Everyone Is Freaking out over Man Who Showed up to Shooting Scene with His Flag and Gun

. . .During the inevitable gun debate that immediately went into play on social media, one man who showed up on the scene and stoked the debate to new heights for what he was wearing — and carrying.

The man who wasn’t yet identified said he was there to “Make America Great Again.” The fact that he was wearing a Trump hat, carrying the American flag, and had a handgun on his side was not lost on anyone.

A second man in the video was enraged by the flag waving Patriot, saying that while he supports the Second Amendment, it was the wrong move to show up with his gun out in the open.

(Read more from “Everyone Is Freaking out over Man Who Showed up to Shooting Scene with His Flag and Gun” HERE)

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Hamas Rioters Paid $100/Day to Attack Israel, Funding Came from Obama

. . .But in reality Israel has shown restraint at what were actually Hamas-incited protests and riots that involved the terrorist group paying Palestinians to participate, according to Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Mag, who exposed the absurdity of the media coverage with a biting opening paragraph.

“Hamas supporters in Gaza held the world’s first peaceful protest with hand grenades, pipe bombs, cleavers and guns. Ten explosive devices were peacefully detonated. There were outbursts of peaceful gunfire and over a dozen kites carrying firebombs were sent into Israel where they started 23 peaceful fires. And Israeli soldiers peacefully defended their country leaving multiple Hamas attackers at peace,” Greenfield wrote.

Greenfield noted that despite the media focus of the past few days, the Hamas-led protests and violent riots have actually been ongoing since late March, and offered proof obtained by a U.K. Telegraph reporter in April that Palestinians were being paid $100 per day by Hamas to take part, more if they suffered injuries or died.

That reporter discovered that merely participating in the protests earned $100, while being shot (whether with real or rubber bullets) garnered $200, severe injuries netted $500 and death warranted a $3,000 payment to the surviving family.

Considering an estimated 40,000-50,000 Gazans participated in the most recent protests and riots — which were really an effort to breach the barrier separating Gaza from Israel so Hamas terrorists could rush through and do their worst — that event likely cost Hamas millions of dollars. (Read more from “Hamas Rioters Paid $100/Day to Attack Israel, Funding Came from Obama” HERE)

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Analysis: The ‘Deep State’ Tactics Used Against Trump Campaign Were First Employed in GOP Senate Race

Recent reports that the FBI employed a “human source” to infiltrate the Trump campaign and special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia investigation initiated by leaked documents stirred memories of the same tactics being used to help sway the outcome of a U.S. Senate race in 2010 against the Republican candidate.

The Wall Street Journal reported late last week that House Intelligence Committee members “sniffed out a name,” potentially implicating the FBI under President Barack Obama, of planting an informant close to then-Republican candidate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“This would amount to spying, and it is hugely disconcerting,” wrote The Journal’s Kimberly Strassel. “It would also be a major escalation from the electronic surveillance we already knew about, which was bad enough.”

The Washington Post added House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes has subpoenaed the Department of Justice for more information, but the agency has resisted, claiming the individual in question is a “sensitive, longtime intelligence source” for the FBI and the CIA. The informant has also helped in Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

The revelation of an FBI informant being placed close to a Republican political candidate brought to mind an experience I had working on the media team for U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller in 2010 in Alaska.

Miller shocked political watchers when he defeated incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Republican primary. He had been down over 20 points just over a month before pulling off the upset win.

Murkowski — who had the most liberal voting record of any Republican up for re-election that year — responded by recanting on a pledge both candidates had made prior to the primary election day in late August to honor the results. Instead, the senator launched a write-in campaign as an independent in the middle of September in a bid to hold on to the seat that, between her and her father, had been in the family since 1981.

Early polling in the contest once again gave Miller a slight edge, but the race deadlocked by mid-October thanks to two events: the handcuffing of a reporter at a Joe Miller campaign event by an FBI informant and the leaking of the candidate’s confidential employee file to the media.

FBI informant Bill Fulton first showed up on primary election night in Anchorage, unsolicited, volunteering his security services to the candidate that evening following his victory.

