote Trump. Don’t trust the others not to be bought and I like his ideas.

  • hdkennedy4355

    Will you stupid GOP idiots get it through your head WE DO NOT WANT A STUPID MEEK SPEAKING BUSH..PERIOD GET OVER IT!!!!!!

    • Sarah Smile

      Chill! Nobody is screaming or calling people names here. This is the most civil discourse I’ve witnessed – don’t ruin it!

  • brendag

    Thanks for expose this to everyone.

  • valstay

    NO MORE Clintons or Bush’s in the WH, and NO MORE Career Politicians…for me the only pick is an outsider with no DC Politcal experience, a business savvey person, thus Trump or Fiorina, Carson thought definitely an attractive candidate is not my first choice of strength in working a business, managing P&L, etc…but I do like him in the mix. I don’t want to see lobbyists, Unions or Super Pacs gaining any favor…that is over

  • Gen11American

    One problem. We the people don’t want anything to do with another member of the globalist Bush family! Jeb Bush’s stance on illegal immigration is so pathetic, and his intent to grant all “11 million” illegals amnesty and a path to citizenship, when the true number is 30-50 million, and the fact that he’s Catholic, his wife is Mexican, and that Jeb Bush will bow to the dictates of the communist Pope, puts him out, and needs to leave him out of this race permanently!

  • tpaine1

    And that frustration with our political elite is why there is a Trump. Democrats are always wrong and the GOP is in a “go along, get along” mood, hence, Trump wins the primary and the general election and he will “Make America Great Again” because he’ll do what’s best for the country and not the elite.

    • Sarah Smile

      If only I could trust him to do so! A Cruz/Trump ticket? I’m all about it. A Trump/Cruz ticket…OH DONT MAKE ME DO IT!!

  • salahudin

    My vote goes to DEMS if Bush gets nomination. The commies are much more honest

  • jackandjill98983*

    I will not vote if I can’t vote for Trump…just once before I die, I will vote for someone I believe can help this country…..if RNC railroads Trump….I’m finished with them.

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  • Elaine Farrell

    Trump / Cruz would make a great ticket…. Cruz has the debating skills to smooth over ruffled feathers, Int’l & at home, behind Trump.

  • Karen Flinders

    when you really find out how evil and bad the people are behind the scenes of some head scratching decisions, it’s far worse than you actually thought.

    thank you for this article.

  • Infidel

    Thank God for Donald Trump.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Why go to all this trouble when the bilderbergers have already decided who is going to win?!

  • Jayne

    While Trump is certainly impressive – has anyone heard him attacking POTUS Obama? HRC just attacked him, will he attack back as he does against the other GOP candidates who criticize him? Waiting….

  • One of your very best articles, Joe… absolutely TERRIFIC analysis and explanation of a byzantine web of deceit from the GOP-RINO establishmentarians!! 👍👍👍👍👍😎

  • Rod439

    The GOP of Virginia is spewing the narrative that GOP committee members are to sign all petitions… They are using State Central Committee and their establishment minions in the Congressional Districts…Not all the Chairs in the local units have been complying, but requirements were cut in half from last year, now 200 per CD and 5000 overall to make the ballot… All the mechanisms and controls in Virginia are being manipulated to execute this plan… They are pitching it as inclusiveness to all to get a good turnout in the General… They are also making primary voters sign “pledges” disenfranchising as many as possible at the ballots before they vote in the Primary