Think Twice Before Flying: Alaska Air’s Pride Month Celebrations Highlight Disturbing Focus

Alaska Airlines found itself in the spotlight for reasons beyond their flight operations this past Pride Month. The airline prominently participated in Pride celebrations in three major cities, making it clear that they prioritize promoting their employees’ sexual orientations and a love for drag queens.

They made a point to highlight their employees’ personal lives and their enthusiasm for drag queens. The company’s Twitter handle, @AlaskaAir, was filled with colorful posts celebrating Pride Month, leaving no doubt about their commitment to these social causes.

The juxtaposition of Alaska Airlines’ fervent Pride Month celebrations and their troubling safety issues is concerning. The question arises: are the airline’s priorities in the right place? Shouldn’t the focus be on ensuring the highest standards of safety and service for all passengers, rather than on publicizing employees’ private lives?

The conservative Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” brought this issue to light with a pointed tweet that read: “Alaska Air was represented in 3 major cities during pride month. It’s very important that you know who their employees like to sleep with and that they love drag queens. This is the same airline who had a door fly off mid-flight. Think twice before flying @AlaskaAir!”

The tweet quickly went viral.

Photo credit: Flickr