Don’t Fall for This Bullcrap Vacation Story About Sean Hannity

The latest bit of fake news smearing Sean Hannity comes from The Philadelphia Inquirer, which implied Hannity is taking an abrupt vacation after advertisers began pulling their ads from his Fox News program.

“Sean Hannity is taking a couple days off amid a growing advertiser boycott after pushing a conspiracy theory involving a slain Democratic National Committee staffer,” Rob Tornoe reported under the headline “Fox News host Sean Hannity takes abrupt vacation after losing more advertisers.” He compared Hannity’s vacation to former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s retreat to Italy before the cancellation of “The O’Reilly Factor.” The implication is that Sean Hannity could be the next to leave Fox.

Erick Erickson, writing for The Resurgent, says this story is “Bulls—t.

This story is patently false and I know so first hand. Why?

Because my radio show starts right after Sean’s show on WSB in Atlanta. On May 18th, my boss asked me to put on schedule for today and tomorrow to start my show at 3pm ET. Why? Because Hannity would be out for Memorial Day vacation with his family and they’d like me on locally instead of his guest hosts due to Atlanta traffic issues. Hannity’s television vacation days are always in conjunction with his radio vacation days.

Hannity’s vacation has been planned for weeks. It has nothing to do with the onslaught of leftist attacks on his show and his advertisers.

The Philadelphia Inquirer story was updated at 10:15 PM Thursday night and the headline was changed to “Fox News host Sean Hannity takes a vacation after losing more advertisers.” There is no editor’s note to explain the correction.

The left would love to expunge dissenting voices from TV, if it could. Sean Hannity won’t be the last to come under attack. (For more from the author of “Don’t Fall for This Bullcrap Vacation Story About Sean Hannity” please click HERE)

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Promoting Islam in Our Schools

Memorizing the Islamic conversion prayer. Reciting the Five Pillars of Islam. Affirming that Christians are not as strong in their faith as Muslims. Several school districts across the nation are requiring their students to study Islam. And parents aren’t happy about it.

A 1963 Supreme Court decision allows for historical instruction about religions. But it seems that Islam is the only religion that is okay to promote. Some parents believe the Islamic teaching has gone too far. And now there’s a lawsuit.

The Court Opens the Door

The Supreme Court in Abington v. Schempp ruled that organized religious events violated the First Amendment. Schools could not require Bible reading or praying in class. But they could offer courses on the Bible or religion as a secular subject. The Court said that “education is not complete without a study of comparative religion or the history of religion and its relationship to the advancement of civilization.”

Those who know Abington know it as the case that kicked Bible reading out of public education. But it left the door open for a historical study of the Christianity — or any other religion. Now the study of Islam is making its way into the school systems nationwide.

Islamic teaching in public schools has alarmed several parents. They believe it has crossed the line from a historical study to indoctrination. They believe that school districts are promoting Islam over other religions.

The Problem with Teaching Islam

A La Plata, California, High School parent brought a lawsuit against the school. John Kevin Wood and his wife said that his daughter’s school required her to complete assignments that endorsed Islam.

The school required her to affirm that “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.” The school required all students to recite the Islamic conversion prayer. The prayer, called the Shahada, states that “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” The school also required students to profess the Five Pillars of Islam.

Wood said his daughter’s school forced her to write statements that offended and denied her Christian beliefs. When she refused to complete the assignments, she received failing grades. Her teacher sent her to the school library away from her classmates. As a result, she felt ostracized because of her Christian beliefs.

Wood contacted the school and asked for alternative assignments. The school’s principal refused. Wood informed the principal that he would contact an attorney and the media. The school then reportedly responded by obtaining a restraining order against Wood. He could no longer pick up his daughter on school property or attend parent-teacher meetings.

La Plata High School did not teach Christianity the same way as Islam, according to Wood. Christianity was taught for one day—disparagingly. Islam was taught for two weeks—sympathetically. The lesson did not require students to learn any of Christianity’s tenets, faith statements or creeds. Nor were the students required to learn any of Judaism’s.

It Happens in Other Schools Too

It happens in other schools, too. Parents across the country have complained that their child’s school required them to:

Dress up as a Muslim, learn prayers and scriptures from the Quran;

Memorize the Five Pillars of Islam and listen to a Muslim prayer;

Memorize and recite the Shahada, or the conversion prayer; and

Write the Shahada in Arabic as part of a calligraphy lesson.

