That Was Quick: Progressive Says DEMOCRAT Sex Abusers Should Stay

This is disgusting. A “feminist” writer has finally said publicly what the worst progressives really think: a Democrat who sexually abuses a woman should be let off the hook because he’s a Democrat.

The blogger, Kate Harding, is “sincerely” making this argument.

Why? Because all men in politics are likely to be sexual abusers. Obviously.

Couldn’t be a B.S. feminist rant without a “Handmaid’s Tale” garbage reference.

Yeah, because incumbent establishment Republicans pulled out all the stops to make sure Donald Trump was elected. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were out in front of TV cameras every day trying to make America great again. No, wait, that was Earth-2. Back here in reality, Paul Ryan said he’d stop defending Trump, and Mitch McConnell retreated into his shell during that election.

Aren’t men who would sexually abuse women already sociopaths?

Oh look, concluding with identity politics. That was fun. At least it’s over.


THERE IT IS. Removing from office Democrats who abuse women will do “catastrophic damage to our political interests.”

This “feminist” doesn’t care about women. She’s purely political. She puts the priorities of the Democratic Party ahead of the moral responsibility we have to see justice done and victims of sexual abuse defended.

As long as there are progressives like her, scumbag Democrats like Al Franken will continue to get away with their scum.

Politics over people, always, for the Left. (For more from the author of “That Was Quick: Progressive Says DEMOCRAT Sex Abusers Should Stay” please click HERE)

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‘Help Me! Help Me! I Can’t Breathe!’: Newly Uncovered Video Shows Nurses Laugh as Dying WWII Vet Desperately Calls for Help

Fair warning, this is one of the hardest videos you will ever watch.

The video, which was only recently released, shows an alarming lack of regard for human life, especially in a healthcare setting specifically tasked with helping preserve it. “In 43 years in nursing, I have never seen such disregard for human life in a healthcare setting, is what I witnessed,” retired nursing professor Elaine Harris told reporters. after watching the video.

The man, 89-year-old James Dempsey, is not just any man. He’s a World War II veteran who risked his life to fight the evil of all evils in what is likely the most important, consequential, world event of our time. If it weren’t for people like Dempsey, the world could be a very, very different place today.

Back in 2014, Dempsey was under the care of Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation, when he began struggling to breathe. Gasping for air and fighting through pain, Dempsey cries out for help at least six times, as captured on a hidden video camera that the nurses clearly were unaware of.

“Help me! Help me! I can’t breathe!” Dempsey can be heard calling out, while the nurses ignore the call light for an agonizing stretch of time. But it gets even worse, as when nurses finally do arrive on the scene and have trouble fumbling around with the oxygen machine, they begin laughing. A family is literally trusting this facility to watch over their loved one and give them the best care possible, and instead they received a mockery of human life. (Read more from “‘Help Me! Help Me! I Can’t Breathe!’: Newly Uncovered Video Shows Nurses Laugh as Dying WWII Vet Desperately Calls for Help” HERE)

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Roy Moore Never Banned From the Mall, Former Manager Says

An Alabama woman claimed she was able to get Senate candidate Roy Moore banned from Gadsden Mall, where she worked in the late 1970s. However, the mall manager stated he had no recollection of the ban.

Becky Gray told ABC News on Wednesday evening that she was 22-years-old and working at the Pizitz department store in the Gadsen Mall in 1977, when Moore asked her out multiple occasions.

Gray said that she always turned Moore down, stating that she was in a relationship.

“I mean, you’ve got to understand — when you’re that age, somebody in their 30s might as well have been 40 or 50 — to me anyway,” she said. Moore turned 30 in 1977.

“I went to my manager and talked to him about it and asked him, basically, what could be done,” Gray recalled. “Later on, he…came back through my department and told me that [Moore] had been banned from the mall.”

Gray, a Democrat, also told The Washington Post that her manager related it was “not the first time he had a complaint about him hanging out at the mall.”

The New Yorker ran a story earlier this week citing sources who had heard Moore had been banned from the mall.

However, the Birmingham Fox News affiliate WBRC looked into the reporting from the national outlets and could not confirm that Moore was banned.

The station interviewed Barnes Boyle, who managed the Gadsen Mall from 1981 to 1996. Boyle recounted he had no knowledge of such a ban.

“We did have written reports and things. But to my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall,” Boyle, who claims to be a Moore supporter, told WBRC.

