For Wisconsin’s Democrats, recall defeats were their Gettysburg

When Robert E. Lee was forced to turn back and retreat from Pennsylvania ending his dream of winning the Civil War by invading the North it quickly became clear that he had thrown his best punch and failed. Lee almost won but didn’t. While the Confederates won some major battles after Gettysburg their will to fight and the appetite for loaning them money was gone.

Yesterday the Wisconsin Democrats brought their invasion to Republican held State Senate districts. To turn back the tide of conservatism in Wisconsin the Democrats instigated recall elections of six Republican Senators. They almost won enough seats to make a difference but didn’t.

They needed to take three seats to wrest control of the State’s upper chamber from the Republicans,but they failed. Gettysburg has come for Wisconsin’s Democrats which is fitting since most Confederates were Democrats as well.

Why the Democrats lost

The Democrats’ lost because they represent a failed system of never ending tax increases to support special interest groups such as public employee unions and illegal aliens. They lost because they support endless extensions to food stamp and unemployment benefits,and do so with an extremely smug sense of entitlement to our money.

They lost because the unions who were behind the recalls willing unmasked themselves as criminals who would use physical violence to maintain their racketeering enterprises.

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