Video Shows Man With ‘Hands in the Air’ Being Shot by Police

 Authorities in Texas are examining two videos recorded by bystanders that show sheriff’s deputies in Bexar County, Texas, shooting and killing a man.

One four-minute video has been made public by a San Antonio television station that acquired it from the man who recorded it Friday. It is shot from a distance and it appears Gilbert Flores has at least one hand in the air (the other cannot be seen) when he is shot.

The other video has not been released by police. Bexar County District Attorney Nicholas LaHood told CNN the video is “a better view to make an assessment on what happened. It is a closer view and a better angle.”

The incident comes at a time when law enforcement officers are under scrutiny for how and when they resort to lethal force. The killings of several individuals by police over the past year have heightened tensions with the communities they serve, especially among minorities.

Michael Thomas said the scrutiny of officer-involved shootings is the reason he recorded the first video on his cell phone from the driver’s seat of his car. (Read more from “Video Shows Man With ‘Hands in the Air’ Being Shot by Police” HERE)

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