Parents of students at several schools complain that teachers do not teach non-Muslim religions. And that is the crux of the issue for many parents.

The Ten Commandments would never be a lesson requirement, said one New Jersey mom. “If Islam is taught, teach Christianity, too. [My son] couldn’t even put a Bible verse in his presentation that was student-initiated. So they’re not only teaching Islam, but they’re not allowing students to be free in expressing their [Christian] religious beliefs.”

Many school districts indoctrinate students in Islam, said Thomas More Law Center President Richard Thompson. “This is happening in public schools across the country. And [parents] must take action to stop it.”

The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause

The Establishment Clause prohibits the government from establishing a religion. The Supreme Court decided in Lemon v. Kurtzman (1971) that a three-part test would govern what constitutes “establishment of a religion.” Under the “Lemon test,” government can make laws or policy about religion if the reason for the law is secular, it neither promotes nor inhibits religion, and it doesn’t excessively entangle church and state.

Teaching about Islam in schools may not seem at first glance to be a problem. But the law is clear that the government may not adhere to, promote or inhibit a particular religion. This includes public school districts. Teaching Islam as a secular subject along with other religions equally is lawful. When the teaching of Islam promotes the religion above others, that is against the law. This is found in the Establishment Clause of our First Amendment.

The First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University stated these lessons can go too far. In particular, some “hands-on” activities border on unconstitutional endorsement of religion. They added, “Would any of these schools dream of acting out the Catholic Mass or inviting a Protestant minister to give a sermon in the gym?”

Even if school districts have good intentions, they can still cross the line, the Center noted. “However well-intentioned, including religions and cultures by violating the Constitution doesn’t help anyone. … All of us have an important stake in making sure that First Amendment principles are applied fairly and justly to each and every individual and group in the United States.” (For more from the author of “Promoting Islam in Our Schools” please click HERE)

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Ben & Jerry’s Proves Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Is Not Marriage

It certainly wasn’t their intent, but Ben and Jerry’s, the famous, specialty ice cream company, has given us further evidence that same-sex “marriage” is not marriage. How so?

The company, which has long been known for its left-wing activism, went one step further this week. As a headline in the Daily Mail announced, “Ben & Jerry’s BAN customers from ordering two scoops of the same ice cream until Australia legalises gay marriage.”

That’s right. If you want two scoops of New York Super Fudge Chocolate on your ice cream cone, you can’t have it. You’ll have to settle for just one scoop or mix in another flavor.

This is Ben and Jerry’s way of sending a message: “We believe love comes in all flavours.”

As they explained on their website: “Imagine heading down to your local Scoop Shop to order your favourite two scoops of Cookie Dough in a waffle cone,” the company wrote on its website.

But you find out you are not allowed … you’d be furious!

This doesn’t even begin to compare to how furious you would be if you were told you were not allowed to marry the person you love.

So we are banning two scoops of the same flavour and encouraging our fans to contact their MPs to tell them that the time has come make same sex marriage legal! Love comes in all flavours!
Regulating Scoops is a Slippery Slope

You might say, “Well, this sounds somewhat stupid, but how does it prove that same-sex marriage is not marriage?”

I’ll explain in a moment. But first, Ben and Jerry’s should realize they’re heading down a slippery slope.

After all, will they ban three-scoop cones of any flavor until Australia legalizes throuples? And will they ban one scoop of one flavor plus two scoops of another flavor until Australia legalizes polygamy? Hey, love is love, right? And if I have the right to marry the one I love, how about the ones I love? Why not?

The absurdities go on and on.

As my assistant Dylan asked after reading the Daily Mail article,

And perhaps there’s a current loophole (and bigotry) to their current position. What if some chocolate ice cream identifies as vanilla? (I mean, who are they to be so primitive as to label all chocolate ice cream chocolate just because that’s what society has done through the ages.) Can you then go ahead and get a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of trans-flavored (chocolate to vanilla) ice cream?

In all seriousness, I understand that Ben and Jerry’s is not comparing human beings to scoops of ice cream. The company is making a point and showing solidarity. They believe they are standing up for justice and equality. I get all that.

Still, the nature of their protest is self-refuting, demonstrating the point that same-sex “marriage” is not marriage at all.

Let me explain.

