Alaska Democratic Party’s Lame Attempt at Demagoguery – Epic Fail!

The State Senate Judiciary Committee had its first hearing on SB 49 yesterday, a bill designed to define “medical necessity” with respect to Medicaid-funded abortions. And as one might expect, the Democrats have already began their assault on proponents of the measure.

To no one’s surprise, they appear to be trying to resurrect the Demogogue-in-Chief’s manufactured “war on women.”

The five-member panel made up of two Democrats and three Republicans includes just one woman, a fact opponents of the bill appear eager to exploit for political purposes.

For a brief period, part way through the hearing, Senator Lesil McGuire stepped out of the room. While she was gone, someone in the room snapped a picture of the four male members of the Committee, which the Alaska Democratic Party was happy to tweet.

Clearly, they were trying to lead folks to believe that it was an all male panel. Well, we’re onto them.

As if reverse sexism is somehow relevent to the facts of medical science anyway . . .

Not only was the Democrat Party’s insinuation false, if anybody cares, the hypocrisy of it all was compounded by the fact that two out of the three doctors who testified on behalf of the legislation were women.

Apparently, Senator Bill Wielechowski had no legitimate objections to the bill either, as he spent almost all of his time cross-examining the expert witnesses, obviously trying to discredit them by scoring cheap political points.

Nice try.

When will the Democrats step up to the plate and actually engage in the public policy debate, instead of playing sophmoric games in an attempt to emotionally manipulate public perception?

Chances are, it won’t happen any time soon. That’s just how they roll.