At a press conference in Birmingham on Thursday, Moore continued to state the allegations against him were false.

“The Washington Post is not evidence,” he said.

As previously reported by The Western Journal, a Moore campaign attorney called into question the authenticity of a yearbook inscription that was allegedly written by Moore. The inscription was offered by the accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, as evidence that Moore and her knew each other in the 1970s.

The attorney noted inconsistencies, including the lettering within the inscription — and called on the accuser’s attorney, Gloria Allred, to turn it over.

“We demand that you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian so that our expert and you can send you expert as well, so that our expert can look at it, not a copy on the internet,” he said. “The actual document so we can see the lettering. We can see the ink on the page. We can see the indentations and we can see how old is that ink. Is is 40 years old or is it a week old?” (For more from the author of “Roy Moore Never Banned From the Mall, Former Manager Says” please click HERE)

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Stepson of Roy Moore Accuser: She’s Lying

By The Gateway Pundit. Darrel Nelson, the stepson of Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson says the allegations are all lies. Nelson says he is baffled by the timing of the sexual advancement claims and voices his staunch support for the Alabama GOP Senate candidate.

Nelson, 56, held a press conference in New York with embattled attorney Gloria Allred on Monday, alleging Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed her when she was 16 years old.

According to Beverly Young Nelson’s account reported by the Washington Examiner, “Moore offered to drive her home from work one night but instead parked in a “dark, deserted” part of a parking lot behind the restaurant where she worked. Nelson said Moore groped her and “began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch.”

Nelson begins the video by saying “Mr. Moore, I support you. I don’t believe the acts that she claims you’ve done — I don’t believe it.”

“I’ve known the woman, she married my father many, many years ago. I’ve known her for a while now, and I truly do not believe that she’s being honest about this,” added Nelson. (Read more from “Stepson of Roy Moore Accuser: She’s Lying” HERE)


Roy Moore’s Lawyer Casts Doubt on Accuser’s Story

By Eli Watkins. Former Judge Roy Moore continues to deny allegations of sexual abuse against him, his attorney Phillip L. Jauregui said at a news conference Wednesday, during which he attempted to cast doubt on the story of one of Moore’s accusers.

Jauregui specifically focused on pushing back on the accusation from Beverly Young Nelson, 56, who said on Monday that Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16 years old. Jauregui took issue with the statements of Nelson and her attorney Gloria Allred, saying Nelson falsely claimed that she never spoke to Moore again after the time of her alleged assault.

“As it turns out, in 1999, Ms. Nelson filed a divorce action against her then-husband, Mr. Harris,” Jauregui said. “Guess who that case was before? It was filed in Etowah County, and the judge assigned was Roy S. Moore, circuit judge of Etowah County. There was contact.” (Read more from “Roy Moore’s Lawyer Casts Doubt on Accuser’s Story” HERE)

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ICE Agents Rebel, Say Trump Betrayed Them

By Stephen Dinan. The country’s immigration enforcement officers launched a website Tuesday demanding that President Trump do more to clean up their agency, saying he has left the Obama team in place and it’s stymying his goal of enforcing laws on the books.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement supervisors in Philadelphia banned officers from wearing bulletproof vests during an operation in the dangerous “badlands” section in the city’s north for fear of offending the immigrant community, according to a new website,

Meanwhile, officers in one Utah city are required to give city officials seven days’ heads-up before arresting anyone — and by the time they go to make the arrest, the immigrants they are targeting have taken off, the website says.

Compiled by the National ICE Council, which represents ICE officers, the website is part whistleblower and part primal scream for Mr. Trump to pay attention to a group of people who were among his staunchest backers during the presidential campaign.

“ICE Officers grudgingly admit that the only President they ever endorsed hasn’t kept his word, and many officers now feel betrayed,” the officers say on the website. (Read more from “ICE Agents Rebel, Say Trump Betrayed Them” HERE)


ICE Uproar: Agents’ Union Blasts Trump’s ‘Betrayal,’ Says Obama Holdovers Still in Place

By Fox News Insider. The union representing ICE officers is accusing President Trump of “betraying” them by leaving in place officials from the Obama administration.

The National ICE Council said this week, “ICE Officers grudgingly admit that the only President they ever endorsed hasn’t kept his word, and many officers now feel betrayed.” . . .