Miller did not use security during the race before or after, with one exception of a town hall event at an Anchorage middle school in mid-October, where according to the terms of the contract, security was required. A member of the campaign staff contacted Fulton.

I was at the town hall where the informant took it upon himself after the event to handcuff Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger.

Shortly before the incident, the journalist had broken into a circle of supporters Miller was speaking to and put a handheld camera in his face.

Miller indicated he was not giving an interview and left the room. Hopfinger followed him out into the hallway and ended up pushing an attendee into a set of lockers, apparently trying to catch up with the candidate. Miller left the building and not long thereafter Hopfinger got into a scuffle with the security team headed by Fulton, who ordered the reporter to be detained.I came out into the hallway in time to find Hopfinger in handcuffs, which I questioned Fulton about, telling him the optics looked horrible, but he did not stand down.

Fulton insisted Hopfinger needed to remain handcuffed until the police arrived and kept him in plain view as numerous reporters circled about, shooting footage of their detained colleague.

In a 2013 Huffington Post article titled “How Bill Fulton Infiltrated Alaska’s Right Wing As An FBI Informant,” the informant revealed that he voted for President Barack Obama and lauded his own actions that day.

“It completely solidified our position within the right wing,” Fulton said of the handcuffing incident. “Because there’s nothing the right wing likes more than you roughing up the left-wing media and such.”

“The left-wing completely attacked me, including Huffington Post, you b—–ds,” Fulton said. “I was working for you, you sons of b—–s, and nobody knew it.”

It cannot be overestimated the amount of negative media coverage the Miller campaign received as a result of the incident, with claims the candidate opposed freedom of the press. It did not matter that neither the campaign nor the candidate had directed the handcuffing.

In 2013, the Los Angeles Times also reported on the role Fulton played in the 2010 race questioning, “Why was FBI informant William Fulton involved in political campaigns?”

Miller noted in the piece that his race was the second in as many cycles in Alaska in which the FBI had played a part in the contest’s outcome, referring to a criminal investigation that almost certainly cost the late Sen. Ted Stevens his 2008 re-election bid. Stevens’ conviction was overturned just months after he lost the race to Democrat Mark Begich.

In a 2013 Facebook post, Hopfinger lamented the part the FBI had played in the outcome of the Miller-Murkowski race.

“Do we want the FBI dealing with cowboys like Bill Fulton who can change the outcome of political elections by, say, cuffing journalists?” he wrote.

“No wonder Farmer Joe and his friends worry about Big Brother,” he added derisively. “I don’t like the idea, either, of the FBI having a paid informant working inside a political campaign when the candidate himself is not the primary target of an investigation.

“Why would anybody run for office under those circumstances? Joe Miller should be more upset with the FBI/Justice Department than with Fulton.”

Miller is angered the FBI is engaging in political campaigns.

The former GOP nominee told The Western Journal, “The FBI’s involvement in elections is repugnant and undercuts a fundamental tenet of our Republic: that the People are an effective check on government.”

“Now, we have proof that the feds have been manipulating domestic elections,” he added. “Such action is not only treasonous, it could lead to dangerous political instability as more and more citizens realize their government is no longer controlled by the People.”

The second major incident that without a doubt influenced the general election outcome in Miller’s race was the leaking of his confidential personnel file. It was a move reminiscent of former FBI Director James Comey leaking his memos to The New York Times, with the intention of bringing about a special counsel.

Questions about Miller’s employment as an attorney with the city of Fairbanks began with a blog post by Murkowski supporter and former fellow state representative Andrew Halcro titled, “We Know Palin Quit … But why was Miller Fired? Say it ain’t so Joe.”

The story was fake news. Miller was not fired, but resigned of his own accord, and the candidate released his letter of resignation and other supporting documents during the primary, which countered the narrative.

However, a new version of the story came back in the fall, saying he had nearly been fired for voting in an online political poll on his and three co-workers’ computers and initially not telling the truth about it.

That narrative was also shown to be false, but Murkowski and the groups supporting her made that a focus of the multi-million-dollar negative ad campaign against Miller. Murkowski herself proclaimed during a debate that Miller — a West Point graduate and decorated combat veteran — was “not fit” to serve in the U.S. Senate.