Mars + Mars

Let’s say that chocolate represents men and vanilla represents women. You take one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of vanilla and what do you get? Something new. Something distinct. A unique blend of the two flavors. Two entities that are different and yet similar now become one.

That is a picture of marriage, which is the unique blend of male and female, the unique union of two different and yet similar entities. Borrowing imagery from John Gray, marriage is the union of Mars + Venus.

Going back to ice cream, what happens if you get two scoops of chocolate or two scoops of vanilla? What do you end up with? More of the same. The same multiplied. No change in color or flavor. Nothing new created out of the union. You simply have Mars + Mars or Venus + Venus, which does not equal Mars + Venus.

Do you see the point?

I’m sure gay couples will say that their union brings together very different parts and make them into one new, harmonious whole. But marriage is more than that (otherwise every friendship would be a marriage of sorts).

Marriage has always served the purpose of bringing together the uniquely different-but-same entities of male and female. Through the two of them becoming one, a new entity is created: a paired couple. And by design, that paired couple, biologically made for one another, can produce brand new life.

No same-sex couple in the world, however loving or committed they may be, can produce new life in this way. Nor can any same-sex couple demonstrate the fullness of marriage because it is missing the essential components of marriage: Not just two people, but one male and one female.

Quite unintentionally, Ben and Jerry’s has just reminded us of this reality. And while I do appreciate their zeal for cultural causes, maybe they should turn their attention to other pressing issues, like the health risks of obesity.

On second thought, they might not want to tackle that one at all. (For more from the author of “Ben & Jerry’s Proves Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Is Not Marriage” please click HERE)

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Netflix Series Exposes Govt-Connected Child Sex Ring in Baltimore, Police Forced to Respond

Baltimore police have found themselves in an awkward position as of late after a horrifying documentary from Netflix exposed a dark underground child sex ring involving the church, politicians, and cops. The series, titled, The Keepers, has forced the Baltimore police to set up an online submission form as people began to come forward after watching it.

While the series is on Netflix for the world’s entertainment, the harsh truth is that it really happened. After the church attempted to keep it quiet by paying off the victims under the table, the documentary has exposed these monsters to the world.

The seven-part documentary series, which premiered on Friday, also covers the unsolved murder of one of the teachers, Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik. On Tuesday, enough former victims had seen the documentary that they began calling the Baltimore police department to report their abuse.

Baltimore Police have since made an online submission form available for those who would want to report any instances of sexual abuse related to the series.

“We have been contacted by victims from the past who want to report the sex offenses that occurred to them. The murder investigation related to this Netflix series was handled by the Baltimore County Police Department,” the website reads.

Dozens of victims had been suppressing the memories of their abuses and when this documentary came out, it brought the nightmares right back. Originally, many people thought the first woman to come forward was ‘faking’ it, until dozens more followed suit.

Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith said to the Washington Post after the series was released,

We’ve heard from people who previously hadn’t reported their offense. We just wanted to streamline the process. This is a crime that occurred to them, they don’t need to constantly relive the nightmare, telling the story over and over again.

As the Post reports, Smith said he did not know how many calls his department had received but noted that victims in the case were probably teenagers at the time, and “this is bringing back memories for them. We just wanted to cut out the middleman and want to route them directly where they need to go.” He said sex crimes detectives will receive the online submissions and reach out to anyone who believes they were victimized.

Conveniently absent from the coverage of this Netflix series on the Washington Post and other mainstream outlets, however, is the fact that the victims in this documentary have implicated politicians as well as the police in these most unspeakable crimes.

“We never set out to solve the murder,” director Ryan White says of his new Netflix docuseries, to Vanity Fair. The seven-episode show explores the 1969 disappearance and murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a 26-year-old nun and beloved English teacher at Baltimore’s all-girls Archbishop Keough High School. Still, White knew this was no ordinary crime: “The truth had been deliberately buried from the beginning,” he says. Indeed, what begins as an investigation into a cold case soon becomes the story of a concerted effort to conceal widespread rape and sexual abuse committed by Keough school chaplain and counselor Father Joseph Maskell, as well as other clergy, police, and a local gynecologist.

Because, Maskell, the monster behind this widespread rape and abuse, was well-connected int the political realm, he brought others into his sick ring to prey on these young girls.

Maskell’s brother was a high-ranking city cop. This connection had two facets. First, it allowed him to cover up their crimes using these police connections. Second, it allowed for these depraved police officers to enter into this dark child sex ring.