Laura Ingraham discussed the situation with Stephen Dinan, who covered the story for the Washington Times, and David Ward of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

Dinan said there were examples on the council’s website of how the situation is playing out on the ground. In Philadelphia, ICE agents were instructed by an official not to wear bulletproof vests in a dangerous neighborhood out of concern that it would offend residents. (Read more from “ICE Uproar: Agents’ Union Blasts Trump’s ‘Betrayal,’ Says Obama Holdovers Still in Place” HERE)

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Efforts to Derail Roy Moore Are Right out of the Establishment’s Playbook; Here’s How

Whether you believe any or all of the allegations against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, the establishment/mainstream media’s playbook to thwart the insurgent is being executed by the numbers.

I witnessed firsthand the same methods employed against GOP U.S. Senate nominee Joe Miller while serving as his press secretary in 2010 in Alaska.

The Tea Party favorite shocked the political world when he came out of nowhere to upset incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski and win the Republican primary. Between her and her father Frank, who appointed her to the position after being elected governor in 2002, the Murkowskis had held the seat since the early 1980s.

Miller headed into the general election as the hands-down favorite in red Alaska against the little-known Democrat nominee, Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams. But then, the establishment/media onslaught began.

Both Miller and Murkowski had promised days before primary election day in late August that they would honor the results, but in mid-September, just weeks after losing the race, the senator announced her write-in bid, saying that she was “taking the gloves off.”

Like Moore’s race, the media attacks against Miller followed a familiar pattern: finances; allegations of past unethical, even illegal conduct in relation to his past employment; and accusations against his wife in relation to her employment with him as a judge.

The attacks were very similar to the ones leveled at Moore and his wife Kayla by the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnnell-affiliated Senate Leadership Fund and The Washington Post in relation to the couple’s non-profit, The Foundation For Moral Law.

Having addressed and weathered all the allegations, and throwing in a bizarre incident in which a Barack Obama-supporting FBI informant took it upon himself to conduct a citizen’s arrest of a reporter at a Miller town hall, the candidates were running neck-and-neck just days before the general election.

Perhaps that’s why the local CBS affiliate KTVA, which had been very hostile toward Miller, hoped they would find a sex scandal to knock the conservative candidate out once and for all.

The weekend before the election, I received a call from Nick McDermott, a producer with the station. It went to voice mail. As Fox News reported, I soon received a text from him in which he wrote, “D— iPhone … I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry.”

What was captured in the message was part of a strategy meeting ahead of a rally former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would be headlining that night.

A female reporter or producer is heard yelling, “Child molesters!”

A male reporter responds, “Oh, yes. Can you repeat Joe Miller’s list of people, campaign workers, which one is the molester?”

A female reporter then added, “We know that out of all the people that will show up tonight, at least one of them will be a registered sex offender.”

“We have to find that one person,” a male reporter responds.

A female reporter chimed in, “And the one thing we can do is — we won’t know. We won’t know but if there is any sort of chaos whatsoever, we can put out a Twitter/Facebook alert saying what the — ‘Hey, Joe Miller punched at rally …’”

“Kind of like Rand Paul, I like that,” another replied.

KTVA admitted to the meeting and ultimately fired two of the producers who were part of it; however, one of the station’s anchors, Matt Felling, would go on to become Murkowski’s communications director shortly after she won re-election, 39 percent to Miller’s 35.

Two accusers have come forward in the case of Roy Moore alleging they were sexually assaulted by him in the 1970s.

The candidate has denied the allegations, saying he never even knew the women. The former Alabama chief justice has shown no inclination to exit the race.

McConnell has stated he is actively looking for a write-in candidate to run against Moore and the Democrat.

On his radio program on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh said McConnell is on a “search-and-destroy mission.”

“Whether Judge Moore did the deed or deeds or not, what’s really happening here folks, if you really want to know — it’s a multi-faceted search-and-destroy mission here,” Limbaugh stated.

“But what’s really driving this — do not doubt me about this. But what’s really driving this is Mitch McConnell saying to Steve Bannon, ‘Really? You think you’re going to get your guys elected? You think you are going to get your guys elected and me kicked out of here? Really? Seriously? OK, watch this,’” he added.

In 2016, the establishment and the media employed the same strategy of trying to make Donald Trump the unacceptable choice in relation to Hillary Clinton, going after his finances in the form of demands that he release his tax returns, allegations of past unethical conduct in relation to his employment, and accusations of sexual harassment and other misconduct.

