This Dem’s Hot Take on the New Zealand Shootings Is Even More Shameful Than AOC’s

By Townhall. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) told CNN Friday that he believed President Trump’s “rhetoric” may have played a part in the horrific shootings at two mosques in New Zealand that left 49 dead.

“Words have consequences like saying we have an invasion on our border and talking about people as though they were different in some fatal way,” Blumenthal said. “I think that the public discourse from the president on down is a factor in some of these actions.”

“We know that at the very pinnacle of power in our own country, people are talking about ‘good people on both sides,'” he added, referencing comments that President Trump made about the 2017 violence in Charlottesvillle, Virginia that left one woman dead.

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U.S. President Donald Trump Denounces ‘Act of Hate’ in Christchurch Mosque Shooting

By Jonathan Lemire. US President Donald Trump sent condolences on Friday to the victims of the New Zealand mosque massacre, and the White House issued a statement denouncing the “vicious act of hate.”

The president tweeted on Friday that his “warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of New Zealand after the horrible massacre in the Mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died, with so many more seriously injured.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders went further in denouncing the shooter’s actions, with a statement that said the “United States strongly condemns the attack in Christchurch. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We stand in solidarity with the people of New Zealand and their government against this vicious act of hate.” (Read more from “US President Donald Trump Denounces ‘Act of Hate’ in Christchurch Mosque Shooting” HERE)

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WATCH: Trump Reacts to Beto’s 2020 Announcement Video in Hilarious Trump-Fashion

On Thursday, President Donald Trump was asked by the press to react to Democrat Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s 2020 presidential bid announcement. And in true Trump-fashion, the president, known for mercilessly branding his opponents, mocked the media-beloved O’Rourke for his excessive “hand movement,” the likes of which Trump said he’s “never seen” before.

“Well I think he’s got a lot of hand movement; I’ve never seen so much hand movement,” Trump told reporters during an Oval Office meeting alongside Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

“I said, ‘Is he crazy or is that just the way he acts?’ So I’ve never seen hand movement – I watched him a little while this morning – doing I assume it was some kind of a news conference,” the president continued.

It’s unclear where the laughter heard in the video is coming from, but it seems some in the media laughed at Trump’s comical remarks. . .

In October, Trump campaigned for former-foe and then-O’Rourke opponent Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). During a speech backing Cruz, Trump called the Republican’s Senate challenger a “stone cold phony named Robert Francis O’Rourke, who is sometimes referred to as Beto and pretends to be moderate,” reported Deadline.

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Student Shoots, Kills Herself in School After Asking to Use the Bathroom

A Florida high school student committed suicide early Wednesday morning in her school’s auditorium after asking permission to use the bathroom, officials said.

The 17-year-old junior, who was not identified, reportedly asked her teacher at Lake Mary High School near Orlando if she could be excused to use the restroom around 7:45 a.m. About five minutes later, the teacher said she heard a gunshot come from the auditorium. . .

Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma said during a press conference that there were no staff or students in the auditorium when the shooting took place. After hearing the gunshot, the school’s nurse attempted to revive the young woman. It’s not known how the student got access to the handgun.

Lemma highlighted the community’s mental health resources and encouraged those experiencing depressive or suicidal thoughts to get in touch.

“What a horrible tragedy,” he said, according to My13 News. “We want to remind the public if there are signs of depression…there are services, love, guidance and faith.” (Read more from “Student Shoots, Kills Herself in School After Asking to Use the Bathroom” HERE)

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The FBI Was Close to Charging Hillary Clinton in 2016 — Here’s Who Shut It Down

By The Blaze. Newly released transcripts from a controversial former FBI lawyer’s testimony before Congress show that the FBI was considering charging Hillary Clinton in 2016 when the Department of Justice shut down the possibility.

Lisa Page was identified as the other side of a text message conversation with FBI agent Peter Strzok that derided then-candidate Donald Trump ahead of the election.

Her private testimony before a joint task force of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees shed light on the controversial decision by former FBI Director James Comey to publicly criticize Clinton but not charge her with any crime.