According to Jean Wehner, the woman at the center of the abuse, Maskell operated this sex abuse ring, bringing in outside men — many of them police officers and local politicians — to take part in the abuse.

When Wehner confessed the abuse to Sister Cathy Cesnik, Cesnik became determined to put a stop to it. However, that is exactly what got her murdered.

As the Free Thought Project has previously pointed out, pedophilia among the elite is rampant. In instance after horrifying instance, the Free Thought Project continues to push these issues to the forefront — in spite of mainstream media claiming that talk of elite pedophilia is akin to tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theory.

The good news is that this paradigm seems to be shifting. As we reported in March, even some brave folks within the mainstream media have begun to report on this nightmarish reality.

In an exclusive interview seen by millions across the United States, Dr. Phil exposed the deadly secretive, and the highly organized world of elite pedophilia — with a former child sex slave going by the name of “Kendall” describing being literally born into, and growing up in, the world of elite sexual slavery.

Kendall explains that she was born to be a sex slave, as her parents intentionally had her for the trafficker she calls her “owner.” Kendall says that her parents sold her at birth to an elite pedophile ring that serviced some of the world’s power elite, describing her first memories as being passed around groups of rich and prominent men and women for them to “take turns” with her for sadistic sexual pleasure.

While Netflix and Dr. Phil have done a huge service to society by exposing this reality, we have a long way to go to end it. Pedophilia and child trafficking is a very real issue and those who attempt to discredit it and sweep it under the rug are either horribly incompetent or complicit.

This problem will not go away through ridicule and name calling. We must shine light into the darkness through refusing to be silenced. We must stand for those who are too scared to come forward and we must be the voice for the voiceless. Please share this story with your friends and family so that they may see the real horror of what goes on behind the well-connected political scenes in this country. Until enough people become aware, none of this will end. (For more from the author of “Netflix Series Exposes Govt-Connected Child Sex Ring in Baltimore, Police Forced to Respond” please click HERE)

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Evidence Piling up That Seth Rich Leaked DNC Emails to Wikileaks

The evidence is growing that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked over 44,000 emails to Wikileaks. Democrats assert that the Russians hacked into the DNC’s emails. However, Julian Assange of Wikileaks maintains that the Russians didn’t do it. He says a disgruntled insider did it.

Two More Voices

Last weekend, two more voices spoke up claiming insider knowledge. Kim Dotcom, a friend of Assange and founder of Megaupload, said he was involved with Rich transferring the emails to Wikileaks. He issued a statement today describing his contact with Rich. He said Rich contacted him using the pseudonym “Panda” (Rich loved pandas).

Rich reportedly said he wanted to start a branch of Dotcom’s New Zealand Internet Party in the U.S. He was tired of “corruption and the influence of corporate money in politics.” Dotcom references an interview he gave Bloomberg in May 2015. In it, he hinted that Wikileaks would be releasing information about Hillary Clinton and the election.

But he left it at that. He said Rich’s family has asked him to be sensitive to their loss in his public comments. He says he is fully willing to provide full details to U.S. law enforcement and Congress.

Kim tweeted at Google administrators, asking them to reveal the contents of Rich’s gmail accounts to Wikileaks. Kim once told Rush Limbaugh he intends to appear on his radio show to discuss the evidence. Sean Hannity has invited him on his show.

A second person also came forward last weekend, anonymously posting on the /pol/ political channel of social media bulletin board 4chan. They said that that many in D.C. know that Rich leaked the emails, but were afraid to come forward. The anonymous person said that the DNC is terrified. In a second post, the person hints that the labor organization SEIU knows something about his death.

Amateur Sleuths Doing the Work the Mainstream Media Won’t

Amateur sleuths posting on the 4chan and Reddit found accounts that belonged to Rich. They were fairly easy to identify due to his unique personality quirks. They had names like Pandas4Progress. His posts reflected his preference for Sanders in the election. They also reveal his disappointment with the Democrats’ rigged party system.

Strangely, his posts have been edited since his accounts were discovered. His email address was removed from one post — notably the email address identified the anonymous account as his.

The owners of a Pandas4Bernie account issued a statement on Monday asserting they are not affiliated with Rich. However, they did include a sentence revealing they believe he was the whistleblower.