The efforts, though vigorous, ultimately failed.

Alabama voters will have to decide whether they believe Moore or his accusers, but one thing is certain — the establishment/media playbook to take out a candidate is being executed to a T. (For more from the author of “Efforts to Derail Roy Moore Are Right out of the Establishment’s Playbook; Here’s How” please click HERE)

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Media Ignores Dem Candidate Arrested for Stalking

A Democrat running for Congress was arrested on a stalking charge last week, but the media has refused to give the story any coverage.

David Alcon, who is running for an open congressional seat in New Mexico, was arrested this past Friday on a felony stalking charge after a woman accused him of sending her frightening and lewd text messages and showing up at her home. Alcon was previously convicted of stalking his ex-girlfriend in 2007 and was described as “infatuated” and “clearly obsessed” by the judge in the case.

The story has been met with silence from a number of media outlets despite their breathless coverage of the sexual assault scandal surrounding Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.

According to a search of the television database TV Eyes, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC have given zero on-air coverage to Alcon’s arrest. The networks have also not published any stories about Alcon’s scandal on their websites in the past week.

Meanwhile, ABC, CBS, and NBC spent more than 79 minutes talking about Roy Moore between November 9 and November 13. (Read more from “Media Ignores Dem Candidate Arrested for Stalking” HERE)

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Mall of America ‘Looks Like Somalia’

Actor James Woods has a special knack for riling up Democrats and he has done it again with a tweet in which he posted a video of Muslims filing into the Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The tweet, which included a video of hundreds of Somali Muslims inside the mall in brightly colored robes and hijabs, comes on the heels of a vicious knife attack by a Muslim at the same mall on Sunday night . . .

On Tuesday, Woods tweeted the following:

Although it is unclear when the video was originally captured, “Nickelodeon Universe is a popular destination for Minnesota families, including the state’s sizable Somali-American population, particularly during Eid al-Adha, the biggest religious holiday in the Muslim world,” according to the Star-Tribun . . .

“Good lord. I thought this was fake, but it’s not. This is video footage taken at the Mall of America,” posted Charles Campbell. “Am I in Somalia?” (Read more from “Mall of America ‘Looks Like Somalia'” HERE)

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Flashback: John McCain Labeled 2008 Sexual Misconduct Accusations a ‘Smear’

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain called on Roy Moore to exit Alabama’s U.S. Senate race the very day The Washington Post published its story alleging the candidate engaged in sexual misconduct in the late 1970s.

However, McCain sang a different tune during his 2008 presidential when the senator faced his own accusations of sexual misconduct with a lobbyist 30 years his junior.

McCain was among the very first so called “establishment Republicans” to rush to judgment about the allegations against Moore, characterizing them as “disqualifying” and declaring that the candidate should “immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.”

Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who campaigned for McCain in 2008 after losing to him in Republican primary, joined in the following day, tweeting, “innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions.”

In February 2008, The Post and The New York Times published stories alleging McCain had had an improper relationship with lobbyist Vicki Iseman. The stories both related that the senator had developed a close relationship with the lobbyist who had business before the Commerce Committee, which he chaired.

The Times’ story also suggested his staff was concerned the relationship with Iseman had turned romantic, given the amount of time the two were spending together. The lobbyist has a strong resemblance to McCain’s wife Cindy.

Iseman was in her early 30s when the relationship began in the late 1990s, and McCain was in his early 60s. Both McCain and Iseman denied any affair.

McCain began a romantic relationship with Cindy while he was still married to his first wife Carol, according to A month after divorcing Carol, he married Cindy, when she was 25 and he was 43.

The severity of the allegations against McCain regarding Iseman were clear. He was potentially using his position in government to do favors for someone, who was at least his friend. At worst, she was his mistress and the senator was engaging in public corruption.

Clearly these allegations would be “disqualifying” not just for any seeking the highest office in the land, but for serving in the senate — if true.

The U.K. Telegraph reported at the time in a piece titled “John McCain sex claim hits US election” that “the revelations about Mr. McCain are unlikely to prevent him wrapping up his party’s nomination in the next few weeks, but could affect his standing against his Democratic opponent.”