Some cite the decision as part of the reason Clinton was defeated in the 2016 presidential race. Others see the reticence of the FBI to charge Clinton as evidence of a “deep state” bias towards the Democratic party and against President Donald Trump.

Page responded in her testimony to Republican concerns that the FBI did not seriously consider pressing charges against Clinton out of a bias against Trump, according to the Washington Examiner. (Read more from “The FBI Was Close to Charging Hillary Clinton in 2016 — Here’s Who Shut It Down” HERE)


Lisa Page said senior FBI officials wanted to take Hillary Clinton down

By Washington Examiner. Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page testified last year that top officials in the bureau expressed bias against Hillary Clinton while she was being investigated for her emails.

The claim, part of newly released transcripts from private testimony in front of a joint task force of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees in July 2018, contrasts with the prevailing concern among some conservatives that there has been an anti-Trump tilt in the upper levels of the Justice Department and FBI.

“I am aware of senior FBI officials talking to subordinate FBI officials on the Hillary Clinton investigative team who unquestionably had anti-Hillary sentiment, but who also said: You have to get her or — again, I don’t have an exact quote — but like we’re counting on you, you know,” Page said.

Page was being grilled by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, who asked how these subordinate officials would respond.

“My guess is they just probably parried and said: Just follow the facts, ma’am/sir. It’s a challenging place to be put in, I would say,” she replied.” (Read more from “Lisa Page said senior FBI officials wanted to take Hillary Clinton down” HERE)

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The Roots of Ilhan Omar’s Extremism and Anti-Semitism

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism and Islamic supremacism are very likely a product of her upbringing and an accompanying U.S. policy failure on assimilation.

In her native Somalia, Omar grew up in a completely Judenrein (free of Jews) country. Many in the region have come to rely upon and promulgate anti-Jewish mysticism, folklore, and conspiracy theories, in addition to Islamic fundamentalist teachings to come to their conclusions about Jews. In much of the Middle East and North Africa, the Jews are to blame for all of one’s struggles in life. And this actually has very little to do with the State of Israel. Anti-Jewish sentiment has remained consistent in the Islamic world for centuries.

Abe Greenwald described the anti-Jewish folklore that permeates the Islamic world in an article for Commentary magazine earlier this year. “In the Greater Middle East, from which Omar’s family hails, conspiracy theory is the coin of the realm, and much self-inflicted grief is blamed on dark Jewish magic,” Greenwald wrote in January, in reacting to Omar’s earlier anti-Semitic comments.

In recent years, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) conducted a global anti-Semitism survey. Throughout most of the Islamic world, anti-Semitism remained overwhelming, widespread, and consistent. However, Somalia was not included in the anti-Semitism survey, possibly for safety reasons, as it is largely a failed state.

The values of Somalia are as far removed from American values as you can get. In Somalia, Islam is the only acceptable religion. Everyone must be a Muslim or be prepared to face tremendous consequences for “insulting Islam.” This is something that Rep. Omar appears to have no issue with, although she rejects a Jewish-based state in the Middle East. Omar remains active in the internal politics of Somalia. She recently endorsed a candidate for president there.

Moreover, blasphemy laws in Somalia maintain that blasphemy of Islam (not accepting Islam as your faith or mocking Islam) is punishable by multiple years in prison, or even a death sentence if necessary. The constitution of Somalia maintains that “Islam is the religion of the State,” adding that “No religion other than Islam can be propagated in the country.”

These restrictions in the Somali constitution are completely antithetical to the Western values that we hold so dear in the United States. Yet when Somali refugees make their way to the United States, it appears that for the most part, the Somali values system remains intact.

See, for example, this investigative video from filmmaker Ami Horowitz on the Somali community in Minnesota:

It has become quite clear that too many in the Somali community in Rep. Omar’s district have failed to adopt Western values. It’s certainly legitimate to ask whether it’s ever a good idea to import individuals whose values and customs are so foreign to Western values. Logic may tell us that these refugees may find a more accommodating home elsewhere in the Islamic world. But legislators and past presidents who have imported these communities en masse have also imposed U.S. policies that have worsened the issue. These policies allow the pooling together of refugee communities, essentially encouraging them not to assimilate.

