It’s Suspicious That the FBI and DOJ Didn’t Check Into Christopher Steele’s Leaks to the Press

. . .It is now public knowledge that Christopher Steele was the “well-placed Western intelligence” source of Michael Isikoff’s September 2016 Yahoo News article. He admitted as much in a deposition to a United Kingdom court in May 2017.

Imagine the FBI did their homework and (officially) discovered the truth: that Steele had lied to them about the leak to Isikoff, a lie that would have been uttered and discovered prior to the October 21, 2016 FISA proceeding.

This would present a challenging set of circumstances, in a legal and moral sense, to the FBI. Their source had committed a demonstrable felony—he lied to the FBI—yet a pivotal portion of their FISA application consisted of information provided by a now-felonious liar, upon whose character and credibility the FBI relied as a guarantor of the indeterminable credibility of the second- and third-removed sources who provided information to him.

Lest we forget, that information goes to the heart of the case against the American citizen the FBI asked the court to designate an agent of a foreign power, thus suspending his rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and giving the government unlimited access to his private and personal communications. . .

The facts—according to the FISA application the FBI and DOJ presented—are that Steele lied to the FBI about his leaks to the press prior to the October 2016 FISA proceeding. The FBI was either unable or unwilling to apply their awesome investigative capabilities to either prove or disprove the lie. (Read more from “It’s Suspicious That the FBI and DOJ Didn’t Check Into Christopher Steele’s Leaks to the Press” HERE)

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