It should be noted at this point, a Senate ethics complaint was filed against Murkowski for a sweetheart land deal prior to her 2010 re-election bid. She came under such public censure that she sold the property.

The leaked information about Miller led to unprecedented litigation, with multiple media outlets suing to gain access to his employee file. They ultimately prevailed.

When Miller went on national television to explain what happened, the negative narrative was countered, and he began to rise again in the polls.

However, the former mayor of Fairbanks Jim Whitaker (a Republican who endorsed Obama) played the part of Comey, claiming through the closing days of the race that Miller engaged in wrongdoing. He participated in both television and other media interviews alleging the Republican candidate had even been involved in criminal conduct while employed at the borough.

Never mind that Miller was employed for a year-and-a-half following his alleged illicit conduct in question, which had been fully investigated and resulted in a temporary letter of reprimand. The letter should no longer have even been in his file when he ran for office.

Miller sued Whitaker and the borough after the election and won a judgment in his favor.

Miller’s supervisor Rene Broker admitted, under oath, during the litigation that he had engaged in no criminal conduct while in the employ of the borough.

Miller remains a lawyer in good standing in the Alaska bar to this day, which would not be the case if he had committed any significant ethical wrongdoing.

But as far as the outcome of the 2010 race, the damage had been done. The incumbent Murkowski beat Miller 39 to 35 percent, with the Democrat candidate taking the rest.

The “deep state,” if you will, prevailed. Whether the same tactics can be used to ultimately bring down Trump is playing out before our eyes. (For more from the author of “Analysis: The ‘Deep State’ Tactics Used Against Trump Campaign Were First Employed in GOP Senate Race” please click HERE)

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Remember the Dead Palestinian Baby? Turns out She Didn’t Die from Israeli Forces

. . .As evidence of the cruelty of Israeli security forces toward innocent Palestinians in Gaza, the media focused on a dead Palestinian baby. The infant’s tragic death, however, turned into a propaganda win for the terrorist organization.

A prime example of what could easily have been written by the Hamas propaganda department itself was an article in the Los Angeles Times which lamented the death of the 10-month-old baby girl — Layla Ghandour.

But a former journalist for the L.A. and New York Times astutely noted that, buried midway through the blatant piece, it was revealed by a doctor in Gaza that the baby had died from a pre-existing heart condition.

The 16th paragraph of that report read: “A doctor at the hospital where Layla was treated said she had a preexisting heart condition that caused her death. He asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to discuss the child’s medical history.” . . .

The preceding paragraph even cited Israeli military spokesman Ofir Gendelman, who stated without elaboration, “We have evidence casting doubt on the truthfulness of reports about the death of a baby girl in the Gaza Strip.” (Read more from “Remember the Dead Palestinian Baby? Turns out She Didn’t Die from Israeli Forces” HERE)

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Judge: ‘Unlawful’ Destruction of Ballots in Race Wasserman Schultz Won

. . .[Debbie]Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat, may be beloved by family members, but that’s pretty much it. Rank-and-file Democrats detest her for her god-awful handling of the Democratic National Committee’s top role — a position she was forced to resign from after email hacks and numerous scandals. The party’s left fringe believes Wasserman Schultz and her retinue have engaged in pretty sketchy behavior to keep them down.

Now, I know that supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders do indulge in some tinfoil haberdashery from time to time. However, this conspiracy claim appears to have some legitimacy.

See, Florida has some fairly strict “sunshine” laws when it comes to public transparency, and this spills over to elections. So, when Wasserman Schultz faced a difficult primary challenge in 2016 and won with 58 percent of the vote, it was well within the rights of challenger Tim Canova to request a recount of the ballots.

The only problem is that after much stalling, it turns out the ballots had been destroyed. As in, very illegally.