And these U.S. sanctuary policies, coupled with broken immigration and refugee policies, have turned Somali refugee communities, particularly the one in Ilhan Omar’s district, into Islamic terrorism recruitment havens.

Somali refugees in Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota district have become the terrorist recruitment capital of the United States. As ISIS came to power, dozens of Somalis left Minnesota to link up with the Islamic terrorist groups. But long before ISIS, others in Omar’s district routinely hopped on the next flight out to join al Shabaab- and al Qaeda-linked groups in Africa.

We cannot ignore the alarming statistics from Rep. Omar’s district. “FBI stats show 45 Somalis left to join the ranks of either the Somalia-based Islamic insurgency al-Shabab, or the Iraq- and Syria-based ISIS combined. And as of 2018, a dozen more had been arrested with the intention of leaving to support ISIS,” Fox News reported in February.

Given what we know about Ilhan Omar, we should not at be at all surprised when we continue to hear about her Islamic supremacist connections and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Omar is an unassimilated refugee who has, according to the sums of public evidence in front of us, rejected the American way. And if U.S. policies continue to defer to the customs of the homelands of refugee communities, in addition to entirely ignoring the anti-American customs of migrant communities, we can surely expect to see many more Ilhan Omars join the ranks of Congress. (For more from the author of “The Roots of Ilhan Omar’s Extremism and Anti-Semitism” please click HERE)

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This Video Exposes AOC for the Hypocrite She Truly IS

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) hasn’t been in office very long and we’ve all seen right through her. We know she’s a hypocrite. She likes to tout her Socialist ideas that “benefit everyone” and the “community as a whole” but really, she’s talking out of both sides of her mouth. She wants everyone to share their hard earned money but she doesn’t want to share hers. She wants “dark money” out of politics, but only if that money is someone other than hers.

After all, just a few days ago a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint was filed against Ocasio-Cortez, saying her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabart, allegedly created multiple LLCs to funnel campaign contributions from various political action committees (PACs). Of course, the Congresswoman denied the claims, saying there was “no [FEC] violation.”

AOC is such a hypocrite that the Republican National Committee created a video, called “hypAOCrite” (like the pun?) showing just how much of an imposter she truly is. The video features the Congresswoman’s hearing testimony where she talks about the dark money in politics and how politicians hide the skeletons in their closet in order to get elected. As she’s saying the words, news headlines about her alleged FEC violation take over the screen.

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Critics Used This Photo to Try and Prove the Trumps Were in an Unhappy Marriage…but They Missed the Context

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump traveled to Alabama last week in the wake of a series of deadly tornadoes. They toured the devastation and offered what comfort they could to those affected. The natural disaster killed 23 people and destroyed homes for miles. Per usual, however, the media misinterpreted some photos that were produced from the trip.

In one particular picture, the president and Mrs. Trump are looking at something on the ground with pained faces. So, author Molly Jong-Fast, who contributes to The Bulwark, amused herself by joking that the two are in “martial bliss.”

That’s when Donald Trump Jr. reminded the critics that of course they look glum. They are touring a storm-ravaged community. In the supposed “martial bliss” photo that Jong-Fast mocked, they are paying respects at a gravesite.

The Trumps’ trip to Alabama also resurrected another “scandal” that some folks have found reason to peddle. The ladies of “The View” spent some time on Monday analyzing the “fake Melania” conspiracy in which theorists suggest that wasn’t really the first lady by Trump’s side this weekend.

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Planned Parenthood Sends Woman to the Hospital, Demands Ambulance With ‘No Sirens’

Emergency 911 records recently obtained by Operation Rescue reveal that a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the Frandor area of Lansing, Michigan, callously ordered an ambulance to run without sirens in an apparent attempt to keep the public from being alerted to a medical emergency that was unfolding inside the abortion business.

