Cohen’s Lawyer: There Are More Tapes. Trump’s Lawyer: Yeah, but There’s Just One Problem.

On Tuesday night, CNN aired an audio tape secretly recorded by Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen in September 2016 in which the two discuss potentially buying the rights to a former Playboy playmate’s account of her alleged affair with Trump.

Asked by George Stephanopolous on “Good Morning America” Wednesday if there are more tapes featuring Trump, Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis said suggestively that “there are certainly more tapes,” but declined to reveal if Trump is on them.

But Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s current lawyers, says that the existence of more Cohen tapes is irrelevant to his client because Trump’s not on any of them.

“There are no other tapes with the president,” the former New York City mayor told Fox News Tuesday night. “We have all of the tapes in our possession. We have transcripts of all them. We are comfortable with them. … There are no others.”

As for CNN’s “bombshell” audio, to which Trump’s team waived attorney-client privilege to release to the investigators, Giuliani shrugged it off, saying, “There’s no indication of any crime being committed on this tape.”

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Michael Cohen Secretly Recorded Conversation With CNN Cuomo, Telling Him He Paid Stormy ‘on My Own’: Report

By Fox News. Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, secretly recorded a conversation with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and admitted in the tape to arranging—on his own—a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels in 2016, The Wall Street Journal reported late Wednesday, citing unnamed sources.

The recording—which is about two-hours long—included topics ranging from the alleged years-old Trump affair with the former porn star to the payment, the report said. The reported tape could potentially be used by the White House to distance Trump from the Daniels payment and damage Cohen’s character.

Cohen reportedly assured Cuomo that he was not taping their conversation, and put the phone in his desk drawer. The phone appears to record the whole conversation.

“I did it on my own,” Cohen said about the payment in the recording, according to the newspaper. Cohen previously said he “facilitated” the payment with his own money and called it a “private transaction.” (Read more from “Michael Cohen Secretly Recorded Conversation With CNN’s Cuomo, Telling Him He Paid Stormy ‘on My Own’: Report” HERE)

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