The saga has wound its way through the court system, but a judge ruled Friday that the “elections supervisor in Florida’s second-most populous county broke state and federal law by unlawfully destroying ballots cast in Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s 2016 Democratic primary … in a case brought by the congresswoman’s challenger who wanted to check for voting irregularities,” according to Politico. (Read more from “Judge: ‘Unlawful’ Destruction of Ballots in Race Wasserman Schultz Won” HERE)

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HUGE: Mueller Reaches Indictment Decision on Trump

By Daily Wire. On Wednesday, a new report revealed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly informed the legal team representing President Donald Trump that they cannot indict the president, according to a lawyer for the president.

“All they get to do is write a report,” Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told CNN. “They can’t indict. At least they acknowledged that to us after some battling, they acknowledged that to us.”

Fox News noted that “The precedent that federal prosecutors cannot indict a sitting president is laid out in a 1999 Justice Department memo.” (Read more from “Mueller Reaches Indictment Decision on Trump-Russia Investigation” HERE)


Mueller Told Trump’s Legal Team He Will Not Indict the President, Giuliani Tells Fox News

By Fox News. . .Giuliani, himself a former federal prosecutor and mayor of New York City, also told Fox News that Mueller’s investigators have not responded to five information requests from the president’s team. That has forced Trump’s legal team to push off making a decision about whether the president will sit for an interview with the special counsel — a decision they had hoped to reach by Thursday.

“We’ve had no response from them,” Giuliani told Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” about his interactions with Mueller’s team. “We’re asking … what do they really need to know, what kind of assurances do we have that they’ll get it over with quickly, just like they did for [Hillary] Clinton.” . . .

Giuliani joined Trump’s legal team last month and has repeatedly warned that an in-person interview of the president by the special counsel’s team would constitute a “perjury trap.” Complicating matters, Trump himself has refused to rule out agreeing to an interview with Mueller.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity earlier this month, Giuliani said that the Mueller team had ruled out allowing the Trump team to submit written answers to the special counsel’s questions. (Read more from “Mueller Told Trump’s Legal Team He Will Not Indict the President, Giuliani Tells Fox News” HERE)

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After Cancelling, North Korea Drops Another Damaging Statement About Trump Meeting

By The Blaze. The North Korean regime released a second statement Tuesday evening after pulling out of a meeting with South Korea and threatening to pull the plug on the historic meeting planned with President Trump . . .

A senior North Korean official said that the regime was not interested in “unilaterally” denuclearizing, according to Yonhap News Agency, the largest South Korean news organization.

An English translation of Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye-gwan’s statement was released Tuesday.

The statement lauded North Korea’s efforts to seek peace, but added, “prior to the DPRK-U.S. summit, unbridled remarks provoking the other side of dialogue are recklessly made in the U.S. and I am totally disappointed as these constitute extremely unjust behavior.”

“High-ranking officials of the White House and the Department of State including Bolton,” the statement continued, “White House national security adviser, are letting loose the assertions of so-called Libya mode of nuclear abandonment, ‘complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization,’ ‘total decommissioning of nuclear weapons, missiles, biochemical weapons.’ etc., while talking about formula of ‘abandoning nuclear weapons first, compensating afterwards.’” (Read more from “After Cancelling, North Korea Drops Another Damaging Statement About Trump Meeting” HERE)


North Korea Cancels Historic Meeting – Here’s What They Say Set Them off

By The Blaze. After weeks of historic acts of amelioration, North Korea suspended a meeting with South Korean officials planned for Wednesday, and threatened to cut off the meeting with President Trump . . .

According to the North Korean state news agency KCNA, officials were angered by joint military drills between the United States and South Korea.

The summit between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President Trump was scheduled for June 12 in Singapore. They were to discuss the possibility of North Korea denuclearizing.

“We are aware of the South Korean media report. The United States will look at what North Korea has said independently, and continue to coordinate closely with our allies,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about the report.

“We have not heard anything from that government or the government of South Korea to indicate that we would not continue conducting these exercises,” said State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert, “or that we would not continue planning for our meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un next month.” (Read more from “North Korea Cancels Historic Meeting – Here’s What They Say Set Them off” HERE)

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Muslim Family Rapes, Kills Christian Teen ‘Slave’

By WND. A 17-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan was raped and strangled to death by members of a Muslim family because she didn’t carry out her assigned household chores to their satisfaction, according to a Pakistan-based group.