The Lansing Planned Parenthood, which is located in a strip mall, dispenses abortion-inducing drugs but does not conduct surgical abortions. It also provides post-abortion follow-up exams.

The call, which took place on March 15, 2018, indicated that a 38-year-old woman had fainted and hit her head hard on the floor. It appeared that the person who placed the 911 call was a bystander, and not on Planned Parenthood’s staff. . .

Before the address of the emergency or the condition of the woman could be given to the 911 dispatcher, the caller was heard saying, “No sirens! They said no sirens.” . . .

“The first thought, even before anything else, was to make sure the ambulance ran without sirens. A woman was laying on the floor dazed and vomiting, but ordering no sirens was Planned Parenthood’s first priority. Silent running is known to delay emergency responders from reaching the scene and getting timely help to the people who need it,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which documents medical emergencies at abortion facilities. (Read more from “Planned Parenthood Sends Woman to the Hospital, Demands Ambulance With ‘No Sirens'” HERE)

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YIKES: Disturbing Proof of Voter Fraud Now Documented

By WND. The Heritage Foundation has released documentation revealing nearly 1,200 “proven” instances of voter fraud in just the last couple of years.

There were 1,019 criminal convictions that result, 48 civil penalties, 81 sent to diversion programs, and 14 judicial findings.

“This database is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list, but is intended to demonstrate the many ways fraud is committed,” the report advised. “Preventing, deterring, and prosecuting election fraud is essential to protecting the integrity of the process.” . . .

They include ballot-petition fraud, which involves forging the signatures of registered voters. Another is buying votes, simply paying voters to cast a ballot one particular way. A third is duplicate voting, where voters register in more than one jurisdiction.

Then there are false registrations, using a phony name or fake address, fraudulent use of absentee ballots, which involves getting someone else’s ballot and turning it in, and illegal “assistance” at the polls. That’s forcing or intimidating voters – particularly the elderly, disabled, illiterate, and those for whom English is a second language – “to vote for particular candidates.” (Read more from “Disturbing Proof of Voter Fraud Now Documented” HERE)


House Dems overwhelmingly reject motion to condemn illegal alien voting

By Fox News. Nearly every House Democrat on Friday opposed a measure condemning voting in U.S. elections by illegal immigrants, as part of a sweeping election reform bill.

The GOP-backed measure would have added language to the “H.R. 1” election proposal stating that “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.”

Federal law already prohibits non-citizens from voting in elections for federal office. But the GOP motion referenced how San Francisco is allowing non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, to register to vote in school board elections.

The motion was voted down 228-197. All but six Democrats in the House voted against it. Just one Republican opposed it.

Lauren Fine, a spokeswoman for House GOP Whip Steve Scalise, pointed out that an identical resolution was adopted by the House last September. But on Friday, 41 Democrats flipped to oppose the latest measure. (Read more from “House Dems overwhelmingly reject motion to condemn illegal alien voting” HERE)

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New Global Warming Report Reveals Truth About Polar Bears

“Numbers are so high that Inuit leaders have been pleading with the Canadian government for more polar bear population control as violent attacks against native populations have dramatically risen in recent years,” pointed out Marc Morano at the Climate Depot website, which presents evidence countering the claim that mankind is causing catastrophic global warming. . .

But the report by zoologist Susan Crockford, writing for the non-partisan Global Warming Policy Foundation think tank, found that the bears are thriving.

Her study noted the finding “contradicts claims by environmentalists and some scientists that falls in sea ice would wipe out bear populations.” . . .

“Yet polar bear specialists are saying these bears are causing problems because they don’t have enough sea ice to feed properly,” she wrote. “The facts on the ground make their claims look silly, including the abundance of fat bears. Residents are pushing their government for a management policy that makes protection of human life the priority.”

The London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation describes itself as being “open-minded on the contested science of global warming” while remaining “deeply concerned about the costs and other implications of many of the policies currently being advocated.” (Read more from “New Global Warming Report Reveals Truth About Polar Bears” HERE)

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