SMOKING GUN: GOP Establishment Strategy to Nominate Bush by Flooding Race With Candidates Exposed

102414251-RTR4O8YM.530x298The RNC is the Republican National Committee – or, put another way, the entire construct of the professional Republican Establishment and those who derive benefit/affiliation from the entity therein, the business end. (National, State and regional political entities; polling consultants, campaign consultants, committee employees, etc). The RNC gets the politician elected to Washington DC.

The GOP, or GOP(e), is the financial class or group of financiers who pay the RNC and derive benefit from the policy creation within Washington DC. Wall Street banks and banking interests, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, K-Street Lobbyists, etc. are all part of the machine that tells the politicians what to do.

In essence, the RNC is the Board of Directors, the GOP are the company officers, and the politicians are the employees. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are the managers. Put them all together and you have the RNC/GOPe.

In this example “We The People”, or “the electorate”, are the customers, forced to buy -through the monopoly- their product offerings, whatever they present, every 2 to 4 years.

Got it? Good. Now here we go:

The original question in 2013/2014 by the RNC/GOPe:

How Do We Elect Jeb Bush?

Everything that followed is simply execution of a strategic plan that stemmed from that very specific goal. We are not going to cover it again – YOU CAN READ HERE. The marketing strategy is too complex to outline in a single digestible article.

However, first the RNC/GOPe needed to construct the financing of the plan; AND they need to do so without too much attention. Hence, they did this two ways:

#1. In 2014 they changed the traditional campaign finance rules (hid them in the CRomnibus bill when no-one was paying attention) allowing them to take in more money. A lot more money. (link)

#2. Next, they created Super-PACs to allow them to fund behavior outside of the specific interests of the candidates the Super-PACs were assigned to. The behavior they need is loyalty to the GOPe plan, not the candidate. (link)

Next, the RNC/GOPe changed the rules of the 2016 primary election to benefit Jeb Bush. (Keeping in mind they already had polling data which suggested the electorate did not want to purchase Jeb Bush). They changed dates and delegate distributions to insure their guy could win with around 1/5th (20%) support.

It really is a masterful and entirely ingenious plan. And it was constructed so well it took months, even years, to figure out how -and why- each of the pieces fit their puzzle.

Lastly, the RNC/GOPe recruited back into the machine a crew of previously retired, but exceptionally loyal employees of the organization, to execute the strategy. Prestige and financial reward would be the compensation. After all, what’s a few billion among friends when trillions are at stake.

With the money, the rules, and the tools in hand – the rest became execution of the plan.

The specific road map they created had primary calendar dates and delegate distributions as the essential measure. Hence, internal polls were conducted in the key states that would be needed for the plan.

The internal polls had to measure Jeb Bush against the anticipated opponent. These measurements needed to be done on an almost district-by-district level in order to gauge the delegate distributions.

Trying to stay out of the wonky discussion, suffice to say that traditionally within each state each congressional district holds 3 primary delegates which can be won by a candidate or candidates. Subsequently if you are modeling a race you are polling the various options within each district to see who the district favors with your presented match-ups. The district polls are then rolled up, and create the state poll data.

Let’s take Florida as an example. This example is chosen because Florida is essentially the fulcrum point under pinning the road map. Florida is the tipping point for Bush, just like it was for Romney in ’12.

If Florida was a contest between Jeb Bush and Scott Walker a polled outcome might be:

Bush 45% – Walker 55%

Or, if Florida was a contest between Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz the outcome might be:

Bush 40% – Cruz 60%

[ It’s important to remember here that we are talking about PRIMARY VOTERS and PRIMARY ELECTIONS. Only about 1/4 of all Republicans will vote in a primary, and the number of GOPe (employees) within the population who show up to a primary represents a higher percentage than exist in the Republican general election. ]

So, in this example, Florida, if you want Bush to win you need to change the options.