The Iseman accusations likely hit too close to home for McCain. The senator had been listed among the “Keating Five” senators, who allegedly engaged in public corruption in support of lobbyist Charles Keating in the late 1980s.

The Times included the Keating Five connection in its story, noting the scandal nearly ended McCain’s career.

After the piece was published, McCain’s campaign team swiftly issued a statement describing the story as “gutter politics,” and clearly part of a “hit and run smear campaign.”

“Neither Senator McCain nor the campaign will dignify false rumors and gossip by responding to them. John McCain has never done favors for anyone, not lobbyists or any special interest. That’s a clear 24-year record,” a top campaign adviser added, according to The Post.

The Post and The Times’ stories seemingly added credibility to allegations of the senator’s past conduct, but even then, there were no widespread calls for him to “step aside” based on the allegations alone.

Iseman would later sue The Times for libel. The case was settled in 2009 after the presidential election, with no payment to the lobbyist, as well as the paper not retracting the story.

Moore has categorically denied the central allegation of The Post story that he engaged in inappropriate sexual touching with a minor in 1979. The candidate has described the story as a political hit piece meant to hurt his candidacy weeks before the general election.

At a campaign event on Saturday, Moore noted The Post had endorsed his opponent and published a series of attack articles against him and his wife regarding their public interest non-profit firm, The Foundation for Moral Law. “But we endured that,” he said.

“The Washington Post published yet another attack on my character and reputation in a desperate attempt to stop my political campaign for the United States Senate,” he said. “The attacks involve a minor and they are completely false.”

The former Alabama chief justice went on to note he has undergone multiple statewide elections and investigations into his background in order to serve and while serving on the bench. reported that the candidate plans to sue The Post over the story.

In a radio interview with Sean Hannity on Friday, Moore said if a candidate were to follow the calls of McCain and others to “step aside” based on one allegation, there would be no point for anyone to seek political office. (For more from the author of “Flashback: John McCain Labeled 2008 Sexual Misconduct Accusations a ‘Smear'” please click HERE)

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Who Is on the Reported Capitol Hill ‘Creep List’?

Widespread sexual harassment in the halls of Congress is an open secret, and female lawmakers, staff, and interns keep a “creep list” of male members to avoid, according to a new report from CNN.

More than 50 sources spoke to CNN, including “lawmakers, current and former Hill aides and political veterans who have worked in Congress.” They spoke anonymously, fearful of repercussions, and almost everyone said they have personally experienced sexual harassment or known someone else who has.

One ex-House aide said that with “so many young women” working on the Hill, male lawmakers “have no self-control.” There are rules for new hires to teach them which lawmakers to avoid, like “be extra careful of the male lawmakers who sleep in their offices,” and “avoid finding yourself alone with a congressman or senator in elevators.”

Some of the individuals who spoke to CNN even named sitting lawmakers who engage in inappropriate behavior.

The dozens of interviews that CNN conducted with both men and women also revealed that there is an unwritten list of male lawmakers — made up primarily of House representatives where there are many more members than the Senate — notorious for inappropriate or predatory behavior. Several people simply referred to that roster as the “creep list.”

More than half a dozen interviewees independently named one California congressman for pursuing female staffers; another half dozen pointed to a Texas congressman for engaging in inappropriate behavior. CNN is not naming either of those lawmakers because the stories are unverified.

One woman recounted an encounter with a sitting senator in an elevator. Her boss, another senator, introduced her to his colleague. When she shook the senator’s hand, she says he stroked the inside of her palm “in a really gross, suggestive way.”

The woman declined to be named or to reveal the senator’s identity.

That victims of sexual harassment on Capitol Hill should feel afraid to identify their harassers is completely unacceptable. These women say they fear repercussions at work. One woman who spoke to CNN said she questions whether her career was damaged after she filed a complaint against her boss, another staffer.

Two things need to happen immediately. First, Congress needs to pass a serious measure to ensure that everyone on Capitol Hill can file complaints against workplace harassment without endangering their careers.

Second, these women need to name their harassers. Now. The people of the United States are the H.R. department of Congress. The lawmakers on this “creep list” need to be made public, and voters must expel them from Congress.

If Roy Moore is unfit for public office based on believable allegations of serious sexual misconduct, then so too is the sitting senator and the members of Congress alluded to in CNN’s report.

Kick the pigs out. (For more from the author of “Who Is on the Reported Capitol Hill ‘Creep List’?” please click HERE)

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