Planet Fitness Doubles Down on Allowing Men in Women’s Locker Rooms

Planet Fitness has doubled down on its decision to ban a member who reported a “trans woman” for shaving in the female locker room. The fitness juggernaut said that although people may feel uncomfortable by the situation, it “is not a reason to deny access to the transgender member,” per the Daily Mail.

The revelations went viral after Libs of TikTok posted to X, writing: “Woman in Planet Fitness claims she went into the bathroom and this man who thinks he’s a woman was in there shaving. Why does @PlanetFitness allow men to use the women’s bathroom and invade women’s private spaces??”

The woman in the video, Patricia Silva, who lives in Alaska, said the “trans woman” was shaving in the female locker room while a girl — who could have been as young as 12 years old — was sitting in the corner wrapped in a towel, appearing to be distressed that here was a man in her locker room.

Three days later, Libs of TikTok posted an update, posting a video of the same woman. The account posted to X: “UPDATE: The woman who exposed a man shaving in an Alaska Planet Fitness women’s locker room with a 12-year-old present just had her membership revoked. Why is @PlanetFitness prioritizing a man with a p*nis using a woman’s private space over women’s and girls’ safety?”

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Photo credit: Flickr