If you test out Bush, Walker and Cruz. The outcome might be:

Bush 30% – Cruz 35% – Walker 35%

Your guy is still losing but the race is closer. So you put another factor into the equation:

Bush 25% – Rand Paul 10% – Cruz 35% – Walker 30%

Your guy still losing. So you put another factor into the polled equation:

Bush 25% – Rand Paul 10% – Cruz 25% – Walker 20% – Marco Rubio 20%

OK, better. Now your guy is tied. Marco Rubio is the guy who has “split” the opponent to provide you the benefit to run a possible Florida primary race, and achieve victory at 25%. So we call Marco Rubio “the splitter“.

The key now becomes growing your own popularity, and enhancing anyone who would take away from the biggest challenger within your opponent group. Again, remember this is a “Republican Primary” weighted, by the influence of the party apparatus, to support the “party guy” (in this case Jeb).

With the race successfully split, now you need to “fracture” the biggest challenger within the group:

Bush 25% – Paul 8% – Cruz 22% – Walker 19% – Rubio 20% – Rick Perry 6%

BINGO ! Bush wins.

Notice Bush didn’t win by gaining support, he won by fracturing his opponents support. This is the GOPe “splitter” strategy within the 2016 Road Map.

Also notice, the plan is not necessarily dependent on a “Rick Perry” to finish. There’s always: Fiorina (for women), Huckabee/Santorum (for evangelicals), or Christie, Carson etc.

THEN – If you changed the rules to make Florida a “Winner Take All” race (which the RNC/GOPe did in the road map/rule phase) well, your guy BUSH just won ALL 99 Delegates with only 25% of the electorate supporting him.

In Florida Marco Rubio plays the key role of the “splitter” to get Bush the victory.

Other primary states before Florida can be looked at the same way.

Now you understand why consummate RNC insiders: John Kasich (Ohio), Jim Gilmore (VA), George Pataki (NY), Lindsey Graham (SC), Rick Perry (TX), are all in the race.

Specific primary states, specific primary delegates, specific dates and specific “splitters” needed within those states on those dates.

Now, some people just have a really hard time believing the RNC/GOPe apparatus would actually scheme and plan to do this. Initially, back in the summer/fall of 2014, we did too. Hence we set up “trip wires”, or events which would prove if we were right or wrong.

Every one of those “trip wires” was triggered in the exact construct, at the exact time anticipated.

For those who still refuse to believe – Fortunately, public polling is now available which would, acting like a trip wire, disprove the plan if it wasn’t triggering exactly as it would need to in order to be successful.

We have been following the Key State Polling Data to see if the GOPe plan would succeed. Especially FLORIDA, TEXAS and OHIO. (Texas Poll) (Florida Poll) (Ohio Poll)



In every single poll, in every single key primary state where the RNC/GOPe changed the party rules, changed the primary calender and changed proportional or WTA assignments, if it were not for Donald Trump, you would see the GOPe road map achieving exactly the outcomes it needs to be successful.


Donald Trump has FUBAR’d their entire plan. This is why there is such vitriol targeted toward Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, this also means if they take out Donald Trump the GOPe road map gets back on course.

Worse yet, as we have just pointed out, highlighted and shown, if the GOPe plan gets back on course, voting for Walker, Cruz or (__fill_in_the_blank__) won’t make a bit of difference…..

…. because the entire road map was designed to deliver this:


Both are sides of the same Wall Street Big Gov coin. RNC or DNC same/same.

BUT THE PROBLEM GETS BIGGER – The Trump Conundrum is not only screwing up the RNC/GOPe plan, he is forcing the Wall Street, K-Street money people to rethink EVERYTHING. If they can’t control the RNC side of the equation (coin), they are only left with control over the DNC side of the equation (coin).

Within that consideration they simply cannot run the risk of having vulnerable Hillary Clinton face Donald Trump (who they don’t control).

Wall Street will force the DNC/DEMe team to get a better quality of candidate than Hillary to face Donald Trump if Wall Street is to feel more comfortable amid the inherent risk. (For more from the author of “SMOKING GUN: GOP Establishment Strategy to Nominate Bush by Flooding Race With Candidates Exposed” please click HERE)

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