We may not be Seth Rich, but we can do justice to his life by extending the effects of his work, by honoring the courage of whistleblowers who put their lives on the line to expose the truths that animate our demands for justice, and ultimately to break the power of corrupt, undemocratic elites once and for all over our lives and institutions.

The account indicates that some of the people behind the account are active participants in #JusticeForSeth, an effort trying to solve his murder.

The amateur sleuths on the bulletin boards have put together many revealing pieces of information related to the DNC emails and Rich’s murder. The police report showed that at least three of the responding officers wore body cameras. Where is that footage?

Rich was alive when they appeared on the scene. The EMTs who treated him told Rich’s parents later that they were surprised he did not live. Rich acted confused however, because when he was asked where he lived, he gave a previous address. Someone claiming to be a doctor who treated Rich after he was taken to the hospital posted an anonymous comment on Reddit. The commenter asserted that Rich’s condition was stable at the hospital. But then medical staff was told not to attend to him.

The manager of the bar where Rich was last seen before his death said police never contacted the bar. The bar had surveillance video the police could have requested. After Rich’s death, his girlfriend told a local news station she thought he was murdered “out of anger.” The D.C. police chief at the time was known for hobnobbing with the Clinton campaign and DNC officials.

Wikileaks All But Admits the Leaker is Rich

Julian Assange, the owner of Wikileaks, has hinted several times that Rich is the insider who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Less than two weeks after Rich was murdered, Wikileaks tweeted that it was offering a $20,000 reward for information.

On a Dutch news program, Assange said, “Our whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. A 27-year-old that works for the DNC was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons, as he was walking down the street in Washington, D.C.”

In another cryptic tweet on Monday, Assange presciently hinted that someone outside of Wikileaks might identify Rich as the source. Assange also uses the hashtag #SethRich in his tweets about him.

Shutting Down Coverage

Last week, the mainstream media attacked the testimony of Rod Wheeler, the private investigator hired by the Rich family. Wheeler had told Fox News that Rich leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks. However, he admitted later that he hadn’t personally seen the evidence. Rather, he came to that conclusion based on comments made by a federal investigator to Fox News. That anonymous source said he had seen the case file and that “44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments between Democratic National Committee leaders, spanning from January 2015 through late May 2016, were transferred from Rich to MacFadyen before May 21.”

Fox News pulled the article on Tuesday. The left is also putting pressure on Fox News and Sean Hannity’s advertisers to stop his ongoing coverage.

Rich’s family has asked people to stop their investigations, calling it conspiratorial. They hired a spokesperson who handles crisis communications for Democrats, Brad Bauman. They suggested pressuring Wikileaks to reveal its evidence of the connection to their son. Strangely, Bauman convinced them not to.

However, in this video, Rich’s parents profusely thank everyone who has been trying to find the murderers.

A Nathan Rich, who claims to be a cousin of Seth Rich, has been tweeting about the likely connection. In one tweet, he raised his suspicions. Another family member responded and admonished him for the tweet. He deleted it, but it has been archived.

The Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are trying to shut down the investigative work, labeling it as conspiracy theories. But they don’t control the evidence. At this point, there’s more evidence that the DNC emails were leaked to Wikileaks than that the DNC was hacked by Russia. Congress and the FBI should at least expand their probe to question Assange and Dotcom. (For more from the author of “Evidence Piling up That Seth Rich Leaked DNC Emails to Wikileaks” please click HERE)

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Students and Faculty Protesters Demand Punishment of College Republicans Group

Student and faculty protesters rushed a college administration building Monday calling for the school to punish its College Republicans group.

Orange Coast College faculty and students protested the school’s College Republicans chapter after the group published emails from OCC professor Jessica Alabi to Orange Coast College President Dennis Harkins. The emails revealed the professor said she would “stand up” to the group, if the president did not, according to Campus Reform.

The materials also showed that Alabi stopped members of the group from attending a campus event because they were perceived as a threat to the “safe space.” The College Repulicans want OCC to investigate the professor.

The protesters shouted, “No hate, no KKK, no fascist USA” and “Get that club out of our face.” Students held socialist flags and symbols or signs mocking the College Republicans.