Citing a report Tuesday by the the private charity Christians in Pakistan, the Christian Post said the murder of Kainat Salamat, daughter of Salamat Masih, occurred last week in Kamonki, Gujranwala district.

The Christian family had given up their daughter to the Muslim family as an indentured servant because of their poverty, a common practice in Pakistan. . .

The Christian Post said the Muslim family tied a rope around the girl’s neck and strangled her despite her father’s pleas.

BPCA has launched a petition drive against domestic servitude of Christian girls in Pakistan, pointing to widespread abuse and in some cases death. (Read more from “Family Rapes, Kill Christian Teen Slave” HERE)


Christian Teen Raped, Tied down and Murdered in Front of Father by Pakistani Muslim Family

By Christian Post. A 17-year-old Christian girl was murdered in Pakistan after being tied down and strangled to death by a Muslim family before her father’s own eyes, reportedly because she didn’t do the household chores to their satisfaction.

Christians in Pakistan reported on Tuesday that the murder of Kainat Salamat, daughter of Salamat Masih, occurred last week in Kamonki, Gujranwala district.

Masih filed a First Information Report to report the crime on May 6, explaining to police that he arrived to visit his daughter at the home of Muhammad Asif, where she had worked as a domestic helper since age 11.

The father says that he and another relative saw that the Muslim family, Asif, Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Tariq Pasran, Muhammad Ismael, along with Asif’s wife and another woman, were holding down Kainat’s legs and arms . . .

The father adds in the report that his daughter, who was buried on Monday, was killed for failing to do the house cleaning properly. (Read more from “Christian Teen Raped, Tied down and Murdered in Front of Father by Pakistani Muslim Family” HERE)

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Kellyanne Conway Reveals What Trump Is Planning to Do With ‘Traitors’

Kellyanne Conway said Monday that President Trump would likely fire people from his administration after an embarrassing leak of a joke told about Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.). . .

“Can you tell us about that process about trying to figure out who is leaking from the communications department and what’s going to be done?” Martha MacCallum asked Conway.

“I won’t you the process so much as to tell you that there are all kinds of leaks,” Conway responded, “some leaks exist, I guess, to hurt colleagues, some leaks exist because they disagree with the policies that are being put forth.”

“None of them are helpful,” she explained. “And I will tell you there’s something else that is going on in this White House but not as badly as it was in the beginning where, it’s not so much leaking as using the media to shiv each other. And that was going on quite a bit at the beginning of this administration, and it’s less so now.”

“But I think the president is on solid ground here,” she continued, “that if you work at the pleasure of the president as we all do here and you have the privilege and the blessing of coming to work every day in this White House on behalf of the nation we all love, then you ought to be competent, you ought to be loyal and you ought to be able to reinforce the agenda that prevailed here.” (Read more from “Kellyanne Conway Hints at What Trump Is Planning to Do About ‘Traitors’” HERE)

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Famous “Humanitarian” Charged with Pedophilia, Raping Boy in Nepal

. . .But over several years, Mr. Dalglish, a Canadian, endeared himself to many in the community, greeting villagers in Nepali, offering chocolates from Thailand to children playing in the forest and helping people rebuild their homes destroyed by devastating earthquakes in 2015.

The good will was shattered last month when the police swarmed around Mr. Dalglish’s home, placed a gun to his head and arrested him on charges of raping at least two boys, 12 and 14. . .

Mr. Dalglish’s downfall has been a shock partly because his work aiding street children around the world was so widely admired. In 2016, he was awarded the Order of Canada, one of the country’s highest civilian honors.

Nepal is one of Asia’s poorest countries, and thousands of nongovernmental organizations operate with limited government oversight. The absence of strict regulations means aid groups can be used as a cover for human traffickers and predatory behavior by humanitarian workers, said Pushkar Karki, the head of Nepal’s Chief Investigation Bureau, the agency overseeing the case against Mr. Dalglish. (Read more from “Famous “Humanitarian” Charged with Pedophilia, Raping Boy in Nepal” HERE)

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