“It makes no sense to me why the union and a vocal minority of students would protest against the OCC Republicans for simply asking for an investigation into the matter and protections for students from being discriminated against on the basis of their political affiliation,” said Joshua Recalde-Martinez, the OCC College Republicans’ former president. (Read more from “Students and Faculty Protesters Demand Punishment of College Republicans Group” HERE)

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Former CIA Agent: Deep State Targeting Trump Family Members to Damage President

A former CIA agent said the Trump family is undoubtedly being targeted by intelligence agencies and other actors looking to damage the Trump administration.

Bob Baer, a former CIA case officer, made the comments Friday during an appearance on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” Ingraham asked Baer if right-wing populist political activists should be concerned about being monitored by deep state actors.

“For you and me, no … we’re not that important to the equation,” Baer said. “But you can count on it that people are after the Trump family right now.”

“In the government they’re combing through intercepts, they’re combing through conversations. Nobody in that family is not being watched by the press, by foreign governments who have interests in this — and if you in any way were to become a public figure in politics, yeah, you’re vulnerable,” said Baer.

Baer also noted that the frequency of leaks and level of information they reveal is unprecedented. “I have never seen it this bad in terms of leaks,” said Baer. “It’s not often I agree with Trump, but the fact is, when the NSA intercepted Flynn … that got out and that’s not supposed to happen … that’s classified, top-secret codeword” information. (Read more from “Former CIA Agent: Deep State Targeting Trump Family Members to Damage President” HERE)

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Sources: Democratic Aide Suspected of Major Security Breach Under Government Protection in Pakistan

A criminal suspect in an investigation into a major security breach on the House of Representatives computer network has abruptly left the country and gone to Pakistan, where her family has significant assets and VIP-level protection, a relative and others told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

Hina Alvi, her husband Imran Awan, and his brothers Abid and Jamal were highly paid shared IT administrators working for multiple House Democrats until their access to congressional IT systems was terminated Feb. 2 as a result of the investigation. Capitol Police confirmed the investigation is ongoing, but no arrests have been reported in the case.

The Awans are “accused of stealing equipment from members’ offices without their knowledge and committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network,” according to Politico.

Many of the Democrats who employed the Awans are members of the House Committee on Homeland Security, the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Their positions gave them access to members’ emails and confidential files. In addition, Imran was given the password for an iPad used by then-Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat. (Read more from “Sources: Democratic Aide Suspected of Major Security Breach Under Government Protection in Pakistan” HERE)

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Moving On From Congressional Pedophiles: Now House IT Aides Suspected of Blackmailing Members With Their Own Data

Congressional technology aides are baffled that data-theft allegations against four former House IT workers — who were banned from the congressional network — have largely been ignored, and they fear the integrity of sensitive high-level information.

Imran Awan and three relatives were colleagues until police banned them from computer networks at the House of Representatives after suspicion the brothers accessed congressional computers without permission.

Five Capitol Hill technology aides told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access.

“I don’t know what they have, but they have something on someone. It’s been months at this point” with no arrests, said Pat Sowers, who has managed IT for several House offices for 12 years. “Something is rotten in Denmark.”

A manager at a tech-services company that works with Democratic House offices said he approached congressional offices, offering their services at one-fourth the price of Awan and his Pakistani brothers, but the members declined. At the time, he couldn’t understand why his offers were rejected but now he suspects the Awans exerted some type of leverage over members. (Read more from “House IT Aides Fear Suspects in Hill Breach Are Blackmailing Members With Their Own Data” HERE)

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‘Porngate’ Scandal Rocks State Government; Whistle Blower is Viciously Attacked

Pennsylvania’s state government is reeling from a scandal involving the exchange of sexually explicit images and other offensive material among judges, prosecutors and other top state officials.

“Porngate” has already resulted in the early retirement of one state Supreme Court justice, the suspension of another, and ongoing attempts to impeach embattled state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who exposed the misbehavior.

On Tuesday, Kane announced that she would not seek re-election as she faces criminal charges of leaking secret grand jury evidence to a Philadelphia newspaper and allegedly lying about it under oath.

The state Supreme Court suspended Kane’s law license last September. The Pennsylvania House Subcommittee on Courts has scheduled a hearing next Tuesday to determine whether she should be impeached after an attempt in the State Senate failed last week.

“If the legislature spent a fraction of the time investigating this content as it has on the one individual who exposed it, we could start to restore credibility to our judicial system and give Pennsylvanians a system of justice in which they can be proud,” a defiant Kane responded. (Read more from “‘Porngate’ Scandal Rocks Pennsylvania State Government” HERE)

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